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Natural Remedies for Sinus Toothaches

A bad toothache can be enough to drive anyone crazy. While trips to the dentist are never pleasant, they may seem like the lesser of two evils in comparison to the throbbing, grinding pain of a toothache that is running out of control. However, some who head to the dentist to get relief from the pain are surprised to discover that there is nothing this particular doctor can do to help them. This is because some toothaches are not caused by cavities or any other condition directly related to the teeth. Instead, these toothaches are actually being caused by a sinus infection.

Most people would never think that a sinus infection could be behind a toothache. Many dentists would never think of a sinus infection either, which is one reason why sinus toothaches can be difficult to diagnose.

How It Happens

The sinuses are air-filled passages in the head and face that are lined with mucous membranes. Poor diet, lack of sleep, exposure to environmental chemicals and allergens, too much stress, and a previous illness can all compromise the immune system enough to make people vulnerable to a sinus infection. Bacterial invaders can cause swelling in the sinuses and an increase in mucous production, which can clog the sinuses and create mini-pocket hothouses where bacteria can multiply and plug things up even more.

The maxillary sinuses are located inside the cheekbones above the upper jaw. When infection and inflammation occur here, the swelling can be so great that the walls of the sinus cavity can begin to press against the adjacent roots of the upper back teeth. This pressure can often lead to toothaches that completely mimic the symptoms of a pain associated with a normal dental problem.

Sinus infections, if undiagnosed and left untreated, can stay active for weeks or even months.

Diagnosing Sinus Toothaches

We have already mentioned that sinus toothaches can be difficult to diagnose and recognize, in part because the symptoms feel like any other toothache and because it is something that no one thinks about. Nevertheless, there are indicators that can clue toothache sufferers in to what is really going on when a sinus infection is causing tooth pain. The first is the location of the pain, which will be in the upper back teeth on one side of the mouth or the other. Headaches are a common symptom of a sinus infection and can often accompany the toothache. The pain from a sinus toothache tends to increase with movement and decrease when a person is sitting or lying down. Recent medical history can also point to a sinus infection – if the person with the toothache has had a cold or been suffering from an allergy outbreak, that could be an indication that the problem has led to further complication.

Natural Treatments for a Sinus Toothache

People’s reliance on their dentists to save them will provide no help in this situation, since a dentist can do nothing to cure a sinus infection. Fortunately, there are a number of natural herbs that can eliminate all of the symptoms of a sinus infection, including toothache.

For those who are most concerned with the immediate pain of their toothache, there are several substances capable of providing instant relief. Tinctures made from salicylate herbs such as the bark of willow, poplar, and oak trees can dramatically reduce the pain of a toothache when applied directly to the tooth that is hurting. Cow parsnip seed tincture is another liquid treatment that can bring fast and effective pain relief. Just a few drops applied by a cotton swab whenever a tooth is throbbing should do the trick.

There is one other herb that is often recommended for its advanced capacity to reduce the pain of toothache, and that is essential oil made from clove buds, which are harvested from plants that grow across the equatorial belt of the tropics. While this herb has excellent medicinal qualities, it can cause irritation of the gums if used frequently. Clove bud essential oil is quite effective for pain relief, but it should be used with caution.

While doing something about the terrible pain of a toothache sometimes can seem like the only thing that matters, herbal pain relievers alone are not the answer for curing the underlying cause of a sinus toothache. Sinus infections are serious, and they can linger for a long time and create continuous havoc if not treated aggressively. Some excellent herbal remedies are available, however, that can successfully combat the symptoms of sinus infection while attacking and defeating the nasty little microbes causing all the problems.

Most people are already aware of the healing powers of garlic. The bacteria that cause sinus infections are highly vulnerable to the effects of this wonder herb, and garlic capsules taken three or four times a day can help the immune system vanquish sinus infection once and for all. And to top it all off, crushed garlic cloves applied directly to an aching tooth can even help relieve pain. Ginger root is another herb that can attack bacterial infections of the sinus while also reducing the inflammation behind sinus toothaches. Ginger can be taken in capsule form or it can be ground up and taken by the teaspoon once or twice a day. Turmeric has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-pain capacities, and it can be made into an easy-to-apply mouth paste when mixed with water. Oregon grapefruit is still another excellent choice for treating sinus infection and the accompanying toothache. Sold in the form of a tincture, Oregon grapefruit is an extremely effective anti-bacterial treatment.

