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BREAKING: Strange Planes Landing At US Air Force Bases

UN plane

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There have been multiple civilian sightings of strange planes landing at American Air Force bases, all carrying UN troops and/or having UN markings (or none). My husband, a Vietnam vet, has been back and forth to Overton-Brooks VA Medical Hospital three times a week this month. Barksdale Air Force Base, one of the most secure Strategic Air Command (SAC) bases in the nation, has had unusual C-130s or C-136s fly into Barksdale AFB and land at all hours. The interstate runs in front of the side and front of the base and is clearly visible with no restraints. (Barksdale is where President George W. Bush landed on 9/11 — it is such a safe, secure and well-guarded installation.)

These flights have been reported by other citizens, and several of the military men who work inside the base have reported that the UN troops are given US military clothing and name tags. When our servicemen question this, the soldiers are told they did NOT see what they just saw. Base operations refused to confirm or deny or discuss these sightings.

Lately, rumors and reports regarding the presence of foreign troops in the US working with our armed forces have been hitting public awareness. Originally government sources denied these reports, but now official reports are confirming what eyewitnesses had been reporting. ( Russia herself confirms that the Obama administration has requested 15,000 Russian troops to train with FEMA in the event of a disaster scenario, particularly in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia area.

The question is: Why? It appears that foreign troops are working with US troops, practicing on urban warfare, civil unrest and civil disturbance scenarios. In Colorado, rumors of Russian troops practicing to deal with terrorist raids and martial law scenarios have been proven correct by our own US armed forces. Peterson AFB in Colorado is another base being used.

Bombshell New Book Reveals… How To Survive The Coming Martial Law In America

Located in Germany is the Marshall Center, named after General George C. Marshall, who was quite the UN/NWO devotee. At this present time, the Department of Defense is conducting classes in counterterrorism. Of course, the definition of “terrorism” belongs to new world order advocates. According to the definition used by the NWO, a terrorist is anyone who opposes a takeover of their nation. That would make all NWO resistors and/or anyone who disagrees with the new world order plans potential terrorists.

Are You A Terrorist By Their Definition?

Do you believe in our national sovereignty and national Constitution? Do you believe in religious liberty and freedom of speech? Do you believe in the right to own guns and bear arms? Are you prepared to stand up and fight for your freedom if an order of martial law is imposed?

Then by UN/NWO definition, you are a terrorist!

The problem with these foreign troops being trained to intervene on American soil in disaster scenarios which might occur here is that they have no loyalty to our Constitution, they have no loyalty to the inherent rights that have always been ours as American citizens, and they have no basis for restraint in any action they might perceive as necessary, regardless of our laws. They have no constitutional right to interfere in the internal events of our country.

NATO and the UN have the same goal, mission, and function: to subvert the sovereignty of the United States and the rest of the world, turning us all into a fascist worldwide state. Our government officials have proven time and again here lately that they are not to be trusted. Congress is nothing more than a rubber stamp for what the administration wants, not the representative body of the citizenry as it should be.

What catastrophic event is this administration preparing to implement now in order to seize the control they so desperately want?

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  1. we are being preinvaded to a point where the govt will be sure that all opposition can be overcome but these foreign troops wont stop with just ”helping hands’ ‘they will then go after the very ones that invited them here, play with snakes and you will get bit etc. these elite in DC think they will be immune to any retribution, persecution,etc. but there day is coming to where they will wonder just what went wrong but it will be too late. That is those that are left, that haven’t flown the coop with their millions etc. those that do will be laughing all their way into the pits of hell. Where they will be pennyless,without recognition and respect, they will suffer unimagined torment in that place where as of their present here and now they think of it as sheer fantasy where they will turn their eyes in heavens direction for help from a living almighty God for help, but God will not be there ever for them ever. then the truth will hit like a atomic bomb, but it too will dissolve away in such a place. Think about this just before you retire to bed at night, then you can say it was just a dream, right? right???

    • The only hell there is, is what you create for yourself here in this time space reality. After you or anyone else croaks, you will all return to where you came from. Pure Source Energy and you will experience nothing but pure Peace, Love and Joy. :-)

      • Just keep thinking that Charlie until Judgement Day when God calls your soul to look for your name in the Book Of Life….as you keep saying ” But I believe in you now”…TOO LATE!! as your soul is cast into the Lake Of Fire with Satan, his demons, & all the rest like you to burn into eternity!!

        • Thats all Bull S—t, words written in the Bible by the hand of man. If we have a loving God, do you really think he would cast you into a burning hell for ever. NO, this is propaganda belief. No real truth at all to this statement James D Gates! Read The Urantia Book, It will enlighten your misguided beliefs.

          • Lance…you are blind to the truth. The Word of God is just that The Word of God. Given from God to the chosen prophets. Yes, these prophets were ‘chosen’ men given the Word. Scoffing and denial doesn’t change the ‘truth’. The final destination is The Lake of Fire…After death your soul departs. If saved it enters a habitation of peace…the unsaved begin their torments immediately up and until The Judgement at the end of the Age. See Jesus telling of “Lazarus and the Rich Man” then Read 2 Esdrus 7:76-101. Believe what you want…once you cross over it will be final. 2 Esdrus is an Apocryphal Book written by the Prophet Ezra. You, if you find yourself with the Rich man will see the gulf you can not cross to Paradise. The Rich man, when wanting to warn his brothers was told ‘they have the Law and the Prophets’. It is up to each individual to know what they are telling us. If you see the Rich Man after physical death…tell him I tried to warn you.

          • ONCE AGAIN this forumpage is ruined by some religion-jerks!with all means they try to lure people into their mambo-jamboo nonsense.IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSUM THERE ARE NO gods AT ALL ! gods are a humane ABSTRACT invention to gain power and money from poor-minded brainwashed people!the bible is one big lie constructed by retard/drugged/crazy individuals living in kinda violent was either putting this religion-shit up or be kinda canonfother for deranged military warlords of the worst kind.the word evil,hell,devil and other stuff like this origine is to be find into the WARtheatre.this planet would be better of by BANNING all religions and puttting them on the FRAUDE list.

