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Court Rules Off-The-Grid Living Is Illegal

robin speronis off the grid courtLiving off the grid is illegal in Cape Coral, Florida, according to a court ruling Thursday.

Special Magistrate Harold S. Eskin ruled that the city’s codes allow Robin Speronis to live without utility power but she is still required to hook her home to the city’s water system. Her alternative source of power must be approved by the city, Eskin said.

As previously reported in Off The Grid News, Speronis has been fighting the city of Cape Coral since November when a code enforcement officer tried to evict her from her home for living without utilities. The city contends that Speronis violated the International Property Maintenance Code by relying on rain water instead of the city water system and solar panels instead of the electric grid.

“It was a mental fistfight,” Speronis’ attorney Todd Allen said of Eskin’s review of his clients’ case. “There’s an inherent conflict in the code.”

Part of the conflict: She must hook up to the water system, although officials acknowledge she does not have to use it.

Speronis told Off The Grid News in February she hopes to win her case and set a precedent for others in her situation. After court Thursday, Speronis told Off The Grid News that she actually won on two of three counts, although she acknowledged her legal battle is far from over.

“But what happens in the courtroom is much less important than touching people’s hearts and minds,” she said. “I think that we are continuing to be successful in doing just that and I am so pleased — there is hope! [Friday] morning, as I took my two hour walk, there was a young man, unknown to me, who drove by me, tooted his horn and said, ‘Robin, congratulations on your victory yesterday, keep up the fight and God bless you.’ That is beautiful.”

(Editor’s note: Hear our earlier interview with Robin Speronis here.)

Magistrate Admits Code is Unreasonable

Eskin spent several hours reviewing the case and admitted that the code might be obsolete, the local Press-News newspaper reported.

Harness the power of the sun when the power goes out…

“Reasonableness and code requirements don’t always go hand-in-hand … given societal and technical changes (that) requires review of code ordinances,” Eskin was quoted as saying.

Eskin’s remarks indicate that he views the code as both obsolete and unreasonable and in need of change. Yet he felt he had to enforce it.

The city did overstep its authority and may have violated due process procedures, Eskin noted. He felt that the city had not given Speronis proper notice of violations and ruled that some of the charges against her were unfounded.

“I am in compliance,” Speronis told the News-Press. “I’m in compliance of living … you may have to hook-up, but you don’t have to use it. Well, what’s the point?”

Case is Unresolved

Speronis disconnected all the utilities from her modest home in Cape Coral for an experiment in off-the-grid living some time ago. City officials ignored her activities until she went public and discussed them with Liza Fernandez, a reporter for a local TV station. A code enforcement officer designated Speronis’s home as uninhabitable and gave her an eviction notice a day after the piece aired.

The widow and former real estate agent now has two choices. She can either restore her hookup to the water system by the end of March or appeal Eskin’s ruling to the courts.

It is not known what action the city will take but city officials told Fernandez that they would be willing to let Speronis stay in her home if conditions are “sanitary.” At the hearing, Eskin noted that city officials have not actually been in Speronis’s home to make that determination.

The International Property Maintenance Code is used in communities throughout the United States and Canada. The code states that properties are unsafe to live in if they do not have electricity and running water. Speronis has electricity and water. She gets running water by collecting rainwater and electricity from solar panels.

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  1. OK, so they allow electric companies to shut you off, and I live where I have a well… So what happens then?? Doesn’t shutting off power then render you in violation of the International Property Maintenance Code ?

    Live and let live! Yet another reason Cape Coral would not be a place I’d buy property!

    • Well, it could be argued that electricity is like car insurance. You have to pay for it and it is illegal to let it run out.

      • Forcing any citizen to buy a private product is wrong.
        That would include auto insurance.

        • …or medical insurance.

          • then make medical care affordable for everyone. while you may never need a car (and hence automobile insurance), you will surely need medical/health insurance, sooner or later. why not just cut through the chase and slash medical costs so that you don’t need insurance if something should happen to you? you could pay a couple of hundred dollars or so for a bypass operation and be done with it if medical stuff weren’t so bloody expensive, right? why don’t you go ahead and get that going for all of us, since you clearly think we shouldn’t have to have insurance, ok?

          • @Gerald – that’s a really great idea. Just bring the cost of medical procedures down.

            Wait. No it’s not. Let’s interject some common sense here. As yourself this question:

            Would you REALLY want to have a doctor operate on you who only charges a couple hundred dollars for a cardiac bypass surgery?

            You do realize that when they perform that operation they literally cut your heart clean out of your chest and put it in a box while they fix it, right?

            The guy who comes out to tune up your furnace charges a couple hundred dollars. The guy who swaps out the brakes on your car charges a couple hundred dollars. When compared to the education and experience needed to perform open heart surgery, the skills needed to change brakes are pretty much the same as flipping burgers – no skill or education is required. It just doesn’t even show up on the measuring stick.

            Let’s just think about it. A lifetime of education stress starting in about 8th grade that one has to go through in order to get into medical school. Crazy training regimen. Long-as-heck apprenticeship program. You’re pretty much only allowed to start working at the job when you’re 28 and you START your career with $400,000 in debt…hmmmm….

            Yup, if I signed up for that type of run-up for a career, I better be getting paid $5,000 or more each and every time I cut someone’s heart out, fix it, and put it back it. That’s MY cut too. The hospital fee, nurses fees, equipment fees, and rehab fees are all separate. I want $5,000 to show up in my bank account every time I pop a heart and put it back.

            Oh, and as I get better and more well known, and as more and more people want ME to do the job vs. some other wet-behind-the-ears surgeon, I’m going to want to raise my prices like any other American business person. I’m not looking to make the same money for my work at the end of my 30-year career as I did the day I started. Even a union auto worker wants to know he’ll get paid more down the line for what he does vs when he has no seniority. Doctors are no different.

            Charge couple hundred dollars for a bypass. When are you going to grow up and realize that you’re not Peter Pan and this is not Never-Never Land?

          • BrainMI,
            Where did you get the idea they take the heart out and work on it during a bypass? I’m an OR nurse and I’ve run rooms where bypasses, both on and off pump, were done and have never seen that.
            Maybe that’s a new procedure. Would you mind explaining that one to me?
            I’m not sure you even know what a bypass is. I think you are referring to a heart replacement or something else. You might want to do some research on it.
            As far as the doctors making oodles of money doing these you might be surprised to learn what they do actually earn once their PA is paid and their other expenses have been accounted for. Most are paid well but not to the extent that you seem to believe.
            Just saying.

          • the problem with this usa insurance bs is that there are no negotiations on the prices… places like the uk have dirt cheap medical costs because they negotiate with contractors.. bid wars and what not.. until that problem is addressed medication and other medical products will not go down in price and insurance will stay high.. we need negotiators at the table to say ok whoever can produce the best product at the lowest price wins the contract for millions of x product. this forces competition

          • Jo Courtney…you are the negotiator. The real problem with usa insurance is that we all sit back and expect someone else (the insurance companies) to do our work for us. I once negotiated a $6,000 surgery down to $2,800 because I: 1) asked for a cash discount from all parties involved, and 2) I paid cash to each of the parties involved. All of this was handled by one of the best doctors in town at the most highly review outpatient surgical facility in the county! When you start doing that, you’ll discover that insurance isn’t such a big deal after all. You can self-insure with a health savings account. I’ve learned through the years that, with cash, most things are negotiable.

          • We each as individuals have the ability to control the cost of health care. By hiving healthy lives, not engaging in risky behavior and educating ones self about ones own health and then using that knowledge to be involved in there medical decisions, rather than doing whatever doctors with a financial stake involved advise you. Pay cash and pay it to private practioners, all of whom will discount the bill if you do, unlike big healthcare providers who make a profit by reducing expenses and over charging, which they are able to do because they bill another company and not the patient. In many cases the insurance company owns the hospital so there is no bill except the policy premium and in either case the patient won’t know (or care) what the cost was or if they were charged improperly. That is what freedom allows each individual to choose for themselves and reap the rewards, or enjoy the freedom of living unhealthy, being uninvolved, doing risky and dangerous thing and reaping the rewards THAT choice offers. One of which is increased health problems which then cost money to treat. But don’t tell me I don’t get to choose nor do I get to reap the rewards of my choice. What is being sold is the illusion that people can do whatever they want with no regard for the consequences of there choices because there will magically be no consequences. Like auto insurance which freed drivers from worry of the hazards of driving. The financial hazards. The physical hazards not only remain but are growing precisely because of the removal of the financial risk. Drivers already dismiss the risk of death because it seams so remote and if you kill someone in a car insurance companies “compensate” someone in accordance with the law – with money. Meanwhile, driving kills more people than any other activity with only one exception. GOING TO A HOSPITAL. Human error in the form of malpractice, infection, drug interaction and misdiagnosis is the leading cause of unnatural death followed by automobile accidents. the insurance associated with both are the only 2 products we are obligated to purchase against our will and under duress, implemented in a Hegelian fashion. Fear the fake danger, dismiss the real danger, force a solution which exacerbates the danger creating the real justification for the force that now protects the fraud.

          • or Obamacare Health “insurance”.

          • dude… you do realize that it is not a couple hundred of dollars for open heart surgery even with insurance? try a couple HUNDRED thousand dollars!