Nature Provides

Sinus infections and the toothaches they can cause are both serious health problems that need to be treated post haste. However; God has provided us through nature with hundreds, if not thousands, of natural cures for pretty much any health condition. Sinus infections and the toothaches they cause are highly amenable to these natural cures, and those who are suffering from these conditions can find quick and effective relief by turning to the herbal remedies discussed here.

As always, be sure to check with your doctor or other healthcare practitioner before attempting to treat any illness.

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  1. Using these wonderful remedies on the gum area if the pain is due to a sinus infection doesn’t make sense–unless the cloves are able to address the irritated/inflamed nerves. Wouldn’t the emphasis be on the immune system and the sinus issue? I am very curious to know if these topical remedies are effective.

    • I can vouch for the raw garlic though over time it can also cause your gums to become very raw & painful. It does in fact help with tooth pain as I have been suffering now from Chronic Sinusitis for over 6 years now. I have only been using the raw garlic a little over 2-3 weeks going on 1 month. I have taken anti-biotics to kill off the infections but they always come back. I need & prefer a more natural way to do this as I am on a very low income I can not have my teeth out& the ERs around here don’t seem to care… I even have medical coverage just seams that the East Tennessee ERs dont much care or don’t take things so seriously. When I was living in Las Vegas they tried hard to help me & acted like they cared. They use to give me some sort of 5 day dose prescription that worked wonders but unfortunately it always returns. I personally suffer from both bad teeth & sinus problems & I am working on trying to move to another city in which has a low income dental clinic so that I can beg them to remove all my teeth so I at least never have to have dental pain again. Then am going to try & find a doctor to go ahead with the sinus surgery I should have had done years ago. The raw garlic other then onions is the only things I have tried & the raw garlic is the only one that has seamed to do anything for the pain.

      • I USED to have chronic sinus and respiratory infections but after I started taking (seriously taking, not playing around) nutritional supplements and vitamins, they have gone away for ever.
        To build up my immune system —which is the bast place to start rebuilding your health and, let’s face it, all those sinus infections are a sign of a severely weakened immune system…….I changed my eating habits from “normal”, i.e., “bad” to good. Cutting out sugar and especially high fructose corn syrup was a start.
        Going to *organic*, i.e., non genetically modified foods has been a big help.
        I now take about 4000-12,000 iu of Carlson’s Vitamin D-3 DAILY.
        About 3000-4000 mg of Vitamin C + Quercetin (Vitamin Shopped store brand) DAILY
        About 430 iu of Unique E, a good source of vitamin E DAILY
        600 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid, DAILY
        A vitamin B Complex
        Kyolic Aged Garlic….tons, DAILY
        Organic India Turmeric….tons, DAILY
        And a good multiple vitamin; EXTEND CORE is an excellent brand. You can find it on the internet.
        There are other things I take as well but this is a good place to start.
        I highly recommend the books of Russell Blaylock, MD. You can find them on amazon.

        • Your doses are way too high, you are doing more harm than good. Your body can’t even absorb the amounts you are dosing. Ask your doctor about this. There is a such thing as too much of a good thing makes bad things happen. Ask your doctor, not a herbal junkie.

          • Actually, doses are based by an individual’s weight.

          • It seems to me that you should actually ask a nutritionist and NOT a doctor. Doctors are not necessarily schooled in nutrition and definitely are not in herbal remedies nor can they legally prescribe them in most American states. Go to a doctor = getting a pharmaceutical remedy. Unless they make a private suggestion from there own private research.

          • Unfortunately doctors are not trained in nutrition/diet, herbs and supplements. They are also not taught how to cure but only to “treat” illness and disease. They really shouldn’t be called healthcare providers because they do not provide healthcare, just disease care. I’m not being negative, just realistic. Naturopathic doctors have knowledge in the areas of good health/wellness, diet, nutrition, herbs & Supplements as well as in others things. They look for the root cause of a problem not cover up the symptoms with medicine or surgery. This is not to say that medical doctors are not needed, they are. If someone is in an accident and needs surgery or breaks an arm etc they need a hospital and a medical doctor. But there is also a place for natural doctors and they are more effective in helping someone get well and stay well than medical doctors are.

