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The Hidden Dangers of Soft Drinks

Over one fourth of the beverages consumed in the United States are carbonated soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi, and Mountain Dew. These products are marketed primarily to young people, but they are routinely used by people of all ages to quench thirst, accompany meals, or help keep hands occupied at social events. Soft drinks have such a pervasive presence on the consumer landscape that they have become a part of our common cultural backdrop, and people consume them by the gallon without giving it a second thought.

But it is one of the true peculiarities of our modern society that people will unreflectively indulge in all kinds of self-destructive behavior simply because everyone else does, or because government regulatory bodies haven’t passed a law yet making it illegal or issued an official proclamation declaring it dangerous.  Remarkably, people have become so habituated to following authority without question that they will pretty much do anything that advertisers want them to do, unless the government tells them not to.

The consumption of soft drinks is an excellent example of this phenomenon of controlled behavior at work. As ubiquitous as these beverages have become, the truth is that they are not safe or healthy, and people are compromising their health by consuming these liquid junk foods. And what is worse, they are allowing their children to fill up their rapidly-changing bodies with these unhealthy substances. Advertising campaigns targeted at adolescents and children work exceptionally well for those companies which are out to exploit them for profit.

The Health Effects of Common Soft Drink Additives

Among all the other additives and chemicals, soft drinks consist of three basic elements: phosphoric acid, sugar (or artificial flavoring), and caffeine.

The American diet is chronically low in calcium and high in phosphates. This relation is symbiotic, because phosphates in the body essentially act as the enemy of calcium, interfering with the body’s absorption of this critical element. When the body is short of calcium, bones become weaker and more prone to fracture, while teeth become softer and more prone to decay. One 1994 study from Harvard found that young women and girls who were soda pop drinkers were five times more likely to suffer broken bones than those who do not consume soft drinks, verifying that the calcium-inhibiting characteristics of phosphoric acid are especially strong in younger people (presumably because their bones are still growing and developing). Diets high in phosphates and low in calcium can ultimately lead to osteoporosis, and regular consumption of soft drinks is a leading contributor to this chronic nutritional imbalance.

The other big problem with phosphoric acid is that it is that it actually eats away at the enamel of the teeth, frequently to the point where significant damage can occur. Making things worse, many sodas contain citric acid as well, thereby intensifying this process of tooth decay. It is not uncommon for adults who are soda drinkers and who have never had dental problems before to suddenly find themselves having to visit their dentist over and over again because they are getting cavity after cavity.

Refined sugar is one of the unhealthiest substances that anyone could ever consume, and no industry uses more of it than the soft drink industry. Refined sugar has been implicated in everything from diabetes to obesity to high blood pressure to heart disease. In children, it is certainly a major cause of tooth decay, and it is believed to be one of the most important causes of Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

Caffeine is a highly addictive stimulant that can cause insomnia, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and vitamin and mineral depletion. Caffeine is also a diuretic, which means that soft drinks that contain it do not really satisfy a person’s thirst at all. When the body needs water, the last thing anyone should ever drink is a soda that is loaded with caffeine. The soft drink industry has always claimed that caffeine is added because of its ability to enhance flavor. However, a Johns Hopkins study found that only 8% of regular caffeinated soft drink consumers could tell the difference between sodas that contained it and those that didn’t. It appears that caffeine’s addictive effects are the real reason why it has been added to soft drinks. Of course the advantages of this are well known to soda manufacturers, given that the original Coca-Cola actually contained cocaine.

The Evils of Aspartame

Of all the ingredients that can be found in soft drinks, there is none more sinister than aspartame, or NutraSweet as it is more commonly known. This neurotoxin, used in place of sugar in diet drinks, has been linked to 92 different health problems – including brain cancer and brain tumors – and it can worsen the symptoms of such conditions as lupus, MS, ADHD, diabetes, chronic fatigue, and Alzheimer’s. It is also known to react poorly with many common substances that people take for health issues including antidepressants, hormones, insulin, and cardiac medicines.

Knowing of its toxic effects, the FDA refused to approve aspartame until the CEO of Searle Industries (the original maker of aspartame) used his influence to convince the Reagan Administration’s first FDA head Arthur Hull Hayes to overrule his own medical experts and approve NutraSweet in 1981. Who was that CEO responsible for putting this dangerous poison on the market? It was none other than Donald Rumsfeld, the former Secretary of Defense and one of Washington’s ultimate insiders.

Dozens of medical researchers have continued to issue warnings about aspartame, but to no avail. Monsanto eventually bought out Searle, and this powerful company has used its considerable political influence to squelch all attempts to get the truth out about this evil food additive. Aspartame had no business being approved for human consumption, and it is now one of the most dangerous food additives on the market – and yet the American people are consuming it by the mega-ton. To give you an idea of how dangerous aspartame is, consider this: If cola makers took out the aspartame from their diet drinks and put the cocaine back in, it would actually be a much healthier product.