          • Psalm 14:1-7 “The fool says in his hearth there is no God…” Now here is TRUTH.

          • Thats right Lance, the Bible was written by man’s hand, but according to 2 Timothy 3:16, ” all Scripture is inspired by God(God breathed) and profitable for teaching, reproff, correction and training in righteousness; that the man of God may be adequade, equipped for every good work. God told these men what to write by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And in 1 Timothy 2: 3,4, it says ” This is good and accecptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.
            And the knowledge of the truth is that God gave up His only begotten son (Jesus Christ) to be the sin bearer of your and my sins and if we repent of our sins and believe and obey Jesus Christ in His Word, we will be saved, and spend eternity with Him in a place called Heaven with all the other saints who have believed and obeyed Him. That is the gospel of Grace. Jesus Christ took our place on a rugged cross 2000 years ago, and died for our sins so we could know God and be at peace with Him. John 17:3.

          • really these “churchpeople” are soooo BRAINWASHED that they really have a problem accepting a pure abstract universe!WHY did humans invent religion?simply because most of them can not coop with that ABSTRACT enviroment of a multi-dimensional universum.NOT one single trace…not one single alien being in the universe does know about planet earth,english language,algebra,our earthly natural laws and ofcourse all that crappy jesus (kinda a hippy with an oedipus complex and had also an homo-sexual hidden life…but fortunatly the Romans did a good job removing this jesustrash from the surface of this planet!) and gods of all weird kind is without any value.i do hope that all these religion freaks have just a clear moment before they die where they realiseing what kind of fools they had made themself in by going fanatic religious.

          • “The Romans removed…” Constantine…think Constantine. You Lance are proving you know little of Christianity and Rome.

          • However, you believe the individual with great power on earth, who abuses that great earthly power, punishes and tortures good men and women here on earth,…. THEY will be rewarded in the afterlife? Whatever the afterlife is? Right? You believe that?

          • Those are not written in the Bible. If one would stop writing what they have heard, and studied it for themselves, they would discover what hell really is, and whom/what/it is actually cast into the lake of fire. Also, as the commandment in the Bible teaches, neverfear fear God only, and become fearless among men.

          • Jesus spoke more about Hell than He did about Heaven. You might have your mind made up about religion, but true Christianity is not a religion but a way of life and a relationship with God. We are in the end times and things will happen very quickly. All men even Christians will face judgment some day and that includes you rather you want to believe it or not. You see God has to punish sin or He wouldn’t be God. The wages of Sin is death. God gave his Son out of love toward man, but it is up to man to take the gift. Jesus paid the price for your sin and you have to accept that gift to make it into Heaven. I tell you there is a Spiritual world out there. I am not just your ordinary everyday preacher. I am also a Demonologist and in my many years of ministry I have seen things that would likely put you in a mental ward for awhile. I have seen Angels and I have seen Demons. You are really taking a chance not believing. Obama is a devil I assure you and his plans for this county are not good. I am a Christian not because I fear Hell, but because of God’s love toward me. You can love something and fear it at the same time. I do not FEAR death. Can you say that with real assurance?

          • you forget one important detail ! god is a HUMANE INVENTED TOOL ! there is nog god at all in the entire universe!it’s not because you have seen during your life other INSANE/COOCKOO/IDIOT people doing their show that this is proof of hell,devil,angel or whatever SUBSTITUTE for the abstract you are using.BTW i tell you what all these old times paranoia stands for ! the universal soup of life recepy WITHOUT any gods involved is very simple: 1 ) take a dry planet witrh lots of minerals. 2) smash on it a dirty-ice comet. 3) let this soup stir and cook for a l o n g periode by a near sun. 4) out of this brew L I F E will be created and the V A R I E T Y of lifeforms depend on the amount of cosmic rays interfering in the D.N.A. code.lifeforms are part as a chain in the universal proces of mutating matter (atomic parts).as you can see i do not need your chuchish paranoide bibleblabla and godcircus but i can just deal with it the S C I E N T I F I C way.

          • Has the Bible ever been wrong?

          • BIBLE is 100% FAKE ! because of the fake content there is NO VALUE at all in this book of lies !the vicious people who think that it’s authentic…check out how the bible was brewed !!! I GIVE YOU THE INGREDIENTS:
            -detoriated historical facts.
            -manipulated and favoritised facts.
            -absurd childish explanations for common natural phnomenons.
            -absolute crazy explanations due to hard drug abuse.(people who see “angels” coming from a stair out of heaven,hear voices from burning bushes,think they can walk on water,promote they are son of god,… belong in a COOKOO FARM behind bars.)
            -completely invented stories without any sense in cultural or historical way.

            is’nt it time that we do something about these mad-ass church belt idiots ? i think it’s high time for action.

          • U KNOW…the worst of these coockoo churchpeople are the venomenous ones who go into their VICTIME-ROLE ! i’ll bet they are ashamed that people will know how stupied they are in still believing all this inquisition children stories and lies.they can not accept also that there are NO gods at all and ofcourse knagging phrases like:you insult my belief… for the XYZ time…religion is BULLCRAP!

          • Who was Urantia,, written by, lance?

            The Col

          • It is sad Lance that people like you are lost! How could a man over 2000 years ago tell what is to come in the end times and be so dead on? They couldn’t without the visions provided by God! Come on now you really can’t believe that the description of the end times in the bible are just coincidental? The bible is most definitely real and GOD is most definitely real and the end of times is here right in your face staring you down I just pray that you find the truth before it is too late and your soul is saved! So sad!

