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He Was Eating Pizza. In The Wrong Place. And Got Arrested


He Was Eating Pizza. In The Wrong Place. And Got Arrested

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Eating pizza in some locations is now a crime in one American city.

An unidentified elderly man faces a $250 fine for eating in a San Francisco bus shelter earlier this month, The San Francisco Chronicle reported. If he had walked just a few feet outside of the shelter, it would have been permitted.

The man was homeless.

“This is a real waste of police services,” Kelley Cutler of the Coalition on Homelessness complained.

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Eating on mass transit is illegal in the city but the regulation is rarely enforced, Cutler said.

San Francisco’s transit agency, Muni, prohibits eating on buses, trains and trolleys and in stations, spokesman Paul Rose told The Chronicle. But Rose added, “food prohibition doesn’t necessarily extend to bus shelters.”

Eating in the shelter is what is called a quality of life enforcement, Carter said.

“The problem is, whose quality of life are you talking about?” Cutler asked. “The officer can say, ‘Move along, move along.’ The problem is, there’s nowhere to move along to.”

Do you think eating food on public transportation should be illegal? Share your thoughts in the section below:  

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  1. i think that that is stupid that a homeless man was arrested just because he wanted shelter as he ate a slice of pizza.


  3. This is about that homeless pizza guy. I’m so sorry you got a $250 fine. That is just stupid that you cant eat pizza by the bus stop or on the bus, even if other people eat their food there and your the only one that’s a freaking $250 fine. I feel so bad for you…….
    -Audrie Lawrence

  4. This is really stupid, there are regulations about it, i understand that, but it’s hardly reinforced so why suddenly when a old man eating pizza?

  5. TheSouthernNationalist

    And of course when he cant pay the fine they’ll lock him up again.

  6. That is just jacked up. I mean, he’s only an old, homeless man trying to eat one piece of pizza and he gets arrested? How is that right? Also how is he supposed to come up with $250? The officer that arrested him is jacked up or something, cuz thats just wrong.

  7. i believe that he should be able to eat its a free country and if you want the hard part what would Jesus say if he was right there. Get a relationship with God police and learn to love one another he was homeless like home on.

  8. Good for the cop. The law may be stupid, but the cop was just doing his job. I would be pissed if I sat in pizza juice at that bus stop. Why can’t the homeless guy eat his pizza at the soup kitchen?

  9. That’s just what happens when out betters in government set out to take care of [us?].

  10. I do believe that the man wasn’t doing anything to hurt anyone. In fact he was just taking care of himself the best he could but instead that cop decided that he was doing something wrong. This is all wrong but in true words thats sad to say, Jail is better for some people. In this case I think that jail would be a better home for him at the time. He has food, a bed, a shower. Its sad to say that the people in jail are taken better care of than the people on the streets.

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