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A Day of Rage in America

With shop owners still surveying their losses in the wake of the riots in Great Britain, American radicals are preparing for their own “spontaneous” demonstrations against U.S. capitalism. September 17th has been designated a “Day of Rage,” in which demonstrators are encouraged to occupy Wall Street.

The highly organized effort comes complete with a web site, Facebook page, Twitter campaigns, and detailed instructions on the proposed occupation of the financial capital of the world. And this doesn’t come from a few disaffected societal dropouts either. The national web site and movement has close ties with leaders of major U.S. unions such as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and founders of ACORN.

While the web site for Day of Rage makes numerous allusions to non-violence, everything about it indicates the group is looking to incite as much reaction as possible. For example the web site proclaims, “US Day of Rage is non violent. Violence is behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.” However, headings on the same page include:

  • Resources for Non Violent Civil Disobedience
  • Non Violent Response to Personal Violence
  • Dealing with Violence by Others at Non Violent Direct Actions
  • Legal Issues and Risking Arrests
  • Jail Solidarity
  • Bring Your Camera
  • Handbook for Digital Civil Disobedience

One YouTube video on the web sites suggests that any violence that may break out at the protest will probably be the result of infiltrators of the movement. In particular, the video says if people throw rocks or instigate violence against police they will probably be “provocateurs” placed there by police to create a reason for arrests and violence against peaceful protestors. In other words, Day of Rage is expertly setting the stage for planned anarchy that can be blamed on law enforcement rather than the protestors.

Day of Rage has four stated principles that include a commitment to non-violence, disassociation from any political party or candidate, complete autonomy from other such movements, and having no financial backing of any kind.

When one follows the organizers and money trail they find quite a different picture indeed. Even the name of the event is revealing. “Day of Rage” harkens back to Day of Rage as coined by the domestic terrorist organization of the 1960s, Weather Underground. Founders of that movement, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, are well known long-time associates of President Obama.

ACORN’S work in getting out the vote for the President is no secret and it has been hard at work providing a platform for the September 17th event. ACORN founder, Wade Rathke, announced in March what he called “days of rage,” focusing on JP Morgan Chase in ten cities. Rathke is also a former president of SEIU in New Orleans. Stephen Lerner, an SEIU board member who has visited the Obama White House at least four times has, called for “a week of civil disobedience, direct action all over the city.” Lerner is considered one of the most able organizers of the radical left who in his own words wants to “destabilize the folks that are in power and start to rebuild a movement.”

To understand the mindset of the rank and file supporters of Day of Rage one only needs take a look at what it is calling, “A living declaration of grievances against the ills and abuses of gov’t power.” This declaration is an evolving list of grievances that can be found through the Twitter hashtag, #USDOR. Consider this sampling of Tweets made in the last 24 hours:

  • First we take Manhattan. Then we take Berlin
  • America’s Day of Rage Is Coming, and It’s Just the Beginning
  • Fake Facebook Identity Used By Military Contractors Plotting To Hack Progressive Organizers
  • Riot on Wall Street Scheduled for September 17
  • What if Day of Rage spilled into the streets in every city and country around the globe? Revolution is spawned in dire times like these
  • We cannot build institutions for our age out of the bloated, irrelevant, faceless, object relationships of the industrial era
  • Be prepared for provocateurs, pigs disguised as humans. They WILL torch a pigmobile and then attack everyone nearby.

Common themes of Day of Rage sympathizers include redistribution of wealth, calls for workers to rise up against employers, an end to corporate campaign contributions, and a host of other grievances.

There is a legitimate place to debate issues such as corruption in government, corporate greed, and over-reaching military actions. But while Day of Rage makes a great show of wanting to “start a conversation,” it is obvious the intended goal is destabilization of the financial and governmental system.

The difference in the movement of the 1960s and today has to do with backing, organization, and technology. Day of Rage is a planned anarchist’s movement with the full backing of Washington insiders and the technology to orchestrate mayhem like a well-oiled machine. Organizers say they want to teach politicians and Wall Street a lesson. It looks like we’ll have to wait until September 18th to know the results.

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  1. They’re calling it a day of “rage” ? How on earth can they then say, non violent? The word rage denotes violence.

    • This seems like a pretty sick joke.

    • Rage is a word in the english langauge. It doesn’t denote anything; it has multiple meanings. I’m sure you will figure in whichever fits in neatly with your pre-packeged and government marketed worldview (TM).

    • I can already see how small the view of your picture is. Rage doesn’t solely denote violence, it has several meanings. For one, most people would assume a strong feeling of anger, but it can also mean “a great intensity of hunger, sexual desire or other feelings”. However, following your logic, I suppose I can choose whatever meaning I desire and call it a day of great sexual hunger.

  2. Say HI~ to the Riot Police for me!

  3. Here is the web site:

    Stinks of the ’60s all over again.

  4. A rubber bullet makes one hell of a dent in a progressive’s forehead. Give it a go. It’s fun.

    • I think that corporate influence on politics is a detriment to our country, and deserves to be protested. I can’t see how protesting corporate influence on politics is detrimental to democracy. It is unfair to assume the protesters will riot. Reacting to protests with violence damages democracy.

      If James wants to shoot the protesters with rubber bullets, he has chosen his victims wisely. They won’t be armed, after all.

      • I find it ironic that a website about “Off the Grid” living is against a movement to end political bribery and workers rights. There’s a class warfare going on and you people are the footsoldiers for the 1%.

