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Military Surplus for Preppers, WROL and SHTF

July 17, 2013

Why choose military surplus equipment? Does it have to be military surplus to be used by us when the Stuff Hits The Fan, in bug out or in self defense?

No, not at all. I believe in making the best choices for the money. Military gear can sometimes make a good choice because it has been designed to fit a purpose instead of designed to appeal to a market. Sometimes it is superseded for reasons that make it not suitable for the military but very useful to us; BDU GoreTex jackets for instance repel the rain just as well as ACU ones but the Army cannot issue the BDU camouflage pattern because it does not match the other ACU pattern gear.

This is a tremendous bonus to us and not just for Goretex either; my USMC ILBE, complete with assault pack is just under $220 total and is in almost new condition. New or from a civilian source it would be easily twice that or more. This is because the Corps has superseded this piece of equipment with something even better. I nabbed mine as quick as I could get my chow hooks on one!

I just want to help you get the most for your money, that’s all. I don’t want you to spend too much and then not have enough to cover other necessities. Thank you!

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  1. Never wash your gortex with soap and water or detergent,, it will then NOT stop water at all, this is the problem with a lot of surplus gortex. You can try to fix it with repel and other type products but it will really never work again.
    The Col (Retired)

  2. Dan in Colorado

    If you live near a military base, check the local thrift stores for used military
    gear at a great price. I’m a long way from any bases (50+ miles) but I’ve been
    able to pick up quite a bit of ex-military gear at the thrift stores: BDU clothing,
    wool sweaters and pants, coveralls, canteens, etc. I’ve also found 2 ALICE packs
    for BOBs at garage sales.

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