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Truckers To Strike In Protest Of Big Government Overreach

truckers strike washington dc

Truck drivers are planning a three-day strike in Washington, DC, to protest the ongoing “corruption of the Constitution” by the federal government.

The freight transportation stoppage is scheduled to take place October 11-13. The striking truckers are asking all Americans to join in their protest, even if they have never pulled the loud horn of an 18-wheeler. A group of Canadian truckers, who are apparently equally miffed at their own government, have now vowed to stand with their North American peers and stop hauling for three days as well.

The “Truckers To Shut Down America Facebook page is gaining in popularity each day, with nearly 70,000 likes on Friday. Although it is currently unclear how many truck drivers will be involved in the three-day strike and roll through Washington, DC the movement is attracting nationwide attention.

For some, the move may bring back memories of the 1970s movie Convoy, where the American public rallied behind the “Rubber Duck” convoy, making the vote-hungry politicians take notice. If the same type of public pressure could be applied in the real-life convoy of striking truckers, federal officials may actually take notice of the trucker’s complaints.

The True Christian Heritage and Christian Ideals That Are Woven Into The Very Fabric Of The Constitution…

An excerpt from the Facebook page reads:

The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Workers will call in sick! Consumers will not buy or sell anything on this date! Stay home! Buy nothing!”

Truck drivers, and other Americans, have taken to the Facebook page to sound off on their frustrations with government.

“The Government Officials just expect us to tolerate there ridiculous laws they pass on a whim because they are getting a bonus to fly their whole family to some 1st class resort if they get it passed,” one person wrote. “WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!! WE ARE STRONG TOGTHER AND WE WILL BE HEARD! Folks Obama Care is not the answer to this Countries problems! Our Gun rights are being tested everyday.”

Another person wrote, “Obamacare is affecting so much it’s unreal! I’m an ER nurse & just found out my pay is being chopped by nearly $30k a year next month! My husband, who is a truck driver, went from not being paid enough, but at least it was hourly & he had a wonderful benefit of health insurance for him & our daughter for $1/month, so that made it worth it…. Since Obamacare became an issue, his pay has been cut by about $25k a year because he no longer gets paid hourly, but for stops & miles AND has to work 70 hrs a week at that with NO overtime AND they jacked his insurance from $1/month to $189/month!!! IT IS DESTROYING OUR ECONOMY & hurting the American worker!!!”

The truck drivers strike and three-day stoppage of product delivery in the United States could also serve as a teachable moment for those unprepared for a crisis or disaster. Just three days without delivery at mega stores like Walmart would leave a whole lot of shelves bare. If the strike prompts conversations about how scarce fresh produce, meat, and milk become during a time without truck deliveries, a potentially life-saving lesson has been learned.

How do you feel about the trucker drivers strike in Washington, D.C.?

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  1. If Wal-mart has trucks on the road that weekend, do we get a nationwide boycott against them?

  2. The statement made will be Loud and Clear.
    One lesson learned will be whether people have the foresight to stock at least 3 to 7 days worth of supplies or learn that ‘day by day’ doesn’t cut it.

  3. im stocking up now. then ill stay home, no buying anything etc, i hope this truckers strike sends a message to the gov.

  4. What good will an Oct 11th strike do if martial law is already enacted?

    • what is everyone just did nothing and let the gov. erode our constitution, civil rights ect…is that what you want youalreadyknow?

  5. To all Truckers : I commend you for what you are doing . I say Shut This Country Down .
    This country needs to wake up !


  6. Truckers and their families, if you want real respect, read and comprehend this comment.

    Truckers spend too much time sitting on their brains. I use to be a owner operator, and I sold my trucks when fuel passed $1.00 per gallon. It is serious business when diesel fuel, cost more than regular gasoline. This whole situation could be solved in seventy-two hours by, every trucker in the United States, both union and non-union, both private owners, and company drivers. Park your trucks for just three days. Nothing in this country can move without the use of a trucker. No gasoline to Gas stations, no food to food stores, no mail, no milk, no dry goods, absolutely nothing moves in this country without a trucker. Even items shipped across the country on trains, cannot get to the warehouses or retail markets without a trucker.

    Bring this country to it’s knees, and then and only then will you get proper respect, and much lower fuel cost to boot. If you truckers want real respect, stop sitting on your brains, and start thinking of your real value to this country. If we had another Jimmy Hoffa with some real cajoles, the fuel cost would be lower, and truckers would have real respect. That’s why I got out of the trucking game years ago. If you can spend as much as five to ten days away from your families while on the road, and only bring home a small check, something is wrong with that picture. Truckers Unite, and even the US Government will be forced to sit up and take notice. If you continue as you are now, you deserve the small amount of respect you receive.

    Copy and paste this comment everywhere this story is reported. Pass it on!!!

