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ISIS May Have Had Ties To Vegas Shooter, NYT Reporter Says

ISIS May Have Had Ties To Vegas Shooter, NYT Reporter Says

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The possibility that ISIS has ties to Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock may be greater than many think. A New York Times reporter who covers the terrorist group says she isn’t discounting claims by ISIS that it helped orchestrate the tragedy.

Journalist Rukmini Callimachi wrote in a series of Tweets Thursday that ISIS “has rarely claimed attacks that were not by either their members or sympathizers.”

“I don’t take ISIS’ claim at face value. And so far, 0 evidence tying this attack to ISIS has emerged,” she wrote. “But here’s why I disagree with those rejecting it out of hand. I’ve been covering ISIS since 2014 and since then I have kept a timeline. Everytime ISIS claimed an attack in West, I jotted it down. Months later, I’ve gone back over list & annotated what investigation found.

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“My list is not complete but of the more than 50 cases I have annotated, I could only find 3 false claims. Yes, the group frequently exaggerates death tolls & yes, they inflate & distort details, but the crux of the claim is typically correct.”

ISIS, she wrote, “considers an attack to be their handiwork if the attacker is sent by them or if he is inspired by them.”

“The reason I don’t buy argument that they are now opportunistically claiming attacks to deflect from battlefield losses is as follows. Beyond the attacks they’ve claimed, there are many more they could have claimed but didn’t. These are attacks where we know it was them. Remember the Thalys train shouting? They never claimed it. Attacker shared a hotel room with Abdlehamid Abaaoud, leader of Paris attack.

“Remember the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels? Attacker was 1 of ISIS’ jailers who held European hostages. Yet they never claimed. Do you remember the devastating attack on the Istanbul airport last year? Investigation determined it was ISIS. Again they did not claim. And 1 day before Vegas on Saturday, a guy who’d placed ISIS flag on his car’s dashboard used it to ram police. Did ISIS claim it? Nope.

“Does this mean ISIS had a role in Vegas? There is as yet 0 evidence of that. My point: This group has been more right than it’s been wrong.”

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  1. Getting tired of these ‘may have’ fake news stories. It seems like instead of real reporting in the absence of real information, we’re being bombarded with supposition and conjecture.
    Vegas Shooter MAY HAVE had cornflakes for breakfast, but possibly was oatmeal.
    I MAY take this a little more seriously if it didn’t mention a “Thalys Train Shouting’ – ooo, now I’m scared that a terrorist group may yell at me in rather a stern voice.

  2. What does this article have to do with off the grid lifestyles? NOTHING!

  3. ISIS takes credit for every incident like Vegas. Get real here, this article is nothing but Islamophobic fear mongering. The shooter was a loon with an ax to grind, nothing more. I think people WANT these incidents to be perpetrated by jihadists in order to justify and validate their own ignorant biases and and spread hate and discontent.

  4. Can you say false flag?

  5. I think it is less likely ISIS and more likely closer related to ANTIFA.

    However, asking real questions of terror that may have originated from a TERRORIST GROUP Of which ISIS is, something this horrendous, is not Islamaphobic.

    Islam is not a religion of peace. In fact its not a religion at all it is a legal and idiological system of government. And since we ALREADY HAVE A SYSTEM of Govt, Islam-is not compatible with integration in the united states. IN fact, unless an Islamic refugee has renounced their political associates and claim to no longer even be islamic, they should not even be let into the united states at all for any reason. radical Islam does not exist. only islam.

    Asking the question is important. understanding the differences and the incompatibilities are equally important. Coming to the realization that for over 8 years these people were imported like chinease goods to our country on a cargo ships without so much as a vote on immigration policy, well, that realization that our very existence is on the line now ,

    like Germany, Sweden is prime example- approaching a failed state and has not had any official “Genders” in nearly 20 years, they are just “Hens” no boys no girls, just Hens, “all equal, love and tolerance”, as they are now the rape capital of Europe because of their open boarders policy love and tolerance. , ect…

    the US is looking at the same crap due to our own “tolerance” as a nation is a very unsettling thought. It is liken to having just resettled an entire Political Party into the US on the ASSUMPTION of ASSIMILATION without having gotten it in writing before hand, than taking from the citizen hosts to give free AID TANF to these Imports, that in the end are only waiting for their numbers to increase before they presume to kill off/enslave the inhabitants of the host country and take over. Its not a Phobia. It is happening right this minute in the European Countries, so much so that they are trying like hell to save themselves by enacting new laws to outlaw the Islam clothing ect, to get them to Assimilate. its not working. its not a phobia.

    They are the Borg, if you will.

    So, no . asking the question is reasonable.

    Also, Islamaphobic is a word invented by leftists in the past 10 or so years to put to shame anyone who questions the importation of refugees from countries who operate under Islam, who’s intent is come here to put Sharia Law(no thats not a religious temple) into place into a country that already has a rule of law, who are hostile towards the WEST in general. The “Infidels” . Multiculturalism is not as nice as it sounds.

    SO- I would guess you are part of that whole ANTIFA scene, if not a fringe college crybully snowflake who wants everything for free, to speak like that on an Off the Grid news comment section. Also , I think the first 3 comments above are written by the same person. In any case,

    In closing, Anything that has to do with purging of our freedoms, or social disruption, or even possible social disruption has to do with off the grid news.

  6. I agree with Rick it has NOTHING
    to do with of the gid life style’s

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