        • There is no “class” warfare or “racial” warfare. What we have are people stirred up by the rhetoric of “victimhood” such as you espouse. This great hope and change presidency has brought nothing but the greatest divisive moment in our history since the Civil War. You want government to mollycoddle you and protect you from all the consequences of the last whinefest that you engaged in. Why do we have a financial sector that is falling apart? Because of government interference. Why do we have the bloated bureaucracy that we have now? Because we have forgotten constitutional principles and have decided that the foundational document of our country is “living” and thus can be changed on a whim by activist judges and ignored by the elitists in Congress. You want change? Vote. To say that you represent the workers is hysterical. No you don’t… represents nothing but a political agenda, and they’re the ones sponsoring this crap.

    • Better aim for the eyes, I won’t be using rubbers, pig.

  5. I’m bring snacks and a chair to watch a bunch of angry people waste their time.
    People love to protest, after all maybe their picture will be in the paper or on the news. Golly.
    Remember: The pen is mightier than the sword.

  6. Having survived the 60’s I think that this day of rage will be a mere shadow of the civil disorders of fifty years ago.Most of the old fools can’t rage like they used to.Wheelchairs and hospitial beds simply do not have the speed of twenty year old rock throwers.George Bernard Shaw said that”if you are not a liberal at twenty you have no heart and if you are not a conservative at forty you have no head”.Look for a great many headless protesters on the 17th of September.

  7. Do you really think that NYPD is going to put up with this shit like England or Washington State did for the G6 Summit? Don’t bring tent poles, you may find them planted up you Bony Butts.

  8. ole’ hussein’s just gotta’ get it started…

  9. The reason people are worrying about jail is because the police will end up arresting anyone, violent or not.

  10. Do you fools think that the NYPD are going to put up with a bunch of tents, etc. with all the real stuff they have to worry about? This is what Obama wants, but it won’t work — Have a great time, though! A bunch of leftists on parade will just make the Tea Party grow and grow — remember the Silent Majority? We’re still here —

  11. CircleC: It speaks volumes about you that you equate rage with violence.
    And it seems many of the rest of you are unfamiliar with the constitutionally established right to peaceful protest. I’m not sure whether to interpret that as simply defaulting on your rights or an assumption that demanding one’s rights is to be done violently, but either way it doesn’t bode well.

  12. First of all, it didn’t start off as “US Day of Rage.” It started off as “Occupy Wall Street.” Then some group came along and started calling it “US Day of Rage. ”

    We all want a peaceful protest. We all want peace! We are fighting for our future, for our brothers and sisters around the world, whose lives are being destroyed by war. I’m an American, born and raised, but I do NOT want war. We want peace world-wide. We want to revoked the reckless and destructive behavior of corporations. They are destroying our world, our future, and our children’s future.

  13. Unfortunately, free and fair elections are a thing of the past in America. Because of recent Supreme Court decisions, money is flowing freely and unaccountably into the American electoral process. Elections will be swayed by interests opposed to those of the United States. Corporations, even those owned by foreign shareholders, will and do use money to act as the voices of millions, while individual citizens, the legitimate voters, are silenced and demoralized by the farce of American Democracy.

  14. This piece of propaganda brought to you by the NSA and DHS.
    “Don’t think when we can do it for you”

    Sub-human commentary brought to you by <90 IQ.
    "Why protest an evil empire when you can pretend like your an aristocrat and bash the protestors instead"
    "Im damn proud of being a slave and willing to shoot anyone who isn't!"

    Honestly how many plants and proxy accounts can you guys make to try to manufacture opposition? I guess with that software the airforce developed thousands, but still; at some point you have to realize that what you are doing is wrong. And if any of you are actually real people who do care I would suggest you join the protestors, cause sitting on your ass and watching football isn't going to change anything. And as much as you hate anything thats not plain vanilla this is probably your only shot in life at rising above your slave-like existance and lashing out at your self styled masters.

    And if you guys hate protesting so much at least go to NY and line up with the police so we can see who the shills and collaborators are. That is if your not already going to be standing there under your masters pay roll.

  15. Boycotts have proven very effective for change. Millions of Americans Not paying our IRS taxes (money speaks loudest-clearest) would get Washington’s immediate attention and peacefully.
    TPTB definitely want us to be violent or to appear that we are violent via ‘staged violence’ by ‘Homeland Security’ so they can immediately and fully institute martial law throughout the USA…further breaking and enslaving us.
    Peaceful MASSIVE sit-ins work.

  16. I have seen this ( DAY of RAGE ) being related to in the same way as the wave of protest and overthrow of Gov. in the middle east this Spring.
    How many of these protest did not result in violence?
    Case and point.

    We do not want to give this socialist pretend president a reason to invoke martial law and set FEMA loose to imprison the USA population. Get a clue, do your own research. Find out what Ron Paul stands for, do not vote for socialist, even Perry as he is just another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    I believe we all want the end of these illegal wars, we all want a healthy, free nation. We all want a Government that represents the interest of the majority of working people. We all want the influence of money and the bureaucracy to stop. We all want a safe and healthy future for our families and generations to come.
    To do this we all need to be cautious
    Not to be lead around by the media, so call peer pressure and negative campaigning in the election process. Destruction of our REPUBLIC is not the solution but the problem.
    Democracy is a tool of socialist as in mob rule. Recognize the manipulation of the
    THE FABIAN SOCIETY, the Ford Foundation, etc. and the basic practices that are being used by this Charlatan of a President and his lying cronies we have on a daily bases. Creating the elusion of crises blamed on his political opposition “ who ever they are at the time” to present a so call “SOLUTION” that caries on his elitist socialist agenda.

    Peace and prosperity

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