          • Vivian Gregory

            The bible was written by men but God told them what to write. What they wrote thousands of years ago is coming to pass today.People say a loving God would not cast a person in hell forever. God made away of escape so you wouldn’t have to go to hell but it is up to you to accept the way if not you send yourself to hell.God gave the greatest gift for mankind ( His Son ) so you wouldn’t have to go to hell. Yes religion will take you to hell it takes salvation ( asking God to forgive you of your sins and asking him to come into your heart and save your soul. With the heart man believes and with the mouth confession is made into salvation.To you who don’t believe there is a god I dare you to ask God to reveal himself to you and let you know that he is real you may get a shock.

      • And you got that from where Charlie?

        • OLd Nam Vet ...7th air cav.

          I wouldn’t get too worked up over how someone else sees the universe. They might be a great fighter when the SHTF. Some of the guys I fought alongside in Nam viewed everything similarly but were hell with an M-16

          • Pastor Chuck Baldwin who ran for President in 2008 at the request of Ron Paul said he’d rather be in a foxhole with an atheist who supports the Constitution than a Christian who does not.

      • You may want to read the Apocrypha Book 2 Esdrus, Chapter 7 verse’s 76-101. There are two locations the soul of the departed go. One is as you describe the other is a place of torments, a holding cell so to speak until the Judgement. The ‘habitation’ you mention is for the saved -believer- not the lost. The gate is narrow and ‘few’ find it.”

      • This is classic NWO masonic new age romantic twaddle, your clichés’ are embarrassing

    • not a shred of proof anywhhere. just bullshit nonstop

    • EXCELLENT for those who satnd for GOD and JESUS!!!!…the bible states:… man cometh to the father…..BUT BY ME:….Jesus said….plain spoken and you will find when u come before judgement…..jesus and God will stae this to you…….”I never knrew you, depart from me”……then u will know that “Jesus is Lord”!

      • TO HEXJUMPER…..U be sure to have wide shoulders and a discerning look when you tell the KING OF KINGS that he was a homo…..ur time is limited, repent and ask jesus to save you!!!!

        • TO LANCE…..cant u see ur being blinded?…..u disbelieve, u put down…..repent now to JESUS all ur sins so u can be saved!!! Ur time is limited….once JESUS comes back, ur done for unless u are a martyr to belive in him!!!

          • ALL religions are just plain HUMANE invented ! ALL biblestuff was mindly invented and manipulated by brain sick drug using low I.Q. scum,mostly outlawed, and frustrated in the quadrant by their own stupidity.ALL stories have the level for 2-3 year old kindergarten kids. NOT one singel scientific proof nor authentic piece of the story.for the sake of XYZ…in the entire cosmos there are NO gods,angels nor devils at all…these are just creations by a sick/mad/low I.Q. mind.
            and BTW what the hell got this religion content have to do with a forum about military matter ?

        • To Hexjumper. If we follow god and believe and we are wrong, at least we have lived a good life and we have nothing to loose, if you are wrong, you have everything to loose.

          • Hexjumper is spot on! Christianity’s biggest crime is making people believe that there is a need for a clergy to communicate with God. Christians have murdered thousands and thousands of their own simply because they believed you could communicate directly with God. So clearly, most Christians do not follow God. They follow the Church. The good bible thumpers on the list would do well to study their own history instead of mindlessly follow the words of man. What makes it so hard to believe in God is the sheer stupidity of his followers and the greed of an entirely unnecessary clergy that is only out for itself.

        • Right-Hand Rockomatic

          “Hexjumper”: interesting moniker for an offensive illiterate imbued with such hatred for things he can’t comprehend. As for IQ’s, you’re a regular “Tow Mater” of the secular philosophical world, aren’t you?

          And “Spear of Destiny”: just another arrogant and lazy “intellect” smugly rapt in his own ignorance. Here’s a newsflash for you idiots: It’s Catholics that rely upon men to intercede between them and The Almighty, and the Roman Catholic church may be responsible for many thousands (if not millions) of murders, but real Christians know the Roman Catholic church is not Christian. It’s the pagan religious arm of a political entity that uses Christian trappings and idolatry (thoroughly mixed with pagan trappings) to seduce the simple-minded and gullible. Even half-wits like yourselves should be able to recognize that there is no logic in a “Christian” church murdering thousands of “it’s own” — unless of course it’s not really a Christian church at all, and then it makes perfect sense! The “good Bible thumpers” do indeed study their own history and have very little faith in the motives of mortal men. But as guilty and stained with the blood of the Saints as the Catholic church may be, it’s crimes are now upstaged by the atheistic and satanic forces dominating global politics and economics in the past few decades, forces of which you two blaspheming lemmings are proudly a part.

          It’s depressing that this once great country has fallen so low as to be infested with your kind. You stink of evil spirits, rotting flesh and fecal matter, and here’s one devout Christian with no desire to save you. Don’t worry: I won’t waste a drop of piss on your souls when they’re on fire.

          Onward Christian Soldiers.

          • You sir, you are the one I want to go demon-hunting with me. I walked with the stars of rock n roll and after 20+ years of touring with music acts and seeing how they get their POWER I don’t get to enjoy rock music anymore(funny thing if you knew what they were hiding in it you would RUN)…getting ready to watch it burn. Right hand, I got your back.

          • Good thing “HEXJUMPER” is intelligent enough to not need spelling,,, I guess,,, he innately knows who is smart/dumb/ naughty or nice,,, most likely using himself as the watermark… apparently the mark is rather low…

            Always amazed at the dummies, who call others dumb,,, I heard a story once, cant recall where,,, something about worrying over a sliver in someone elses eye, while ignoring the “log” in your own,,,

            Hmmmm….. wonder where I coulda read that????

            The Col

        • Vivian Gregory

          I double dare HexJumper to ask God to reveal himself to him if you do it and really mean it you just might get a shock, let us know what happens. Do it if you are not afraid of learning the truth, I think you are to afraid just want to brag alot

    • wow, well said! – very good point.