    • wow bruce thanks from talking from experience and from the heart~I agree may the truckers lead a protest but collectively ride a bit and then just pull off and shut down a stand still. Gov already has set in place for truckers to not circle white house any way so just make a stand by being still can speak more volumes then altercations with police. I hope tomorrow all truckers have my blessings for caring about the us constitution, civil liberties and also global rights for every human being on the planet. Just make a simple peaceful day of no action in stiillness speaks volumes~Blessings Love & Light 🙂

  7. the POLICE STATE we live in will target the wrong drivers that just happen to have a route in the middle of this mess and impound their trucks and jail them listening to nothing being said right along with the rest of the truckers… you can find numerous examples googling of how our rights are being ignored or picked at or just outright violated by a TYRANNICAL GOV that is just PAWING for a reason to enact MARTIAL LAW… they have been training for some big EVENT and all training ending OCT 1 2013 for CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE type mass population control.. (knowing OBAMUNISTCARE was to start then.. they are ANTICIPATING mass reaction… just not sure what). This will be the action they are looking for to use as an excuse to try out their DHS ARMY and UN foreign troops on the masses.. Even if you try to keep it peaceful.. they will throw in PLANTS to act violent then blame all of you and over react and call it justifiable… I see bad things happening… but whether its your group or some other group.. THIS ADMINISTRATION has laid down plans they have worked on for a long time to set up this very scenerio.. they WANT a large group to use excuse to ENFORCE their agenda using Martial Law.. because it puts on hold the legality of having to follow constitution and turns of our rights.. and they will use it to the fullest of their ability to push their power upon us.. we are playing right into their hands.. but no matter what group tries to stand up against what they are doing.. peacefully at first.. they will manipulate the situation into something worse to use their plans ON us for MORE CONTROL. I base this on facts, on things that have been going on several years now and obummer is pushing this UN NWO plan down our throats and trying to disquise it as beneficial sustainable commuity global security for our future.. when in reality he is just setting traps and plans to destroy this fine form of government and tear our country down.. He is so errogant and power hungry and he does not care about any of us.. he has no respect for the flag or our constitution or our bill of rights or our Declaration of Independance.. he has messed with fourth of July on MSM having the fireworks just appear too dangerous… no signifigance to him… he does not care about he history of this fine country.. and indoctrination of all age students, military, police, and militarization of police.. all kinds of heavy war machinery and riot gear gifts if they play ball and do the indoctrination training.. and letting go older military that wont shoot on american civilians .. and training foreign soldiers who will to further his power grab… I see monsters in the future.. third reich type monsters.. and this obama monster and his financial backers pushing their agenda much further… with no regard to our rights while he does it… I am sure MSM will not tell or show any of the attrocities that this administration will do to get the ball rolling.. but they will tell the lies to the public about what started it all after the SHTF and the GOON SQUADS start showing up… If not THIS event.. then the next one.. he has bought all the ammo for them and done all the training.. only thing left is to IMPLIMENT HIS PLAN upon us. I dont think we will make it three more years.. he will pull his crap and stuff us all in FEMA camps … OF COURSE FOR OUR OWN SAFETY.. and SECURITY.. I think what your doing is PERFECT .. it sends a STRONG message.. but this TYRANNY has already gone to a farther level than even your display of peaceful protest can effect.. We are all headed to the streets .. starving .. homeless.. broke.. jobless.. so WHY NOT at this point.. SOME BIG GROUP needs to send SOME KIND OF MESSAGE.. but HE IS SO ARROGANT AND FULL OF HIMSELF.. HE WILL NOT GET THE MESSAGE… just find ways to get around the message to oppress us more and control us more.. HE IS IN IT TILL THE END.. HE DOES NOT LIKE TO LOSE.. we will suffer as a population horribly.. We cannot use 2nd ammendment rights to protect ourselves.. his monsters will just shoot people who do that.. he will just jail people ‘with his indefinite detention rule he has’ and use his personal army against us if we fight back.. he is throwing families out of their homes now.. using excuse of gov shutdown and their homes are on federal land.. (gov land.. we the people are the government) we own it .. our tax dollars fund it.. not him..but these families are living the very REAL fact that they are being taken from their homes.. but if they were to try to protect themselves they would be killed.. HOW MUCH MORE TYRANNICAL can it get? We will look like Syria over here before this crap is over with… his shitty insurance will allow people to die from things they cannot afford to take care of.. if costs more and covers less.. he is selling a broken idea to people sick of him taking from them.. he says he is working on energy. … above the ground.. wind energy that kills more wildlife than it creates energy.. but not underground energy.. pipeline.. never hear about it .. coal industry .. hes making sure those cannot happen.. EPA ..regulating them and others into bankruptcy.. making sure we have no businesses left to earn a living working at so we can all be dependant on his communistic / socialism way of BIG GOV providing everything.. I am SICK of his abuses and manipulations.. the indoctrinations have gone far beyond acceptable in curriculum.. the mindset has changed… HE IS brainwashing the masses.. it is working.. marxist / communist ideologies are NOT THE CHANGE WE WERE EVER LOOKING FOR…. well homeland security will probably be kicking in my door to drag me to a FEMA camp soon as I have said EVERYWORD sayable to get on ‘one of the many lists’ .. except PATRIOT.. used to be it was a proud thing to be a patriotic American.. now it will get you on a domestic terrorist watch list…. OMG vets are rolling in their graves.

  8. Got to say, we out here in America love truckers. These people are the heart of this nation and are brave enough to display exactly what we are all saying and wish we could do. Truckers should not confine their protest to the capital but we all should unite, steel workers, store clerks, factories, construction workers, boat yards, longshoremen, teachers, shopping centers ALL AMERICANS from coast to coast and show this administration our disgust with Washington and the arrogance of Barack Obama with over 16 trillion in debt soon the dollar will not be accepted any where in the world. We have the first president ever elected who has no concern for this nation.

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