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The Healing Properties of Silver

When most people think of silver, images of jewelry tend to come to mind in the form of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. As imaginations wander, coins both ancient and as recent as the 20th century might be added to the list, along with house wares, armor and silverware. But silver is so much more than that.

Men and women the world over have adorned themselves with this malleable metal since very likely the Bronze Age. (Depending upon where they lived, this period of advanced metalworking lasted between 3300 BC – 300 BC.) Its chemical properties are what allow it to be easily manipulated.

Check Those Coins in the Attic—They Could Be Worth a Lot More Than Their Face Value

It is this very malleability that made it an obvious choice for currency. The first known coins date back to 610 BC and were made from silver by the Lydians (circa 1200 BC – 1st century BC). Although these people no longer exist today, at one time Lydia was quite a powerful empire that encompassed today’s Asia Minor, modern Turkey and western Anatolia.

Since 610 BC, countries continued using silver in currency making. In fact, at some point, nearly every country on all seven continents found a use for silver in its coinage. Over time as the price of silver rose, countries either added alloys (such as copper and nickel) or discontinued its use altogether. The United States was a little slower than most industrialized nations to stop using silver in its currency.

The U.S. continued producing coins made entirely from silver until 1921. However, as the price rose, it became illogical to continue doing so. As a result, copper and nickel slowly started edging out silver. By 1965, quarters made from silver were replaced entirely with those made from copper and nickel and the beloved dollar held on as long as it could. By the 1970s, the U.S. saw its last silver dollar minted, which was by this point 40% silver and 60% copper/nickel.

What Do Medical Device Makers Have in Common with Hippocrates and Alchemists?

Might it surprise you to know that this precious metal has for many years been used in a variety of medical situations? A natural antiseptic and possessing anti-inflammatory properties, which are derived from an antimicrobial agent, silver is well known for, among other things, healing wounds. Incidentally, this is nothing new in the medical community; however, it was a practice that fell out of favor with doctors until about ten years ago. What is ironic is that the first uses of silver and gold to heal wounds, especially those of burn victims or as an elixir, date back to the 16th century. So, if proven to work, why did physicians so easily dismiss it until only recently? The answer lies not in whether it was safe and efficacious but rather who discovered its usefulness. Alchemists, whose practices and philosophy have frequently been debated by doctors, scholars and laypersons alike, are credited with discovering silver and gold’s healing properties. What they discovered is very interesting.

Without using vernacular that might otherwise turn off most non-medical personnel, how silver is beneficial in wound healing is actually quite simple. Silver minimizes zinc on the skin’s surface, which decreases an enzyme known as Metalloproteinase (MMP) and in turn stimulates healthy tissue. In decreasing MMP, the natural anti-inflammatory properties present in silver increase production of calcium, which is necessary for wounds and in particular burns to heal.

Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC) surmised that silver had numerous healing applications and could ward off disease. Although it took several thousand years to gain acceptance, during World War I, silver gained FDA approval for use as an antimicrobial agent. In the form of colloidal silver, it was commonly used as a disinfectant. Once penicillin was introduced during World War II, this put silver out of business as a crude form of antibiotic.

Given its proven disinfectant tendencies, many medical device manufacturers have been incorporating silver in urinary catheters, which have proven to reduce bacteria build-up in patients requiring use of one. Additionally, it is not uncommon for breathing tubes to contain a certain percentage of silver. Unlikely uses for silver include the following:

  • Treatment and prevention of conjunctivitis
  • Treatment and prevention of gonorrhea
  • To decrease swelling in mucous membranes in the nose, throat, urethra and colon

Although for off-label use, which means not yet FDA approved and considered to be either experimental or an alternative to Western medical practices, colloidal silver has shown success in treatment of the following:

  • Certain cancers
  • Diabetes
  • Herpes
  • Tuberculosis

Snake Oil

Unfortunately, for all its healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits, it should be of little surprise that there would be those who claim silver is a cure-all and can be taken as a dietary supplement. What makes this assertion bogus is that for a dietary supplement to work as claimed, it presupposes that silver is an essential mineral that naturally occurs in the human body. Given that it does not, by definition it fails to meet the requirement to be considered a dietary supplement. In fact, taking silver on a daily basis has proven to be dangerous. While controlled amounts are safe and efficacious for treating specific ailments, silver in large quantities is linked to many of the following:

  • Kidney failure
  • Stomach distress
  • Seizures and other neurological problems
  • Ironically, skin irritation
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue

So, if you see an infomercial claiming that silver can make you  “better, faster, stronger” if taken daily, see them for what they are—snake oil salespeople. Alternatively, if you have occasion to need a catheter or God forbid, are victim of 2nd or 3rd degree burns, by all means, say YES to silver.