Protecting Your Own Health

If there is one thing that the success and popularity of soft drinks proves, it is that the people who are in positions of power in government and industry care always put profits before people. It is foolish to assume that anything is safe simply because it is sold legally or because a lot of people buy it. Everyone has to take responsibility for their own health, as well as the health of their children, and one of the best ways to do that is to never put another dime in the pockets of the soft drink peddlers.

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  1. Wasn’t he the nut that did not protect the antiquities when Iraq was invaded? Said some kind of remark, “they have clay jars there?” Or something like that.

    Money is more important than human lives. Hope his grandchildren sneak and drink the stuff.

  2. You can ingest tons of this neurotoxin every day, conforming to society and being “rewarded” by the industry, yet smoke one marijuana joint and be hauled off to jail. Great logic!

  3. With a 35lb CO2 bottle, a standard pressure cap from an amateur brewers store, and some proven safe Splenda based flavor syrups and natural juices, I make all the harmless sodas I want, whenever I want, for next to nothing, in hundreds of basic flavors and tens of thousands of blends! And I’ve taught the kids in our household to do this as well. Look for a restaurant supply store like Torani’s and DaVinci’s, and particularly look for the blue labeled bottles which are the sugar free (Splenda) versions. You can also use unsweetened Cool-Aids, fruit teas, and anything else that’s a traditional beverage. Also check liquor stores for sugar free versions of the mixes, such as Margarita mix. If you just want to experiment with the idea, get a bottle of club soda (pure carbonated water) at any grocery or liquor store and add these flavors to it. Making it yourself costs about $0.10/glass; you’ll need to make about $150 startup investment for the tank, 30psi regulator and fittings, but each $40 tank charge (35lbs CO2) should last your family at least a year (mine has just run out after 3 years)!

    • Why not try using Truvia? It is plant based and as sweet as sugar. Have been using it for two yrs. or more. No side effects.

    • Proven safe? Splenda? Splenda (sucralose) is a single sugar molecule combined with 3 chlorine molecules (chlorine is a known and proven colon cancer-causing agent) in the presence of Phosgene gas (an insecticide). Why would I want to put that in my body!?! Many people have severe documented reactions to sucralose as well as aspartame. The one artificial sweetener I can’t find any information about is acesulfame potassium. But I steer clear of it too…it’s not natural. Stick with the natural (God-created) sweeteners…raw sugar, honey, molasses, and stevia if you need something sugar-free.

      • I was going to reply to “mystic” also asking, “splenda–safe?!” but Juju said it best! Sugar is way better for you than that artificial crap.

  4. You can just drink water, green or white tea if you want real health. Just get use to it, the pioneers didn’t drink this crap

    • Green, white, even black teas…They’re all full of good-for-you antioxidants. Drink up! Very refreshing.

      • Green, black and white teas al contain caffeine. Not as much as Coke and your local high-priced corner store coffee, but it’s till there. Go herbal if you have to have tea.

        • Eyes on America

          I see where “drink more water” is becoming the new slogan …Have you not seen where they are telling people to not flush pills anymore because it is showing up in drinking water? They but so many chemicals in water now it is unsafe to drink. The solution was “drink bottled water” you realize bottled water is transported in a tanker truck? We were loading up a load of the bottled water…a tanker pulled in beside us…they picked up a hose off the ground hooked it to the tanker to empty it. After watching that it makes you wounder just how clean that expensive water is. Now the government isn’t behind bottled water industry they are now pushing water filters…they now have ads out showing the waste of plastic bottles. Do they suggest reusing the bottles NO! Now they want you to buy “GREEN” reusable bottles.

  5. This article reads like something from a lefty website. You’re no better than than the government busybodies in the Obama administration. My husband and I have drank diet sodas for years with no ill effects. I’m tired of hysterical articles slamming everything we eat and drink. They do nothing to deter people from consuming anything. The government needs to learn a common sense principle: MYOB. We’re not children. Stop treating us that way.

    • You’re absolutely right! We are intelligent human beings capable of making good choices. However, making the best choice requires knowing all the facts. Is the marketing company at Coca-Cola going to give you the information listed in the article? Even if I question some of the findings in this article, I owe it to myself, and those I care about, to know the truth.

      I think if the current “leftist” administration was to write this article, it would include proposed legislation for regulations regardiing certain beverage consumption. Do all smokers get lung cancer? No, but many do. Do all sunbathers get melanoma? No, but many do. Do all diet-soda drinkers acquire neurological disorders? No, but apparently some do. I do not want or need regulations. I do want the ability to make an intelligent choice for my sake.

    • My husband and I have drank diet sodas for years with no ill effects.

      All addicts talk like that.

