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BREAKING: California Passes Ammo Permit Fee

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The California Senate passed a bill in late May that would require gun owners to pay a $50 fee simply for the right to buy ammunition – a free that will be used to administer a background check. The California Department of Justice then would determine if the gun owner has a record that would prevent the purchase of ammo.

In March Guns & Ammo magazine ranked California 47th in its list of best states for gun owners, ahead of only Massachusetts (48th), New Jersey (49th) and New York (50th). (Arizona ranked first, Vermont second and Alaska third.)

The bill, SB53, advanced to the Assembly, where it passed a committee in early July.

If liberals want to derail the right to bear arms and ensure that common citizens cannot afford to defend themselves, the cost-prohibitive purchase ammo fee might do the trick.

How to hide your guns, and other off grid caches…

The great ammo shortage of 2013 is still in full swing. Many store shelves remain relatively empty and demand has driven prices up in locations around the country. Between ammo grabbing by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the California ammo permit law, gun owners in the West Coast state may soon be entirely out of bullets.

Making it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain guns and ammunition may only increase the growing crime rate in the nation’s most populous state. High taxes and laws infringing on freedoms have prompted thousands of California residents to relocate elsewhere, Texas in particular.

The $50 ammo permit bill was but one of several gun bills passed by the Senate. Another bill, SB 374, outlawed “large-capacity” magazines (over 10 rounds) and detachable magazines. It passed the Senate and currently is in the Assembly. The Assembly passed a bill, AB48, that requires the California Department of Justice to notify local law enforcement officials if someone purchases more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition within a five-day period.

California state Sen. Tom Berryhill, who voted against the bill, said requiring an ammo fee would “do nothing to stop criminals from purchasing ammunition.”

“These restrictions – like most of the gun legislation we are seeing here today – won’t do a thing to stop crime,” he said, according to “They will only hurt the law-abiding citizens like hunters and sportsmen who, for the record, contribute millions to the state’s economy.”

Here’s how the ammo permit bill – if it becomes law – would work: Prior to gun owners purchasing ammunition at a local store, they first must pay the one-time $50 fee and be subject to a background check. If they pass, their name is placed on an electronic list of those eligible to purchase ammunition. If a person’s name is not on the list, he or she can’t buy ammo.

Buying and manufacturing semi-automatic rifles which can accommodate detachable magazines will now be illegal as well. Any California citizen who currently owns such a weapon must register the rifle with state officials.

All the anti-Second Amendment laws will do is cost California gun stores and ammo retailers business – potentially creating employee layoffs in the process. Gun-owning residents simply will opt to buy their ammunition online and venture into a bordering state to fulfill their needs. The semi-automatic rifles portion of the law will do nothing to deter crime, Second Amendment advocates say. As Indiana Boone County Sheriff Ken Campbell demonstrated in a video that went viral, any size magazine can be emptied and reloaded (by any level of shooter) quickly. Thus, a villain with several five- or 10-capacity magazines can still kill a multitude of people in a short amount of time.

Surviving Doomsday author Richard Duarte, who also is a Miami attorney and firearms expert, said there is a bill in the Florida legislature “that would make it illegal for individuals to purchase ammunition unless they had completed a state-approved anger management class.” Violations could result in at least 60 days in jail and up to one year, he said.

“Have we all lost our minds?” Duarte asked. “And what kind of idiots are we electing to public office? How can any rational person look at this pending bill and think that it makes any sense at all, or that it would have any sort of positive impact? If it’s not already obvious, it will soon become painfully obvious that the average citizen has to start paying attention and taking a more active role in holding elected officials accountable for their actions. If we fail to do this, there will be a time, in the very near future, when we will look around and not recognize the country we live in.”

In May, California Attorney General Kamala Harris certified legislation which mandates that all new semi-automatic handguns utilize stamping technology, which would provide identifying information on bullet casings. It will be required on new semi-automatics, Harris said. According to KABC-TV, the law requires semi-automatic guns to stamp the gun’s make, model and serial number on each bullet. The law is being challenged in court by the Second Amendment Foundation and the Calguns Foundation.

Gene Hoffman, chairman of the Calguns Foundation, called the new law part of an “incremental ban on firearms.”

Said Second Amendment Foundation Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb, “It is clear the intent of anti-gun lawmakers is not to regulate firearms but to ban them via increasingly restrictive legislation.”

Signs like this one have been popping up in the yards of California gun owners: “My neighbor doesn’t like guns, so I promise not to use mine to defend him.”

At this point, a poignant slogan born out of frustration is about the only recourse pro-Second Amendment Golden State residents have in the fight for their gun rights — unless they can afford to move. The desire to not have Ted Nugent living next door has been expressed by some anti-Second Amendment activists there. The short-sightedness of such an argument may become tragically clear if the “gun free zone” folks are faced with an intruder at their door. I would much rather have a Ted Nugent type living next door instead of a helpless victim who could not help protect my family during civil unrest. A smile and a cold glass of lemonade will not dissuade a drug addict or gang member during a search for an easy target — but my Ruger handgun would make a lasting impression.

How do you feel about the California $50 ammo permit fee and other new gun control laws?

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  1. How many millions of people have been disarmed by their governments and then murdered by their government? How many US citizens will be disarmed or dis-ammoed by their state and then murdered by criminals?
    $50 permit fee for a $5 box of 22LR = 1000% tax

    • That permit is a one time fee to the state and is not a fee everytime you buy ammunition.

      yes is sucks and I hope Illinois never does this but they probably will.

      • It is not a one time fee, it is a yearly fee, guess I’ll be buying ammo from Arizona or Nevada if these are actually signed and not struck down in court.

        • The story says every time you purchase ammo. Not yearly or one time. Read the story if you want to comment.

          • I think a California government website is a little more legitimate than, he read the story and went further to investigate it. Read the comment if you want to comment.

          • I read the article. It is incorrect. I went and read the actual bill as introduced and passed thru the CA Senate. It states the permit is an annual one, the state must notify the permit holder 90 days prior to expiration and provide a form for renewal. If the application is denied, the state must inform the applicant as to the reason for denial and provide an appeal process for the applicant to challenge the denial. Yes the permit is BS and I’ll go to Nevada to buy ammo if I have to, but the article as written is very inaccurate.

          • Larry, read the bill. It says a once yearly permit fee.

          • The story says one thing, the truth is something different. The fee is a yearly cost (read the bill). But the law HAS NOT passed the full legislature, nor has it been signed by the Governor.

          • The proposed law died in committee. thank God. It never made it to the state legislature or the Govenor’s desk.

        • it is every purchase of one box of ammo. says so on the bill. im from texas. you can read about the specifics of the bill/law on california gun laws

        • Of course the CA Agricultural stops on the interstates will now be the CA taxation and revenue stops. Have you ever noticed the “special’ trucks like the homeland security stops you see in Texas on the interstate, the sensors, and antennas, as you pull into the stop in Baker after the Shot Show or after a gun show was held in Vegas. We all know they have State agents and CHP’s at other states gun shows entering the California license plates they see in the parking lot. Upon returning those license plates pop up for inspection and extra scrutiny. Is it illegal to do that, yes probably for no valid probable cause. Is it still done, yes. Don’t be surprised to see CA enter into some interstate where the neighboring state will refuse to sell items to Californians like how you can’t buy a rifle in Nevada if you are from CA. But you can in other states.