          • Ok “buzz” sure. Live healthy and that fixes everything. Yes it helps, and helps a lot, but you can’t leave the masses of people who were born with medical conditions, or those who …oh I don’t know get in a car crash, raped, affected by disease (things like spinal meningitis or epilepsy) to fend for themselves. Those people can not be left alone to just figure it out. Your magical healthy life may be lovely, while I struggle to pay 100 dollars in medical expenses WITH extremely cheap obama care…paying 250 or so per prescription PER MONTH before. I never asked for these things, nor did I ask to require highly priced drugs. But I need them to live. Should I just “live healthy” and hope I don’t have multiple seizures and go brain dead, or go into status epilepticus and never wake up? Maybe when i had spinal meningitis as a child my parents should have paid for every single thing, cash…retail…or just maybe told me to “live healthy”? Your childish response is just that. Childish. Children see things as so very black and white. This is a very complex problem with corruption on all sides. Doctors taking kickbacks and prescribing drugs patients don’t need, making false diagnoses. Drug companies charging WAY too much, and corrupting doctors. Malpractice in the form or incompetence. Overly stressed workers. A system that overvalues money and undervalues people, seeing us as only a means to an end, that end being money, and so what if people get hurt or die. I could go on. The reality is that the entire medical system needs to be overhauled in this country, along with the politicians who uphold it. The medical industry does NOT have the inalienable right to get rich. I do, however, have the inalienable right to life. So much so that if I were to take another’s life in the course of defending my own, I am not held accountable for that. Somehow those in the medical system cause death in who knows how many untold numbers yet is never held accountable in any major way. Think on that for a while.

          • Herman – The problem is that people like you who think they have a “right” to be uninsured also think that they have a right to receive care when they are injured or ill. Essentially then you are obligating insured people like me to pay extra to cover the hospital’s losses on the care that you can’t pay for. Actually, I’m fine with you choosing to be uninsured — as long as you promise to die quetly on the sidewalk outside the hospital rather than run up a bill that you can’t pay.

        • No one forces you to buy auto insurance. They only say if you want to drive a car, you have to buy auto insurance. If you don’t want to buy auto insurance, don’t drive.

          Or did you think that the right to drive a car was some sort of inalienable right?

          • Yes I do believe one has the RIGHT to drive as long as they can prove that they can drive and get theyre license but by saying you HAVE to have autoinsurance to drive IS forcing you to buy a private product for what IS a right as well as a privelage

          • You do not have to purchase auto insurance. You can self-insure. Most people just can’t hang on to that much cash – plus senf-insuring puts a layer of protection in front of you via the insurance companies legal department.

          • Additionally – insurance (or self-insurance) is a way to prove fiscal responsibility should you be found at fault in an accident.

          • Driving is certainly a right. Check the 9th and 10th amendments for clarification. Rights do not come from government, they are ALL inalienable or they aren’t rights. Things definitely get complicated when talking about government-operated roads with licensure and such, but on private land one does not need a license to drive. The question that must be asked is why do people believe that the government should operate the roads?

          • If you don’t want to buy auto insurance, then don’t drive? Did someone drop you on your head when you were a baby or something?
            And driving is under the right to travel. only despotic governments fill the Sheeple’s head full of crap that it is a ‘privlidge’ to move about, and not a ‘right.’

          • Driving is not a right. Driving is a privilege. Boy the internet has served up some good ones today.

          • The constitution guarantees the right to travel the highways.

          • Matt, until you link to direct reference showing transportation on highways IS an inheirant right, it is presumed to be a privilige. Common ownership infers common repsonsibility. The requirement to buy insurance exists for benefit of everybody else and their property does exist in case of collision, ….on-public-roads. However, on your own private property, or the property of consenting others, no mandate can be justified.

          • “The use of the highways for the purpose of travel and transportation is not a mere privilege, but a common and fundamental Right of which the public and the individual cannot be rightfully deprived.” [emphasis added] Chicago Motor Coach vs. Chicago, 169 NE 22; Ligare vs. Chicago, 28 NE 934; Boon vs. Clark, 214 SSW 607; 25 Am.Jur. (1st) Highways Sect.163.

            “The Right of the Citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, either by horse drawn carriage or by automobile, is not a mere privilege which a city can prohibit or permit at will, but a common Right which he has under the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” [emphasis added] Thompson vs. Smith, 154 SE 579.

            “Heretofore the court has held, and we think correctly, that while a Citizen has the Right to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, that Right does not extend to the use of the highways, either in whole or in part, as a place of business for private gain.” Barney vs. Board of Railroad Commissioners, 17 P.2d 82; Willis vs. Buck, 263 P.l 982.

            Further; It seems only proper to define the word “license,” as the definition of this word will be extremely important in understanding the statutes as they are properly applied:

            “The permission, by competent authority to do an act which without permission, would be illegal, a trespass, or a tort.” People vs. Henderson, 218 NW.2d 2, 4.

            “Leave to do a thing which licensor could prevent.” Western Electric Co. vs. Pacent Reproducer Corp., 42 F.2d 116, 118.

            In order for these two definitions to apply in this case, the state would have to take up the position that the exercise of a Constitutional Right to use the public roads in the ordinary course of life and business is illegal, a trespass, or a tort, which the state could then regulate or prevent.

            This position, however, would raise magnitudinous Constitutional questions as this position would be diametrically opposed to fundamental Constitutional Law.

            “A license fee is a charge made primarily for regulation, with the fee to cover costs and expenses of supervision or regulation.” State vs. Jackson, 60 Wisc.2d 700; 211 NW.2d 480, 487.

            “The essential elements of due process of law are…Notice and The Opportunity to defend.” Simon vs. Craft, 182 US 427.

            Yet, not one individual has been given notice of the loss of his/her Right, let alone before signing the license (contract).

          • Department of Subject Safetyness & Thought Control

            Yes my pretty, that is it. We must all pay to play … your lords in government know what’s best. Clearly the public has spoken, popularity contests are the greatest means of ordering a society one could possibly envision. Very good job prole subject Michael! Keep up the good work for your state, your lord, your all!!!

          • hmm funny yes I was dropped more then one way and more then once considering both parents where dead before I was even born mom was dead two three days before my life was extruded from her dead corps now back to this other matter at hand the government who you citizens allowed control off this world is the only real criminals’ in on any world and who should be arrested.!!!!
            why hmm ??? well go figure

          • you sound like a coward

          • Yes, I feel everyone has a right to drive whatever they want without someone charging for it. It’s my RIGHT to travel. If I ruin someones property doing so, and it’s my fault; only THEN should I have to pay…. and only pay the person who’s property I’ve damaged not to some insurance company to make more money from something they have nothing to do with. People don’t get it. It’s all about money. When it no longer exists and people figure out that they can’t eat it, only then will they get a clue.

          • while some places require personal ins coverage pip or medical thats wrong but most car insurance is to pay damage you do to others. i was hit 2x both times the driver had no insurance my co paid in one case and i got stuck with ded. the 2nd i filed small claims won but she had no assets wort taking so i only got her lisence suspended but i was out 1400 bucks and had to sell the car as i had no income but i never let my liability laps
            the state i live in now impounds cars with no ins tags or licensed drivers.

          • theirs so much more to this story she crying poor but her property is a duplex if she had utilities the rent would more than pay for the whole bill, she is a convicted felon with a revoked RE brokers license she was convicted od stealing 2 peoples escrow deposits on homes, she defrauded a mortgage co purchasing a mcmansion on the river and never making a payment, she lived off grid in a trailer but got evicted for not paying her lot rent, and the whole thing with the city started not over the electric but for non payment of her sewer bill which she was using. sorry but this women is a crook and fraud. and i agree Cape Coral does some underhanded things but this was not one

          • If I don’t have auto insurance, I don’t have a car. if I don’t have a car I can’t get across town for my job. if I don’t have my job I can’t pay my bills. if I can’t pay my bills I lose my home. if I lose my home I move off the grid. if I move off the grid I can’t have my own self sustaining water and electric. if I’m required to pay the county for water and electric I need the car for the job to pay those expensive bills…….do you see the cycle.

        • WTF? Is there NO ONE today that has a clue what the word FREEDOM means? The “sheep/voters/citizens” in this country today are, evidently, complete mind controlled fools that are going to end up with EXACTLY what they deserve: A completely Fascist Police State where “WE, the People/Sheep” have ABSOLUTELY NO rights what so ever!!

          • Silvertogn you are so correct. H ow is nobody can understand that but a few of the oldsters . They are truly brainwashing the young of today and tomorrow. Soon freedom will be a forgotten word. Hopefully I will be rotting in the ground when that day reaches fulfillment. OR IT WILL BE GRANNIES GOT A GUN. YOU BETTER RUN. GRANNIES GOT A GUN.

          • Oh, a libertarian. That pretty much takes care of any sort of credibility you might think you have.

          • @Milton Findley – Oh, a brainless liberal. That pretty much takes care of any sort of credibility you might think you have.

          • Central Scrutinizer

            Will be keeping an eye on this would be terrorist. Deny the love devotion and safetyness of the state you will not silly prole!

            May safetyness be upon you. Blessed be the state!

          • Thanks for the info. We could be free were we to suffer a small amount of inconvenience.

          • Freedom, No peoples heads are shoved way to far up their asses and piled up with material shit from china (and supporting a commi military while saying “we support the troops” whatevere ) I believe in freedom but lets make the bible illegal and see what people say, hypocrites ! Safety ? like the govt cares if you live or die! so Ignorant !

        • Benjamin Halverson

          Except you aren’t forced to buy auto insurance because you aren’t forced to own a car. Car insurance is just placing a condition on the personal CHOICE to utilize an automobile.

          • His Lordship Statist Stan

            Exactly. You tell em Benny! I mean purchasing a business license is a personal choice to do business. Paying taxes is a personal choice to operate within societal norms. Paying property taxes is a choice to own property. Paying taxes on food is a choice to eat. Paying your vigorish to the state is the responsibility of every good subject of the state’s benevolence!

            Silly individualists how dare ye question the love and authority of the state!

            Safetyness for all, may the state reign supreme forever and ever amen!