  2. Just put all the pieces of the puzzle together. DHS arms, equipment and ammo buildup. Attempts to disarm us, domestic spying, NDAA vetting of U.S. Commanders based on willingness to fire on americans, and now foreign troops with no loyalty to Americans and no hesitation to shoot. You’d better be ready and willing to fight and possibly die on your feet, or you will live on you knees.

  3. To those who have lost the skills to provide for you and yours from the good earth and cannot conceive of a world without money, you are doomed to live on nothing that cannot be bought with a dollar bill. The skills to grow your own food and make your own tools and build your own shelter and raise your own meat will be the skills that will guarantee survival. THINGS ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE–ARE YOU READY???

  4. Give them food and you feed them for a day–Teach them to grow their own food and you don’t have to feed them- period!!

    • Growing one’s own food can be frustrated by nature; we are pleased our shelves are still heavy with last years harvest but this year has been a bust.
      Our area (WV) has had way too much rain this year and it essentially ate 85% of our crops.

    • Give treasonous corrupt criminal scoundrals food for a day and you feed them. Hang them (after a fair trial) and they are no more trouble.

      • WHY spending a lot of taxpayer’s money on the so called “fair trails” ? it takes just 1/10.000th of a second + 1 bullet + 1 executor to give such entity a NECKSHOT !
        proof of crime is obvious so why spending costly time,pampering them with food and drinks,guard them and transporting them with the risk that they escape and get a 2nd oportunity to do their dirty work ?

  5. Strategic Air Command went away in 1992. Try to do a little research before you make up news stories.

  6. We are a Nation under siege from within and without !!!!

  7. Listen,if any American investigations are being done under the United Nations Security Levels,and conduct of code,and standards of handling issues world wide,and those measures are winding down at a Stateside AFB… Aren’t we jumping the gun to say it’s not us that might be undertaking a regiment to improve the world,by raising another nation to our standards,and level of participation globally in the realm of United Nations Forces,as United Nations Participants?

  8. please be ware that the picture shown is NOT combined with what the article claims ! on that picture is a French a.f. Mirage IV that last flew in…1996 and a K.C. -135 tanker come these so called expert-editors keep trying to fool their readers with WRONG information ?

  9. You would think some of the witnesses would have taken photos of the UN troops deplaning if it is so close to the highway. Everyone has a camera nowadays.

  10. Did you know that some of the Lockheed Martin F-35s the USAF is testing have British flag markings on them? It’s been confirmed by both the USAF and RAF that some of them are being flown by British pilots wearing US flight suits.

    Oh wait. That’s because the UK paid for part of the programme and supplied a lot of the stealth technology and the complete STOVL engine system.

    Yes, there are foreign troops on US soil. That’s because they are training with, on exchange to or teaching at US units. I’m sure a lot of people around Fort Bragg have seen trucks filled with British paratroopers driving around. There is a British military intelligence section in Tampa. The German Luftwaffe had two squadrons of F-4Fs and one of F-4Es at Holloman AFB, NM until a few years ago.

    There are thousands of foreign troops on US soil. Their presence ENHANCES the USA’s ability to defend itself, because they’re allies who are sharing their skills with US personnel, just as US personnel share THEIR skills with us. Relax, people. The USA spends as much on its military as the next 14 nations combined. The UN (largest troop contributing nations – India and Nigeria) can’t invade you.

  11. i do NOT see one reason why The West should go fighting in Syria ! WHY you ask me ?
    here is my answer:


    1) Syrian military went to the other side (rebels/warlords/criminals) taking with them inside information about the Syrian military warhouse(s) with weapons.

    2) the rebels/warlords/criminals got their hands on the weapons (gascannisters).

    3) the rebels/warlords/criminals used them upon the Syrian common people.

    4) the rebels/warlords/criminals organised the scene & rumours as if it was the Syrain army who did this.

    5)the rebels/warlords/criminals orchestrated the media-circus with kinda dramatised images due to them abuseing ofcourse the scene were relatives found family was killed and/or very much hurt by the gasattack.


    WHY SHOULD THE SYRIAN ARMY USE GASCANNISTERS TO COMMON SYRIAN PEOPLE ? there is absolutely NO succes they could have got of this action at all !

    IF…(!) the Syrian army had used a gasattack against the REBELS/WARLORDS/CRIMINALS than this was another thing.

    BTW: most politicians have an I.Q. much lower than a dog-turt !

    • Correct, the West should not go to war in Syria – however, Barack Obama stuck HIS nose where it should NOT have been…Syria.

      1)Obama demanded Assad “step aside”, and said as much in front of the planet Earth.
      2)Obama incited the Syrian people to rise up against Assad and oust him from office.
      3)Obama said at the UN Meetings that there is a “red line” should Assad use chemical weapons.

      Since those words echoed so eloquently throughout the world, Obama put himself, and the United States on the spot.

      So the Syrian people did what Obama told them to do – rise up. But one error happened – a mis-calculation by the people of Syria – they thought Obama was going to back them up in their coup of the Assad regime.

      Obama’s only plan was to install a Muslim Brotherhood government – just as he did in Turkey, Egypt and Libya.

      Obama’s mis-calculation came when he under-estimated the will of the Syrian people..and that of the terrorists who are now fighting in Syria…just as Obama under-estimated al Qaeda.

      So why are we sticking our nose in Syria? I don’t know – ask Barack Obama!

  12. I fully understand many conspiracies seem so far-fetched that someone surely devised them, however, by your use of English syntax and plethora of grammatical errors, you may, yourself be a conspiracy.

    The NWO is already upon us all, but in your shortness of desperately needed brain-oxygen, you miss reality. Our planet already has a One World Court; a One World Bank; a One World Government {the UN}; a Global Tax; a One World Agreement on which War shall be conducted…you fail to see the implementation of the One World Health system, in which every industrialized nation has a government controlled healthcare….why do all economies look the same? Unemployment is nearing an all-time high in every nation – as the class of poor continues to grow globally.

