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Are There Natural Remedies For Ebola?

Image source: NBC News

Image source: NBC News

Like many Americans, I am concerned about Ebola. And as a health care provider who regularly cares for seriously ill and dying patients who require specialized isolation procedures, I am very interested in ensuring the safety of the public, patients, fellow care providers and myself.

Since there are no approved conventional cures for Ebola, I researched whether natural remedies had any place in the fight against it.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently cautioned some essential oil companies in the United States for making claims about the efficacy of essential oils for the prevention and/or treatment of Ebola. They also warned a company which sells colloidal silver about making Ebola-related claims.

Sadly, whenever serious illnesses arise, whether out of a lack of knowledge, genuine good intentions or greed, many companies do make unsubstantiated claims. These types of claims hurt the natural products industry and indirectly make effective natural remedies less available. A Nigerian company purported the use of salt water as a cure for Ebola. Two people died from the “treatment.”

Do Essential Oils Prevent and Cure Ebola?

Many essential oils inhibit or destroy microorganisms, such as viruses, fungi and bacteria. Essential oils probably do have some action upon the Ebola virus; however, that does not mean that they are useful for the treatment or cure of it. Even if a virus is destroyed in a test tube when it comes into contact with an essential oil, it does not mean that a safe concentration can be used to treat a person.

The Hidden Secrets Of Making Herbal Medicines…Right At Your Fingertips!

While cinnamon oil is receiving the most attention, many other oils have antiviral effects. More research is needed. That said, a few drops of cinnamon, thyme, oregano or other essential oils may be beneficial for the general prevention of the spread of microorganisms.

Essential oils are extremely concentrated. Keep them out of reach of children and dilute them as directed. Learn as much as you can about any oil that you plan to use. Allergic and other reactions may occur.

Are Herbs Useful in the Fight Against Ebola?

One of the most difficult challenges in treating Ebola is the fact that it is a new virus, having first been identified in 1976. There are five known strains of the virus, four of which infect humans. As a new virus, there is no long-term history of using traditional medicines to prevent and treat Ebola. Again, the problem is that we simply do not know.

Some traditional medicine practitioners and health officials in Africa have stated that ashwaghandha and jute have cured patients suffering from Ebola. No reliable studies back up these claims.

Biopharming and Ebola

Biopharming is the use of plants to produce genetically altered compounds. These substances may be used to treat diseases. For example, biopharming may be useful in treating multidrug resistant organisms. The experimental drug ZMapp is produced by biopharming.

ZMapp has been used to treat a handful of Ebola patients, but has not been successful in all cases. Out of seven patients, two died.

ZMapp is produced using a wild tobacco which grows in Australia. The plant itself does not cure Ebola, but is used as a host to grow antibodies which fight Ebola. ZMapp is only entering stage 1 clinical trials, which means that even if the drug is effective, widespread availability is a long way away.

Ebola and Natural Remedies: The Bottom Line

I believe natural remedies are underused and will be proven to be useful in the treatment of Ebola. Most current treatments for Ebola, though, are supportive therapies, such as managing symptoms and ensuring that patients are hydrated. Natural remedies, though, are underused as supportive treatments. For example, herbs may be employed to reduce fever, control diarrhea and provide nutrition. Essential oils may provide comfort and improve air quality in hospital rooms, and would be useful additions to products used to sanitize sick rooms.

Caution and commonsense must lead the way in controlling and eradicating this horrible virus. Unfortunately, politics, big business and layers of red tape may slow the process of finding a cure. Even when it is found, resources are likely to be limited, especially in the countries where the virus is most prevalent.

It is easy to panic when hearing about Ebola. Fortunately, Ebola is not easily spread. The CDC says you can only catch Ebola by direct contact with the blood and the body fluids of a sick person who has symptoms of Ebola. Symptoms appear between 2-21 days after contact. Fever, diarrhea, weakness, bleeding and muscle pains are commonly experienced among Ebola patients.

Do you believe natural products can treat or even cure Ebola? Leave your reply in the section below:

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  1. I read that the FDA also cautioned at least one commercial nano particle silver producer. I was disappointed to see nothing in the article about the use of colloidal or nano-particle silver.

    • I’m telling you, Colloidal Silver WORKS. It does. I’ve made my own and have taken it up to 8 ounces a day since the early part of 2011. The last time I had a cold , flu , virus was before 2011. There is an agenda to down play the efficacy of Colloidal Silver because it is such a financial threat to Big Pharma. That is why a few years ago when Mr, Karason got his 15 minutes of fame for going on the talk show circuit after having turned blue from years of making his own always gets referenced by the skeptics when Colloidal Silver is brought up in circles where there are scoffers. The man did not make it right. He used tap water and then added saline to it which many people do to increase the conductivity, this is wrong and so is using tap water. The water that is used to make it MUST BE distilled with a ppm of ZERO. I’ve made mine up to 10 ppm and my skin has not turned blue. Colloidal Silver can be made very cheap, pennies on the dollar. Silver used to be in MANY anti-biotics in the early 1900’s until synthetic pharmaceutical drugs started becoming popular in the 1930’s. There is no money in bringing back silver for anti-biotics in the eyes of Big Pharma, not only that, it would shine a spotlight on Colloidal Silver if this happened and more people would start making their own. The smear campaign against Colloidal Silver is rooted in nothing but for the greed of profit protection. I don’t care what others respond back to me with, it can kill over 650 bacteria / viruses, though you will never see this verified in mainstream media because their advertisers are tied into Big Pharma, I wish the sheeple would wake up and realize this.

