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A Town’s Entire Police Department Just Quit – ‘The Community Will Suffer’

A Town’s Entire Police Department Just Quit – ‘The Community Will Suffer’

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INDIANAPOLIS — There no longer are any cops on the streets of Bunker Hill, Ind., because the town’s entire police force quit.

Town Marshal Michael Thomison and all four of his unpaid reserve deputies submitted their letters of resignation, leaving the town of 888 people without local law enforcement, The Kokomo Tribune reported. The resignations stemmed from a dispute between Thomison and the town council.

Thomison sent the council a letter accusing its members of asking him to “be involved in illegal, unethical and immoral things over time.” Among his concerns: the council requesting background checks on city officials when it was not necessary, and also asking for confidential information.

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“The town has refused to educate themselves on how to run a town, they continue to carry out their personal agendas to either run off the police department or make it so that it is impossible to work with or for them,” Thomison told The Kokomo Tribune.

Thomison also expressed frustration that there is not enough body armor for all of the deputies.

“The community will suffer, but I can’t continue to stay there when the support’s not there for the department or the reserve deputies,” he said.

The town released a statement, reading, “The resignation of the entire police force has come as a shock to the council. It has never been the goal to dismantle or otherwise endanger the town police department or officers.”

This is not the first time an entire police department has walked out. All four members of the force in Green Mountain Falls, Colo., quit in April because of a dispute with the town council, Fox 31 reported.

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  1. Kathryn Cookingham

    Hurrah for the police. If you are disrespected, leave. Blue lives do matter. Insufficient body armor? The community or rather its representatives, should be ashamed of themselves.

    • The police force is in place in many communities for mass incarceration of particularly Black and Latinos. they use any means necessary. Read my comment below you’ll understand!

  2. TheSouthernNationalist

    These people are probably better off anyways without the police around, hopefully there is a sheriff to call if they really need any law enforcement.

  3. Many police forces can use any means necessary. They particularly pull over Black and Latinos and search them if they refuse to give the officer their bag they are many times brutalized put in choke holds. Even if they just have weed they wont want to hand the bag over because they could get a unfair amount of prison time. Sometimes if the police dont find anything they plant drugs on you. In some areas the police force serves as a tool for mass incarceration! When they arrest people especially if they are Black or Latino, they put them in prison for a ridiculous amount of time. Then when they get out its harder to get a job in most places you cant vote! in reality the police are used as a force for keeping down mostly Blacks and Latinos Its great that their force is gone. their better off without them!

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