      • Well well just did Digital xray in Thailand….have had sinus infection were my whole right side of face swelled up.. But teeth didnt hurt and pill pushing doctors didnot know shite…..

        well sinus infection sitting there for 2-3 years has worn away bone so no dental im[plants… –TRY snorting QUality Collodial silver…. from world pharmacy… Ca or others as you find….. if you Cant they get high end anti biotics and ten days straingt straight minium..and good eye ear nose throt guy…….

        excuse the spell checkk…it 3am here…couldnt sleep……………regards


      • I’ve just been going through the sinus tooth aches and its no fun. Wanted to tell you I found out you can take and also put cod liver oil on bad teeth(decays) and it will immediately stop the decaying. If you will take a cod liver oil soft gel daily and put this on you bad tooth daily not only will it stop the decay, you tooth or teeth will actually grow back. I have done this. Be sure when you buy your cod liver oil it is real cod liver oil. I just bought some not long ago and it said triple cod liver oil, but it didn’t seem to work as well as the first jar I bought so I got to looking at the ingredients. the triple was vit’s A,E and D but the oil in it was fish body oil. so I called the company and ask about the fish body oil and the customer service rep read the ingredients and when she came to the fish oil, it named off several types of fish but not cod. I told her that was wrong for them to pass that off as cod liver oil so she is sending me a 15.00 certificate to buy what ever I want. That is why I said to make sure its truly cod liver oil. I found this out on internet and it works, this article says its remineralizing you teeth is what makes your teeth healthy. Hope this helps because like you I could not afford a dentist. I used the clove oil for the pain I had when having the sinus tooth aches. rubbed a little on gums, doesn’t take much.

      • I had similair problems to your’s and could not get rid of the infection. The doctors wanted to do a procedure that I call “roto rooter” to clean them out. I was desparate and found a concoction that worked for me and for many others that I have given it to. Go to health food store and get three essentials oils. Cinnomon, clove & Thyme. Three drops of each in about two cups of water. Bring to a boil and breathe in at least twice a day to begin with. You can use the same batch for a few times. IT also helps with lung congestion. It took about three or four days before the untimate culprit came out of my sinus cavity. It was a giant plug of infection. IT was a Godsend for me and I think it will help you too.

    • Cloves actualy numb it natuarly its wonderful garlic is wonderful I have used these bothalso oregeno oil its hot n spicey but it wrks wonderfuly I used that also oregeno oil is gud to take daily a few drips in ur mouth tookn with milk again cause its hot 🙂 ull feel amazing by taken it daily

  2. bodymindheartnsoul

    I can vouch for the powerful healing effects of raw garlic on sinus conditions. Simply take a clove of garlic, chop it up finely, and let it sit at least 5 minutes for the antibiotic properties to “power up.” Then swallow it with water like a handful of pills (might take a few rounds, depending on clove size). Do this 3x a day at least and you will be well in short order. Yes, you will reek a bit, but swallowing the garlic without chewing it cuts down on the odor.

    Having suffered for years with a painful tooth that has had NO cavity in it, one day during an x ray my dentist noticed that my SINUS cavity was full. Since then, I have noticed that any time that tooth hurts, it is my sinuses that are acting up, not the tooth. On the x ray it was clear that the root from that tooth went right into the sinus chamber. So now I have a reliable indicator of sinus flareups. My tooth will hurt whether I am allergically reacting to something or if there is some sort of low-grade bacterial infection in the sinuses.

    Other good sinus clearers are xylitol in water poured into the nose (this is tricky), or silver hydrosol or oil of oregano taken in the mouth and held to the palate.

    Avoiding ALL dairy products is my #1 recommendation, as that is what causes my sinuses or ears to fill up in the first place.

    • The same exact thing happened to me when I went to the dentist. I was certain that I had a cavity. I have always suffered sinus problems, and of course seasonal allergies didn’t help any. When I moved to the tropics, my seasonal allergies never seemed to leave because it’s always hot and so something is always blooming. My sinuses went into hyper overdrive. I had never experienced tooth pain and so I didn’t know what a cavity was even supposed to feel like. I have very few of them. So then I was convinced it was something more serious than just a small cavity.

      My dentist showed me the x-ray and explained that if the area showed black, this indicated cavity and if it showed white it was sinus. She sees is all the time here where asthma, allergies and congestion are just the norm. She advised me to stop using the regular allergy medicine I was using and to use one with decongestant. This is fine, but I really wanted to use natural remedies, I mean I live on a farm, I should be able to grow something that can help. I did some research and that’s how I came up with the idea for the article. What I use (apart from garlic) is a little different than some of the things I suggested because most of you don’t live in the tropics, so your access to the same things I would use isn’t the same.

      But many natural remedies work.

  3. A couple of years ago I was reading up on the wonderful effects of turmeric. I discovered that when using turmeric, combine it with equal amounts of black pepper. the black pepper doubles the positive effects of the turmeric.