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  1. My husband and I have been using colloidal silver for 14 years and in all that time have never had a cold. We use it as a mouthwash, then swallow it, about 2 oz. every day. We make our own with a generator that makes 10ppm, which is a very mild solution. In addition, it cleared up conjuctivitis in less than 24 hours: I gave some to a friend who was a caregiver for a man who had really bad bed sores. They cleared up in a matter of days. She never told the visiting nurse how she acomplished that. Another friend used it on her inner thigh when she spilled very hot soup in her lap. There were no scars, and the pain stopped almost instantly. No one will ever convince me that it does not work, and I never intend to be without it. We even take it camping with us.

  2. 10/18/10

    I have a friend age 71 who has been taking the collodial silver – 2 oz 2 times per day – for about 3 yearsand he never has a cold or illness.

    I have a 65 year old friend who has numerous health issues, some a result of having 1 lung removed from the effects of agent orange incurred in Viet Nam, who has been on the silver 8 weeks, 2 mouth washes per day that he swallows. Changes began to help him in about the first 2-3 weeks of use.
    Those are:
    1) restless leg syndrome is about 90% gone – not a daily event anymore – maybe a little every few days.
    2) all the constipation battles and intestinal issues are resolved with BMs daily, formed, soft and effortless
    3) pain and discomfort under the ribs from the digestive process is totally gone
    He has confirmed that it is the silver that helps him. He forgot to take the silver with him on a 2 day trip, and the issues came right back. As soon as he is on the silver again, the issues go away.

    I made the collodial silver generator from a mason jar, 2 silver bars, a $5 fish tank air pump and an old 120v AC to 12v DC transformer. Takes 2 hours per quart.

    I use the solution to stop itching I have on my arms in the summer, probably due to bacteria or mold spores, or something in the yard work I do here. One wipe with the solution stops the itching up to 2-3 days. I stay pretty healthy. I’ll see what happens this flu season as I was not taking the silver last winter.

    Also, I know the solution stops vaginal itch/irritation/infection immediately and is safe used as a douche.

    I’ll update with further confirmed info in the future.


  3. Great. Does anyone have a link to how to build a generator and info on making your own? Where to get the silver bars and other “ingredients”?

  4. i am also working on a colloidial silver generator i went to the second hand store and found a transformer from a printer that goes from 120v to 30v. cut the ends off and soldered on some alligator clips to attach to the silver. now all i need to find out is how long to run it in how much water. any help would be good. also when you get your silver make sure it is pure silver .999 or better. DO NOT USE coin silver (90%) or sterling (.925) the other parts are usually nickle or copper.

    • To Out-Of-Season:

      I used an old transformer from an answering machine/telephone that converted to 12VDC. I checked it while the generation was running this week and it showed 18.4 VDC. Using 2 one troy ounce rectangular .999 silver bars (one anode and one cathode, +, – ) I run 2 hours and 10 minutes in ONE QUART of DISTILLED WATER. If I run say another 15 minutes the result tastes bitter and there is reside in the bottom. My friend uses one silver ingot cut in half and he runs 5 hours. We both use the same type transformer at 12VDC. So there is obviously a relation to the surface area of the silver exposed to the electrical current and pathway between the positive and negative ingots of silver and the amount of time involved to create the solution you want.