        • If California if gun owners do not get together to recall these Demorats and repeal these antigun laws then crime will go through the roof. Sacramento when I lived there I could not go to sleep until I had heard at least three gun shots and the police helicopter flying around. This has to change these idiots are supposed to be working for us. The are not gods they are our employees, get up off the couch and fight back!! Stop this insanity before it goes any further.

          • It really does not matter whether it is a once a year or each time ammo is purchase. It is a violation of our second amendment rights. This same law was challenged in another state just last month I forget where. Anyway the federal judge ruled that it was a clear violation of our second amendment rights. With bullets already almost impossible to find and people like me who have to live on a disability check we will be the most hurt by laws like these. I was in Walmart today and one box of .38 full metal jacket was selling for forty dollars. They had two boxes of .380 for forty five dollars each.

          • I always thought that the second amendment protected us at the state level. I was wrong I read it again and realized that it only affects the Federal Government. At the state level the Demorats can pass anything they want. We have to show people what has been proven in England, Australia, and Chicago that more guns equal less crime. We have to vote out the anti gunners before we loose all of our rights.

          • I see that you are mistaken. The U.S. Constitution is binding on the Federal Government and the 14th amendment makes everyone in the U.S. party to the Constitution, so it also restricts States from passing laws that are Unconstitutional. Courts have always agreed that since the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, all Statutes must be made in adherence to the Constitution, otherwise the Statute has no power, enforces no law, and is void on its face.

            Problem is, that those that make the laws in Sacramento have no idea how to make proper laws, nor have ever read a law book. Simply more useless idiots…

        • Living in Arizona, I love how the hippies in California keep sending more business to Arizona. No wonder Obama and the Feds keep attacking Arizona and never say a word about bankrupt California.

      • UpChuck.Liberals

        I have the misfortune to live in Commiefornia. Let’s put it very simply, these A-holes can have whatever ‘fees’ or ‘licensees’ they want to buy ammo. I know where Nevada is, I know the route to Arizona or Oregon. They can shove their ‘laws’ up where the sun don’t shine. I’ll take America’s Constitution and our Bill of Rights over the laws of these fools.

        • OK, so when they catch you bringing ammo back across the border, then it’s a felony illegal weapon/ammo transfer across state lines. THINK, they wrote the bill, you don’t think they thought of this?

          • The Firearm Owners Protection Act then comes into play, and the State of California will be violating Federal Law. A following lawsuit will likely get this new state law repeated.

          • It’s actually not addressed in the bill. It only regulates the purchase and sale of ammo IN California. Yes, our legislators are so stupid that they overlook stuff like this all the time.

            I’ll be buying ammo in Nevada or Arizona by the pallet if this actually makes it into law.

          • Rupe, since when is it a felony to travel across states with ammunition? Never.

            Even if it was, how would they know you purchased it out of state and brought it over? Even if you get pulled over you can simply say you bought it before this hole ammunition fee bullcrap went into effect.

            It’s ammunition across state lines, not Mexican’s across the US/Mexico border…

          • They cannot keep you from ordering or going out of state to buy ammo. You have a right to commerce in other states. The states have a right to commerce between eachother. This is in The Constitution. Of course California seems it has never read any part of that document.

        • Eusebio Preciado

          We are having a Gun Rally on the Sacramento Capital on the 4th of July to protest the Unconstitutional and Unlawful Statues by the State of California Legislature.. If you care about sending a message and trying to tell Sacramento that we aren’t going to comply with these Statues.. then please show up and support the demonstration.. Information are on this facebook link.

          Hope to see you all there!!

        • yes buying it somewhere else is a work around, but how long before you run out of places to buy it from ?! they could eventually restrict if you can mail ammo, and eventually you would have to drive far away to get it, then finally it will be game over

      • Wrong you are. This fee is every stinking time you buy ammo. I live in Calif. and have read the law.

      • Reread the article, yes it is a fee everytime you buy ammo, its in black and white!!

      • Not true, read the actual bill. this is a YEARLY $50.00 ammo registration card fee that will take time to obtain. De Leon the A**hole author of the bill tied it to the gun waiting period so you will have to wait up to 17 days to buy any ammunition since in an accompanying bill, the waiting period has been extended from 10 to 17 days. Then there another ready to pass which will add a 5 cent per ammo component, brass, primer, powder, bullet and cartridge tax

        Therefore if you go to buy say a brick of .22 next year when this and the other laws kick in, it will cost you $100.00. This is the same as a Poll Tax, a tax to exercise your constitutional right no different that the racist Democrats put in place to keep blacks from voting.

      • Well certainly if it was a per purchase fee then that “would make a box of defensive ammunition cost almost $100 for 20 rounds—that’s $2 per bullet” would actually be $5 per bullet. (Please show some amount of IQ in your articles!) Still, for a seldom practicing shooter that is bad as highway robbery.

    • attention all caifornia patriots! there are 3 standing state militia groups: norcal, cencal and socal. the tie for talk is over. join! get trained, get prepared. they are disarming us! leaving us open to criminals! its time to stand! go to

    • Remember people, They are also trying to ban are lead ammunition in this piece of crap state. Witch is all of are ammo. That law if passed mite take affect by 2018, They are going to turn all law abiding gun owners in to criminals, in this god dam state,I for one will not obey any of ther new gun laws,

      • It’s our not “are” it’s “our” and it’s G– damned not god dam.
        But you are correct. Trouble is all of these new high “fees” or “taxes” rarely effect the wealthy and only restricts the poor and maybe middle class folks from exercising their RIGHTS. That leaves the poor to be victims of the criminal class.

      • Eusebio Preciado

        We are having a Gun Rally on the Sacramento Capital on the 4th of July to protest the Unconstitutional and Unlawful Statues by the State of California Legislature.. If you care about sending a message and trying to tell Sacramento that we aren’t going to comply with these Statues.. then please show up and support the demonstration.. Information are on this facebook link.

        Hope to see you all there!!

    • Well first off, it’s a fee not a tax (yes start laughing.) But more importantly lets just call this the ‘everyone load up their trunk in nevada with ammo for them and their buddies law)

      • Yah…I live in Nevada. Unless you’re planning on loading up your trunk with the possibility of a couple of boxes, Nevada is not the place to get ammo either! lol Our shelves are wiped clean. When and if it comes in, there is a strict limit to how many you can buy at some stores. Walmart is only 3 boxes, and people wait for an hour in line when the truck comes in for the POSSIBILITY of buying those 3 boxes. Some ranges have been out. Even the gun shows are sold out within the first hour.

    • Read the legislation. I don’t expect this website to correct this article, since I don’t think care about they truth, but SB 53 does not require a permit to buy ammo, it requires a permit to SELL ammo. There is no permit requirement to buy ammo. To quote the summary:

      “SB 53 requires all ammunition vendors to obtain a license to sell ammunition from the DOJ. The Department must maintain a centralized registry of registered ammunition vendors as well as records of ammunition transactions submitted by vendors. Under this proposal, a statewide standard on ammunition sales would be created, providing law enforcement with clear information on who is selling and buying ammunition.”

      Again, there is no permit required to buy ammo, only to sell it.

      • I think you missed this part:

        SEC. 10.
        Section 30352 of the Penal Code is amended to read:
        (c) Commencing July 1, 2017, the vendor shall verify that the person is authorized to purchase ammunition by comparing the person’s California driver’s license number or California identification card number to the authorization number in the centralized list of authorized ammunition purchasers. If the person is not listed as an authorized ammunition purchaser, the vendor shall deny the sale.