    Based on your lack of education, D – I will also inform you that while you refuse to believe truths, that does not itself mean a truth is a lie. I’m certain you aren’t aware of our military using chemicals on US citizens during the 50’s and 60’s…sure, and Dick Gephardt (D) also lied when he said the government is looking further into the “why” the military sprayed those chemicals upon US citizens in St. Louis?

    One MUST realize that often a conspiracy theory is nothing more than: The ability to suppress the truth is greater than that which can expose it….

    …in elementary language {so you can better understand!} – it means the “force” hiding the truth is greater than the “force” which is trying to expose the truth….and I’m certain you can understand that government are experts at suppressing truths!

    Agenda 21 is real, by the way…there is a committee of Democrats who trying to crush it..and that committee includes Senators and Congressman/woman.

    Enjoy living under that rock!

  13. American Internet Intelligence indicates that ANY foreign troops attempting to enforce martial law WIL BE SHOT ON SIGHT! This is what the internet responses indicate!

  14. Rev Dr Terry J Carter

    I personally have read Agenda 21 back in 1974 as American History class assignment when we were studying Communism and Socialism. Since that time I have been following up with additions which have be added the past 30 years. It IS about the communist overthrow of the United States and the United Nations and a NEW WORLD ORDER and just recently the issue of Islam has been added. Obama is following it to the letter. It lines up with the Communist Manifesto very closely. Attack freedom of speech, the press and religion, the moral decay of our young people, the killing of the elderly and abortion to maintain “population control. The cut back of OUR military and bring in UN Troops, create a imagined or real crisis, declare Martial Law and the taking away of ALL CITIZENS guns starting with former military members (veterans), Over rule the US Constitution & Bill of rights. The deliberate and planned encouragement of racial division to cause a national crises, the collapse of the US economy involving the Federal Reserve and the IMF. UN Gun Treaty, confiscation of personal assets of all Americans, Open border to allow foreign armies into the US. This IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH and Americans are falling right into the trap and the Senate and the Democratic Party know this. That is why they have refused to impeach Obama and his administration. Even Obama Care is part of it because it will lead to the euthanizing of the Elderly and the very sick. The Blacks are falling into their own demise without even knowing it !

  15. SAC has been dissolved for 20 plus hears. Alot Has changed since Vietnam, since 911 the us has been doing alot more join exercises with other nations. That you crazies think is some kind of invasion is just normal business.

  16. They are getting ready for the first of Oct. The invasion is in full swing, time to grab your guns and hunker down. Good luck and may the Creator watch over us all.

  17. think about it, why did they buy all that ammo? over a billion rounds and all the hollow
    point 40 cal. it sure was not for practice.

  18. Where are the PHOTOS ??????????????????????????????

  19. Try buying ammunition at Walmart. They have been prohibited this year (2013) from re-stocking their ammo shelves. Supposedly ammo suppliers have been ordered to stop all shipments. If you want a shock, just check out your nearest Walmart’s sporting goods section.

  20. I am a pilot and former plane owner. I always look the the sky. I saw 2 of these planes (unmarked) flying low towards ft hood.

    • LOL UNmarked airplanes ??? get a life all you so called aviation experts or “pilots” themself ! it’s not because YOU are not able anymore to see the marks that the airplane is unmarked !!!!!
      they are marked in LOW-VISABILITY paintjob !(black on grey,lightgrey on darker gray,…)

  21. No wonder all the freeway exit signs are now just numbers.Wouldn’t want to confuse foreign troops with English,German or Spanish names of our roads. The people that live in cities are doomed.

  22. foreign troops will rape, murder and and cause destruction where ever they go. this is very
    serious folks please wake up America and fight to keep our country. it will get very messy
    but we can do it as American and together

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  24. Rev. Dr. Carter: Your post on Sept. 1st tells me you are a very astute patriot who has been alert to his surroundings such as I for many years. I have been posting those warnings on message boards for over 20 years and been ridiculed by leftists and the naive, simple minded so called Americans more times than I can remember. How anyone could read Agenda 21 and not realize that the document represents the “Communist Manifesto” which we veterans have fought and died by the millions against since the Civil War. My comrades , if possible, would rise up from their graves and haunt us for being so naive, complacent and dumbed down by this conspiracy.

    Remember when the media (a major part of the conspiracy) ridiculed anyone calling it a “conspiracy” as a “conspiracy nut” as soon as the public began to connect the dots? Now they call us “conspiracy theorists” which means we are now a group of “nuts” to be tolerated. All a tactic of the conspirators. As you and I know, it was and still is a CONSPIRACY, which has been going on since before WWII, well planned and executed by “mass mind control” and population control by evil , politically correct propaganda.

    “It IS about the communist overthrow of the United States and the United Nations and a NEW WORLD ORDER and just recently the issue of Islam has been added. ” Right on sir! And your statement ” The Blacks are falling into their own demise without even knowing it !”, is the absolute truth. The black people I know are fine people for the most part, but they all have a slave mentality.
    This means they all still look for a leader (a master) to take care of their” personal welfare “, usually if possible, one of their own race, such as MLK, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Barrack Obama. Usually all are preachers because they tend to believe every thing they say is from God Himself. Don’t think any of them realized that Obama is a major part of the conspiracy, a professional con-artist, liar,a musilim, and is truly evil.

    Anyone who doesn’t know about the Power Grid Down Drill scheduled for Nov. 13-14 had better be googling it, as it may be the final act to declare “Martial Law” .

