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America’s Health Care Problems Didn’t Begin With Obamacare, Episode 187 (interview with Colin Gunn)

doctor obamacareHost Bill Heid talks to well-known filmmaker Colin Gunn, who has spent months exploring the problems with America’s health care system and is making a documentary about it.

The problems, Gunn says, did not start with Obamacare, but actually go back to World War II. Still, government intervention – from beginning to end – has been the source of rising health care costs.

Sadly, though, the system may get only worse. Gunn and host Bill Heid tell of horrific stories from England’s single-payer system, in which some people must wait three or more years for heart surgery while UK taxpayers foot the bill for sex-change operations. Also, the elderly in the UK are receiving involuntary euthanasia – without their families even approving or knowing.

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Gunn also tells us:

  •   Why the third-party payer system, in which the customer does not pay the doctor, contributes to cost increases.
  •   How “crony capitalism” — big business joining hands with politicians — has harmed the system.
  •   Why Obamacare is forcing men – yes, men – to pay for policies covering maternity care.
  •   Why the abortion rate under Obamacare will increase.

There, is hope, though, for those wanting to live “off the grid” from America’s health care model. Gunn’s documentary, Wait Till It’s Free, interviews people who have found a better option than the one used by most of us. This is an episode anyone who is fed up with rising health care costs and government intervention will want to hear.

Ron Paul Interview Announcement from Wait Till It’s Free on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi guys, your episode 187 links are pointing at the ep186.mp3 file.

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