      Now to equate that to your 30 volt transformer is not something I could do. But, if we run too long and the residue in the bottom shows up, I back off the time some. To conclude that there is silver in the solution, I place that in a brown bottle in the dark, shine a small flashlight bean through the side of the bottle, and I can see the silver inside. After I decided on the 2 hours and 10 minutes for my setup, my friend mentioned in my last post can tell if I ran for less time. I gave him a solution 2 weeks ago that I ran for only 1 hour and 50 minutes and he has had to do three doses a day rather than the usual 2 doses. So that is why I am back to 2 hours and 10 minutes. You will have to experiment with the time. I’m guessing less time that mine requires.

      Be sure to use a pump to keep the water moving or the silver will be moving mostly between the silver bars and less remaining in the water.

      I use is a one quart mason jar with a screw-on 2-piece lid. The original metal center is replaced with the bottom of a heavy foam (paper will get wet) plate (cut to fit) with 2 holes spaced maybe one inch apart for the bottom third of the ingots to hang down into the water and then another hole for the tygon tubing off the air pump to stick through to the bottom of the jar. The air bubbles up rapidly from the bottom into the area around the silver ingots keeping the water and silver moving.

      Use only .999 fine silver. You will see a black reside on the cathode side when finished. Wipe that off before starting another mix.

      Hope that helps some.


  5. dontfencemein1979

    I recently bought a generator for my family. I was sold on it when it took the initial symptoms of my non vaccinated 2yo sons chicken pox away by giving him a teaspoon or two whenever I thought about it through the day. Here is some info with silver that you want to remember.
    1. NEVER use a system (homemade or otherwise) that instructs you to ADD ingredients (salts etc) to the water to “make it faster or better”. This is producing another chemical combination, not a true colloidal silver.

    2. Colloidal silver is the SAME as Ionic silver. A colloid is made up of ions that come off the silver with electricity. Don’t be duped into buying a generator or silver product because it “Makes a true colloid instead of ionic silver”.

    3. 5-20 ppm (parts per million) is all that is needed to be effective. Companies that sell “megadoses” of silver are a sham and could possibly be endangering you. The larger the amounts the more they clump together, causing your kidneys and other organs considerable work.

    4.It is best to have a ppm meter (not to test silver but the tds ( total dissolved solids) in the water that you are using) to check the quality of the distilled water.

    5. ONLY use distilled water. NEVER use sink or public water. There are too many additives and contaminates in public water to make a safe CS.

    I hope that these guidelines are helpful and aid you in choosing CS generators or products that keep you healthy.


    • dontfencemein1979 – Yes you are right on for the items listed above. There is a lot of so-called experts that are just selling marketing hype.

      As a suggestion, some may want to invest in their own water distiller to know how pure it really is.



    • Jamie: Your right about not using city water right out of the faucet, However I’ve found a way to get around that ! We use a Brita water filter around our home. Before I fill it up, I put a tablespoon of Colloidal Silver into the filter, and it purifies the water. It gets rid of all chlorine and fluoride also!

      • I’ve looked into several water filters and I don’t believe Britta filters out fluoride. The only filter I know of (havent done any recent searches on fluoride filtering units) are the Berkey Systems IF you get the post reduction elements. One of the reasons that brand and probably those like it do so well is that it is gravity fed and doesn’t operate on high psi like faucet ones do. The particles are so small that the filters just don’t have time to catch them. Even the comparison charts that come in my Lehmans catalog reveals that the Katydyn filters cant take out the fluoride. I do believe reverse osmosis can. Another thing that Britta cant take care of is lead and arsenic. And seeing how septic treatment plants dump “clean processed” water back into the streams and others inadvertently use this water (through local water companies and ground well saturation) they are finding problems with the bodies cast off wastes from all these hormonal treatments and drugs that the body can’t process. Combine this with the added bad advice of flushing the outdated medications so the children cant get a hold of them and you have a water system saturated with pharmaceuticals. Only water distillation can remove these. The problem is really presenting itself as they are finding fish that are changing sexes in the middle of their life cycle because of the saturation in the water. Not sure how widespread this is but Ive read a few articles on it. Pays to get distilled at any cost!