        • Car insurance is needed to protect yourself from lawsuits if you are ever in an accident. If you are driving a car and are not insured, you must cover all the costs of auto repair, medical bills, property damage, etc if you are in an accident in which there is human or property damage. If you hit me, I will sue your butt off and leave you penniless. If you are sick and have no health insurance, I have to pay for your medical bills through higher costs of medical care. One woman told me that she has no health insurance and uses the ER for ALL her medical needs and never pays a dime, so why should she get medical insurance. If she were in an accident (with an uninsured driver) her medical bills would run into the tens of thousands. The hospital would HAVE to treat her even if she never paid a dime on her bill. And, guess who would hve ot pay for her bill. The hospital would tack that cost onto the cost of medical care for everyone else to make up for the loss. After all, hospitals are for profit.

          • How about denying her service? There is a law in place that says hospitals “have to” treat her. This is not an immutable fact of life. You most contradictions are a matter of a previous law that set a prescience and then created a problem. You can have fully “public” hospitals if you want. Then the private for profit hospitals can treat people effectively and your public ones can give people the garbage service that you are demanding. Yay! Everyone wins!

          • So your answser is to force everyone to subsidize her healthcare by making them have to have insurance (with higher premiums to cover her) and taxes if she gets medicare? You haven’t solved the problem you just made everyone have to pay for the lady gaming the system.

          • nathan, your comment is partially correct. The only hospitals that have to treat patients no matter what are public hospitals. Private hospitals are not covered under that law. I found that one out the hard way when I was denied entry into an emergency room in a public hospital, even though I was close to death. They transferred me to a public hospital in an ambulance when I said I didn’t have insurance.

          • i was in a car accident with someone who did not have insurance. i had to take them to small claims court, the guy refused to pay so i went back to court magistrate held him in contempt of court and he went to prison. he still has to pay. point is people would rather go to prison than to be pay… i mean really $50 a month is not that much money to ask for you can gather cans and get that.. people.. meh i just don’t get them

        • You’re not forced to buy auto insurance… you certainly have the right to not drive a car.

          • Supreme Statist Stan

            Exactly! Clearly people just don’t get it. Even taxes are voluntary, it’s written right into the codes. You don’t have to travel, you don’t have to buy anything, you don’t have to eat, you don’t even have to live. It is all your choice … of course your benevolent state has also made it illegal to kill yourself you thankless worms. Pay or get what’s coming to ya.

            Gloriness be upon the state forever!

          • supreme statist stan
            Gloriness be upon your dead state forever!!!!!!!

        • And what will you do when your car kills someone or you get into an accident? They sue you for everything you’ve got. Poor comparison. No one gets hurt when another lives off the grid. They can’t force her to get rid of the solar panal. That is protected in Florida. Problem is, if she is forced to hook up to water and doesn’t use it, she still pays the minimum use even if she never takes a drop of city water. That is pure BS. It’s time the antiquated laws catch up to real life where people are seriously considering alternatives to city provided utilities. If I could do that, I surely would.

        • This is a capitalist country, and mandating citizens to pay for private services they do not want, is in violation of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. When thinking of individual mandates, ask the question “how would it make everyone feel if Congress enacted a mandate that everyone is required to purchase a firearm?” Does this sound a bit absurd? Well they didn’t think so in 1792…”Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That each and every free able-bodied white male citizen of the respective States, resident therein, who is or shall be of age of eighteen years, and under the age of forty-five years (except as is herein after excepted) shall severally and respectively be enrolled in the militia…That every citizen, so enrolled and notified, shall, within six months thereafter, provide himself with a good musket or firelock, a sufficient bayonet and belt, two spare flints, and a knapsack, a pouch, with a box therein, to contain not less than twenty four cartridges, suited to the bore of his musket or firelock, each cartridge to contain a proper quantity of powder and ball…” Does everyone have their musket? Of course not. Individual mandates may seem like a necessary action to some, but the fact remains, they are a violation of our Constitution; which every citizen is “mandated” to protect, from all enemies, foreign…..AND domestic. Anyone choosing to defile our Constitution, to soothe their delicate sensibilities, is a domestic enemy of the United States.

        • You are not forced to purchase car insurance…you are however required to have auto insurance to operate a motor vehicle on PUBLIC roads.

      • No, car insurance is not a good example. You are required to get liability in case you injure someone else & full coverage if you have a loan. She is not hurting nor will she injure anyone.

      • No it is nothing like car insurance.

        Do you think before you post.

        Car insurance isn’t required to protect you. Liability insurance is required to protect others from you.

        No similarity whatsoever.


      • the difference being electricity can be had without purchasing it from a monopoly

      • i dont drive, so i should be forced to buy car insurance? ahahahahahahahaha… thats so not serious or funny!

      • If I don’t drive my car, am I required to still buy car insurance? I don’t think so! No different than for her – she doesn’t need the utilities, so why make her pay for them?

      • Joseph Edward Bodden

        Yes, Maybe they can shove this down the ‘free citizens’ throats, but what happens if you HAVE the hookup(S) but refuse to USE them?

      • I can see making auto insurance mandatory because it can have an effect on someone else if you are at fault in an accident. I can’t see the problem with not being “hooked up” to power and water…that’s more like the seat belt law…only affects you…your choice to take the risk or not.

      • Driving is a privilege not a right…no one forces you to drive therefore if you want to avoid car insurance, don’t drive on public roads.

      • Car insurance is required in case you run someone over and can’t afford to pay their medical bills and time off work. Solar panels and lightbulbs don’t generally run people over.

      • Auto insurance is only required to drive on public roads, not private property.

    • Greetings:

      It appears that the plaintiff did not appear in this case. If someone human is to make a claim that Ms Speronis has a duty or debt to them, let them come forward so that she can question them… The law only can take effect AFTER a claim is made, then the law describes how the adjudication is to take place. No one human has any obligation to take a benefit from another…to contract with another. If the city has Ms Speronis signature on some two party contract…then they may have a case. Being the City is artificial, and true humans egos are in reality just hiding behind this fiction, the City has no true existence…hence the plaintiff cannot nor has not come forward to claim the accusation. Also, bet that the City is using a legal term like “real property”. Which is “private land” encumbered with benefits, privileges and obligations.

      • There you go Cjs, now we are on a roll,,
        So much ignorance and voluntary servitude all around our communities and on this thread,, You worried about your $20000 car getting scratched, insure it, it is your choice,, but dont go hiring armed thugs In The Name of The State to force me to insure your car.
        The only time you need to have a Drivers License and Insurance is when you are carrying someone elses Goods for Hire like a truck driver or Passengers for Compensation like a bus or taxi driver, but through our inbred ignorance we have been made into merchandise of men and have to pay to drag their own butts around,,, See Passenger Registrations.
        I myself have not had a State Drivers License or Commercial Insurance in over 25yrs nore paid a single Fine or given any Time for such,, not that I wasnt arrested a few times, but their judges always dismiss rather than allowing this Good and Lawful Christian Minister of God’s Kingdom to set any Precedence in their records.

    • the truth about illegal it is illegal for the government to have Anny say what so ever in the way you live your life is your life and they are trying to force there opinions and believes like a church which is illegal so what is what and who is the real criminals we are supposed to make good with the land on are own two feet now we have a criminally ill posse running it worse then the dame pirates so ass to the law they have broken them funny care insurance for example no cope care has insurance but we pay for them to have a new one or it repaired

    • Brilliant response! Me too! I guess we would have a court case, huh?

    • where I live in Canada they are trying to get us to install solar panels to feed back into the system so we can get discounts on our electricity bills and install thermostats so they can remotely control our heat and a/c. I don’t think they would “allow” us to disconnect completely from their grids. And to top it off if the utilities company shuts off power and water the bank apparently can foreclose on the house. So I can just imagine what would happen if I tried to do this here. I would be facing loosing my home and a court battle as well.

    • So, what does the Constitution say about this? It should fall under the same as what the Supreme Court said about the ACA of Obama’s.

  2. The point is that once you ‘hook up’ to the water then you will be obligated to pay a minimum charge, even if you do not use the water. The reason given will be that it is there IF you want to use it and since the utility company is providing you that service you have to pay the minimum payment every month. Funny how nobody mentioned that. LOL

    • That may be true in Cape Coral (that you must pay anyway) but it is not true here. If you turn off the water, you stop paying the monthly minimum charge. Then again, they charge you $2800 just for the privilege of having a water meter installed.

    • Chances are the judge is “friends” with someone with the water department and YES usually the utility companies charge a minimum. I applaud her for living off the grid, I would love to do this as well. More people need to take a stand!

      • Unfortunately though, living off the grid is impossible. To live completely “off the grid” your name can’t be ANYWHERE, which means that you still have to register your house and land with the government. If you’re renting, your name is still on a lease, which again is registered. How do you think when you go to rent, they find out while doing a background check where you’ve lived, how long you lived there, etc. It is impossible to live totally off the grid in the United States.

        • Off the grid and being invisible are two different things. It is very possible to live off the grid….

        • In oregon you do not register a lease or rental contract.

        • I live in the largest “off the grid” community in the USA. Pajarito Mesa. Anyone who thinks it is impossible is ignorant or a fool. To make someone pay to conform to your ways is not freedom it is tyranny. We live our own lives here, and we have toilets and solar electricity and hot water and air conditioning. I truly feel sorry for those who have been brainwashed into believing they have to conform. This is America, or it used to be.

        • Living off the grid technically means your not on the power and water grids of the city/state. Only the last 10 years has it been adopted to also mean being invisible.