      There are videos of people on youtube that haven’t had a cold,flu , virus and have made their own for over 10 yrs. I haven’t had any sickness in almost 4 yrs. There are so many naysayers that are quick to scoff at it but at the same time they’ve never tried it but yet they’ll take the word of the mainstream hacks that will low-rate Colloidal Silver as snake oil. You have to give it a chance and whether you take it from the health food stores or make your own, you really need to take it for a very long time to see for yourself that you won’t come down with anything. Also, a lot of the health food stores sell Colloidal Silver that comes in plastic bottles, this is wrong. It needs to be stored in glass bottles that are dark to prevent light from diminishing the positive electron charge in the nano-silver particles. Dark plastic bottles will sap the strength of the Colloids because they are plastic. A lot of people will probably continue to scoff at it and never even use it, even when people start dropping like flies. I will continue to make mine even if some law was passed making it a felony. Good luck.

      • How do you make Colllidal Silver

        • I bought a colloidal silver generator from that works great. He was very helpful to answer all my questions. You can also do a google search for easy diy colloidal silver generator and make one with three 9 volt batteries and alligator clips, and .9999 silver wires or coins.

  2. Google “melatonin for Ebola”.

  3. OTGN needs to get up to speed on (O)Ebola. Military doc’s show (1) drop atomized (blood/bodily secretion) into the air is enough to infect 500’000 people. It also spreads more/faster in colder environments.

    I HIGHLY recommend sites like :,,, will show other sites about the use of essential oils AND Colloidal Silvers as well as those listed above.

  4. EVVERYONE keeps talking about blood and bodily fluids which is putting you in a high risk situation to be certain. The CDC classifies lower risk behavior as the following “being within approximately 3 feet (1 meter) of an EVD patient or within the patient’s room or care area for a prolonged period of time (e.g., health care personnel, household members) while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment.” Low risk is still risk and NO ONE seems to be mentioning this.

  5. As Ebola has to be defeated by the body’s immune system, about the only ‘natural cure’ I’ve heard of which offers any hope would be things that boost the immune system, helping it produce anitbodies.

  6. I am somewhat surprised here that there is no mention of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Is this not a panacea?

  7. I’ve got Thieves Oil, colloidal silver and Oregano oil. This is the best power-punching natural combo I know to kick the booty of viruses and bacteria. I truly thank God for natural remedies. The stuff works.

  8. Read up people. Ebola is HIGHLY contagious. Am I saying it’s going to decimate the population (in and of itself)? No. I am saying, it is a real threat. Be prepared for it, as well as flu (which, historically, has killed more of mankind than any other illness). There is reason to believe Ebola may have been bioengineered since it’s 1st outbreak/discovery, so in all likelihood it is NOT the same beast as 1st discovered; it’s much worse. Anywho, don’t let the government ‘authorities’ sweep this under the rug as a non-issue for you. It is very serious (as is that other pathogen going around affecting kids). I’m personally more concerned about the effects of panic and further government encroachments of our freedoms than the actual disease. All that said, the following are the BEST things you can take (both on a daily basis, and when/if sick) for Ebola or other infectious diseases: Nano silver (ionic form, 10 ppm), HIGH dose Vitamin C, HIGH dose Vitamin D3, HIGH dose Vitamin A (retinol form, not beta-carotene), high dose vitamin K2, high dose vitamin E (full spectrum, natural form, NOT synthetic form), high dose zinc (aspartate, glycinate, gluconate, etc), moderate dose copper (water in copper cups), high dose iodine (Lugol’s or nascent iodine), HIGH dose niacin (B3), supplemental magnesium (chloride, bicarbonate, aspartate, malate, ascorbate, orotate, glycinate, etc; aim for high absorption forms), supplemental potassium (bicarbonate, ascorbate, aspartate, orotate, etc), supplemental B5 & B6/bee pollen, antipathogenic herbs (as teas, tinctures, essential oils, and/or capsules) like olive leaf, oregano, thyme, clove, myrrh, lemon, and a great deal of others, as well as liver, kidney, lymphatic, blood, and digestive supporting herbs & supplements (for cleansing and detoxification of killed pathogens, their toxins, and their byproducts/metabolites), like NAC, SAMe, milk thistle/silymarin extract (all liver support), zeolite (ZeoForce), Syclovir, diatomaceous earth, betonite clay, etc (all detox support). Any toxic heavy metals you can help excrete should also be eliminated (Metal Free, for example). Supplemental electronic therapies like microcurrent therapy (done over areas for infection or major organs like liver, lungs, etc) would also be super. Am personally (also) looking to electronic devices for killing bugs like the Bob Becker device, Terminator II, Rife/PERL devices, etc. I’m pretty broke though, so I’m mainly focusing on the mega dose vitamins, minerals to start with.

