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Gov’t Warns Dad: Your Kids Can’t Be Left Alone ‘In Or Outside The Home’ EVER

Gov’t Warns Dad: Your Kids Can’t Be Left Alone ‘In Or Outside The Home’ EVER

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Riding mass transit has been added to the list of activities that are too dangerous for our children.

In fact, one father — Adrian Cook — was investigated by social workers because his kids rode the public bus to school.

Cooks’ five kids had been riding the public bus in Vancouver, British Columbia, for two years without any problems. The father even received an email from another bus passenger praising his well-behaved children.

“So imagine my surprise when I received a call from the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD),” Cook wrote on his 5 Kids 1 Condo blog.

Following an anonymous tip, ministry case workers visited Cook’s home and interviewed his kids.

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Cook, who lives in downtown Vancouver and does not own a car, relies on public transit to get around. Cook taught his kids to ride the bus to be independent and self-reliant.

Public Bus Too Dangerous for Kids

“Our 45-minute bus ride is straightforward,” Cook wrote. “It begins with a bus stop visible from my living room window and ends at a stop directly in front of the kids’ school. We’ve had no issues riding the bus over the last two years, unless you count losing a cell phone or getting off a stop too early (their GPS-tracked cell phones easily resolved that).”

Despite that, Ministry social workers made Cook sign a safety plan stating his kids wouldn’t take the bus alone because they are under 12. That means Cook now must spend several hours a day escorting the kids to school and back.

Cook’s description of the MCFD’s rationale for its actions is chilling.

“The Ministry had checked with their lawyers ‘across the country’ and the Attorney General, and determined that children under 10 years old could not be unsupervised in or outside the home, for any amount of time,” he wrote. “That included not just the bus, but even trips across the street to our corner store, a route I can survey in its entirety from my living room window.”

It looks as if childhood freedom is dead in the United States and Canada.

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  1. This is liberal’s for you. They want complete control.

    • Hey now, you can’t say ALL liberals are like that! I’m a second amendment supporter and Prolife enthusiast but I would be considered a liberal by your statement.

      As a ahem, Moderate Lib Con who is FIRST and FOREMOST an AMERICAN, I do find this offensive. As a young child there was never any fear over taking public transit anywhere, and there was never an issue of a 10 year old getting on an airplane and traveling by themselves to visit their dad on the other side of the states. God, next thing you know, they’ll be wanting to put chips inside kids to track them, or taking away the ability for a child to ride a plane by themselves.

      I wouldn’t say my generation is a bunch of softies, but I will say that my parents (unlike the grandparents) sought after always following the bible, and turning the other cheek. I blame it on the GEN Xer’s and baby boomers for instilling this idea that everyone has to be protected and have to know what anyone is doing at any given time.

      This isn’t a liberal issue you fools, this is an issue that faces ALL Americans and Canadians, but I forgot, because both dems and libs blame the other, they don’t consider themselves as Americans anymore, AND THAT is why this country is going in the shitter. Stop seeing yourself as a Repub or Dem, you’re an AMERICAN ACT LIKE AN AMERICAN!

      • As a baby boomer, I can say for a fact that my kids had pretty much all of the freedom I had as a kid.
        Please don’t generalize, as you complained about in your post.
        I can’t argue with your last sentence. Good on ya.

  2. Back around 1952 my mother was a working single parent. I was in the third grade. For 25 cents each we could take the bus downtown, watch the Saturday Kiddie show, get a soda and a small candy bar and ride home with her when she got off work. My mother would now get in trouble because my little sister and I were unsupervised until she got off work.

  3. This is so ridiculous. I walked to school everyday from kindergarten thru 8th grade, by myself. Like Richard, I also took the bus downtown to go to the movies with my very young best friend. We were street wise and could take care of ourselves. These new laws and rules that coddle children well into adulthood are creating a society that can’t function in the real world. Many “children” are still living with their parents well into their 30’s and even 40’s. I know three families whose grown children still live with them. Moms wait on them, buy their groceries and one even gets driven to work by mom or dad because he is too afraid to drive. Can’t wait to see how screwed up society is going to be in the next decade. What a mess we are creating.

    • Simple. If the new generations can’t function as adults, they fit right in with the government’s desire for an easily controlled populace.

  4. Sorry, to tell you guys this, but the human trafficing is on the loose. If we leave our children outside for about 20 mins. we might not see them again. I say, its sad to say that other people won’t look out for people or children. It might not include you, but our small percentage doesn’t change the fact it still happens.

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