        My two cents


  6. I also use colloidal silver and have for over the past six years. Go to and you can read a lot of information about it and purchase equipment to make it. I use a 30V from radio Shack and two six inch pieces of .9999 14 gauge silver wire purchased from I also use a quart mason jar and place a piece of plastic with two holes …..I bend the six inch piece of silver and place it in the hole and the bent part holes it for the alligator clip to clip on it to charge…When it wears very thin, it is time to replace the silver, but it takes a long time and it makes a lot of colloidal silver before this happens.
    Colloidal silver from what I have read, has no side effects, interferes with no other medications, is a powerful antibiotic…..can be sprayed for athletes foot, yeast infections, deodorant, dandruff, and can also be used to disinfect counter tops etc in addition to be taken internally, used as a nose spray or the other uses in these articles. For me it has been a miracle that I could never be without! It also does not seem to kill the good bacteria as other antibiotics do….causing yeast infections! I have taken this internally daily for six years and no bad side effects for me yet! I am so grateful to a friend who told me about this!

  7. I’ve needed a Heart transplant since 1989 the same year I started using colloidal silver. My doctor has watched me very closely during that time, and now she and her nurses are all using colloidal silver too! I now consider myself an expert on silver uses! I’ve done considerable research on this subject, and have now come to the conclusion that(NO GERM OR BACTERIA) can live in the presence of silver more than 6 minutes! Now, I cation you not to go on the web and be led astray by all of the cooks trying to sell you their way of making and using Colloidal Silver!

    Also, the FDA will go on great tirades to make you scared of using it because if everyone found out about all of the Quality’s of Colloidal Silver they would never buy any of their antibiotics that only work on one or two ailments at the very best! We,ve been using it long before the FDA came about, and they can;t patton it or make any money from it at all!

  8. Do you know the phrase (He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth?) Ever think where did that come from? Back in Europe years ago a plague called Bubonic killed half of everyone there, that is the poor people ! The weather people had sterling silverware, and gave a spoon to their children to suck on, and they didn’t get it !

    It seems like everyone has a complete different type of generation system for making Colloidal Silver, and in different strengths . I’ve not tested them all, however, I’d be very careful about the strength, and Quantity of silver for good health, and care of your body !

    I’m living proof that 10 Parts per million is a good program for excellent health! I haven’t had a cold or flu in over 22 years! I’m an old Air Force aircraft mechanic, and I invented a very simple Colloidal Silver generator that you can put in your pocket , head out into the woods and make all the Colloidal Silver that you and your family needs!

    If you would like more information on this get in touch with me at : [email protected]

    • People crossing the prairies in wagons would also put silver dollars in their milk jugs to make the milk last longer as well. And I’d also like to add to the article that Silver has been found effective against antibiotic resistant MRSA. Always a good idea to have some stock piled on hand should you need to purify water in a disaster situation where there is no electric, or should you not have extra batteries around. I would recommend however that the AC units that plug in are ever-so much more cost effective than all those batteries, even the rechargeable ones. For our family however should it come down to purifying water in an emergency ( and really every day since we use city water) My next on the priority list is Berkey filters in my own homemade container. The last resort I would use if there weren’t any silver on hand would be bleach.


    • Fever Blister Healed with CS

      Came up on the lip. Applied CS with a cotton swab 2 times per day for 2 days. Third morning found that the fever blister had fallen off during the night. GONE.
      Applied CS 2 more times to clean the area for sure. A little scar and scab up through the 5th day but no itching or anything.
      CS is GOOD STUFF.

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  12. I just started using colloidal silver and I am really impressed. Now I know why pharmaceutical companies and the FDA don’t approve of this hollistic healing method. Because it’s cheap, effective and you can make it yourself. I had a rash clear up within a day of using this. Cavity in my teeth no longer hurts (I wonder why dentists use silver to fill cavities? ). I have a lot more energy and am more focused as well. As for those making their own colloidal silver, use Canadian silver coins that are pure silver, 99.99% pure. Don’t use .999 as there are still some other impurities in there that you don’t want.

    • There is a company that sells silver in a spray bottle 1teaspoon contains 50mcg of Purified silver….for more information contact me on this blog….

      • I am interested in learning more about using silver for healing.

        Can it be taken internally as well as topically? I havd mold toxicity and skin lesions. Does silver help as anti fungal?

        Do you have recommendation of good product /brand of CS topical and oral?

        Thank you

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