        SEC. 12

        Article 4. Ammunition Purchase Authorizations
        (a) (1) Commencing on January 1, 2017, any person who is a resident of this state and who is 18 years of age or older may apply to the department for an ammunition purchase authorization.
        (2) The ammunition purchase authorization shall entitle the authorized person to purchase ammunition from an ammunition vendor as that term is defined in Section 16663 and shall have no other force or effect.

        Might want to try reading a little farther down than the summary, next time.

    • Eusebio Preciado

      We are having a Gun Rally on the Sacramento Capital on the 4th of July to protest the Unconstitutional and Unlawful Statues by the State of California Legislature.. If you care about sending a message and trying to tell Sacramento that we aren’t going to comply with these Statues.. then please show up and support the demonstration.. Information are on this facebook link.

      Hope to see you all there!!

  2. I am against any encroachment on our rights, but please read the bill before stirring up the pot. It is a one year cost of $50. Like a CPL or CCW. They do a background check and give you a permit valid for one year. Each year you renew it. It is not for each sale. Very irresponsable journalism.

    • Doesn’t change the fact that it’s ludicrous and just another form of taxation and government bloat. Where does the money go, and what keeps it from just being pork barreled like everything else they tax us on in this state?

    • Who the hell cares if it’s a “once a year fee” – it shouldn’t exist in the first place. We have background checks prior to buying guns and we still have high gun crime rates, having background checks for ammo isn’t going to make a single difference. If someone can’t buy a gun and resorts to stealing one, it is very likely that they will also steal the ammo likely to be sitting in proximity to the firearm being stolen. It doesn’t take much thought to totally debunk the validity of this nonsense. Also, by restricting our rights to purchasing ammunition, or firearms, they are violating our second amendment rights. This whole “it could be worse” mentality is MAKING THINGS WORSE. Please for the love of god START GETTING PISSED.

      • Not about taxes or fees. All about control. California has more idiot politicians and more idiots who keep electing them than any other State in the Union. How did so many loonies decide to live in the same place???

      • You are absolutely right. Background checks impact only the law abiding citizen. Bad guys won’t go to a gun store to get a gun. Morons run this state. One other, so far unmentioned gem in the bill is that the socialists who run the state voted to control ammo from out of state like they do guns from out of state – thru a transfer agent. SO if you buy it online, you will have to have it sent to an agent in order to get it. Great bunch of public servants we have ruling the state! Apparently their efforts to transform Kalifornia into Detroit, is by making criminals out of law abiding citizens.

    • Thank u for the info cause i was loosing it there for a minute.

    • Constitutional RIGHTS do NOT incure FEES. I have a RIGHT, and I need not ask anyone’s permission nor pay a fee to excercise a basic human right, protected by the Constitution. The British marched into Concord and Lexington for the specific purpose of confiscating or destroying the colonists’ powder store — effectively, denying them their ammunition. We started a war over that. The California legislature is insane, invalid and illegitimate.

    • JSM if you knew how to add. you would know $50.00 for a box of 500 rounds of 22 cost $15.00 but now cost $65.00 annd we are all guilty until proven innocent.

    • that IS practically a $50 per purchase for people like me at least, who buy ammo once a year, and im not talking stock piling… im talking 1000 rds of .22lr ($35 rounded up) and at most a 20 rd box of 30-30 for hunting (about $20, but for sake of argument lets say i go all out and buy some good stuff for $30!) so thats $65+$50= $115 almost doubling my ammo cost… and lets not forget the 5 cents per rd extra tax, so thats another $51… about tripling my ammo costs, may not seem like a big deal to the average person, but to a disabled person who gets very little income, and partially subsists off of hunting, that could be down right crippling…

    • I do not have to pay an outrageous tax to practice my first ammendment rights. This is pure de facto violation of my cilvil rights and an abuse of the taxation laws. Lets juts say all written books and internet should be taxed atthat same rate. What about waivers for the poor, cant pay fifty dollars – cant defend yourself. What a load of BS!

    • How about a $50 per year fee to purchase alcohol? I would argue that a reduction in drinking would save more lives than a reduction in ammo purchases. But then again, I would also argue that it is not the role of government to implement this tax in either case.

    • UpChuck.Liberals

      I don’t give a darn if it’s 1 cent /year. it’s ILLEGAL. The right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. It’s not that hard to understand.

    • You’re not entirely correct either – it’s a one time authorization that is recorded in a statewide database. Prior to any ammunition purchase, this database is checked. There’s no renewal application, and the authorization is revoked only when there is a prohibiting condition (convicted of a felony, etc.)

      Read the latest version of the bill here:

  3. arms plural of arms (Noun)
    Weapons and ammunition; armaments: “they were subjugated by force of arms”.


    The bill states that the permit applicant pays a fee…just like a fishing permit. The vendor can also be required to pay a vendor license permit fee to reimburse the department the cost of running the program but not to exceed 50 dollars.

    The article here is misleading. However California legislators are wising up. Banning guns does nothing. Ammunition is key.

    • What a moron. Ammunition is a COMPONENT of a firearm. Playing word games with peoples’ basic human rights of self defense is immoral. Banning or restricing access to ammunition IS banning and restricting the right to bear arms. This is a sick, twisted, disgusting act.

    • In California in the State Constitution

      Section 25. The people shall have the right to fish upon and from
      the public lands of the State and in the waters thereof, excepting
      upon lands set aside for fish hatcheries, and no land owned by the
      State shall ever be sold or transferred without reserving in the
      people the absolute right to fish thereupon; and no law shall ever be
      passed making it a crime for the people to enter upon the public
      lands within this State for the purpose of fishing in any water
      containing fish that have been planted therein by the State;
      provided, that the legislature may by statute, provide for the season
      when and the conditions under which the different species of fish
      may be taken.
      WE have a right to fish and do not need a permit. This is insane that they want us to pay $50 a year to buy ammo.

  5. Folks, if you take an out-of-state vacation, do a little shopping while you’re out there…….

  6. Just like cigarettes in New York, smuggling ammo from Nevada will be the next great money maker.

    • UpChuck.Liberals

      Are they going to have the Ag Inspectors checking for guns and ammo at the border now? I doubt it. It’s stupid, just like Jerry Moonbeam Brown and the Commie Legislators that keep coming up with this delusional #rap.

  7. 2014 is the off year and the perfect year for recalling the anti-2nd Amendment politicians in California and every where else. I am so glad that I am no longer a California resident. In Idaho you can carry your gun on your hip without a license and the vast majority of our politicians are pro-gun.

    California, kick those bums out of office and fortify your inalienable rights.

    • The problem here in CA is that all of the anti-2nd Amendment and anti-business laws that are getting passed are pushing OUT all of the gun lovers and business owners (mostly GOP) which just leaves a bigger majority of dems and more dems get voted into office thus creating MORE anti-2nd Amendment and anti-business laws… more taxes, more “permits” more back ground checks that you have to pay for… Sadly my husband and I have held on for as long as we can, and now we are looking to move to Texas or Arizona… Most likely AZ, God permitting.

