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Blackouts Coming Under Obama EPA Regulations, Senator Warns

EPA blackouts inhofeThe Obama administration’s restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions will lead to blackouts in the winter months, US Senator James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) is warning.

Inhofe believes that the shutdown of older coal-burning power plants because of Environmental Protection Agency restrictions will result in electricity shortages and power outages, unless the EPA reverses itself.

“If this recent cold weather occurs again in a year or two when these plants are shut down there simply will not be enough electricity available to keep homes and businesses warm,” Inhofe said Tuesday in a speech on the Senate floor. “It could result in massive blackouts. When Americans need their electricity it will not be there. It will be as if we’re living in the 1600s and everyone will be cold.”

“These coal-fired power plants which were critical to keeping homes all around the country warm during the cold temperatures are going to be shut down because of Obama’s environmental regulations,” Inhofe added.

Inhofe was introducing a bill, the Electricity Reliability and Affordability Act, which would allow states and not the federal government to determine what happens to power plants.

Inhofe predicts Electricity Shortages Next Year

Electricity shortages would already be occurring if the new restrictions on greenhouse gases were in effect, Inhofe charged. He cited information provided by a utility called American Electric Power to back up his argument.

Harness the power of the sun when the power goes out…

“American Electric Power reported that during the recent cold weather, they were running 89 percent of the coal generation it must retire by 2015,” Inhofe stated in a press release.

“These regulations if finalized would impose strict regulations on new power plants that would make it impossible to build a new coal power plant,” Inhofe said.

Some Power Plants Already Shutting Down

Some companies are already shutting down coal-fired plants because of the EPA regulations, Off the Grid News recently reported. Around 40 percent of the electricity in the United States is generated by burning coal.

The new rules would require power plants to capture all carbon dioxide they make. Critics have claimed that technology does not exist.

Inhofe alleges that President Obama is defying Congress by using EPA regulations to implement restrictions on greenhouse gases.

“What we all need to be aware of is that the impact of the President’s climate action plan when implemented will be stunning if we completely adopt global warming policies and regulations like cap and trade,” Inhofe alleged.

“The climate action plan the president is now trying to accomplish by regulation what he couldn’t achieve through legislation,” Inhofe said.

Election Politics

Inhofe also alleged that the President had deliberately delayed the rules so they would not go into effect until after the 2012 election.

“His actions show that it’s okay to wait to finalize rules that will harm the economy until after the elections,” Inhofe said. “Ultimately this hypocrisy reveals that the administration is fully aware that the EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations will put a drag on the economy.”

Inhofe also criticized the administration’s support for cap and trade, which would set additional limits on greenhouse gases. Environmentalists claim it is the cheapest way to control greenhouse gases. Critics like Inhofe have called it a tax. Under cap and trade, plants who emit lots of greenhouse gases could “purchase” the ability to continue doing so.

“The cap and trade legislation that we debated for over the last 10 years carries a price tag of $300 to $400 billion a year,” Inhofe said. “It would have been the largest tax increase in American history.”

Inhofe said that only 25 percent of members of Congress voted for cap and trade.

Average People Need to Be Concerned

Inhofe’s remarks reveal why families and businesses need to consider generating their own heat and electricity. The electricity that so many of us depend on may not be available from the grid in the near future.

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  1. It’s a good thing I’m not generating any Carbon Dioxide when I breath or the EPA would require me to recapture that, oh wait I am doing that. Now what? Jeez those people are going nuts…

  2. we are not allowed to build any coal plant just natural gas plants. what happens when gas goes to $40 like it did for a few days already this winter and the price of electricity went to .35 cents a kilowatt. no small plants could generate because there was no extra gas to be had!

    • Simon D.Messer JR

      Right now electric is 13 kw.How much more do you think it will go up in 2015.

      • How much more will it go up in 2015?
        Mine went DOWN to 10.5 cents per kwh. It is July where AC is needed. You people will believe any old kind of thing, won’t you?
        The only way the USA could have a National blackout that lasts months is if somebody detonated several tactical nukes over us at once to create a massive electromagnetic pulse, which would fry electronics and take out the comp controllers at all the power stations and substations.
        Anything less would be a futile attempt because every master station has a backup leg to tap into the grid again and it just needs a local tech to turn it over manually and begin repairing the damaged side.
        You people are just stupid.

  3. … And as far as the transformers go, they are only wired by sector and isolated from other sectors. A terrorist would be wasting his time with the transformers.
    Do any of you people realize how frickin’ big the power grid is across the United States?
    Or how many different circuits there are?
    Not to mention the number of ARC switching stations that have their own backup leg to plug back into the grid in less than 30 minutes.
    What in the hell do you think the power companies have been doing with your money all these years? HUH?
    They have backup contingency plans for every region, every state, every county, and every town. They have warehouses filled to the ceiling with backup transformers, cable, patch bars, poles, underground conduit, and EMP protected controllers, and just about every other monkey wrench you can think of.
    They still have dirty generators on standby.
    They have hydraulic rail trucks for crying out loud that can help them bring sectors of a region back up with minimal employee effort now, used in emergencies to redirect a circuit temporarily while waiting on the supply truck with new parts to be there in 24 hours.
    They have full-time, part-time, on-call retirees, and temp services for hiring emergency basic skill employees who can read instructions. Help is not even a problem!
    You people will believe any old stupid thing, won’t you?
    Other than using tactical nukes for an EMP effect, it would take an all out ground war to take out the grid, or a massive aerial strike in all 50 States. All of those scenarios can either be stopped and/or recovered in less than 90 days. And even if they did manage to take out at least 1 whole Region for longer than 90 days (big IF), then nothing would stop the residents from migrating to an adjacent region temporarily, not to mention the emergency aid provided for portable generators.
    Ya’ll need to go somewhere else with this mess. It’s ridiculous! Got my poor gullible step-son worried out of his mind over a bunch of stupid shit. Ya’ll need to quit!

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