  25. the elite are moving quickly because they see their time definitely shortened due to awakening americans beginning to march en masse. soon there will be many more to protest their attempted takeover. the elite need a diversion of such a nature as to shut down the momentum. the elite do not care who lives/dies as they prefer as many dead as possible with an explanation giving them plausible deniability of any culpability so they don’t look like the criminals they truly are. they’ve been planning for a long time for implementation of the new world order and they don’t plan on pesky resisters to thwart their plans, and they certainly don’t plan on losing. the elite need shock and awe to divide the nation as they make their attempt to take over the u.s., the most difficult of all nations in the world to take over due to our constitution and that people are armed and have been increasing their purchase of arms and ammunition. the elite need to take over with a rationale that sounds legit to people, but is anything but legit. this could very well include:

    nukes – we know something is wrong with the recent nuke movements and firing of top level generals over nukes

    biological – outright death or zombification of people so authorities and anyone who wants to live will shoot the zombies willy nilly instead of helping them because if the zombies get close to you then you will die, which may be factually accurate even though contrived and committed intentionally by the elite through manipulation of people groups, etc.

    chemical – more outright death and zombification.

    the restraint will be not to lose the land so what they do will attempt to reduce impact to the surrounding lands – see denver murals on how the u.s. will look as the elite execute their plans. for some reason the elite always warn everyone publicly for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. this is an interesting requirement of theirs that they must announce their intentions – haven’t figured out exactly why though. however the pattern does follow our Creator regarding warning of eternal hell and the ability to avoid it through faith in His Son, Jesus the Christ, His Son. for new world order stuff see the georgia guidestones. so with the proliferation of the internet people are waking up more and more because technology is allowing better analytics to ascertain that what were possibly perceived as former “coincidences” regarding major u.s. events, people are noting these events are indeed planned objectives and not as originally perceived coincidences. hence, drills generally taking place around major “event” (oklahoma bombing, 9/11, london bombings, boston marathon, dc driver recently and on and on this could go. the actual story line and pattern being evidenced by what is happening around the earth can be found fully documented to the extent needed in our Creator’s Holy Bible – see book of Revelation among others such as the book of Daniel, Jesus comments on the end of the age in the Gospel books, etc..
    these events as described in the Holy Bible will take place and we are watching it unfold before our very eyes. difficult days lie ahead for all americans, but it should be understood by those awake that the time to fight is coming and people must fight at that time – few will have any choice – either join with the foolish nwo -or- resist. in all cases it is appointed for man to die because man has done wrong against their Creator who has said if anyone sins (evil, bad, lie, et al.) that soul will surely die. choose your position wisely. the only position that will result in eternal life is that position taken by proclaiming faith in what Jesus the Christ has done for everyone on the cross. and like the fight by the fallen angels against the holy angels of God in Heaven (located in the sides of the north of the universe), there is a time for peace and there is a time for war. choose… wisely.

  26. Hello, after reading this amazing paragraph i am also
    glad to share my experience here with friends.

  27. And for this cause God shall send them strong belusion, that they should believe a lie. 2d Th 2:11

    • i observe one remarcable thing here…and it’s NOT a good point considering the MENTAL HEALTH of people namely the posters quoting their “holy book of lies” with very silly/quacky/loony/crazy manipulations to sell THEIR truth!ALL holybooks originated from very unbalanced people with a very sick mind (natural OR due to drugabuse!).we would be better of with a world FREE OF RELIGION MADNESS.the more you go for the REAL science FACTS…the more you’ll find out what a very lousy institution religion is.and oh..yes..BTW check up the bookkeeping of all these religion churches !these figures will bring you proof of their REAL intentions.

      • @ HEXJUMPER……..No one is making you believe in any religion so I don’t see why you have to knock others and the religions because they do. Are you afraid we might be right? It doesn’t bother me that you’re a non believer so why should it bother you if I am or anyone else is a believer? I never get the point of people like you trying to force people like me to view the world your way. …….. now I know man wrote the Bible (Holy Book) but how do YOU know they were,use any of the verbs you used in your description starting with silly and ending with crazy? Were you there? Then it is just your opinion not a fact. There are good and bad people in every walk of life you want to talk about….cops….preachers…..teachers……..doctors……….etc. I don’t insult you for your non beliefs in religion don’t insult me for my beliefs in God.

  28. WAKE UP !!! This country is being taken down from within. It started with the BUSH REGIME and will end with the present kenyan COMMUNIST REGIME. tHE PRESENT ADMINISTRATION IS ABOVE THE LAW, CAN’T SEE IT CAN YOU! He has all the right people in the right places. All you naysayers better be ready for what’s coming. I AM!

    • to all american modern western citizens THIS IS WHAT’S COMING UP FOR YOU: between now and april 2014 the USA will get the worst case scenario FINANCIAL BLOW ! stocks will crash bewteen 70 and 80 % of value !!!!! i have one good advise in advance for you all:
      1)withdraw a.s.a.p. all you money from the banks.
      2)stop using plastic money (bankcards etc.) and pay everything from now on with cash money.
      3)stock up with guns and sufficient amount of munition for any adult in your family.
      4)stock up enough liquid and canned food to survive at least 3-4 months for your entire family.
      5)stop acting like fools with all that religion circus biblebelt mamboo-jamboo and start over with learning surving technics and…prepair for the worst periode in your life that is coming over you and your family !
      don’t tell me later that you’ve have not been warned.

  29. I live in England and to be honest it is hard to know what to believe, apart from all governments are bare faced liars! We have heard about your FEMA camps which have apparently now all been staffed, your government would not be doing that unless they intended to use them, but for what? As for the New World Order, I believe that they do exist and would love to greatly decrease the population numbers. Which brings me on to the chem trails, which crisscross our skies on a daily basis making huge grid patterns, our weather now is strange to say the least. We have had torrential rain for the last 2 weeks, it is always dark, and today, we have been issued with a hurricane warning for Sunday night, we don’t have hurricanes in England! ( well, perhaps a couple in the last 50 years). All our utilities prices have been hiked up so that ordinary folks can’t afford to buy food and pay for heating, so if we have a bad winter like last year lots of old people will die again. To be honest, I do not believe in heaven or hell, the nearest to hell is the state of the world at the moment – do you honestly think that your government or ours gives a shit about any of us? no, me either.