  4. Oregon grape root is the plant you mean,Sarah.It is a yellow root with the same properties as goldenseal root.

  5. I am suffering from a major tooth pain due to a sinus infection right now. I’m taking a decongestant and Aleve, it helps but the pain keeps coming back, I will definitely try the garlic remedy!

    • Leslie, I wrote this about sinus infections but it can be applied to tooth disease too.

      I USED to have chronic sinus and respiratory infections but after I started taking (seriously taking, not playing around) nutritional supplements and vitamins, they have gone away for ever.
      To build up my immune system —which is the bast place to start rebuilding your health and, let’s face it, all those sinus infections are a sign of a severely weakened immune system…….I changed my eating habits from “normal”, i.e., “bad” to good. Cutting out sugar and especially high fructose corn syrup was a start.
      Going to *organic*, i.e., non genetically modified foods has been a big help.
      I now take about 4000-12,000 iu of Carlson’s Vitamin D-3 DAILY.
      About 3000-4000 mg of Vitamin C + Quercetin (Vitamin Shopped store brand) DAILY
      About 430 iu of Unique E, a good source of vitamin E DAILY
      600 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid, DAILY
      A vitamin B Complex
      Kyolic Aged Garlic….tons, DAILY
      Organic India Turmeric….tons, DAILY
      And a good multiple vitamin; EXTEND CORE is an excellent brand. You can find it on the internet.
      There are other things I take as well but this is a good place to start.
      I highly recommend the books of Russell Blaylock, MD. You can find them on amazon

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  7. I have found that Melaleuca oil on a q-tip swabbed in my nostrils helps with sinus infections and colds. Some people are more sensitive to using this full strength…so you may need to dilute with olive oil, almond oil, or something of your preference. I myself ave had no problem using Melaleuca oil full strength. I have not had a severe sinus infection since 1992 ever since I found this little miracle. I buy mine from a mail-order company of the same name, as the quality is guaranteed to be consistent from bottle to bottle. It has also made athlete’s feet a thing of the past in my family!

  8. I am in the same boat now.. I have severe allergies and while I don’t feel sick now, last week i woke up with throbbing upper teeth pain on right side. I knew it was sinuses. I called my doc who gave me Augmentin that I have been on for a week, but its not helping. I’m not sure what to do from here. I get 2 allergy shots weekly (for last 6 years), 3 endoscopic sinus surgeries last year, Qnase and nasonex twice each daily. Frankly I’m ready to move to Mars. I live in Tx and allergic to everything outside. Please help…

  9. Joey,

    I feel your pain, I have been living with your same problem for 40+yrs. The below regiment is the only thing that works for me.

    I mix a solution of boiled water ( 2 qts.) to this I add 3 tbs. zylitol, 1 tbs. baking soda, 2tbs. sea salt.
    Let cool and use this solution in your neti pot along with 5 drops of peroxide ( store bought) us daily in the a.m. Store the remainder of the solution in the fridge and don’t forget to clean your neti pot after each use.
    Now on top of this my doctor has put me on a maintenance dose of Azithromycin tab 250 mg. 2 time a week
    I take one on Sundays and Wednesdays.

    Now I know this is not totally all natural, however after one month of this therapy, I can say I am pain free
    and very rarely get an infection. I have been doing this now for almost 6 years and am very happy with the
    treatment. Let me note I have had 9, yes, 9 sinus surgeries dating back to the early 70’s through the late 90’s

    Trust me this is the only thing that has worked for me. I am 60 years old, have been doing this for 6 years and will have to do it for life, account of all the scare tissue I know have.

    I hope this helps you and anyone else out there with this serious problem.
    God bless and good luck.

    • OK.. i will give it a shot.. I actually have a nasal irrigation system which is great,, its just the water gets stuck in my sinus cavity due to the inflammation.. and its seems to get worse.. but I will try again

  10. Hi Joe,

    Yea, I understand that problem associated with the use of irrigation systems to the sinus.
    There are times where several hrs. after I irrigate, I will move my head in a certain way and I get a
    leak (so to speak) that can be embarrassing depending on the situation.
    What I always do and I should have mentioned this in my last post, is to move my head from side to side
    while over the sink and even make quick standing moves from a squatting position to try and clear out the
    4 nasal cavities. I hope this helps. But the important thing is to get that zylitol in the sinus cavities so you
    won’t get that bacteria build and start an infection.


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  12. All these “cures” are geared to the upper jaw.My problem is with the lower jaw.I haveone tooth in my left lower jaw that creates havoc on the left side sinuses.I experimented and I found out recently that I can pour a shot of vodka into my mouth and let it stand for 2-3 minutes on my lower jaw and I can go back to sleep! WHY?!?!