      • Yes they are all freinds,, especially as seen in tight nit groups like The BAR, or Masonic Lodges,, but even just as Statists,
        Pro 1:10 My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.
        Pro 1:11 If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause:
        Pro 1:12 Let us swallow them up alive as the grave; and whole, as those that go down into the pit:
        Pro 1:13 We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil:
        Pro 1:14 Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse:
        Pro 1:15 My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path:
        Pro 1:16 For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood.
        Pro 1:17 Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird.
        Pro 1:18 And they lay wait for their own blood; they lurk privily for their own lives.
        Pro 1:19 So are the ways of every one that is greedy of gain; which taketh away the life of the owners thereof.

      • Actually Janet – it’s probably not because someone is friends with someone. Its because the “law” that Eskin is asked to compare this complaint to is currently the “law”, even though he admits it requires adjusting/revising, it stands and must be used as the benchmark in this case. The changing of the law is a separate case and must be brought up separately. If someone wants to take up the banner and get this law changed, go for it. After that, Ms. Speronis’ case can be reviewed and change, based on the “new law”.

        • Actually Ms. Speronis could have a jury trial and the jury could decide that the law is unconstitutional and have it nullified. Best kept secret by the courts is that the jury can not only rule on the case, but on the law itself.

    • Ya’ll hit on the very nut of the situation. It has absolutely nothing to do with sanitation or anything of the like. The “reason” is that in most of them smaller communities, the CITY OWNS them, or has a major finical interests in those “utilities,” as a revenue source. They just couldn’t ALLOW people to even think that they could survive without the city. Just imagine the lost revenues if everyone went “off grid.” The city would be in dire straights and wouldn’t be able to put a strangle hold on anyone by shutting down their utilities.

      • Kinda begs the question of how cities paid bills in the days before public utilities, then, doesn’t it?

      • If a city does not require electricity to operate then why would they need to pay for it? I have personally seen a farm run completely free of any outside resources. The farmer used corn to make fuel for his equipment and solar and wind for power and a well and a stream (which ran through his property) for water. Water come from the well through a hand pump like you would see in old westerns. All wastes were spread in the fields and trash was used as compost for gardening of herbs and fruits and vegetables that were not a staple to keep the farm in operation. He did this for over fifty years and people bought products from him every year. The money that he amassed was put into a fund for repairs and new replacement items on the farm. He showed no personal gain in revenue (non-profit) from the farm so in turn was also tax exempt. He never had a license and only had insurance on his truck, “Just in case some knucklehead bangs into me so I know I can get it fixed.” He never had any smell other than your typical farm smell come from the farm. His home was modest but very nice, clean, and did not smell except for when he had his rubber boots inside from when he was in the livestock pens. (His wife would take care of that issue quick hehehe) He lived “off-grid” in front of everybody and the government knew about it. The state of Illinois did annual inspections of the property, for the non-profit tax exemptions and also general health inspections, which the general health inspections he did not have to consent to but did willingly, and the state never interfered with his farm. You do not have to be invisible to be “off grid” and it really is not that hard to live “off grid”. I can’t wait to have property where I can do the same.
        I lived with friends that are self sustained (off grid) and have a very beautiful home and generate money by selling excess meat, fruit, and vegetables to pay taxes, fuel the vehicles, and buy clothes and other items for the home. Also eggs year round for income as well.

      • Homes that go off grid also increase in value. The city can charge a tax on the increased value of the property. Cities need revenues to pay for esscential services. With more people off grid they won’t have as much maintenance on the grid because of the lower use. The property taxes pay for law enforcement and fire department. Not much a city needs to pay for.

        Get involved and vote candidate in that espouse your Idea’s. If they don’t perform, vote them out and start over until you get someone that wants to do what their constituents want. What most people don’t realize is that we don’t work for them. They work for us, the ones that are paying their taxes.

    • What everyone is failing to mention is why are we abiding by international anything??

    • They also fail to mention that in many places the water bill has attachments. Sewer use and garbage pickup are usually attached to the water useage. They can collect for all of these services if a water bill is applied. There are probably some other charges as well as taxes associated with water hookup.

      • Which brings up a question I have been wondering about. What does she do to use a toilet? Did she have an outhouse and/or septic system installed on her property? It does not address this in the article. It only states she is collecting rain water to use for her water needs. If she fills up a toilet tank with rain water and flushes, it either goes out to her septic system or into the public sewer system. If she is still attached to the public sewer system, she needs to pay. Trash pickup is perhaps not as major a concern if she does her own recycling and composting.

        • I designed thousands of homes in Cape Coral. All new homes must be connected to the electrical service and have either a connection to water and sewer or to a well and septic system. There are no exceptions.

          There are many other requirements for single family homes in Cape Coral too. All homes must be a minimal 1100 square feet living area unless they are on a canal which must be at least 1400 square feet. All homes must have a 2 car garage which is at least 19’4″ wide x 20’0″ deep. All homes must meet the energy code for air conditioning and heating. All homes must abide by the front, rear, and side setbacks from the property lines. All floors for living areas must be at least 10′ above sea level. And on and on and on. The most difficult part of my job as a designer is abiding by all of the multiple layers of codes, rules, and laws, and then trying to explain all of this nonsense to my clients. Abiding by all of the codes, rules, and laws costs more than $25,000.00 per home. Most likely the neighbors ratted her out. Cape Coral is plagued by an army of envious snitches.

        • Read the article. It says right in the article that she uses rainwater. Presumably a toilet will flush with rain water in it just as it will with city water.

          Also, as for sewer…

          Septic system?

          It is entirely possible to live very comfortably in a home without any hookup to any outside source whatsoever.

        • She may have a lagoon which many in the country still have today. So she would not need the sewer system.

        • Or composting toilets, which can be bought or home-made.

  3. So much for this being a “free” country!

  4. Screw Cape Coral! Who do they think they are to tell people how to live? God? Arrogant fools.

  5. What the city will complain about next is how self-reliant people aren’t paying their fair share of the electrical/water/gas infrastructure so the on-going costs of maintaining each system has fewer people to spread the cost to, causing other people’s bills to increase to pick up the slack.
    Then they will make some silly law that claims you cannot collect and use rainwater because it helps to renew the groundwater aquifer. And by taking this “free” water you are stealing from the other people who rely on a governmental municipality to provide the masses with service.
    I know it sounds silly to be suspicious like this but there is already case law of cities citing people for collecting rainwater for gardening, etc.
    The city involved here should do the right thing and dismiss this case, re-write and update the archaic law(s) and thank this woman for being self-reliant and NOT dependant on a Nanny State for her needs.

    • well put Howard

    • So very true here.
      What is the problem over all.?
      Being self sustainable is not acceptable by any size government because it takes revenue from their budgets and paychecks.
      Instead of a Government of the People it has been the Government of the Rich, appointed, and bought elections.

      Come take my guns.!!???
      I feel sorry for those just following orders.

      Increase taxes to fulfill over paid non elected government People’s employees as well as the elected ones that were bought into their position…… No

      America…….. Land of the Free

      How’s that part working out now.??!!

    • It’s already happened. It’s illegal in some states to collect rain water the reason being is that it’s stealing from the water table the government owns.

      • In Texas every citizen has a right to the water that is under his property – even if his use of that water has negative impact on other property owners.

        Also, rain water collection is encouraged by state law….

        So we can collect rain water, and drill our own water well… And that is just one more reason to live in Texas away from those fascist socialist nanny do-gooders..

    • Very true Howard. I live in Portland Oregon. We conserve everything and recycle like mad. In December the water department requested a rate increase “because so many residents are conserving they are not making enough $$$ to operate”. Now we pay more for using much less because the increase was approved. It’s BS.

      • That’s an interesting conundrum. Almost the entirety of the fees you pay for water are overhead (as opposed to the cost of the raw materials as it would be in other industries), and there are obviously certain minimum standards they need to abide by in order to operate, independent of actual usage.

      • It’s the opposite here in North Western Illinois. We pay storm water runoff fees. They have a satellite image of your property and they add up all the impermiable square footage – house, sidewalks, drive, etc and then charge you a quad annual fee. You can add water retention features to reduce your fee such as permiable brick drive, swails, rain barrels, etc.

    • In Utah, where I live, it is already illegal to collect rainwater.

      • So there are actually cops running around monitoring you for collecting rain water? What would happen if you ran your downspouts into your garage, collecting in rain barrels and out of sight? If the cops approach you for collecting rain, then they have some serious free time on their hands, that should be used to prevent serious crimes.

    • Unfortunately, there are already towns scattered across the United States that have made it illegal to gather rain water. Police State at it’s finest.

    • That’s what Denver (Colorado) has done. Here’s a question: Is it a “law” or is it a statute or a regulation? Follow the money.

    • Completely agree with you, Howard.

  6. Since when does “International ” law apply to American building codes? This I clearly U.N. Agenda 21 taking over the entire planet.

    • Not necessarily, Joe. I am a conservative and have an equal view on the UN’s agenda 21. However, this is not an “international law” It is an international code that each city/county/municipality adopt as their own code. It is not an international law that has to be followed. Most electrical code copies California code so they do not have to go thru the painstaking chore of writing their own and perfecting it thru trial and error. This way, they can have a ready made code that they can adjust for their own requirements and needs. Sorry, no conspiracy here. I am a former city employee manager that dealt first hand with these types of things so I know what I am talking about.

      • Ibe Right…..

        Not so Ibe Right

        The National Fire Protection Agency based in New York for which writes the National Electrical Code.
        It is the basis for All states to follow. They may ammend by adding to it and not taking away from it.
        California Does Not write the National Electrical Code.
        The Cal State does add to the codes because of the conditions of that area.

        Master Electrician for 30 years

        Municipal Department Manager by way of educational promotions. Retired from them.

    • Yes it is certainly is. Today one of many corporate controlled newspapers in Toronto Canada is selling new homes as ‘Sustainable Development’ – a green lie that too many have yet awoken to but will shortly.