  30. Oh, and I forgot to add, us poor fools in England are not allowed to have guns, unless you are a farmer and have a shot gun licence, so if anything does kick off, we are in effect defenceless. Anyone found with a gun in England receives a mandatory 20 year prison sentence (the same with knives).

  31. By the way you Atheists keep trying to prove the bible wrong but have never succeeded. They more you try to disprove it the more you prove it.

    • @ Harry H

      i advise you strongly this:
      -go to your library downtown and ask for MAGICIAN HANDBOOKS (the older copies they are the better!)
      -read all about the MAGIC tricks / illussions and you’ll see how easy it is to MANIPULATE people.
      does that woman really float in the air ? does that man’s head is really cut off if they remove the headbox from the corpsbox ? are dimensions really broken when the magician pushed a sigaret right trough a silver dollarcoins ? N O these are all I L L U S I O N S !
      mechanical or optical does’nt matter IF it makes believe the people that they are seeing kind a UNnatural APPEARANCE.
      to compare it with a bible i would say: a VERY LONG TERM reconstruction of an old magic handbook by a 6 year old hill billy kid.
      now for over 2000 years this biblecircus have been going on…lucky plenty people finally understood what kind of rag-tag content without any sense for the common intelligent people.
      -check out the old times drugabuse ! people who see angels in the sky comming from a stepladder in the sky or hearing voices from a burning bush…ancient people were stoned like shrimp with or without their knowledge ! certain incense…myrrh…quat…paddoos…and so on…they used it all.
      -check out WHY the religions were invented ! i tell you already the answer: religions were a SUBSTITUTE for an alternative politic/military movement AGAINST the normal politic/military system !

      • Would you rather live under a communist military dictatorship or a christian democracy, the choice is yours.

        • communisme is NOT a religion ! it’s a political thing !
          your mixture of a so called religion with a political democratic side SUCKS ! it is UNREAL !
          doing politics should be only at a 100% ATHEIST way !

          • That’s where you are wrong, it’s the religion of evolution. Where do you think we got our laws from?

          • Communism is NOT a religion but a form of government based on the philosophy of Carl Marx and Joseph Stalin. A Socialist government is a government where people are totally dependent on the government for there medical care and basic needs such as electricity, food & water. A government where they decide what type of job you have, what schools you will attend and yes even who you live with. The citizens have NO VOICE in their government what so ever. Religion is very limited in a socialist government because of Charles Darwin and his THEORY of evolution, which does not believe in a creator of any type. Russia and China have somewhat backed off from the is no God and Christianity is growing in Russia and some parts of China. Islam and homosexuality are now persecuted in Russia. America is going the route of socialism and has been for some time. Obama and his minions are escalating the growth of socialism and is attempting to complete a welfare state in Social. All Socialist governments have failed and gone into financial default resulting in extreme poverty, an that includes China who tries to hide it.

          • So are you saying you want to live in a godless communist society?

          • since there are NO gods at all in the entire universe in all its facets…the universal LAW is S U R V I V A L ! do (PROTECT YOURSELF) or die (OPPOSITE SIDE WINS) is the ultra basic one.
            the OPPOSITE can be: other unfriendly humans,wild animals,natural disasters,diseases,…
            not much problems involved by this RAW but EFFICIENT system.
            for millions of years everything went along not matter what happend and the humane species survided.
            BUT…it was just a couple of 1000 years ago that everything went wrond due to a HUMANE INVENTED TOOL: the so called religion that brought superstition,fear,anger,bloodshed,vicious behaviour and…
            there you had it ! for almost all weird things that happend they sought the reason due to so called gods or wankers that called themself sons of gods,holy man,THE humane ambassador of the gods and more of them biblebelt blablabla.
            these vicious biblebelt gang declared themself as the GOOD GUYS!
            and what d’ya know…ofcourse the good needed a BAD SIDE too for their impression balance to their dumb flocks.(devil,satan,beelzebub,what-ever-scares-the-shit-out-of-low-iq-humans.)
            anyway…fortunately today more and more people realise how mis-guided and abused they have been all these times by religious hypocrite malicious self declared we-know-what-best-for-you.

          • I am saying that America is in danger of becoming a Islam country, because those of the faith are not voicing their concerns about President Obama and his socialist agenda. I was reminding those who may have forgotten what socialism is, and the fact that it will crash the American economy and EVERYONE will live in extreme POVERTY except those in government. The moral decay in society is leading to a godless when you have people like Hexjumper who seem to think they have the history of mankind and religion down pat and do not believe in any god period. His life must really be boring because only God can give true joy. The fact is that Charles Darwin, the inventor of the “Theory of Evolution” died a very disturbed and unhappy man because of his Athesim. There is only true happiness in Christ, non else. Islam is noting but destruction, sexual abuse, and murder and total control of it’s victims. Joy con not exist in Islam unless you get a kick out of violating others. America needs to wake up and fast if it is to remain a free country. Silence is ignorance and consent. People need to make their voices heard and Obama needs to be arrested and or Impeached period.

          • the USA problem is a political matter and can be solved by political action!no need to involve your creepy ring-bling religion-circus ! first of all:who were all the people who have voted for obama and what was their reason to do that ? secondly:americans should abandon plastic money ! ofcourse it’s easy to buy all kinda shit with credit cards and checks but in the end…credit does’nt pay because most of them were buying much more than they could allow themself financial.just start again to pay all you want to buy with cash money that you can touch in your pocket ! and ofcourse 3th kick out of the USA all,without any excemption,parasites and illegal entities whom are draining financilally the USA ! millions of USA $ leaked out of the USA this way.

          • A fact is something that can be proven

      • To Hexjumper
        What if you are wrong? Then what? I really weary of you’r foolishness!