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  15. Goodypowder on the infected area truly works miracles in seconds. Try it

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  17. I had it for about 6 years on and off (usually after having a cold, or during it). Eating foods on one side that require a lot of chewing (IE; bread, meats etc.) would leave my upper gums aching for hours after like a dull throbbing pain.. I tried nasal sprays, and anything I could find in a chemist. Did they work eventually, or was it simply my body doing the natural work of fighting back?

    The cure for it, or at least my cure for it was a number of things:

    1) cut out (or severely limit) any fast food, cheap foods and all with GMO, large list of preservatives etc.
    2) Cut out Fluoride & sulphate from your water and toothpastes

    Doing the above 2 means that you are not attacking your immune system and preventing your body’s natural ability to heal itself as much as you may have been. Now with that out of the way. The body can now do with some fuel to fight off these nasty little bacteria:

    3) A combination of all of the following (organic) capsules:

    HorseRadish – Natural antibiotic to help circulation and clear upper respiratory passages (if you can get this fresh, even better. Buy it, grate it, eat it)
    Garlic – We all know this one (as seen by previous posts) a very potent antibiotic
    Clove – Very powerful in helping gum infections. I take organic capsules of this, but oils will work too.
    un-homogenized (or raw) milk in the morning. Raw milk in itself is a food, and one of the biggest troubles of this sinus pain in the inability to eat good level of mails to coincide with the large dosages of capsules. Raw milk solves that. In the UK unhomogenised milk such as “Gold Top” & channel island sold in Tesco’s & Waitrose would do. The pasteurization process kills off vital proteins and aids or builds your digestive system to enable it to fully utilize the garlic, clove etc.

    Alternatively, look on how to make your own “master” tonic, or “super” tonic. A shot twice a day of this as well as points 1 & 2, should eliminate this for you as it did me

  18. I do not drop many remarks, but I read through some comments on Natural Remedies for
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  20. Experiencing sinus pain in left side of face – sharp pain coming all at once left side in ear, cheek, forehead, around eye , lower and upper jaw. 3 days on antibotics and para / codeine did nil so prescribed anti viral Cefaclor and Tramadiol for pain … after 3 more days on this all that remains is pain in jaws top and bottom for a few min and goes away .. the best cure to beat the intermittent – tooth pain I swear by is. barley sugar candy … and drink heaps of water.. experimented with cinnamon su-gar sprinkled on tooth and got temp relief… when you have pain you try anything.. rinsing garling mouth with salt water worked.. you need to really concentrate and overcome the pain barrier …be strong don’t let the pain demon win!

  21. good remedies fr tooth treatment.I was in much trouble from last 4 days

  22. I’ve found that for my sinus toothaches the only thing that helps is ibuprofen and I just have to wait for the sinus infection to go away. I just consider it part of my curse of having chronic sinusitis.

  23. Colloidal Silver can quickly knock out Sinus and Gum infections. Swish about 1/2 oz of 10 ppm Colloidal Silver in the mouth for 30 seconds to a minute and either spit out or swallow to help with gums and tooth surface problems. For the Sinus problems, several approaches, irrigate with a neti pot and colloidal silver (warm to avoid cold water shock), or use a nasal spray bottle while inhaling through the nose to get the colloidal silver into the sinus areas. These work wonders for me. I own and use generators from TheSilverEdge dot com and AltlasNova dot com. Check them out and also search the web for more information about using Colloidal Silver. Best of luck with clearing up your infection.

  24. OK I too have poured a small fortune into my teeth. I have changed my diet, taken all the suppliments and most people find that I am too good in my habits. Still where I live I suffer every December as in this part of the word it´s grape season and the chemicals make me have sinus infections. I have already taken two teeth out on one side of my mouth, and am thinking to take another out on the other side next week. These teeth are where the base of the canal dips down close to the teeth. I also want to move back to the states, but since I have lived in several different climates I am not real sure where to go for the best air. Netty pot and ear rinsing having good goat milk without chemicals all help to keep congestion down , but I really think getting away from the chemical spraying is also important as it´s more than congestion I am feeling. Anyone have an answer on where to live for the best air, I would like to go to Oregon coast as I am originally an Oregonian, but have a bit of fear of mold also.

  25. Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas!! Actually i was looking for this. i was having many of doubts. But your ideas clear my all doubts. Now i am going to apply your ideas!! Hope it may also help me too. Thanks

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