  7. mandatory payment for “services not rendered” thru public municipalities that were built using general revenue (taxes), is like paying gas station owners for not putting gas in my electric car, there is a presidence here that needs to be addressed, mandating people to purchase anything is a Mafia style business tactic

    • Mandate for people to purchase something that they may not use? Hmmmm where have I heard that before? Something about a Health Care Act?….

    • Actually the Electric Car issue is huge. Many if not most states derive the revenue necessary to keep and maintain roads from gasoline taxes. Essentially, electric vehicle users are getting a literal ‘free ride’.

  8. There is one other idea as to why they are requiring her to ‘hook up’ to the water supply and make sure things are ‘sanitary’. Maybe they are worried that people will have problems with their septic tanks, or get e-coli in the water they DO drink, or not keep the house clean…I’m not sure but I think you get the idea. Think of the people on those shows on hoarding – some of them don’t have any water or electricity anymore and NO ONE would say that they are just ‘living off the grid’. This woman is obviously NOT a problem but maybe…just MAYBE this is what the officials are trying to make sure – that there are no UNSANITARY issues going on. Should she be MADE to pay for water? NO. Should her home be kept in a sanitary condition (not run down, rat infested, roach infested, etc.)? YES.

    • What business is it of yours?

      My house looks pretty messy (some would say unsanitary). What business is it of yours, whether or not it’s “sanitary?” – Who is to judge?

      I have boxes everywhere. Fire hazard? Probably. I’m not sure it’s any government’s business to determine whether or not it’s “sanitary” – I suppose then, they should mandate “home inspections” on a regular basis (including YOURS) – to see if they’re “sanitary” or not – And then what? put us in public housing, if we don’t meet their “standards?” – Fine us, because we didn’t vacuum or sweep the floor?

      • if they were to inspect any housing the city of cape coral is responsible for, you’d most likely find more problems with those properties than with this womans.

      • Hmmmm will be happy to hear; home inspections are coming soon to a town near you!, courtesy of Obamacare. They got to make sure us morons don’t hurt ourselves…..

      • If you lived next door to me and had rats living off your filth, then it is my business. I lived next door to a man who hoarded and his rats kept getting into my house. I had to pay to have his rats exterminated. Is that right?

    • Yup..I can see it now…maybe collect taxes on the amount of rainwater that fills the cistern…so much a gallon, and then calculate the sq. footage and charge people for rain on their lawns that weren’t purchased from the city…that is lost income from sales of water…
      It goes to show the absurdity that America’s laws have developed to legislate against people wanting to simplify and have alternative lifestyles…not everyone would choose to live off the grid and collect their own water supplies…I think a good counter legislation would stir up at least more awareness of the issue and develop some debate that would enlighten the populace to the loss of human rights involved…we are sentient creatures and quite capable of making good choices.

  9. Robin Speronis you are a hero in my eyes. Keep up the good fight. We are cheering for you here in Canada. Good luck in your battle to come love!

  10. LOL unbelievable, you cant live in your home, because they deem it uninhabitable, yet when they evict you, they feel its ok to live on the streets. Theres only one thing at the forefront here, and that is CONTROL.

  11. We moved to a rural are in AR, and I did not want a garbage can. I composted, recycled everything (altho it was a trip to the city to recycle) and since I have chickens, there is no food waste here. I was contacted by the county garbage company and told that we MUST have a garbage container and we are required to pay the 64$ a month collection fee. I was livid! No way around it tho, they delivered the can, I never used it, and we are still charged the fee every month. They do NOT provide recycling containers nor do they offer large recycling bins in the county. Paying for a service that one does not need or use is government control that we can do without.

    • Jeanne, if you live in a rural area and pay to have a bin that you don’t need or use you should ensure that they drive all the way out to your property and empty your empty bin every week and if they miss a collection, complain to them and ensure that come and collect your non existent garbage.

  12. Freedom to associate or NOT associate is protected by the 1st AMD and is NOT subject to any color of law including state policy, rules, regulations and encrypted codes. Contact the ACLU to file human and civil rights law suits against the magistrate, the city, county etc.

    All public servants should have an ankle bracelet put on them to keep track of them at all times. And have volunteers with cattle prods if the mess with the tracking devise, just saying…

  13. This needs to go to a higher court.

  14. Where are the environmentalist ? They should be all over this. This individual is doing what they want all of us to do. The environmental defense fund should be helping her.

  15. You guys are really overreacting. When she went public, she forced officials to either enforce the code as it’s written or look the other way (and government officials selectively enforcing laws isn’t a good thing). The laws are outdated. That doesn’t mean that the people who have to enforce them are evil.

  16. The truth of this case is that the State requires you to be on the grid in order that they may engage in hydraulic despotism. If you depend upon the State for your supply of energy and water, among other things, then the State effectively owns you and rebellion is extremely difficult if not outright impossible.

  17. Kagan … If you are concerned about your Freedoms, The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and the name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.”16th American Jurisprudence 2d, Section 177, late 2nd, Section 256,,,,,,,,Personal liberty, or the Right to enjoyment of life and liberty, is one of the fundamental or natural Rights, which has been protected by its inclusion as a guarantee in the various constitutions, which is not derived from, or dependent on, the U.S. Constitution, which may not be submitted to a vote and may not depend on the outcome of an election. It is one of the most sacred and valuable Rights, as sacred as the Right to private property…and is regarded as UNALIENABLE.” 16 C.J.S., Constitutional Law, Sect.202, p.987. Lawful,,Due proses is Constitutional the private American side 1866 civil rights act to protect lawful Americans from there Elected and public Employees,,Judicial proses Fraud and treasonous Fraud appone the Court, Constitutional lawfulness court proceeding of a jury of 12, jury nullification,,,, Judicial proses Democracy Courts is the defato of 1871, NON–disclosure of a supposed contract stipulation makes its presumptions fraudulent, and fraud vitiates a contract, ab initio, per court ruling. All so-called “US citizens” should be aware that the 14th amendment is null and void, being never ratified by the states in 1868 (in spite of lies to the contrary). Case cites affirm the 14th amendment is a lie, and its lie is also presented in six copious pages in the Congressional Record, of July 13, 1967, and never rebutted. All so-called “US citizens” should withdraw their voter registrations, as their votes absolutely don’t count; the vote having been manipulated by those voting machines earlier supplied by Diebold, which were not designed to give an accurate vote count… in fact, far from it. Congressional Record — House June 13, 1967 H7161 Congressional Record — House June 13, 1967 H7161 THE 14TH

    • true, but anyone who as been to a Court knows that judges enforce any law they please regardless of how unconstitutional the law might be. In addition it is actually worst than that, Judges can enforce judgments that are against state law. I know for I am in a case such as that one were a previous employer had us go into a contract which bit me in the ass a few years later, the contract is un-lawful as per Florida statute 542.18 yet the Court wont even contemplate the argument. On the morning of the trial the opposing attorney presented a Motion in Limine that stated that I could not tell the jury the contract they were enforcing was illegal, the judge granted the Motion. then I went ot Appeal and they ruled that the judgment stands even though its over a contract that is ilegal, now I am in the Supreme Court lets see what happens…

  18. I think it is the potential for problems that they might be scared of. If someone fails to pay for a long time and racks up a large bill they will cut him off. If he collect rain water or has his own pump he can say “why bother to pay up the past bill?”
    A home where they don’t really know what their doing and they have children could mean unsafe water.
    The water goes down the drain all the same. It does not matter if it comes from the city or rainwater. The sewer cost is in the water bill. They know how much you flush by how much you took in. Without the meter they can’t honestly say how much you use the sewer.

    • Someone has to pay to process her poop, just saying. If you want to stay off grid, don’t do radio interviews. Off grid means off grid.

    • Thdere is a difference in the water yo mentioned.
      Rain water is handled throught the storm sewer system, while the drains in your home go into the sanitary system.
      BIG difference in how the city handles them.

    • Who says you can’t dig a hole and poop into it? Dogs, cats, and wildlife do it and they aren’t getting in trouble. Peeing is easy, just go behind a bush.

  19. Remove Your Property From The unlawful Tax Roll Part 1

    Understanding How Admiralty And Common Law Apply To You

    The Truth About Driver’s License ,,,

    The Clearfield Doctrine,,,

    Modern Marvels, S00E70 ,Independence Day, The History of the 4th of July, Full Length

  20. Siobhra
    Actually there is no real way to measure how much you use the sewer system by how much water you use. What if, for instance, every day I filled two 5 gallon water containers up and took them to work. Around 200 gallons a month right there. Then add in lawn watering, garden watering, the water I use for food/drink and dispose of my waste elsewhere…you get the picture.

    I can think of no real reason why the government should be concerned in the least with what is going on in this lady’s house. I am not familiar with the area she lives in. However all seemed well and fine until she brought attention to it.

  21. I wonder if the City of Cape Coral is this concerned about the homeless…

    • I grew up there and I go back often (my family still lives there otherwise I wouldn’t go back). There are no homeless people in Cape Coral. Sounds impossible but it’s true. They (Cape Coral Police) don’t allow this sort of thing.

  22. This UBC is used under the property being defined as commercial … with the county clerk and agenda 21 a person must first challenge the jurisdiction of the court through Civil procedure rules… once you have established and correct the county record you are outside of the jurisdiction of the COMMERCIAL COURT which is currently acting under Intent to DeFraud…

  23. The real owner of the property dictates how to use it… Robin is not the owner in this case. None of us “proud home owners” is the real owner. Just a user… Look into your deeds, friends, what does it says on the top? State of Florida, Ohio, Kansas…? Check this website:
    Have a nice day!

  24. pretty much all municipalities in this country your house needs to have a functioning water supply and collecting rain water doesn’t cut it. This comes down to a health issue plane and simple just like you can’t have 20 people in a 4 bedroom house. That’s just 1 of the many reasons we need to get rid of illegals.

