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Doctor Threatens: Vaccinate Newborn Or Lose Custody

hospital baby vaccinateA doctor at an Alabama hospital allegedly told parents that they would lose custody of their newborn son if they refused to vaccinate him – and subsequently pressured them so much that they relented.

Aliea Bidwell and Ben Gray are alleging that a staff pediatrician at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, even threatened to have security take their 12-hour-old son and turn him over to state authorities.

The doctor reportedly made the threat after Bidwell refused to let hospital staff give her newborn, Aaron, a hepatitis B vaccine, the Inquisitr website reported. The doctor may have had no legal authority to make the request because the vaccine is not required by Alabama state law and parents have the legal right to refuse it.

Off The Grid News made multiple requests to the hospital for a comment but received no reply.

It is not clear if Alabama Department of Human Resources would have gone along with the doctor’s request or not. Yet the doctor reportedly used the threat of lost custody in an attempt to force Bidwell to have Aaron vaccinated.

“She told baby Aaron’s family that if they did not allow her to give the hepatitis B vaccine, she would call security and DHR (Alabama’s Child Protective Services),” the news report stated. “The baby would be given the vaccine anyway, at 12 hours old, and then be taken into state custody. Because it was a Friday evening, [the doctor] told Aliea and Ben that they would have to figure out how to get their baby back after the weekend.”

Baby Was Perfectly Healthy

The parents claim the doctor threatened them and other relatives at least three times on the evening of March 14. Aaron had been born that morning at the hospital. They also allege that the physician waited until 8 p.m. on Friday evening to make the threat.

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Aaron was born seven pounds, 11 ounces, and was healthy, with Apgar scores of nine and nine.

“[The doctor] claimed that ‘doctor’s discretion’ gave her the right to override the parents’ decision and force the vaccine, or take the baby away and give it anyway,” the story said. “She based this on the fact that Aliea did not have existing bloodwork prior to admission demonstrating that she did not have hepatitis B.”

vaccine hospital

Image source: Inquisitr

The parents told the doctor they are in a mutually monogamous relationship and were in no danger to have hepatitis B.

At one point, the doctor allegedly made the threat in front of the couple and 12 family members.

“The hepatitis B vaccine is not safe or effective, and is linked to many autoimmune syndromes,” the couple later said in a statement. “There have been more than 1500 hepatitis B vaccine-related deaths reported, including deaths classified as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).”

The Threats Worked

The doctor then moved up the deadline, giving the couple until 9 p.m. on Friday evening to decide. They relented, fearing they would lose their baby. They even had to sign a consent form, saying the doctor had explained the risks of the vaccine. The form absolved the hospital of all risks of the vaccine.

The case was tragic, but it has happened in other states.

One woman, Jody Ferris, alleged that staff at the Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania had police and social workers take her newborn a few hours after birth because she refused a Hepatitis B vaccination for the infant, Off The Grid News previously reported. Ferris and her husband had to hire an attorney and get a court order to get the baby back.

The Home School Legal Defense Association filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Hershey Medical Center on Ferris’s behalf.

Should parents have the legal right to refuse vaccines for their children? Tell us in the comments below. 

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  1. I think in most cases, I side with the physicians on this one. If you refuse the approved vaccinations the health care centers should have the right to obtain interim custody of your child and turn it over to the local child protective service agency who can provide the legal consent necessary for the vaccine to occur anyway notwithstanding the parents. These parents are in the wrong, and this paper and these organizations defending them should be crushed as terrorists.

    • @anonymous – you’re a friggen idiot!

      So basically all infants born on reservations, Amish, midwife births etc should immediately surrender these illegally born kids to the nearest “government processing station” then basically right?

      It’s dumba$$es like you that are the root cause why our country is the liberal nanny state it’s become!

      Why don’t you keep drinking your fluoride, eating the GMOs, and pesticides – you can have my share.

      Geez… Lie down and go Baaaahhhh friggen sheep!

    • Anon at 1:04 AM. You are truly an idiot or a shill. You disgust me.

    • I’d love to meet you in a dark alley…

  2. Of course we should have the legal right to make our own decisions about what is right for us or for our children. In light of the fact that there appear to be questions regarding the safety of these vaccines, parents should be allowed to determine if they are willing to risk their child’s health for the dictates being put forth essentially by the pharmaceutical industry.

