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A Russian Spy Ship, Armed With Missiles, Sailed Just 30 Miles Off The U.S. Coast This Week

A Russian Spy Ship, Armed With Missiles, Sailed Just 30 Miles Off The U.S. Coast This Week

WASHINGTON — A Russian spy ship armed with surface-to-air missiles patrolled just 30 miles off the coast of Groton, Conn., Tuesday morning, just days after Russian warplanes buzzed a U.S. warship in the Black Sea.

Such moves were common during the Cold War but have occurred more frequently in recent years.

The spy ship was a SSV-175 Viktor Leonov and was in international waters; the U.S. territory is at 12 nautical miles.

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Even more ominous was the buzzing of the destroyer USS Porter in the Black Sea by four Russian warplanes on Feb. 10. The planes, which included three SU-24 attack jets, came in “low and fast” and passed within 200 yards of the Porter, a military official told Fox News.

“There were several incidents involving multiple Russian aircraft,” Navy Captain Danny Hernandez, a spokesman for the European Command, told The Washington Free Beacon. “They were assessed by the commanding officer as unsafe and unprofessional.”

But Russia’s most aggressive move came at home, where it deployed nuclear-armed SSC-X-8 cruise missiles, in direct violation of the 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty or INF Treaty, The New York Times reported.

A cruise missile can easily evade most defenses by flying low to the ground. After President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev signed the INF Treaty, the U.S. and the USSR destroyed most of their cruise missiles.

That action might indicate that Russian President Vladimir Putin feels he is no longer bound by Soviet-era treaties.

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  1. N. Korea testing missiles, Russia sending war ships to our country and buzzing our Navy ships. Where is our new Commander in Chief? Oh yea, he is golfing in Florida.

  2. Here's what is going on -

    You idiots do know we aren’t at war against Russia, right? You do know Russian civilian as well as Military aircraft routinely land on civilian and military airports inside the United States, right? Don’t you idiots know any of this? And you do know that Russian military personnel routinely train in the United States. And you do know that Russia is fighting the invading terrorist forces of ISIS and Al-Nusrah that have been murdering Syrian civilians the last few years while America sends its own Special Forces to train these same terrorist forces. No? You don’t know anything about what the true orientation of forces arrayed in the world because the fake news propaganda suppresses the truth, covers for Americas enemies while it propagates hostilities towards nations we should be fighting alongside of.

    NATO for the last couple of years has been waging the same false narrative of Russia being its enemy. NATO has been making aggressive and provocative moves along its borders with Russia. Then when Russia reacts to those aggressions it is immediately condemned. You’ve got to be a total ignorant fool to not see the type of game being played that will eventually result in a global conflict putting the US NATO forces against the Russo-Chinese alliance.

    Oh hey, we’ve got satellites in geosynchronous orbit over Russia, China and routinely fly surveillance aircraft off their coastlines everywhere in the world. Fools, wake up! When this goes down your off the grid living won’t protect you. They know where you all are and will come for you just like they came for those people in New Orleans after Katrina.

    • I gotta be honest, I don’t really think we’ll go to war at all, mainly because the world Economy is too heavily reliant on business from many developed parts of the world. Hell even the less developed areas cause problems too. Look at our clothing and how the cost of that fluctuates due to the ongoing war in Pakistan and Iran. The world Economy relies on countries to be operational, and if any developed country were to attack another developed country, their economy would take a SERIOUS blow!

  3. I think we all need to take action now! Because if we don’t stand up then all of us are going straight flat to the ground. We need to start making suggestions on how we can find these missiles without any getting hurt and also that we can prevent a war coming towards e U.S.. What happens if we just sit here d think “oh will let the army whoever does this kinda stuff”.? If we just do that people will die eventually, just try to give help.

  4. Dang Russians trying to spy on us well at least its not Adolf Hitler

  5. Soviet Union spied on us all the time as we did them, because neither trusted the other. That is fine or it used to be because neither side was suicidal. But we now have unstable Countries like N. Korea and especially Iran that are developing nukes and the capability to deliver them to a target. But as in the Fall of every great nation in history they have been destroyed from within, either because of the total corruption of their leaders as in this case the Democrats and some Republicans or because of being invaded by barbarians such as the current invasion by Mexico. Not saying Mexicans are barbarians, no they are Mexicans who aren’t coming here to be Americans as they will continue to pay allegiance to Mexico. But unlike past immigrants many feel that large parts of the current United States belong to them, they fell entitled to now come and take what has been created over the past 200 years. Many good people are among these invaders I have no doubt as their are good people in every racial background. But that doesn’t make our Freedoms & Democracy and less threatened by people who don’t share our language for the most part, our history (at least as we see it) our culture, our Constitution, or even our right to maintain a Country with secure borders. They feel we should not have borders at all and therefore no longer have a sovereign Country. I don’t hate Mexicans at all so don’t go there, what I hate are people who don’t respect our laws, not criminal laws against drugs and certainly not our immigration laws that helps keep people safe from those coming here to do harm.

  6. i think it is retarded that they are bringing ships into our territory when they have a lot of water not near us to do that

    • its not retarded

      It clearly said in the article that they were 30 miles away….United States Territory ends at 12 miles from the coast line. They were in no way, “…bringing ships into our territory…” I don’t know were you got this from.

      • Thanks for the comment. The “coast” and the “territory line” are two different things. Coast is land. Territory line is water.

  7. whatsss uppppp

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