  25. This is beyond insane and is criminal. So you are a land owner but are required by law to subscribe to utilitities (privately owned?). If you were homeless you are not required by law to use utilities. Lol. This is an insane country and an insane system. Until we put people before profits it will always be a country run by and represented by criminals.

  26. All they want to do is control ppl You should not have to have water hook or electricity in your OWN home. It’s freedom of choice.

  27. My only concern would be waste water.
    How does she handle it?
    A septic tank might violate local ordinances or health laws.
    In Houston, sewer and water are billed together.
    And the waste water SHOULD be a concern to all citizens of that city.

  28. Hmmm what next, a “base charge” for everyone choosing to live off the grid, or a county-wide mandatory rain surcharge? This is a perfect example of the power of greed.

  29. hey i am not sure about you guys there but here i can buy my electricity for .32 c a kwh but sell whatever i make back to them for .68 c a kwh so i am MORE then happy to be connected to the grid and she should try and do that and see how they like PAYING her each bill…

  30. I agree that this is BS, and typical of the over reaching big brother epidemic in this country. But we should try to stick to the facts and understand where these laws came from and why they exist before we attempt the fix the situation.

    You are compelled to connect to municipal utilities because of how they came to be in the first place. When you’re planning a new community, or even a simple sub division, the cost of running sewage, water, and power would be far too great if it was done piecemeal. This is why many folks that live out in the country have septic systems, and others have both that and well water. There are too few homes in the area to justify the cost of not only connecting those homes to the main systems, but also to maintain them. The only way it can be done is with a large number of people connecting to, and paying for, the use of the system. If enough people disconnect, it would become far too expensive to maintain for the few that are left. This is also why many rural communities don’t have broadband, or cable TV. Too few homes means it’s simply not cost effective to run all the infrastructure to service such a small pool of customers.

    It would take an extreme swing towards disconnecting from the municipal system, but if enough did and the local gov’t could no longer afford to maintain it, then in effect you’ve just forced the rest of the community to follow your lead. But I honestly don’t think that would ever happen, so in the interest of common sense, these ‘laws’ need to be revisited.

    If there is truly enough of a desire in this country to be ‘free’ from public utilities, the proper solution is to start building sub divisions that are advertised as ‘off grid’ for folks that prefer to live that way. Like it or not, communities that are already connected will likely have to have a certain percentage stay ‘connected’.

  31. I lived in the Cape. The Cape is like a deed restricted community without the deed. The list of Code laws are expansive and frustrating. Almost the whole city is on city water and sewar,.but not all. They are in thr process of expanding it and every homeowner MUST pay the cost. We are talking THOUSANDS of dollars. When they come through, your septic is shut down and your well is capped. So you cant use it. I moved away after 33 yrs of living there. My Code violation rap sheet is l o n g. No trash cans are to be visable from the road. No toys and bikes and stuff can be left in the front yard. No trucks or cars with company logos or ladder racks are allowed to be parked on your property unless they are on the premises to work. It was early 1990’s before the citizens earned the right to park tbeit pickup trucks in the driveway. The city has no homeless. But the city took a huge financial hit during the Great Recession and the leaders have mismanaged funds so badly. The city is not well. Now you know.

  32. They want us to save energy but NOT be without “theirs”! SO STUPID!

  33. Land of the free, huh? :^)

  34. Michael in Cape Coral

    “The International Property Maintenance Code” Are they saying to me the USA is no longer a sovereign Country? Let us know so we can begin the insurrection against our government employees.

    There is no standing in this case because there is no victim. Agenda 21 is in virtually every county in America in the form if an UN ICLEI department. We need to formally abolish Agenda 21 and kick it out of the USA for good.

  35. I have a small farm in Central Florida I let my son rent a shed to put his earthly belongings in because he was laid off from his job on another farm, broke and basically homeless. Now I am losing my farm to a lien by the county $43,000 fine. and they will foreclose on that debt in 90 days. The charge of building without a permit on a farm and excess growth of weeds etc (all false) a portable rented shed mind you 12×20. This abuse of power is going on all over the country. The real culprits are the lawyers, judges and prosecutors and there are more people studying to be lawyers than there are lawyers now so you got an idea what the future will look like (robbing Peter to pay Paul’s salary and legal fees…this over-the-top tyranny sadly has only one solution.
    PS this farm is remote with no other houses residences or farms within view. Any ideas y’all.

    • Lawrenz, Consider taking down your mail box and becoming either a Common Law Private home or much better yet a Private Christian Household with His blood on your door posts rather than Uncle Sam’s spit on your door, Google The Christ’s Lawful Assembly and read The Power of Words and Only One Lawgiver then keep reading till you know what a Non-Statutory Abatement is and how to use them to Abate the seas of Commerce that have flooded The Promised Land, again.
      Your son if you have no husband can be a big help in the process too.
      assoming there is no known and viable Lawful Assembly in your community,, yet.

  36. Then live off the grid, but be sure not to use any public facilities, streets, parks, schools, police, firemen, etc. because ALL of that and many many other things people of ignorance seem to take for granted are paid for by such tax dollars. So get off the grid, but stay off the grid.

    • I will be happy to pay for the things you listed, which will cost about 1/100 of the taxes we are paying now. It is the rest of the crap that you conveniently didn’t list that I don’t want to pay for. Someone here is definitely ignorant, but it is not Tired Person.

  37. Hmmm … but the utilities will turn off your electricity and water if you refuse some of the smart meters???

  38. OK folks, yes, I hate taxes too, but I do enjoy clean running water, a system that takes sewer waste away from my home, a system that takes the garbage away from my home, a system that will put out the fire if my house caught fire, a system that keeps the roads maintained. These things cost money and if you want them you got to pay for them. And, you have to pay the salaries of the people who run these services.

    • And 1/1000000th of our taxes are going towards those things. The vast majority of our taxes are being spent on things such as “foreign aid” – we give food to over a hundred countries, we build libraries, hospitals, weapons, and blank checks, hell we even build mosques in a dozen countries and give military training to countries we absolutely know for a fact use child soldiers… and have officially said it was in our “national interest.” Almost none of our taxes go towards the things we simplistically assume they do.

    • What’s your point? Just because you like those things doesn’t mean someone else should be forced to partake in and pay for them. Sewer? Replace it with composting — helps grow food plants. Not needing water for toilets saves the need for that as well. Need clean drinking water? Catch rainwater and filter and/or distill it. Fire? Build an earthbag home — not flammable. These alternatives are all cheaper than the choices you’ve made, and it’s people like you who have made it illegal for me to use them.

  39. America the land of the dumb

    So All the bumms that live on the street that don’t get a welfare check or don’t use government aid are now criminals? Hey you guys did this to your self letting this happen. The government is for the people which means should listen to the people or get ko’ed by the people so all i see are a bunch of pussies typing rants on here and that gets you nowhere.

    Don’t forget to vote since that brings about real change bwahahahahahahahahahahaha best joke ever. I’ll take another side of sheep stew and i would like a diamond 1% banker spoon to eat it with , then i’ll go watch the royal family reality show and watch as they laugh at sheep running in circles (american’s) then i’ll finish the day with a healthy helping of false flag pie and go to sleep and dream of a world where we’re not told on how to live but live how we want to live and that’s free, but remember this is a dream and freedom is just that.

    Hope you enjoyed that , I would correct all the grammar but i think it fits fine with the stupidity of the human race.

  40. First answer me why it is International not state codes? do we have to ask for UN approval now? What the heck is going on in this country?

  41. how intrewsting. then we should go to the ghettos an back alleys an arrest the homeless an destitute because they are completely off the grid . not to mention the mountain men an monks that live by candle an by the land.doesn’t the us Constitution have something in it about the rights of the people isn’t by saying that you can’t live off the grid your really saying your not aloud to not be taxed by an illegal enterprise.

  42. Humans are the only specie that pays money to live.

  43. I live on the other coast-Palm Beach County, city of Boynton Beach and I want to live off the grid too-the city told me that I don’t have to use their water, but I have to pay for it-I only use 2000 gallons of water per month, but they stick me with garbage, storm water, solid waste and other fees which make my bill, which should only be around $10 per month over $60 because of all the extra fees-I told them I only put garbage out once every 2 weeks, that I have yard waste only once per year, that they are charging me for recycling and then are paid at the other end for the recyclables which is being paid twice-once by the customer, once by the recycling company for product-that isn’t fair either-its all a great scam for cities to keep collecting fees that they don’t deserve-I told them that I should be charged for the usage of the services they charge me for and not a flat fee. I still intend to live off the grid, and keep chickens as well (the city doesn’t allow me those either.

    • Paula,, Consider taking down your mail box and becoming either a Common Law Private home or much better yet a Private Christian Household with His blood on your door posts rather than Uncle Sam’s spit on your door, Google The Christ’s Lawful Assembly and read The Power of Words and Only One Lawgiver then keep reading till you know what a Non-Statutory Abatement is and how to use them to Abate the seas of Commerce that have flooded The Promised Land, again.


  45. The court is a legal fiction, just like it’s entire “code” racket. The Codes that are in contradiction to the Natural Organic Human/’man’ that the Constitution of both the state STATE/ and national/US exist to protect and preserve our CREATED BIRTH RIGHTS – are merely void. Not applicable. The HUMAN has RIGHTS. The corporate fiction has privileges. As a Human, you are the TRUSTEE over all – thus govt is your SERVANT, and the Human is the MASTER…why is this so foreign to so many people? The U.S. is a private corporation acting in commerce – thus the “international” alleged jurisdiction, however – the national government of the Republic of the united states union – is a De Jure and SEPARATE nation of LAWS…all ROOTED in the Constitution and RIGHTS OF MAN – as a creation.