    • I am so glad to hear Idaho is a Pro American state. I was born and Raised in CA. I LOVED this state. It’s BEAUTIFUL. Even the people in our communities that I have lived in were wonderful GOOD people.
      Now, it seems that California Politicians have turned against the citizens, much like the federal Government has turned on us as well I have noticed that the people in CA of late are rude, self absorbed I believe that for the most part they are still Good people, but in public, rarely does anyone smile anymore. They don’t “hold the door” or, the times that I have “held the door”, 1 out of 10 will say Thank You. The citizenry in CA is so stressed out so financially stressed that the joy in people is slowly being snuffed out by the daily pressure being forced down our throats . The cost of daily life for power, water, food, gasoline, mandatory insurance, housing, and basic necessities is extreme. The taxes and “fees” on EVERYTHING” in CA ARE BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS. And finding a decent paying job is not only difficult, in some areas it’s impossible.
      My husband and I are honest hard working tax and fee paying good Americans/Californians We believe in God, Family, America and the good of our fellow Americans. We support charity support our community by shopping local.
      We feel like our federal government is out of control, but actually they really aren’t. They in full control, and are going to declare martial law very soon, in order to advance their Agenda 21 depopulation plans.
      Unfortunately, after reading this bill in CA, and a couple of others that they are getting ready to vote on, it sounds like CA is on board with the Federal Government, and they want to absolutely BREAK the citizens of this state. They are fee by fee, tax by tax, and law after law killing any hope for things to get better, for the pressure on the citizens to ease up. The Federal Government and California Government are sucking every ounce of joy, every shred of hope and every desire to even try out of their citizenry.
      I have lived my entire life in this state.. I have raised my kids here. I have not taken a vacation in ages. I have NEVER seen Yosemite, because I couldn’t afford it. A couple of months ago I saw that there was a bill being proposed to close part of the park to the public! Half of the frickin World has been to Yosemite. I lived two or so hours away for most of my life, yet could never get ahead enough to go for even a day.
      CA has turned into my definition of a police state.. I am done trying. I have lost all hope that I will ever have even enough money to go to dinner and a movie at this point. I will never spend another dollar in the State of California buying anything but fuel (necessity).. I am looking for a new place to live. Idaho sounds like my kind of place. I am DONE fighting to survive in this greed driven communist police state. The laws fees taxes regulations and outrageous prices for basic necessities in this state have put my husband and I on the verge of bankruptcy off and on over the last 10 years. Every year our taxes go up. We cut spending to the bone. We have even resorted at one point to burning dollar tree candles to save money on the light bill. Then we get a head a couple of bucks and do our taxes and bam! Off it goes to the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board. CA thinks its a fine idea to feed us poisoned GMO food and not label it as such. They fail to inform their citizens that the Radiation from Fukushima is causing sunflower deformities along parts of our coastline. No. The government in CA cares not for the honest hard working law abiding people living here, paying their outrageous salaries and benefits of office; no..instead they are more interested in granting drivers licenses and county aid to illegal immigrants, much like Obama wanting to grant Amnesty to the illegals nationwide. They have destroyed my hope and dreams of living in my mountain town through my golden years because of their constant fee hikes tax increases and their constant theft of liberty and freedom with their unconstitutional laws. between the IRS and CA’s Franchise Tax Board, the fed and state gas taxes, state sales taxes and the ridiculously high fees that this state charges for everything under the flipping sun, it would not surprise me to learn that my husband and I pay over half of our income in taxes and fees. Between the extra fee on a 2liter bottle of a beverage, for recycling,, to the added taxes and fees on my phone bill my car registration and even some car parts. Yet these monsters aren’t done yet! They are truly determined to destroy the middle class in this country but CA wants to destroy the middle class by gutting us first and watching us bleed out every drop first. If they continue in this fashion, there will not be anyone living in CA except illegals politicians cops and prison inmates. I am 50 years old. I don’t have the time left on this earth left to fix the wrongs the govt has done nor the time to wait around for the next election to hope for any good government servant to fix this mess. Instead, I think it’s time to stop CA dreaming for a chance to keep my head above water and enjoy a day or two out of the month having some fun rather than sitting in CA by candlelight hoping to have enough money saved to see Yosemite, only to have the state take my savings at tax time. Time I guess to move. But where,

  8. This has nothing to do with protecting US citizens. It’s about disarming all of us… Do a little digging on what’s going on in the world. The Fema camps popping up all over the US, Agenda 21. The DHS didn’t buy 1.6 billion hollowpoint rounds for target practice. Those are meant for us. They have enough bullets stockpiled to shoot every man, woman, and child in America 5 times each yet the DHS is not a military branch, they don’t go to war??? So why are their men armed with 5x’s more ammo that our soldiers in the Middle East? Mark my word, one of these mornings we’re all going to wake up with an APC rolling down your street with a loud speaker ordering everyone to stay inside your homes while the DHS comes behind confiscating your weapons, or ordering you out of your house and into Fema camps for the betterment of civilization through sustainable development. Hope all you gun grabbers have your swiss army knives sharpened and your mace ready…. Good luck with that!

    • For all of you gun owners out there, you can be sure they have an agenda to remove your guns. If they want to confiscate my knives and bow and arrows then I will know for certain they are terrified of the citizens. I support the constitution and your right to bear arms because the constitution belongs to all of us. If they don’t care about your rights then they don’t care about mine. Once they disarm you then who or what is next? This stuff is real. They are all in bed with the UN as we speak and they’ve been trying to disarm the American citizen for years. California is a lost cause because you can’t fix stupid. If you vote stupid people in then your going to get stupid results. I was born here but my parents taught us to use our head for something besides a hat rack. To many parents a too lazy or stupid to teach the kids today of anything of value, because they think the government institutions are better qualified. When you talk to some of them I feel like I’m watching the walking dead TV series. It is really scary. Sorry that is how I feel.

    • The DHS comprises many agencies using weapons. The United States Coast Guard is a branch of the military, falls under DHS now. Border patrol, customs and ICE all use firearms and are part of DHS. The federal law enforcement training center, trains LE all over the country, uses ammo and is part of the DHS. If you think the government is going to pull a “red dawn” on its own people, I have ocean front property in Arizona to sell you. That’s a ridiculous statement……….do your homework.

  9. A separate tax on ammo is unconstitutional as it would be a direct tax on a right….this is not allowed and would be struck down if challenged….rights can not be taxed….EVER….the USSC has already ruled that ammo is classified as part of the 2A right to arms AND that Rights can not be taxed….so this is some stupid persons attempt at a direct attack on 2A.

    • So anybody up for a protest at the State Capitol? I also thought all these gun laws were going to cost California about 58 billion. We can’t afford that. Governor Brown doesn’t want to spend any money needlessly, so he says. We need to jam their phone lines.

      • and forgot to add, the lawsuits will flying off the shelves.

        • I’m seriously considering petitioning the ACLU to take up the cause! They’re supposed to support and protect our Civil Rights, yeah? So, where are they in this ballyhoo? Either that or seeing a lawyer and seeing about some legal recourse. Realistically, the time and money being wasted by the law makers is beyond absurd! How about they pull their collective asses together and focus on the true problems…. education reform, prison reform, immigration reform and enforcing the laws that are already in place?!?

      • Eusebio Preciado

        We are having a Gun Rally on the Sacramento Capital on the 4th of July to protest the Unconstitutional and Unlawful Statues by the State of California Legislature.. If you care about sending a message and trying to tell Sacramento that we aren’t going to comply with these Statues.. then please show up and support the demonstration.. Information are on this facebook link.