  3. If parents dont love their children enough to vaccinate them, then yes, they should be taken away. The parents are poorly informed. Im not sure where they got their data from re deaths from the Hep B vaccine, however, it is grossly inaccurate. I dont know how they even included SIDS in there – sounds like they have been listening to the Anti-vax cult whom are historically, poorly informed and extremist.

    • Anna, you are also either an idiot or a shill. Turn off your propaganda idiot box and do some research. You, and the likes of you, are the reason why we lack freedom in this country. You disgust me.

    • You’re an uniformed idiot, and one of the sheeple. Maybe you should have your kids taken away.

  4. Being Amish is starting to sound like a better idea every day.

  5. Yes. You DONT know what is in those vaccines. They can tell you what they “supposedly” are… but they could be something entirely different than what they’ve said. If you believe every single word that comes out of a doctor or government officals mouth, you’re an idiot.

  6. Many of these comments scare the HECK out of me! The issue is not IF vaccinations are good or bad, the question is parental rights. The majority of parents out there love their children and have their best interest at heart. No other person loves a child as much as his/her mother and father. So, if those parents see it best not to vaccinate, the child should not be vaccinated. It also does not matter what “strange” ideas parents might have. After all, what make YOUR strange idea better than any other person’s strange ideas?? Let me give an example, circumcision. Where I am from, doing it to little boys for no reason (because there is none, Europeans are fine aren’t they?) would be considered child abuse. Yet, most little boys are abused in this way here in the USA. While I told my neighbor I did not agree to the circumcision of her son, I realize she made that decision based on the knowledge and perception she has. Alas, my opinion, was rightfully ignored.

  7. I think the issue here is not the vaccination choice, or even the medical opinion of the doctors. The main issue here is: are mentally competent parents allowed to make their own independent decisions regarding their children?
    Children are supposed to be under the care & direction of their parents. Unless the parents have shown to be: harsh, cruel, unloving, or unable to care for them, then we should not interfere with these rights.
    These rights have been given to them by our government, and therefore the parents should be supported as such.
    I have to agree with Erika (above comment) on this one. We are arguing the issue of vaccines, but this really is about parental rights.
    Side note: there are many rational, competent, intelligent parents who do not agree with vaccination.

    • Rach D…The government DOES NOT give us our rights. Our rights have been given to us by God and the Constitution reinforces that. The gov’t does not have the authority to take away those rights. In fact the gov’t has no rights other than the powers that are given to them. That applies both state and federal.

  8. Having worked in the medical field for over 20+ years, when I had my children I did not have them vaccinated. They are now adults and have never had any of the illnesses that the vaccines are suppose to prevent.

    The insurance companies push the vaccines. We had to review and record at each office visit whether they were up to date on vaccines. If they weren’t and we did not give it the doctors often were either not paid for the visit and/or the contract with the insurance company was revoked.

  9. Anyone who says that the state can do a better job of raising a child than a parent who questions a vaccine (one that is not necessary unless the mother has Hep B) needs to go and talk to some of the parents whose children were taken away and later abused and/or killed in foster care. To say that “it” (the baby) should be taken away for refusing hep b is either intentionally ignorant or simply purely statist.

  10. I really like it when folks come together and share thoughts.
    Great website, keep it up!

  11. Please pass on my link.

  12. Taking a newborn away from its parents is abominable, no question. However, I do not understand the vehement anti-vaccine movement. There is no research that links vaccines to autism, and quite frankly, if you would rather take a chance on your child contracting a fatal illness, or giving that illness to another child, I will absolutely question your parenting. There are children dying from measles and whooping cough at a rate we did not see 20 years ago. Herd immunity is important…that is how we eradicated polio im this country. We don’t even have to vaccinnate for it anymore. The less people vaccinnate, the more we will see diseases that we thought were rare becoming normal again…and they will kill kids.

  13. There is tons of evidence linking vaccines to autism. Do some research. Listen to the parents of the vaccine injured. Watch VAXXED. But most of all…,Wake the hell up and stop being a sheeple.

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