  46. They have to have everyone hooked up to the system to make it cost effective for everyone, if half the neighborhood went off the grid than the other half has to pay enough to keep the utility in operation. If only the people that had enough money to buy the systems they need to go off the grid because lets face it things like solar panels are not cheap than the neighbors who can not afford to go off the gird would pay a higher price for the utility because less would be supporting it. sewage plant costs millions to build, a couple of workers to maintain it each month and the cost of chemicals and other supplies, just for example 10,000 in neighborhood would cost less per person than 5,000 in neighborhood.

    • Your logic is crap, as with all liberal ideals. It does not cost more per person/house hold to supply sewage/water to 5,000 homes than it would 10,000. The cost per person can stay the same by simply down grading the size of the public works like cutting off certain streets that are unwanted. It’s not a private citizens problem that the town/city built a system that’s to expansive to run itself when people decide to “go of the grid”. It’s a personal choice, a liberty and freedom of which no governing body within the constitutional United States has a right to infringe upon. What your proposing is forcing unwanted services upon all to meet the needs of many. It’s unjust. This mindset is what’s got this Country into such trouble with the current economic crisis. If you build a town water/sewage system then build it so it can sustain itself even if all but 10% of the population it serves decides to use methods of sustainability. City water/sewage systems all over the country were originally installed to keep famine from the population. That’s it. If people make a decision to stop using these public services then it’s their god given right to seek other ways of meeting the same needs in their own way. As long as they are not putting the general population at risk doing so. Catching rain water and having a private sewage system DOES NOT put the public at risk for disease! The town has no business telling this women how to live her life if she’s not hurting anyone else or her self. Discussion over.

  47. “Eskin indicated the code was both obsolete and unreasonable and in need of change. Yet he felt he had to enforce it.”
    The question he ought to address is why a U.S. citizen in the U.S. is subject to an “international code” not codified in U.S. law. He should have thrown the case out, period.

  48. Read about Agenda 21 and you’ll understand what happened to this woman. It’s a scam foisted by international elites under the guise of sustainable development using ignorant do-gooders (ICLEI, American Planning Association, etc) for its local implementation. And if you think only the “right” is against it, check out democratsagainstunagenda21 dot com. Everyone needs to get educated and rally against it.

  49. There is a dirty little secret. Having worked for a municipal system there is always a rule that if a property is adjacent to or abuts a city service the property must be connected. The only exceptions are property existing before the rule passed which can be grandfathered in.

  50. International?? INTERNATIONAL?????!!!! Since when does this country abide by this type if “international law”? It’s bad enough that some of the treaties “we” have signed weren’t approved by “We the People.” And that the UN and EU want us under the domination of the New World Order. Let’s back the “international” truck up here, fellows!

  51. Forcing a citizen to buy products of private companies is wrong and anti democratic. Except that USA is not a democracy, it’s a corporatocracy.

    The people are governed and manipulated by corporations who need slaves or brainless consumers, not free individuals, in order they can continue to profit and rule the country.

    If, as a citizen, you disagree, why voting for always the same corporatocracy designated candidates in elections ?

  52. This magistrate is a fool. His job consists of first judging the law and then to judge the person. If the law is found to be unlawful, unconstitutional, unenforceable, or any other reason why it should not be a law, the judge or magistrates duty to his oath of office is to nullify that law and to then proceed to the matter at hand involving the person charged by throwing out the case so as not to continue wasting the courts time and resources. But naturally this magistrate has a stake in the local water utility probably and does not want to set any precedent allowing just anyone to shut off their water because they are self sufficient. Only answer to fix these absurdities in the laws is to elect only libertarian representatives who’s entire philosophy is to leave others alone so long as they are not causing you or anyone else harm or their property, less overlording and more freedom of competition and choice.

  53. ” The code states that properties are unsafe to live in if they do not have electricity and running water. Speronis has electricity and water. ”

    What a crock of BS. People lived thousands of years without electricity or running water. Even today millions of people live without electricity and/or running water.

  54. Way to go Robin! Go ahead and hook up but don’t use their products. You are legal and can still fight all the fees or taxes they stick on your bill because you receive no product, water or electricity. It is great to see people like you thinking outside of the box and breathing that thing called FREEDOM!

  55. they do the same thing here in Bradford Pa. they force you to hook into it and make you pay for it even if you don’t use it. if the place is vacant and no one lives in it you still are forced to pay for water and sewer!!!!

  56. If I am not mistaken I think that there is a federal law that says that power companies have to buy the unused power that she does not use. It may be worth hooking up to get paid for any power she can sell them. It might be enough to pay for the fees she will incur just to be hooked up. even if you do not use the utilities there is a monthly ” maintenance ” charge for most utilities.

  57. Eskin’s remarks indicate that he views the code as both obsolete and unreasonable and in need of change. Yet he felt he had to enforce it.

    Just doin muh job. The defense of petty authoritarians everywhere!

  58. Why are people that love the State and the restriction of their freedoms interested in living off-grid anyway? This makes no sense to me. People who are not libertarians, anarchists, classical liberals, et al: Why are you interested in living off-grid?

    • We want to live off of the natural resources, and give back to the earth in return. We want to be satisfied after a days work that we have accomplished something for ourselves and others without taking away from their contributions. We want to be treated as human beings, with respect and dignity. We want to treat the earth with respect, it’s creatures and it’s foliage and its not-so-abundant waters. We want to live good lives that afford us the ability to create our surroundings in a simpler and more earth friendly way, and WISELY use the resources of sun, earth, wind and water to provide all that is necessary to live comfortable lives with those who feel and believe that we are all God’s creatures, and he/she gave us everything we needed without any requirement that we despoil his/her creations. By sharing our bounty with others we help continue a peaceful and equal relationship with our community and our creator.

  59. At birth we’re invited to travel on Space Ship Earth with a life-time ticket. It’s true for each of us. How is it that some people have hoarded all the seats and then artificially force most of us to pay them for what is rightly ours – a seat for our life time journey? How’s it possible that most of us must fight each other for the means to pay the few for use of a seat? The hoarders call this “mortgages” and pretend it cost THEM something to get those extra seats, charging us interest to extort more so we spend our whole journey on Earth stressfully working to pay them for what is OUR seat from the beginning! Some don’t make it in that game and are forced to spend their whole lives walking the aisles and unpleasantly sleeping in the bathrooms. Some take drugs to ease the terrible stress of the environment, others resort to crime so they can bear the journey.

    Shouldn’t we all just claim our seats and tell the bullies that their game is over? Shouldn’t we all have the proud right to claim our place on Space Ship Earth and to be welcomed here freely, and even joyfully, by the other passengers on our journey?

    Here’s YOUR ticket, YOUR seat – I give them to you freely, and I gladly welcome you aboard as a fully empowered and honored fellow on this journey of life. Viva la Space Ship! Viva YOU. ❤

    • I totally agree with you! Society has transformed us from mammals to parasites. We take and take and take from the earth without giving back. We are not even allowed to let our bodies go back to the earth when we die. We have to buy super expensive box’s to put our bodies in before they go in the ground. Being a human is embarrassing anymore. I’m working toward off grid living and get so much more satisfaction from that than any paying job I’ve ever had. Everyone thinks slavery was abolished, the government just started hiding it. Paid slavery.

  60. Now i see if thers a crack house, or a house that is not mantained that people are living in that is were this rule would apply so they can kick them out , but for a person that maintaining the the house and property to have ther own power source and water i dont see that as a crime.

  61. Hmmm, I wonder how the Amish fit into this International Property Maintenance Code? Amish countrywide, do not use electricity from power companies. So, will they be made to hook up as well after all of these years of not using it? How about water? Most of them use rain water or well water for drinking water.

  62. Only in USA

  63. One thing you have “ALL” overlooked here! — Most people pay for water and sewer combined, okay so she wasn’t using fresh potable water from the towns water supply, however then she better find a place to dump that soapy, urine, feces infected now dirty water and stop throwing it down the toilet or sink or bathtub to be processed by the town “FOR FREE” off her back. She needs to pay to have that “DISGUSTING DIRTY” water created by her to be hauled off at her expense! She’s using city sewers for free! — When all of you other law abiding citizens are paying for it and her! 😛

  64. Thank you for shinning a spotlight on the problem of too many draconian rules. I am totally off the grid in San Francisco, CA area – also I am subscribing to you.
    Delwyn Lounsbury – The Deflation Guru

  65. Great article. Keep up the good work. I am going to subscribe to you.
    I write a save the world from the power elite cabal website-BEWARE the totalitarian takeover try:

  66. Why is no one talking about this women’s shit? If she’s in the city, she doesn’t have a septic tank. Municipal water services are usually combined in one bill. She is essentially wanting free sewage service because she doesn’t drink the water.

  67. the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land which is Common Law, not Statuary or International Law.
    Government is a Fiction, since when is it superior to the human man or woman?
    People, you are sovereign, all law since 1933, is contract law because of the Bankruptcy of The Corporate UNITED STATES call The Banking Holiday. Where is the contract she signed for International Law?

  68. As a building code official for 18+ years, it appears to me that that most jurisdictions haven’t gotten around to adopting codes in order to keep up with technology and people’s desire to conserve energy and natural resources. And it isn’t until someone who differs from the norm and tries to do something outside of the scope of their regulations that any consideration is given to changing the rules. (That’s pretty typical of government institutions…).