        Hope to see you all there!!

  10. Music Geek, who makes many mistakes

    This is the sort of spittle-drooling insanity of the ruling class that has been making citizens and businesses pack up and decamp from California for two full decades. I am very glad I’m not paying any more taxes to be pissed away by the incompetents in the government of that state. I left a full decade back, and haven’t regretted the change for ten seconds.

  11. NO, californians CANNOT buy guns in border states. Under federal law, handguns can only be purchased in a person’s state of residence. Under federal law, rifles & shotguns can be bought across state lines, but only IF permitted by the states involved.

    They should be able to buy ammo in other states. It may not be legal, but it will probably be possible.

    Also, note that none of these are LAW yet, just passed the Senate. There is a high probability they will become law, but it hasn’t happened yet. Also, any rifle with a detachable magazine will be banned as an ‘assault weapon’. Hence, it won’t matter how many 10-round magazines you have, you won’t be able to load them. This doesn’t currently apply to handguns. The ban on ‘bullet buttons’ will effectively make AR-15 type pistols illegal, though.

  12. California voters put these legislators into office. Reap what you sow. What’s the problem??

    • The problem is that many of us Californians did not vote for the scum currently in Sacramento, but we are massively impacted by the garbage that did.
      Bundling everyone in the state into one pot of gangrenous decay is not right. There are many of us American Constitutionalists in the state and we will be heard, one way or another.

      • I say we revolt and break this massive shithole into two states: one for the communist liberals and the other for Americans! How about we carve a nice big hoe in the middle and take the San Joaquin Valley for the Americans, seems that’s the area that predominately holds to American ideals and has a viable, sustainable source of income… LA and SF can have their little love ins and bankrupt themselves when the money from the Central Valley goes away!

  13. “Requiring a $50 ammo permit per purchase would make a box of defensive ammunition cost almost $100 for 20 rounds—that’s $2 per bullet.”

    100 bucks divided by 20 rounds is 5 bucks a bullet. Check your math again.

  14. It has NOT passed yet, Still has to pass the Assembly and be signed by the Gov. This author is a bit over zealous. You can see the full bill text here.

    We have a few months before this bill will even reach Gov. Brown’s desk. No worries…If he does sign it it will be thrown out in court most likely like every other Ammo bill they have tried to pass that starts a registry or imposes a new tax. Taxes have to be voted on by the people guys.

  15. Any idiot that would parse the wording of the constitution such that ‘arms’ does not refer to both ammunition and guns are so full of crap and gasping at straws it’s not even funny. Never have the two been separated in any vernacular known to man. This is just a further power grab by the nazi leftists in CA.

  16. Contra Costa Open Carry

    Please be aware that this bill, SB53 has not, repeat HAS NOT PASSED and been made into law.
    As of today, 6/14/2013 it is still sitting in the Assembly waiting on a vote.
    There is still time to Kill the Bill.
    Please call, write, fax, email, Facebook, Tweet, (what ever and however) Each and every Democrat on the Assembly.
    Be professional. Bad language, threats, and the like will not help.

  17. Probably will not pass so no worries; however I don’t see how a “My neighbor doesn’t like guns, so I promise not to use mine to defend him.” sign is any kind of recourse in a fight for gun rights. I would not hesitate to protect a fellow American from harm, regardless of his beliefs. I accept that as part of my responsibility as a gun owner.

    • Amen!

    • I have to disagree, if they were true fellow Americans, they would not be helping in the cause to take our rights to bear arms , now if they just dont own a gun but arent pushing to have some one elses right to have one, then I would definately have there back,,, but for the contrary, Your On Your Own

  18. Will dis be all over the States or just in California i live in Tacoma Washington and it said something about the West Coast state if anyone has more info on dis and could tell me Thank u very much

    • This was tried about 15-20 years ago (not the taxation part but other aspects of extensive gun control). It was I-676 (I meaning Initiative). The police were against it, too. It failed by at least 70% of the vote.

  19. Screw that fee. Can’t wait for the next elections to vote these people out of office, CA gun owners need to pull together and vote these clowns out of office. I didn’t vote for any of them last time and I hope people don’t vote for them again, EVER.

    • You and I and those like us don’t vote for these freaking idiots, anyway. There are many who have more Conservative values ie dislike higher taxes, don’t agree with gay marriage, don’t agree with abortion, agree on our right to bear arms, yet vote for the fools that subscribe to these things. There is a massive cognitive dissonance going on with the public. That and an extreme case of ignorance and/or apathy. it is truly alarming. People need to talk to their friends and neighbors and call their legislators! I talk to some gun owners who don’t even know exactly what is going on. Just freaking shameful. What’s worse are the mindless morons who would try to take away not only their own freedoms, but that of their fellow Americans. These liberals fascists don’t deserve to live in California or this country.

      Everyone in California and this country need to get involved with True the Vote, or Voter Integrity and other organizations that clean up the voter roles and watch at the polls. Get active in your GOP or Tea Party or other Conservative groups. Get off your *ss and get busy now!

  20. Yet another anti-constitutional infringement of the right to keep and bear arms –
    California has become a lawless state.

    However, citizens of the California CAN fight back – as citizens of other states have fought back against anti-constitutional legislation passed by other state legislatures, by bringing a federal lawsuit.
    (See, for example, the lawsuit brought by the majority of Colorado county sheriffs against the recently-enacted magazine ban and “universal background check” legislation in Colorado):

    One issue with the article: the “firearms expert” quoted near the beginning of the article is wrong about constitutional protections of ammunition being within the scope of 2nd Amendment protection:

    The 1939 Miller ruling also referenced ammunition – and, by inference, “ammunition feeding devices” – as included in the definition of “arms” protected by the 2nd Amendment:

    “The possession of arms also implied the possession of ammunition, and the authorities paid quite as much attention to the latter as to the former.”

    FIGHT BACK against these anti-constitutional pieces of legislation (they are, BTW, NOT “law”):
    “An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation as inoperative as though it had never been passed.” Norton v. Shelby County – 118 U.S. 425 (1886)

  21. Andrew Wark, SGT (USMC)

    I swore an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution… these bastards are violating my rights and I’ll be damned if I comply. I REFUSE.



  22. The local and state governments have been levying fees or fines because the laws allow them to do so because it is not labeled a “tax” which would be illegal. Nevada still has no background check or documentation for transfers. So you still don’t have control over those firearms crossing over state lines because they are legally transferred due to inconsistent laws.

  23. “Hey man, lets go do a drive by. Those jerks on 14th Ave have been dissin’ me”.

    “Now way man, we cant. I aint got no ammo, and I cant pass the background check and pay the 50 bucks.”

    Said no criminal ever.

    I would love to move out of this state, but this is where the jobs are.

  24. I think that laws such as this one will foster a black market for ammunition.

  25. thats ok because people can start making the bullets and selling them. For the people by the people!!!!!

  26. Your all missing the point, this isn’t about guns or ammo…it is about Jerry Brown getting more money to pay the Union workers salaries.

  27. Welcome to the club. When they went after the smokers, people said oh that’s okay, I don’t smoke and there bad for you. There already going after the fat people. Who do you suppose is next on the list. People who drink coffee?

    • smoking, excessive eating and drinking coffee are not RIGHTS protected by the 2nd Amendment. Apples and Oranges, Cheri.

