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Could you feed your chickens without commerical food???

July 26, 2013

Can you supplement your chicken feed with things around your homestead. In a WROL situation or another great depression when commerical food is not available or you cant afford chicken food can you grow or provide food to keep your chickens producing eggs for your consumption.

Video courtesy of southernprepper1

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  1. Chickens will eat your entire yard,,, my neighbor has a yard .9 acres, and he had to fence the chickens in because they eat everything even the weeds all the way to the dirt,,,
    The Col,,ret

    • That’s true, collinsm. Chickens will eat everything all the way to the dirt. That’s why we put them in the tractor–not just for protection from predators but to keep them from stripping the grass, plants, etc. They went after my concord grapevines one year–still don’t know why. Usually they don’t bother the vines.
      We could also leave the chickens to roam our garden at the end of the season. That was great for them and for us!

  2. We had my husband, myself and 4 kids–and 23 chickens back before Y2K. We bought chicken feed and would extend it with our garden waste and bugs. We built a tractor for the chickens and they stayed in that. They were protected from predators–especially hawks! By the way, ducks do NOT eat bugs indigestible! We also fed our chickens leftovers–they loved spaghetti!. They were picky about what leftovers they would eat and I was picky about what I’d feed them. But leftovers definitely extended our feed. ALSO, we would move the tractor around on our 1 acre plot whenever the grass got sparse. Grass/week is their favorite food! We raised them for their eggs which we would eat and my husband would take to work and sell. BEST eggs ever!

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