    The International Property Maintenance Code is generally used by city/county zoning (and sometimes building) departments as a way to govern minimum standards for the maintenance of existing structures. So this city apparently adopted the IPM code and they are acting like it is gospel. However, Section 5 of the International Property Maintenance Code says; “Section 5. That nothing in this ordinance or in the Property Maintenance Code hereby adopted shall be construed to affect any suit or proceeding impending in any court, or any rights acquired, or liability incurred, or any cause or causes of action acquired or existing, under any act or ordinance hereby repealed as cited in Section 3 of this ordinance; nor shall any just or legal right or remedy of any character be lost, impaired or affected by this ordinance.” So where are the TEETH in the adoption of that code to try and force the homeowner to connect to their water/sewer system? LOL!!!

    One thing I learned long ago is that most code officials don’t read the scope of the codes, the exceptions, or apply the intent of the codes which is to protect public health, safety, and welfare. 2012 International Residential Code Preface: “This code is founded on principles intended to establish provisions consistent with the scope of a residential code that adequately protects public health, safety and welfare; provisions that do not unnecessarily increase construction costs; provisions that do not restrict the use of new materials, products or methods of construction; and provisions that do not give preferential treatment to particular types or classes of materials, products or methods of construction.” So you see, the intent of the code is NOT to prohibit different materials or methods of construction, but to safeguard health, life, and property… Government officials often get lost in the LETTER of the code and they forget about the INTENT of the code.

    And there is an International Green Construction Code that the city could adopt which does allow for the collection and use of rainwater for potable (like drinking and bathing) and non-potable water (for flushing toilets and irrigation).

    In addition both the Uniform Plumbing Code and International Plumbing Code (depends on which is adopted) have provisions for gray water recycling systems. Many states (including Florida) also allow for the installation of composting toilets as long as they meet NSF International Standard No. 41

  69. I’ve been paying attention to this case. The Rutherford Institute is getting involved to challenge the legal precedent. The statement made by the magistrate, who assuredly would have studied history at some point during his law school, that an off-grid house is unsafe, is absurd. There are three types of guidelines that legally define the connection of a house to the grid in the United States. I am not aware of anything written in those codes and standards deeming an unconnected house unsafe, and I can think of logical argumentation to support the appeal even before talking with the Rutherford Institute’s attorney.

    (1) The rights of homeless people have been asserted in numerous cases. (i.e. U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the City of Los Angeles cannot take possession of homeless property unless it creates an immediate threat to others.) If a homeless person can live off the grid, so should a home be able to do the same.

    (2) Highly secure military, industrial, and communications facilities can be disconnected from the grid for unpublished and unstated security reasons and operate off a micro-grid. Homeland Security and several major labs have such off-grid status.

    (3) Amish, Luddites, and other groups reject technology, including electricity in many states. Their rights to remain disconnected with modern technology in general have been asserted in court.

    (4) Billions of humans, prior to the electrification of their respective areas, lived off the grid safely and legally, so the addition of a product should be the right of the consumer to accept or reject for her or him self.

  70. The masters let the slaves do what they want until one slave starts talking to another slave about freedom, then the gloves come off. The masters cannot allow slaves talking openly about freedom because it cuts into their bottom line. Where do you think the code enforcement teams gets their money? They have to justify themselves each budget period they are doing something worthwhile and creating revenue for the municipality or their budget gets cuts and people lose their jobs.

    The officious trolls that work for code enforcement departments are hired specifically for their callous disregard for emotion and common sense. They are rule and order followers to the letter, and essentially Vogons at heart. If cities cared about the people involved, then code enforcement would be an adjunct of the police department, enforce only the most egregious criminal code problems, and thus leave the people to manage themselves.

    • HitchHiker here.
      I guess we will have to hitch a lift with the Vogons
      and be prepared when they detect us, and hitch
      somewhere else before they can seize us and throw
      us into space.

  71. Off grid living is a growing trend around the country that established government doesn’t have as much of the pie as they want yet. Some in government believe that government has to regulate and tax everything from the internet to grid living. Taxing Americans as much as possible and being subsidized by supporters is the game of thrones that elitist love to play.

    You can read more about off grid living here.

  72. Wow! Lots of off topic stuff here.

    Anyway, from reading the article it seems that the judge didn’t agree with the law but felt it was his job to enforce it anyway. Then my thoughts are instead of complaining we should start writing our state legislature and governor.

    I believe (could be wrong) that the law was intended to curtail transients. At this point, there are plenty of ways to live off grid without causing a problem for your neighbor. I think this should be taken up at the state level and a solution sought out.

  73. She has to remain hooked to city water, but in Detroit people are havingntheirnwater turned off….this country is insane.

  74. I would say that if they require a hook-up, they should be required to foot the bill to do so. Afterall, it is not your intention to use such utilities.

  75. Oh and ya can’t park your trailer, work car, motorhome, camper, etc., on your property in the Cape, either. One has to pay to put it in storage. The Cape is sick beyond belief. This lady has grit and I admire her! Travelling around the country this last year, we lived off the grid most of the time. Many are turning to off the grid living and have for many, many years. This is agenda 21 in your face and there is nothing natural about being hooked to it. Ask the queens and kings who are: cooking for them, allowed to be close to their water supply, or administering their drugs. Do they trust them? I doubt that they are hooked up to a community water supply, eat anything not prepared by their chefs, etc. Most of us are being floridated to dumb us down and are supporting it like it is a necessary ingredient to our health. What is wrong with this country?

  76. O.K. so the Amish would be illegal also. Seems to me there is a double standard here. I live way out in the country so I wouldn’t be on any water systems but a well. I have the option of using solar panels for my electricity since the commercial electricity goes out a lot.

  77. If a person wants to have windmills or solar panels for power and get their own water by a well, rain barrels or purchasing it at the store that should be their business on their own property. So long as she isn’t pouring raw sewerage into the ground or creating bad smells because she doesn’t have proper refrigeration etc. or her animals go without water etc. it’s her own business if it affects no one else. It doesn’t say how she’s dealing with sewerage, does she have a septic tank for that? Tanks are illegal in most areas anymore. Honestly if she doesn’t want to be hassled she should buy a piece of land someplace remote where there are no neighbors to call code on her or city officials to screw with her because she embarrassed them. She should be suing for retaliation here too, no issues until she talks to a reporter? Sounds like violating her free speech to me.

  78. “An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.” [Norton v. Shelby County, 118 US 425 (1885)]

    That Court has exercised JUDICIAL OVERREACH…..The Florida Constitution States with Specificity:

    SECTION 1. Political power.—All political power is inherent in the people. The enunciation herein of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or impair others retained by the people.

    SECTION 2. Basic rights.—All natural persons, female and male alike, are equal before the law and have inalienable rights, among which are the right to enjoy and defend life and liberty, to pursue happiness, to be rewarded for industry, and to acquire, possess and protect property; except that the ownership, inheritance, disposition and possession of real property BY ALIENS INELIGIBLE FOR CITIZENSHIP MAY BE REGULATED or PROHIBITED BY LAW. NO PERSON SHALL BE DEPRIVEDOF ANY RIGHT because of race, religion, national origin, or physical disability.
    [History.—Am. S.J.R. 917, 1974; adopted 1974; Am. proposed by Constitution Revision Commission, Revision No. 9, 1998, filed with the Secretary of State May 5, 1998; adopted 1998.]

    SECTION 23. RIGHT OF PRIVACY—Every natural person has the right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion into the person’s private life except as otherwise provided herein. This section shall not be construed to limit the public’s right of access to public records and meetings as provided by law.
    History.—Added, C.S. for H.J.R. 387, 1980; adopted 1980; Am. proposed by Constitution Revision Commission, Revision No. 13, 1998, filed with the Secretary of State May 5, 1998; adopted 1998.

    Sound like it’s time for the State to correct the problem:

    SECTION 17. Impeachment.—
    (a) The governor, lieutenant governor, members of the cabinet, justices of the supreme court, judges of district courts of appeal, judges of circuit courts, and judges of county courts shall be liable to impeachment for misdemeanor in office. The house of representatives by two-thirds vote shall have the power to impeach an officer. The speaker of the house of representatives shall have power at any time to appoint a committee to investigate charges against any officer subject to impeachment.

  79. OK I have read several of these post and some make a lot of sense here’s what we have going on here in our little ILLINOIS Town I have lived here for 35 YRS and we have always picked and choose who we wanted for trash service,while we were in St.Louis in MAY 2014 for our Son that had a HEART TRANSPLANT 18 YRS ago and Lost Him in MAY 2014 this City decided while we were out of town and I couldn’t make the meeting no one in this COMMUNITY wants to stand up for there RIGHTS so they VOTED on it and passed it now this gets INTERESTING we have never had a late payment on the WATER/SEWER BILL never complained about price but now we have a new FEE ADDED for TRASH SERVICE it’s not the cost of it but we have had the RECYCLE TRAILER in our COMMUNITY long before all this come about so we take all of the RECYCLE GOODS to it now that leaves us with mearly nothing so guess what can’t OPT OUT either you pay it or your WATER WILL BE SHUT OFF,so it has been off since MARCH 2016 now as far as having to pay a SEWER FEE the CITY is the ones to combine the 2 into one BILL now I know as I am sitting here writing this reply there are not many of you on here that will pay for a service if you are not using it, here is what my COUNCIL MEMBER of my WARD tells me if my neighbor up the street decides to up and move on and leaves a trash container full it is my responsibility to pick up his tab this is what they expect so with just the 2 of us here at the house now we have been able to manage and there is no STATE AGENCY HERE that will get involved and with her HEALTH ISSUES looks like I am going to have to get her DR. involved,you should not have to have something cram down your throat if you don’t use it DOES ANYONE DRINK TRASH .

  80. Ya’ll need to stick to the question. Is it a constitutionally right for the government to govern your home?
    I don’t care to hear about healthcare or insurance. I care about what the government thinks it has the right to say about property I pay taxes and mortgage on. If I do not care to utilize utilities I should not have to. This should be my right as a homeowner.. unless your in a HOA then you are screwed.

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