  9. TrueRife is another great rife device worthy of mention. ‘RV’ has already mentioned the GB-4000 & SR-4 ( And I’m sure there others as well. Just didn’t want to leave that one out. If anyone has any questions about the dosages I’m referring to when I say HIGH or high, email me. I’m talking WAY high for when fighting an infection/pathogen, and still very high on a normal daily basis (though not with things like zinc; that’s just a temporary elevation).

  10. My daughter works in a health food chain store, and she said that they have been out of stock, even in their warehouse, of the rare mushroom, Agarikan. She was told that the government has been buying it up for research into an ebola cure… Is it true? I don’t know, but I take it, (along with other things like, colloidal silver, vitamin D…) regularly to build up my immune system. I haven’t had a cold or flu in years!

  11. I used to get several sinus,bronchitis, respiratory, every year from about November to April. About 5 or 6 years ago I started making colloidal silver from a kit you can order. The 5 ppm did not work for me but when I started making and taking the 10ppm as a preventative that ended the infections. Have not had another infection since then. Now I just take the colloidal silver when I feel and infection starting. When I get a sore throat, or a cough starts, or sinuses start burning then I start on the collodial silver and it stops it right in its tracks. I have a sprayer for my nose I use and gargle withsome also maybe 4 times a day until I recover. Amazing stuff. The vitamins,probiotics, never did stop the infections for me, yet I keep taking them just to boost my immune system.

  12. Silver (in the nitrate form, if I remember accurately) was for many years routinely put into the eyes of newborn infants to kill any form of venereal disease organism that might have been in the mother’s birth canal and thus prevent the possibility of transmitting such disease to the newborn. I had it, as did my children (who now have children). Don’t know if this procedure is still followed, but it worked for that.

    YumYucky mentions above using Thieves Oil. This is a modern update of a combination of herbs that was used by thieves in the Middle Ages who used to steal from the bodies of those who died from the Black Plague. They were eventually caught but granted leniency in exchange for sharing the recipe that kept them from contracting the plague. There is likely some merit in this approach, but it would have to be tested.

    John mentions 35% hydrogen peroxide, which would also likely work—but again needs to be tested and should probably be administered by a doctor familiar with that method.

    What we do know for sure is that ordinary sunlight will kill the virus in a brief period of time. Also, a company in San Antonio is making a robot device that can be rolled into a hospital room where it zaps the all the available surfaces with very strong UV light to disinfect the room after a patient leaves. (Not for use on humans; just their surroundings and possessions.)

    These facts indicate that oxidative therapies should work to contain and cure ebola, including HO3, and I have read an opinion from an MD who publishes an alternative medical newsletter corroborating my thinking. Another method, and the one I would probably choose, is UBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation). In this process, a vial of blood is taken from the patient, then placed for 20 minutes or so into a device where it is bathed in UV light. Then the irradiated blood is infused back to the patient. The UV light will have killed most of the pathogens in the blood sample, which will then function like a vaccine when returned to the patient. No poisonous preservatives such as we find in most vaccines, no need to culture a vaccine in eggs, or other issues with vaccines.

    The problem with using these therapies is that the instant a patient presents with the symptoms of ebola, any hospital ER is going to call the guys in space suits, and the patient will be whisked into quarantine with little or no say in how he/she is treated. Likewise, if he presents at his doctor’s office, any reasonable office staff will likely go into panic mode and call the space suit guys.

    I think the same high dose Vitamin D3 that I’ve been using for years to ward off colds and flu (successfully) and similar strategies to keep the immune system strong provide the best defense. One of the major differences between the death rate here in the US and in Africa is the difference in general overall health, nutrition, and sanitation. We should be better able to withstand the virus, and the fact that all patients thus-far identified in the US have survived, except the gentleman who died in Dallas (who was from Africa) would indicate this is true.

    Of course, as Cool Hand Luke points out, none of the methods described here provide any financial benefit to Big Pharma, so they won’t get much play in the news or your conventional doctor’s office. Also, the CDC holds a patent on one strain of ebola, that lends some credence to the conspiracy ideas Luke expresses. If there really IS a plan to decimate the population, combining the dispersion of the virus with forced quarantines and denial of simple treatments such as outlined in this thread would be a good way to implement such plan.

  13. No one has mentioned the fact that Ebola was “discovered” some 38 YEARS ago. It’s not something new.
    Big Pharma didn’t bother researching a cure since it wouldn’t show a profit. (It was mostly ‘over there’)
    Now that it’s in the news, they see a big payday.

  14. Google this
    Can Cannabinoids in Cannabis Paste Fight Off Ebola?
    Great option I say

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