  28. Contrary to the comments of Patrick J.G. Troy, firearms expert, that the 2nd Amendment provides no specific coverage for ammunition, it actually does.

    If one can not supply his weapon with ammunition that is a clear infringement. The 2nd states “Shall not be infringed”. A gun without bullets is nothing more than a fancy club.

    Without a doubt, this is absolutely an infringement on the guaranteed, protected rights for citizens under the 2nd Amendment.

    They can call it a tax all they want, but it’s still an infringement.

  29. Explain needing a Permit in order to Exercise a Constitutional Right? Surely this will be Challenged all the way to the Supreme Court????

  30. This ammo license tax surely has a disparate effect on minorities, the poor, the elderly, and those on fixed incomes and severely impacts the ability to secure ammunition necessary to the free exercise of their right to keep and bear arms under the 2nd Amendment.

    After all, a gun without ammo becomes a bat or a hammer. You can call it a gun, but without bullets, it’s useless. Again, the disparate effects fall upon protected classes of minorities in particular, who belong to lower income groups.

    Where’s the ACLU lawsuit on this one…we’re waiting! Clearly unconstitutional!!!

    • UpChuck.Liberals

      Send them a note asking. I’ll be interesting to hear their answer. Maybe they’ll actually start standing up for the Constitution for a change.

  31. The Liberal Cornyfornians are the scourge of the earth. Bunch of old hippys and queers in office making the rules while the rest of the sheeple plod along thinking they have a great life. See what too much Cornyfornia Sun will do to your brain along with the drugs and the stench coming out of Mexico!

  32. This law will ultimately be declared unconstitutional, with the California taxpayers picking up the tab for the millions in legal bills only to eventually lose. A nation, and a state, founded by geniuses and run by idiots.

  33. California has gone “Full Retard” on it’s citizens….time for a revolt would be now, remember, law abiding citizens outnumber the politicians and LEO by a 6 to 1 ratio at least….you can’t argue with that kind of math….

  34. Time for a little jury nullification!

  35. Looks like I won’t be moving to Cali anytime soon.Are they really THAT nuckin futs out there???

    Commie rat bastiges.

    Yep. I said it. If any of my limp dick liberal friends find my feeling offensive, kindly find your way to the unfriend button. K??? Idiots.

    • UpChuck.Liberals

      Please refer to this #ell hole Commiefornia. The best goverment the Unions and the Commies can buy. YES they are COMMUNISTS, heck even the Communists think the fools in this state are going too far.

  36. UpChuck.Liberals

    Please, please, please join CalGuns, CalGuns Foundation and the NRA. Help SUE the living daylights out of these stupid people in Sacramento.

  37. David J. Ingraham

    ammunition is part of the Arms we can bear. Also the 2nd amendment is not a Discussion, it is a declaration of a right of the people, that is protected by law. also the 9th amendment May be considered as to allow the restriction of the enumerated rights, except equal justice under the law does not, per the 14 the amendment. That any new law cannot diminish the right of the people as Enumerated. The protection of law is held in the Insurrection act of 2006 for the constitutional rights
    of the people. There is away to turn these acts by the state legislature around. we the people have the voters initiative process where we can change the constitution of the state of California. We need to have a declaration in the state constitution that emulates the oath of office and to make no law that Shall restrict, deny, tax, construe to deny or disparage the enumerated rights, congressional granted rights. and the responsibility to the people as stated in the Articles of the U.S. Constitution

  38. It’s hard to take any article seriously which starts by slamming liberals everywhere.

    News flash morons, some liberals happen to like and support the right to bear arms. These laws were passed by morons YOU helped elect. You are registered voters, right? Well you didn’t stop those who passed this, so YOU are part of the problem now.


    • You are absolutely correct. Elections have consequences but if you have more idiots and illegals voting and yes I said it illegals. What do you think the outcome would be unless they are totally controlling the elections. California doesn’t believe in only citizens voting otherwise they wouldn’t fight so hard for no drivers license to show proof of citizenship. This discriminating against voters is all BS. Who in their right mind would vote against a state that takes care of you for free? They have interpreters reading the ballot for them because they neither speak or read English. I know I see it all the time when I vote at the polls. It is not about race but no doubt that will be some of their conclusions. It is so pitiful of a state this country has become.

    • The problem is that even liberals who do support and defend the second amendment, vote for politicians who for the most part do not.

      The same thing can happen to conservatives who vote on social issues, but the people they vote for often are not much better when it comes to supporting the Constitution than those the liberals vote for.

    • Perhaps you can inform and remind your liberal friends that you all like our God given and Constitutional right to protect and defend ourselves I think they all forgot. I thought liberals liked liberty but apparently you all seem to like the collective and communism far better. It seems as if the ends justify the means. We see it everyday in DC. The Constitution is toilet paper to our politicians.

  39. You know something Cali gun owners, their are a lot more of you with more guns than there are police … especially protective services for the Fascists trying to subjugate you. If they won’t hear you or pay attention to the ideals of the country then you have a right to get rid of them … and the tools to do so RIGHT NOW. If you wait too long to deal with them then you may NEVER get out from the shackles they are putting on you.

    It is better to die on your feet quickly fighting against evil with your teeth in its throat than to be slowly strangled on your knees whimpering for evil’s pleasure.

    • The NRA has a slogan this year. STAND AND FIGHT. It would seem to me that the NRA would be starting a recall all liberal political leftist schmucks in California government.

      • If we California gun owners do not stand up and recall these Democraps and repeal these illegal laws we will be the slaves. It was the Democrats that owned slaves before the war of northern aggression and it was the Democraps that started the KKK. This has to be stopped now.

  40. Too bad a “permit fee”, intelligence test and background check aren’t required before VOTING!

    • California gun owners, unite under one California gun group and start recalls on all of the legislators who voted for this tax.
      You can do this!

      Tony Snesko
      Founder, Idaho Carry, Open & Concealed
      Former Poway California City Council member 1990-94

  41. I’d rather not live by a loud-mouth “I wish now I would have gone (to Vietnam) draft dodger”.

  42. More of a reason to move. get the hell out of CAL let the ones who make up these stupid laws live there. and also what about the police how well they pay them if no one is paying taxes. come on people its time to let CAL fall into the sea.

  43. You people who say vote them out. Believe me, we would if we could, but when we are outnumbered by a Mexican population who votes straight DemocRAT, it makes it pretty darn tough to vote them out. Yes, there are Mexican people who are conservative hard working every day people, but there are now so many recent Mexican people from across the border who are on public assistance, they all vote DemocRAT. Of course, we have our share of idiot liberals who live in the ruling areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco. What we need to do is divide the state. From the ocean across the north border of Marin County, down the coast range mountains to the south border of the Kern County line and across to the Nevada border. East California (conservative) and West California (Liberal). For you conservatives who moved to the coast, I’m sorry. Western Oregon & Western Washington are also becoming uber liberal. Could possibly run the border all the way up the east side of I-5 putting Salem, Eugene, Portland and Seattle in Western Lib Land, and those on the East side of the mountains in the freedom of Conservative paradise. Just a thought.

  44. “””High taxes and the state’s distaste for the Constitution have prompted thousands of California residents to relocate elsewhere, Texas in particular.”””

    Those fools can stay in their liberal utopia. I’ve seen how califunnians urinate in their own bed, then leave for new pastures, taking their silly liberal ideas with them. They ruined Colorado. We don’t want them in Texas.

