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Home Remedy For A Heart Attack?

Home Remedy For A Heart Attack?

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As a Girl Scout, I took first-aid classes and practiced CPR on the inflatable dummies. We were taught that CPR had the ability to bring someone back to life after a heart attack. It does, and I never thought I’d need anything else to save a life.

One May afternoon while working with my father in his accounting office, he clutched his chest and turned blue in the face. He started falling, and I grabbed him and eased him down to the floor.

His eyes were quickly glazed over, and he lay there without moving. And as much as I tried to remember the exact procedure for CPR, I couldn’t recall anything beyond compressions on the chest and air blown into his mouth when the nose was pinched and the head was in a good position to do so.

The color came back into his face but quickly faded. I reached for the phone and called 911. They sent out an ambulance and carted him off to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

I was grateful he hadn’t had anything more than momentary pain. And as I watched the response of my mother, brothers and sisters to my dad’s heart attack, I realized that the pain of someone having a heart attack wasn’t only restricted to the actual patient. The whole family suffered.

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It didn’t take me a long time to decide to find a home remedy for a heart attack. People had to be saved from this grief, sadness and heart-brokenness.

Years later, I became a student at The School of Natural Healing in Springville, Utah, and found the answer.

Dr. John Christopher was the founder of this school, and although he himself had passed on, his family continued his legacy and kept teaching people from all walks of life what to do to improve their health. They learned how to eat right and how to nurse themselves back to health via herbs and diet.

“If an organ isn’t functioning correctly, you have to either detoxify it, nourish it or both,” he was known to say. And the heart was no different than any other organ. It needed its own nourishment and it needed to be detoxified. There were very specific herbs God had put on the earth that would heal the heart.

As students, we needed to find out what those herbs were, learn how to use them, and what type of dosage to use for different situations.

The Herb That Gave the Heart Another Chance

Home Remedy For A Heart Attack?

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One of the heart–nourishing herbs is cayenne pepper. This is the only herb that has its potency measured around the world in how strong it is. Sure, other herbs may be standardized for an active ingredient, but cayenne is measured in terms of its British thermal units or heat units. The hotter (spicier) the variety of cayenne is, the higher its heat unit rating. You’ll find cayenne peppers rated from about 25,000 to 35,000 heat units all the way up to over 100,000 heat units.

“If the heart stops beating, use your cayenne tincture,” Dr. Christopher often said. Cayenne comes in powder and liquid form and when you use the liquid form, it may easily be dropped underneath the tongue, where it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.

“How long does it take to work?” people would ask.

“In about a heart beat,” he replied.

Thus, the procedure was to use a cayenne tincture 35,000-40,000 heat units strong, and release a few drops underneath the tongue of the heart attack victim. Then look for signs of life again.

Dr. Christopher would then continue teaching class, telling stories of patients (and his students’ stories) who had suffered a heart attack and were brought back immediately to life with this method.

The cayenne will stimulate circulation and provide the electrical energy needed to jumpstart the heart. Cayenne also works for arrhythmias and angina pain.

What are the limitations of this method? Well, if there’s a massive coronary artery blowout, the patient is dead instantly – as in the case of my dad – and cayenne most likely won’t work. But if the heart attack is not as serious, then cayenne pepper just might work.

*This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or cure any particular health condition. Please consult with a qualified health professional first about this method.

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  1. Donna,

    A well written article on cayenne and heart attacks, you left me hanging about the tincture, is that something you can disclose on how to make or should one research tincture recipes?

  2. Nice healthy article. Good for my dad. I always believe in home remedies

  3. James Elmer Dobson

    I have treated 5 people for heart attack with 1 TBS Cayenne / red pepper in a glass of room temperature water and drink it right down. The pain was gone in 20 minutes, none went to see a medicine man, one needed retreated the next day, 0 failures – so far. Yes your throat will be a little hot for a minute or two, compare that to a quarter million for a heart attack and decide for yourself which is easier to live with. The guy who had to be retreated the next day did not have cayenne pepper but used Tapatio hot sauce I think I had him take 2 table spoons of that – weak sister – but it was all he had.
    I am James Elmer 🙂

  4. Really? Was this person giving a STEMI or nonSTEMI infarct? What were his Troponin levels doing? Was his SaO2 low? What about arterial blood gases? What did his ECG show? Any AV block? Any supraventricular dysrhythmias? What about ventricular dysrhythmias? PVCs maybe? If so were they unifocal or multifocal or were there runs? What was his blood pressure doing? Any diaphoresis? Referred pain? Were there permanent ECG changes?
    How do you know he wasn’t having gastroesophageal sphincter issues? Did his pain change with respiration? If it did it wasn’t an MI, chest pain if cardiac origin DOES NOT change with respiration. Herbal treatment of a heart attack is crap, unadulterated crap. Heart attacks are the result of multiple risk factors and CAD is a slow process and the underlying cause. This notion is pure junk and dangerous.

    • Mark Anderson,….so Mr Mark if you were out in the middle of the desert and didn’t have the ability to perform all those tests and you had some cayenne (hypothetically speaking) in your pocket and were having debilitating chest pains what would you do? I don’t care how stupid I was from past comments but I’d rather save my life and see if it works. Then if it works you will live. If it doesn’t no loss. One less troll more or less,….

  5. Scoville…not btu

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