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How To Entertain And Educate A Child Without TV, Episode 186

family-legacyHost Brian Brawdy talks to Bill Heid about a two CD audio theater production, Under Drake’s Flag, that was made by the same talent core that also made Adventures In Odyssey and Lamplighter Theatre.

Under Drake’s Flag tells the story of a boy who through his faith overcomes fear, and in the process learns what it means to be a true man of God.

Heid and Brawdy listen to samples from the CD as well as testimonials from parents who bought it for their children and were thrilled by their kids’ reaction.

The CD, Heid said, will get children away from the television, teach them Christian values and history, engage their imagination, and entertain them all at the same time – while helping pass time in a meaningful way on road trips.

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Heid, who served as executive producer of Under Drake’s Flag, also tells Brawdy:

  • How, unlike TV, audio theater awakens a child’s imagination, making him or her the director, the costume creator and the set designer – all because they are using their mind.
  • Why it was important for him to make a product that teaches biblical values such as hard work, humility, courage, perseverance and character.
  • How the CD includes something never attempted in audio theater, as well as land and sea battles and shipwrecks.
  • Who Under Drake’s Flag author G.A. Henty is, and why his name at one time was as well-known as any modern-day author.

Why it was important for him to include a 28-page study guide in the set that can be used for parents and children.

Heid and Brawdy also explain how the first chapter of Under Drake’s Flag can be heard for free.

This is an episode that parents and grandparents won’t want to miss.

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  1. Why stop so short of teaching the children?
    Come on by and check out this web site.


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