    • I’ll bet you’re both overweight. I’ve never met a thin person drinking diet soda. (Maybe an anorexic)

  6. I’m glad to see that you address issues like this. I appreciate Bill’s comment: You can just drink water, green or white tea if you want real health. Just get use to it, the pioneers didn’t drink this crap

    Many fail to realize that God gave us a health message in the Scriptures. I’m far from a “lefty” or
    a New Ager or any of that other stuff, but they do have that message right. Our bodies are to be
    the temple of our Living, Holy God and we aren’t supposed to be putting whatever we want into
    it. People might be amazed to learn about what God has said not to put in our bodies but that
    they turn a blind eye too.

  7. “My people perish for L A C K of K N O W L E D G E ! ” Because phosphates create a STRONG
    desire for MORE OF THE SAME, addictions?, like most sugars, it’s NOT healthy, whether one believes it or not.

    God offers “…wisdom in abundance for the asking.” None of us is God, but those of us who have read, keep studying Holy Scriptures have come to know what/ where/ why God warns humans about things created by our enemies, “Wicked men and seducers shall be worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived!” , offering His divine wisdon, knowledge… because He LOVES US, whether we believe it or not.

    “Thinking themselves wise, they became as fools.” should get our attention that there are things we need to know about that we were not born with. He is telling us in Scripture, and not all at once, but throughout the pages, BECAUSE He want’s us to READ IT ALL, AGAIN AND AGAIN…..but not just as an ordinary book, because it will do us no good. We must ” Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. “. We don’t have the knowledge because we didn’t ASK or SEEK the knowledge that He offers us.

    When we simply learn, believe, do, trust Him and what He says, we begin to grow “with His help” according to His original plan for mankind -who corrupted itself beginning in the Garden of Eden, falling under a horrid curse brought upon itself and all subsequent generations because of REBELLION, LUST, STUBBORNNESS,
    DOUBT, DECEPTION- the curse being broken ONLY by our ‘not repeating the sins of our forefathers and ancestors’ !!! So what’s the opposite of rebellion? Compliance to His Word. Of Lust? Godly LOVE.
    Of Stubbornness? HUMILITY. Of DOUBT? BELIEF in Him and His Word.

    “You have not because you ask not or you spend [use] it wrongly on yourselves.” WHY? because of our stubborn arrogance and rebellion to most everything WE don’t think of on our own, or that might be different from ‘what was good enough for my grandparents is good enough for me”, who likely never
    read what He says either. [all empheses, mine ~L]

    FOLKS, THIS PLANET IS IN GRAVE DANGER, agreed? THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WE SO BADLY NEED TO KNOW GOD AND HIS WORD, and GET HIS HELP. “If My people, who are called by My name, will HUMBLE THEMSELVES, and TURN from THEIR WICKED WAYS, and seek My face, and pray, I will hear from Heaven, forgive them of their sins, and HEAL THEIR LAND.” 2 Thess 7:14 is the ONLY solution that I know of which will help us if it’s not too late.

    God bless and help us all !

    • I believe that is in 2 Chronicles, not 2 Thessalonians. I love that scripture. May God bless our land and heal it. May many who have turned away from Him turn back and ask His forgiveness.

  8. My husband has greatly reduced his blood pressure and weight by getting rid of soda and excercising. Remarkable. Sugar, I have read elsewhere, accelerates aging far more than smoking. Being a mother of 5 I know the challenges of keeping soda use at bay in this crazy world but those of you wanting to kick the habbit, keep it up it’s worth the effort!

  9. Hey all you women out there suffering from hot flashes…get rid of the sugar and gluten and you’ll be amazed at how much fewer hot flashes that you get! I didn’t want to believe this when I first heard it as I have had such a sweet tooth and love bread. But I tried everything else for the hot flashes (including bio-identicals, to no avail). But eating few if any dairy products, no sugar except for fruit, and severely reduced my contact with gluten products and grains in general, has HUGELY reduced the hot flashes! Now I eat lean meats (preferably organic), unlimited vegetables, and fruits once (sometimes twice) a day. Eggs are okay too. Oh, and I eat a handful of almonds or walnuts a day too…or a few brazil nuts. I’ve lost weight too!

  10. I have suspected for a long time there is some relationship to all these hip fractures/osteoporosis and soda! Preach to my children. One has limited her family’s intake to a 12 pack a week. Not bad, and certainly a step in the right direction. My other children, just think I’m an aged hippy! Thank you for this informative article.
    Grace, I’ll have to check out your sugar/gluten free idea. Ah, the problems of age!

    • Because He Lives

      Regarding hot flashes. I’ve never had one and I attribute it to the fact that I don’t consume caffeine because I do consume all the other things listed. It took several months to get it out of my system but PMS faded out and I’ve not had any obvious menopause symptoms. I’m going on 27 years caffeine free. My family appreciates it greatly. I rarely drink soda because I value my bones but never intentionally or knowingly consume caffeine in any form and it’s hidden in a lot of things. I also expect it contributes to people’s lack of tolerance, quickness in becoming angry, road rage, etc.

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