    • that’s too bad you have generalized all of us Californians into one pot… I for one am NOT dem in any way, but I do want to do what is best for my family. If moving to AZ or TX is what I have to do to be able to protect my family then I will. Even if you don’t want us.

      • I think that is democrats along with Gov Brown’s goal is to chase out all people with common sense and to make room for Mexico


    • I am a law abiding Citizen. Right up until that paw interferes with protecting my family, my friends or myself. Should anyone violate that one policy than I am the most evil sadistic outlaw to grace this planet I guarantee it. The box of rocks we have in the state legislature can pass all the laws they want. I don’t care. I choose which ones to obey just like everyone else does. Like I said before, I don’t care. If you physically harm my family. Remember this advice…….RUN. Cause I am coming and I will have my skinning knives with me. As for ammo, I don’t have to reside in the state to get it. I got family and friends that live outside.

  46. these people talk 2nd amendment while trying to puff up their deflated male egos. What do sane women have to say about this? Must be Wite people, too; what do sane blacks say about it? There’s where the real killin’ goes on, with regularity. U don’t care, U just want something to bitch about, ’cause you simply cannot stand to see a black man inna white house. Some of us pray to higher gods, who do not promote or condone violence against our fellow brothers. HOW MANY COLUMBINES & SANDY HOOKS DOES IT TAKE before U see the light? U R suborning murder. When it strikes your family, your lived ones, you will sing a different tune, if yer still alive. It is cool to have guns & ammo, free & ready to use, as long as you are on the trigger end of the gun. This is stupid & unholy. God does not love these attitudes. There is no love here. I feel only sorrow for these narrow, deprived human beings.

    • You’re free to return to that commune that so protected you in the 60’s.

    • Dr. Crow,

      I am a sane, law abiding, christian woman. I am highly educated, and I’m also of hispanic descent. (And, for the record, NONE of my family are immigrants). My family raised me to believe that all guns are evil, and only bad guys have them. Then I met my husband, and he showed me what responsible gun ownership is all about.

      I think this law is bullsh*t. And that doesn’t make me crazy. You see, there are plenty of us women who are smart enough to see past the male egos that are fueling this debate. We can look objectively at the situation to know that these laws do nothing but stir up the public into a panicked frenzy that causes them to stop thinking for themselves. The people in this state are so weary from desperately trying to get through each day, trying to eek out a living, trying to survive… they are ready to listen to almost any rhetoric that means that their lives will suck less.

      But, the truth is, these kinds of laws won’t help make our lives in this state any better. The violence I grew up with in my city won’t change. The people will simply continue to be victims of circumstance, of useless legislation, and of the a**hole law breakers who won’t stop terrorizing them. This law does NOTHING to stop violence, and hiding behind righteous religious ideals does NOTHING to stop violence, either. They are both products of ideals that the public wants to inflict on those individuals who have no moral compass, and therefore cannot fall within the parameters of these ideals.

      You can point fingers and be angry at the attitudes expressed here in the comments, that is your right. Please realize that your “pity” towards law-abiding gun owners is useless, judgmental and invalidates your position as someone who wants to be seen as morally superior. We, as legal gun owners, are not all “narrow, deprived human beings.” We are lawful citizens who care about our personal rights, but also care for the protection of the general public against those who would harm them, whether they be individual enemies or a government that seeks unlawful control.

  47. After the govm’t (federal /local) is done fleecing us, what will we have left to defend? $50 ammo fee,$100 ccl fee, training cost, 1.50 /round ammo, proposed $1million insurance requirement for gun owners.. I need a CEO job to afford to buy groceries at the dollar store!

  48. Horrible. Gun control Will continue to cost lives, and waste enormous amount of taxpayer’s money.

    will people finally learn to get into reloading now? you can make handgun ammo for five cents a round. No shortage for those that stock up on primers and powder. Doesnt matter if stores are empty. Locally, stores have tons of reloading components right now, and I’m fortunate to live in a free state. if you live in California move! don’t pay taxes to those tyrants.

  49. CA’s insanity knows no bounds!

    • Wasn’t it Reagan that released the mentally insane back in the 80’s? Now you all know what happens when such foolishness occurs.

  50. It’s hard enough finding ammo here in Nevada as it is. Now we must contend with others for ammo?

  51. We would welcome several Californians back to Oklahoma if you want to get away from that liberal freak show out west.

    • Thanks, however I have a problem with being sucked up in to the atmosphere and shot out over the horizon. Since I lack wings and only have a prayer, I prefer staying on the ground. 🙂

      • I’ve lived in Oklahoma for 40 years and have yet to see a tornado. When the siren is blaring, I’m in the front yard looking for rotation or listening for a train.

  52. I really wish you guys would actually grasp how the political process works. The bills you are referencing in this article WERE NOT PASSED INTO LAW. They have been passed through committee and/or by the state senate. They still have to get through the assembly and the governor. By not fact-checking your articles, you potentially lead thousands of Californians to believe that these draconian bills have actually made it to the governors desk. They have NOT! Please take the opportunity to urge Californians to continue to do what we have been, writing and calling our legislators and the governor. There are millions of us here in CA who DID NOT vote for the many assholes in Sacramento. Please do not throw us under the bus with the lib-tards!

  53. I am so glad I moved out of Cali over 45 years ago. NO Regrets, even hate to go there anymore.
    I am truely confused with the citizens of Calif. I have talked to approx. 1000 + – people from there about their voting/electing all these idiots over there & I think I might have had a handfull that addmitted they voted for them & made a mistake, all the rest stated, NO WAY, that it was not their fault, as they voted for the other guy/girl & did not vote for any of those that are in office. Sure sounds like someone, just like the elected ones are full of nothing but BS, but sounds about right

  54. screw these liberal bastards, I am going back to Georgia as soon as I can. Im over this state and all their BS Taxes/fees/permits.

  55. And here the Leftwingwackos do it again. They hate the fact that people have human rights, such as the right to defend themselves, that they use the government to hurt people’s basic human rights.

    Leftwingwackos are pro-thug, pro-criminal and are bloodthirsty. When thugs and criminals hurt and kill innocent civilians, leftwingwackos’ bloodthirst is shown when they still say “NO HUMAN RIGHTS FOR YOU LAW ABIDING SUCKERS! WE LUB LUB THE CRIMINALS!”

  56. California becoming more useless one day at a time. Ran by goons, it’s like a big prison with a beach!

  57. The only cure for this is for ALL ammo manufacturers to cease making ammo in or sell in ammo to Anything that has to do with California. Period. That includes law enforcement, any federal agency in the state, even the private citizen. Stop all of it. Once the state has had its fill of NO BODY being able to do a damn thing about crime and when they choose to remove this law, should anyone consider doing any business with this state. As for the pro gun voting public, its time we voted out some people of office come next election cycle. In the meantime, Enjoy………

  58. Where is here? So we can send Feinstein to you. BTW I live in CA, I own more guns than I care to count. Glad I saw this problem coming when I did.

  59. When voting time comes, Pay attention to where the candidates hail from. If they are anywhere near the bay area or in a sanctuary city like L.A. do not vote for them. That entire area is infested with libtards and those who are too good to follow federal law.

  60. This is the equivalent of a poll tax, which is illegal. Hope it costs CA millions in legal fees, along with the other BS legislation they’ve been passing.

