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China’s Agenda 21: Force 250 Million ‘Off-Grid’ People Into Brand-New Cities

China’s Agenda 21: Force 250 Million ‘Off-Grid’ People Into Brand-New Cities

Credit: Kai Caemmerer

The Chinese government plans to move a quarter of a billion people from the country to the city in the next 10 years in what will amount to the largest forced migration in human history.

The idea in moving the 250 million people is to transform China from an old-fashioned rural country into a modern urban nation and create a 21st century consumer culture to rival the United States.

Currently, around 51 percent of Chinese residents live in cities, compared to 80 percent of Americans who live in urban areas. China’s goal is 75 percent of its population in cities.

The concept has resulted in hundreds of “ghost cities” across China – that is, cities with buildings, streets and skyscrapers, but no people. Eventually, they will be occupied.

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Off The Grid News previously reported on the plan, which is receiving renewed coverage thanks to a picture essay by photographer Kai Caemmerer, who traveled to the empty cities.

In fact, the forced migration is already taking place in some locations.

“It’s a new world for us in the city,” 43-year-old Tian Wei, a former wheat farmer who now works in a city factory, told The New York Times. “All my life I’ve worked with my hands in the fields; do I have the educational level to keep up with the city people?”

China’s Agenda 21: Force 250 Million ‘Off-Grid’ People Into Cities (That Already Are Built)The number of people China wants to move is greater than the population of the entire nation of Brazil, which has 200 million people, and nearly as much as the population of the United States (317 million). Critics of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 plans say that if those plans are carried out, the US and other countries eventually will force people into cities, even if it doesn’t look as draconian as it does in China. (Listen to Off The Grid News’ in-depth reports on Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 here.)

The goal in China is to make people abandon their traditional lifestyle and values, and adopt a modern consumer culture, thus reversing an economic slowdown. For example, this means putting rural “off-grid” people in cities where they must buy food instead of growing and making their own food.

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The move is being carried out under a scheme the Communist Party euphemistically calls the National New Type-Urbanization Plan. Under the plan, thousands of homes, farms and entire villages will be destroyed to force people to move.

“Cities and districts built without demand or necessity resulted in what some Chinese scholars have termed, literally, ‘walls without markets,’” William Hurst, a political science professor at Northwestern University, told Tech Insider. “Or what we might translate as uncompleted or hollow cities. Political exigency and investment hysteria trumped economic calculus or consideration of genuine human needs.”

Caemmerer said the cities are visually “appealing in a sort of unsettling way.”

“Unlike in the US, where cities often begin as small developments and grow in accordance to the local industries, these new Chinese cities are built to the point of near completion before introducing people,” Caemmerer told Business Insider.

What is your reaction to China’s plan? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. If they take the farmer off the land who will feed them in the city when there are no longer farms?

  2. That is why we have agribusiness and fake, nutrient deficient genetically modified foods. To feed the masses of forced city dwellers. It’s real.

  3. Don’t get too complacent, Agenda 21 is coming here, too.
    Why do you think the feds are trying to take over all the land they can?

    • Not So Free,

      You need to read up on Agenda 21 reports on the congressional website. I know the data can be boring and most people don’t want to read factual evidence (they prefer buzz words as opposed to large complicated messages) but you would see that Agenda 21 has been around since 1997, while it began in Rio, it was accepted by George W Bush Jr. during his first term. Further reading of these reports will also show you that at first it was approved by governors for many of the republican states whereas democrats didn’t like the idea right out. Finally as of 2013 several republican states are joining the democrats in passing bills that will eliminate Agenda 21 from being used in Arizona, Idaho, Montana, and there was one other state but I can’t remember it.

      People are starting to realize that it goes against what it means to be American. While I must admit there are some aspects of the UN’s Agenda 21 – Sustainability, protection of the land – certain ideals I agree with, we can all agree they are going about it the wrong way.

  4. We should determine the main, racketeering individuals behind A21 worldwide — then we should put them on international trial for crimes against humanity. Followed by the death penalty.

    • Eric, those responsible for it’s implementation in the US was Nancy Pelosi, Eliot Engel and William Broomfield, to the represenatives. An executive order issued by George W. Bush placed America into support of it. however, because it goes against the sixth amendment, it cannot be called an official LAW. Outside of the US we do not have jurisdiction, and it is not the US place to meddle in the affairs of other countries.

  5. I’ve written for nearly ten years that the day would come when China will take drastic measures to relocate tens –now hundreds– of millions to these currently vacant cities, and then the problem will arise as to “Who Will Feed China?” as its traditional farm societies were not highly mechanised. Of course the former small holdings can be merged into larger ala Stalinist era collectives, but we all know from history how very well that insanity propered. NOT.

  6. as the chap quoted said
    can/will they manage to fit into suburban life?
    some of the younger ones might
    the older ones not.
    go from no toilet/sewer/running water.
    a lifetimes habits to break a few mil of them all at once to re educate
    messy very very messy
    its almost as bad as Maos idea..just maybe? not actvely killing so many
    many will end up stressed depressed and suiciding anyway

  7. I’ve done both, on grid and off grid and believe me there is no way I want to change my country lifestyle to go back into the fish-bowl. However they are making it so expensive and so difficult to live in the villages around me that the only choice for those with kids to school and a job in an urban workplace is to do what Agenda 21 expects.

  8. When the climate agreement in December went through it made all previous agreements binding. Including agenda 21. All countries sign by April 22 I believe, and it takes full effect 13 days later.

    Parts have been implemented for years. Those who didn’t agree had weather catastrophes until they did, and so on. The pattern is obvious for those still capable of controlling their own thoughts.

    Every city had one piece of the agenda 21 puzzle so that when they did it everywhere the could say” look so and so is already doing it and it’s fine”. And at the rate of the chemtrails worldwide and what it is doing to our planet, we will all be gone from being poisoned.

    Mileage tax will soon be happening. This list is endless. Forced relocation and internment camps. Clean power plan makes utilities unaffordable, and not affording them sends you to death camp. Hence the reason off grid living is becoming illegal in many many places.

    The clean water act will eventually give all land to the government. A puddle in your grass or ditch, makes it theirs.

    We are in big trouble folks. Welcome to the new china. Only it’s not going to be like the current china. Depopulation is real. It’s happening. It’s being attacked on every level.

    • mileage tax, carbon tax… yeah that tax scheme. what will they expect me to pay for driving a straight piped v10 dodge ram? f the government. sincerely christian anarchist.
      how many people are like me in that we know what’s going on and what’s to come, but have no money to prepare? all by design i know. i have an extensive understanding of the financial system.

  9. That’s an incredible photo of the massive high-rise apartment buildings at the top of this article. I look at all those windows and think “CAGES.”

    • Cages is a good analogy. Chicken egg-laying cages is probably a solid match.

      I shudder to think what our world will look like in 20 years. Think Pol Pot & Co.

  10. And where will we get our food from?

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