  32. you never answered where we got our laws from originally

  33. Rev T J Carter, you are spot on, its happening all over the world, I am in Australia and i can see the decline and increased crime since the collaboration of governments with the UN to fill our countries with people that hate us and wish to destroy our way of life.

  34. Ummmmm, hasn’t the C-123 been retired since the early 80s?

    Barksdale AFB is an active Air Force Global Strike Command Base and all B-52 crews (active and reserve) are trained there. So flights at all hours of the day would be unusual?

    Didn’t the Strategic Air Command get replaced by a new unified command”, United States Strategic Command on 1 June 1992.

    So there are three parts of the story that BK Hyland didn’t get quite right.

    I wonder what else?

    • but what is the definition of a STRANGE PLANE ? it all depends how familiar one is in military aviation.
      strange-weird-bizar-orginal-unconventional…! whatever… but ofcourse when i did spot for the first time the real S.R.-71 Blackbird or a Super Guppy me too did have a surprise because it did NOT look like what we consider normal airplanes like a Cessna 150,a Boeing 737 or an MD-11 !
      BTW add on this that on some aviation involved overalls,both civilian and militar,often have low-visability patches or just plain nothing on it.
      it’s also public known that in the USA for some military excercices foreign troops take part.

  35. カシオ リニエージ

  36. I saw a plane similar to that landing at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma in October. It was too far to see the markings, but It was not an aircraft shape I was familiar with. I snapped a picture that was blurry, but comparing it to the photo above, they are very similar.

  37. Wow
    it’s united nations

  38. Im saved I know where im going….I also know I will pay for a lot of sins I have a lot to answer for. But my god says believe in him an go thru Jesus an our one true God will have our mansion an gifts waiting an I will be ashamed of myself an very sad for the people i wont see there as well as the gifts he will take from me for my mistakes. I know i will surely have to suffer before I can walk with the Lord for eternity. Also im all sharing my thoughts specially when I know in my heart im right, so all u people believing Christians are the crazy ones an we going to look like fools in the end Im positive there will be no atheist in hell and u will believe in God but never get to look upon his face or walk with him…I really hope someone touches u lost people an u find ur way before ur being thrown in a pit of fire an torture for ever

    • The only REALITY there is , would be the one that you make for yourself internally. Everything else external to you is lies, deception, misinformation, misdirection, false, delusional and mental slavery to things that kills your inner being and sanctity of self.
      In order to truly survive both mentally and spiritually, you MUST KNOW YOURSELF ABSOLUTELY. You only look inward and trust the inner one dwelling there. ( unless you’re certifiably insane – then you don’t! ) In physical life there is an operators hand manual. It gives you all the instructions on how to properly operate your human-being. It’s called the Bible.
      There are two kinds of Anti-Christ’s. One is “temptations of will” and the other is “pride”. Each of these will undo the ability to centrally focus the righteous mind and be at one with the fountainhead of God. The world is a “TRICKSTERS LIGHT & MAGIC SHOW”. It is all smoke and mirrors. A Holographic projection. You were warned by Jesus that this is the case. Believe nothing you see, hear, or feel. For all is flesh is corrupt. This is why he said “I am the way, and only through me can you be saved!” And he is the spirit you feel calling you and driving you from within. That is your reality. Nothing else matters.
      So let the doubters, haters, antagonist, persecutors, name callers, epithet users, rock throwers; scream – holler- and swear. Imagine the eternal screaming in agony their souls will do once cast out of GOD’s realm and into the hellish darkness of nothingness forever more. Is that what you want for yourself? NO!
      We indwelling souls long for home with our source, and it has a perfect compass that points towards it. By knowing who you truly are and listening to the voice and then recognizing it, you will fly straight and true back home when the flesh surrenders. Trust this. Believe this. Believe in resurrection and ever lasting life through Jesus only. God bless. Peace. Love.

  39. The only REALITY there is , would be the one that you make for yourself internally. Everything else external to you is lies, deception, misinformation, misdirection, false, delusional and mental slavery to things that kills your inner being and sanctity of self.
    In order to truly survive both mentally and spiritually, you MUST KNOW YOURSELF ABSOLUTELY. You only look inward and trust the inner one dwelling there. ( unless you’re certifiably insane – then you don’t! ) In physical life there is an operators hand manual. It gives you all the instructions on how to properly operate your human-being. It’s called the Bible.
    There are two kinds of Anti-Christ’s. One is “temptations of will” and the other is “pride”. Each of these will undo the ability to centrally focus the righteous mind and be at one with the fountainhead of God. The world is a “TRICKSTERS LIGHT & MAGIC SHOW”. It is all smoke and mirrors. A Holographic projection. You were warned by Jesus that this is the case. Believe nothing you see, hear, or feel. For all is flesh is corrupt. This is why he said “I am the way, and only through me can you be saved!” And he is the spirit you feel calling you and driving you from within. That is your reality. Nothing else matters.
    So let the doubters, haters, antagonist, persecutors, name callers, epithet users, rock throwers; scream – holler- and swear. Imagine the eternal screaming in agony their souls will do once cast out of GOD’s realm and into the hellish darkness of nothingness forever more. Is that what you want for yourself? NO!
    We indwelling souls long for home with our source, and it has a perfect compass that points towards it. By knowing who you truly are and listening to the voice and then recognizing it, you will fly straight and true back home when the flesh surrenders. Trust this. Believe this. Believe in resurrection and ever lasting life through Jesus only. God bless. Peace. Love.

  40. To everyone
    The time is coming when every knee WILL bend and every mouthWILL confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

  41. First this –

    “Barksdale Air Force Base, one of the most secure Strategic Air Command (SAC) bases in the nation,”

    Then this-

    “The interstate runs in front of the side and front of the base and is clearly visible with no restraints. ”

    Secure eh?
    Any critical thinking going on here?

  42. This is to funny watch all the sheep and dooms day preppers start loosing their minds. Hahahahah

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