  61. It still has to go through the state assembly. In a bicameral legislature no one house can pass a bill.

    Hopefully it will die in the assembly. ALSO, the permit fee is not paid every time you purchase ammo. It has a lifetime, like a driver license, but can be revoked if you become disqualified.

    No, matter, I have never bought any ammunition in this state, ever. I always buy mine in other states.


  62. The only thing I can say to this article is…….when the last free American citizen moves out of CaliforniwhWohkd you please PLEASE make sure you’re not being followed! As for the rest of the country, time to make it so hot I can our states that the illegal flee to cali an Mexico can have all the liberals who still wish to reside there. I stead of giving California federal money lets just just kick Jr out of the u eyes states and tell the idiots they’re on their own. Set up your own country and currency but it won’t be accepted in th e US. HAVE A NICE LIFE IDIOTS!

  63. GOD BLESS Texas!!!

  64. with all do respect to california gun owners buying pallets of ammo to avoid the fee isnt the answer…thats playing chickenshit….forcing them to abolish it is your responsibility!

  65. Hunters, who put these people in office? We can take them out in just the same way! Don’t get mad get EVEN. Take them out of office . I tried to tell everyone when Brown ran again that he and his Buddies would take the Gold out of the Golden State but no one would listen.So what did I do “I moved to Mi.” and guess what it is as bad here as in Cally.Legal American Citizens have NO RIGHTS in the these United States of America but in the same breath I WOULD NOT live any where else even if it is no longer home of the Free it is STILL HOME OF THE BRAVE.

  66. SAO PAULO (AP) – Tens of thousands of Brazilians again flooded the streets of the country’s biggest city to raise a collective cry against a longstanding lament – people are weighed down by high taxes and high prices but get low-quality public services and a system of government infected with corruption.

    Sound or look familiar? Soon it will.

  67. PisssedOffAmerican

    The Democrats / Communists can go ahead and ready the body bags, because criminals will take more advantage of law abiding citizens now than ever before. This destruction of our Constitution and decency has to stop now! The Democrats are more interested in targeting conservatives and having millions of illegals being able to vote than actually protecting our borders and allowing a truly free society. Once again they are the pioneers of discrimination. It started with Democrats owning plantations and slaves, now they are trying to make all of us slaves of the government! F that! It’s time to rise up and squash this liberal communist movement once and for all. IF you are against any part of Obamacare, IRS, Gun control, CIA, FBI, and EPA abuses or the lies of Benghazi, bullet trains or underground tunnels, then you need to speak up and let your voice be heard. Do not vote for Democrats. Do not give them donations. Do not support their businesses. Do not do anything to help them, ever.

  68. TYRANNY cannot take place if Americans, all 80 MILLION or more “hunters”, will STEP OUT TOGETHER, just like on Opening Day of hunting season. FULLY LOCKED AND LOADED.

    Do it THIS TIME (because we are OUT of time) on July 4, 2013, at 9:00 a.m. EST (6:00 a.m. PST)

    The ONLY DIFFERENCE this time, is, WE NEVER TAKE OUR GUNS OFF AGAIN. We wear our guns as EVERY DAY APAREL, just like FREE America did in the 1800’s.

    We will NOT go about KILLING each other or trying to OVERTHROW the government. The purpose is to keep the government from OVERTHROWING the CITIZENS.

    The GOOD CONSTITUTIONAL COPS will support our CITIZEN’S ARREST of ANY cop or politician, trying to DISARM law abiding American CITIZENS, by cuffing them and taking them to JAIL where they will be booked, arraigned, and scheduled for trial on the charge of TREASON for actively engaging in the OVERTHROW of the U.S. Constitution by trying to enforce UN-LAWFUL ORDERS overriding the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th, amendments that have NEVER BEEN REPEALED and therefore are STILL the law of the land.

    We’re running out of time, folks. Send this message to all you know on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, phone calls, and personal conversations.

    We can have our country back in a HEARTBEAT and without having to fire a SINGLE SHOT or engage in overthrowing the government.

    This is LEGAL ACTION that we can ALL take and MUST take TOGETHER.

    There’s 80 MILLION of us and only 6 MILLION of them TOTAL, and 3 MILLION of their six million will JOIN OUR SIDE if we step out together.

    That leaves a “puny” 3 MILLION against 83 MILLION of us. NO GOVERNMENT can overthrow its CITIZENRY if its CITIZENS are CARRYING their guns on them everywhere in PUBLIC. Criminals of ALL ILK would be FOOLS to take us on.


    Show the TRAITORS that WE THE PEOPLE are the United States CONSTITUTION POLICE FORCE, and that WE THE PEOPLE are the SUPREME LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS of the land and ALL OTHER law enforcement are SUBORDINATE to the CITIZENS and are REQUIRED BY OATH to back the CITIZENS as we back the United States Constitution.


  69. The only way this will ever come to an end is to terminate any and all anti-gun people with extreme prejudice

  70. Yet the balk at the “Cost” of having someone get an ID so they can be identified a s a legal voter…..
    It is coming.

  71. The California legislature just shot themselves in the foot again. I was in the marine transportation business when then democratic Governor Grey Davis added a sales tax on Bunker fuels in California harbors. Instead of revenue generation, this blunder costs thousands of jobs in California ports as the large ships that were stopping in San Diego, Long Beach, Los Angeles and San Francisco to buy their bunker fuel bypassed California and went to Oregon and Washington harbors to load up on bunkers. This ammo fee is only going to chase ammo dollars to other states or to on line purchases. Again the California democratic/liberal legislature is dumber than snot. I can only hope that Governor Gerry Brown is smart enough to see that this will accomplish nothing but lose of jobs, tax base and revenue and refuse to sign it. Governor Brown, Do Not Sign additional Ammo Tax!

  72. Eusebio Preciado

    We are having a Gun Rally on the Sacramento Capital on the 4th of July to protest the Unconstitutional and Unlawful Statues by the State of California Legislature.. If you care about sending a message and trying to tell Sacramento that we aren’t going to comply with these Statues.. then please show up and support the demonstration.. Information are on this facebook link.

    Hope to see you all there!!

  73. An ammunition purchase permit requirement is not law yet in California. Senate Bill 53 (De Leon) – Ammunition; purchase permits – passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee this morning (July 2). I know because I was there and spoke against it.

  74. Please sign our petition – It also explains some of the details of State Bill 53.


  75. This confirms my label of California as “The Granola State- The Land Of Fruits And Nuts”.

  76. They are welcome to try to pass any laws they wish. As a good citizen, I will comply with all laws, as I’m sure everyone else will.

  77. Johannan Baptiste

    Yep! Criminals are waiting in line right now to pay the fee. Look at all of them.

    Whoops. Sorry. That’s LAGET THEIR PERMITS… criminals don’t NEED permits.

    • Johannan Baptiste

      that was supposed to say
      “That’s LAW ABIDING CITIZENS GETTING THEIR PERMITS… criminals don’t NEED permits.”

  78. I live in Southern Oregon so I see a new Black Market business selling needed ammo to our conservative brethren in California.

  79. Looks like a nice time to save by reloading 12 guage ammo. 😀

    • Actually that is one of the ones that did not get out of committee. Moonbeam did not sign the new ban on assault weapons or to take away the grandfathered large magazines. With what just happened in Washington it really would not have mattered. The last smelting factory in the US that produced lead was forced out of business. Now there will be no where in the us for bullet companies to get lead.
      Think about it.

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