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Former U.S. Senator Warns: ‘We’re Going To Crash’; ‘No Country’ Has ‘Ever Survived’ This

Former U.S. Senator Warns: ‘We’re Going To Crash’; 'No Country' Has 'Ever Survived' This

WASHINGTON — A former U.S. senator is warning that America is headed toward a financial “crash” unless D.C. politicians begin making hard choices about its debt.

Former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn (R.-Okla.), who served two terms in the Senate and three in the House, made the comments Monday on radio on the “Laura Ingraham Show.”

“There’s no urgency” to fix America’s debt problems, Coburn said, “because very few people have a correct understanding of what’s happening to us”

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“If you take total debt, right now, we’re over 240 percent of our GDP,” he said, referencing the gross domestic product, a phrase that represents the total dollar value of goods and services in a nation. “If you take real government debt – debt that has to be paid back by the millennials – we’re at about 180 percent.

“There’s no country that’s ever survived that.”

Coburn believes Trump would “make the hard choices,” but Congress won’t.

“We’re going to crash unless we start making the hard choices, and Congress refuses to make the hard choices,” he said. “… But you have career politicians on both sides who refuse to make the hard choices because it might affect their political career. Well, what about our kids?”

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  1. Unfortunately he’s 100% right.

  2. The best we can hope for, with the best being antithetical to my life’s philosophy, is that this is a planned circumstance.

    With Communism laying out its path to using a Republic and Capitalism to reach Communism; with Communist Plank #5 basically describing the US’s monetary system, with Communist “Class Dictatorship” mentality rife within the US State Department since the 1940’s….what other evidence needs to be presented before our eyes that this is not a natural situation…it is contrived…it is planned…though that planning might have the wild aspect of a bareback rider at a rodeo calling for the gate to be opened.

    All that being said, and along with this articles observation “we are going to crash” and “no country has survived that”…there has to be an end game.

    • the end game as planned by humans is the NWO, true endgame is eternity with Jesus
      sincerely christian anarchist

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