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Michigan Bans Animals On Small Farms?

michigan small farm livestock ban

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Many Michigan residents will lose their right to keep livestock on their own property due to a new ruling from the state’s Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The Commission ruled April 28 that local governments have the right to ban livestock from any area zoned residential in the state.

The action will “effectively remove Right to Farm Act protection for many urban and suburban backyard farmers raising small numbers of animals,” Gail Philbin of the Michigan Sierra Club told Michigan Live. The Right to Farm Act is a state law designed to protect farmers from nuisance lawsuits and zoning regulations. The Commission ruled that the Right to Farm (RTF) Act does not apply to homeowners who keep small numbers of livestock.

“It’s all ‘Big Farm,’ and it’s ‘Big Farm’ deciding against the little farm,” Kim White, who raises chickens and rabbits, said of the Commission’s vote. “They don’t want us little guys feeding ourselves. They want us to go all to the big farms. They want to do away with small farms and I believe that is what’s motivating it.”

“The Commission is essentially taking sides in the marketplace,” Philbin said.

Bees, Chickens and Goats Now Illegal?

Governments could ban goats, chickens and even bee hives on properties where there are 13 homes within an eighth of a mile of a livestock property or another home within 250 feet of the property, under the Commission’s ruling, Michigan Public Radio reported.

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“I believe we have over 100 communities in Michigan who have ordinances on the books against chickens and bees and other things, and they will be able to continue to move forward with those,” Jamie Clover Adams, the director of Michigan’s Department and Rural Development, told Michigan Radio.

The rationale for the Commission’s action is that officials are afraid there would be political pressure to repeal the Right to Farm to Act in order to stop backyard farming, Michigan Radio reported.

Opponents of the rule change have not laid out a course of action yet, although some backyard farmers are considering a legal challenge. Other possible courses of action include legislation in the state legislature and a ballot initiative.

Regulatory Limbo

Some homesteaders in Michigan could find themselves in a complete regulatory limbo because of the Commission’s action. Blogger, writer and organic farmer Michelle Regalado Deatrick does not know if she’ll be able to keep her livestock, because about half of her 80-acre farm may not be zoned for farm animals.

Pig -- god's law“We’re building up a mixed production farm, planning to farm during retirement, and we have a permit in hand for a livestock facility,” Deatrick said, “but have waited with building until we were sure of what the GAAMP changes would be. Now we’re having to reconsider our business plans and may sell the farm and buy a farm in a more rural area with definite [Right To Farm] protection, or move to another state that’s more welcoming and protective of small farm rights.”

GAAMP refers to the Generally Accepted Agricultural and Management Practices, a set of guidelines put out by the state of Michigan. The current GAAMP designates many small farms as Category 3 lands where livestock might not be allowed.

“Category 3 sites may be zoned for agriculture, but are generally not suitable for livestock production facilities,” the GAAMP states. “They may be suitable for livestock facilities with less than 50 animal units.”

Another problem is that local governments in Michigan are under no obligation to follow the GAAMP. It is simply a set of guidelines.

Michigan is one of several areas where property owners have had to fight for the right to raise food on their own land. Off the Grid News has reported that property owners in Florida and Quebec have been barred from planting vegetable gardens.

What do you think about the new Michigan rule? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Concerned Citizen

    This news website has the same problem as the rest. Misinformation. When you call yourself a news agency, you have a very high standard to adhere to, and not just spew fluff that sounds good in large quantities to make money.

    • So why don’t you enlighten us to what the truth is then?

    • Thanks for the comment. We are open to criticism. Where is the story flawed? We are reporting what the state did. The first paragraph sums it up: “Many Michigan residents will lose their right to keep livestock on their own property due to a new ruling from the state’s Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development.”

      • I think the law is only reinforcing ordinances that are already in place. I hope it’s not bad as it’s being made to sound. An area with 13 homes in an 1/8 mile area, or 250 feet from a residential building sounds about right for most cities I know of in Michigan already. People that live in the cities expect that they aren’t going to live near someone who has livestock. It’s that simple.
        That being said, I live in a rural community, on over an acre of land. Don’t tell me I can’t have a few chickens. Don’t tell my neighbor down the road she can’t raise her pigs to fill her freezer for winter. A lot of us raise these few animals to help us get by!

        • It’s that simple until someone DOES tell you what you can or cannot do on your one acre. It’s not that simple!

        • That is the problem though. If you live on an acre of land, even outside of the heavily populated area, IF your place is zoned residential, then it is still feasible that your chickens, goats and rabbits and maybe a cow or whatever you want on your acre, is going to get hit on this. Yes, the govt WILL be able to tell you what to do with your property. Unless maybe you go get your place re-zoned??? If you let them get by with what they are doing, they will come and do it to you. If they have the old laws on the books (which they do), then let them enforce those old laws.

        • I live on 10 acres and have goats, chickens, pigs and turkeys. My lot is only 336 ft wide. And 1/4 mile deep. I have houses on both sides less than 250 ft from my property….. Even though we are zoned agricultural, I don’t doubt they could knock on my door telling me I can no longer keep my animals. This government control needs to stop

        • My town Newtown Ct Bans any one from keeping a pig even large farms

          I have 7 acres and want to be self suficent and know my food sorce big brother?

      • Dear Friends,

        If I am not on your list, – Please Put me on it.

        I am from behind the Iron Curtain. When the Soviet Communists gained power, the first thing they did was to force farmers into collectives. Then since in the collective there is no personal responsibility the production went to hell. We were starving, in the bread basket of Europe.
        Then they allowed “home gardens,” and one tenth of the home gardens eliminated the starvation.

        God promotes farms, the Anti-god, Satan the Devil promotes city, and apartment living, to control us by food, and other measures, regulations.
        America since June 5, 1934 with House Joint Resolution 192 signed by F.D.R. changed to “codes” from LAWS. America has NO LAWS, only “codes,” which are instructions, or commands in the absence of LAW, which is “lawlessness,” or “confusion,” INIQUITY of the Anti-god, who is Satan the Devil Jn.8:44.

        When we removed our LAW, based on the Old Testament’s “law of flesh” Rom.7:25, we changed America’s MONEY, the “Dollar,” based on “just weights and measures” Lev.19:36; Deut.25:13,15; Prov.20:23, and FAITH in the Creator Eph.3:9!

        On June 5, 1933 we changed to “fiat money,” to the “dollar $” a credit instrument, and “confusion,” and the inability to “buy and sell,” and “own” things Rev.13:17. We can only “discharge” debt by HJR.192.

        To USE fiat money, and instrument of “theft,” to be “extortioners” ICor.5:10, which made us “thieves” ICor.6:10, which is an UN-Lawful act, we all had to be made a “corporation,” a legal “person,” to be SLAVES, and IDOLATERS.

        We need to REPENT, and “come out” of this system Rev.18:4 to live, for the “wages of SIN is death” Rom.6:23, which the Anti-god is now “enforcing on us.”

        If you are interested in how to do this, and to RENENT of our Idolatry for worshipping Satan the Deivl, by the USE of “fiat money,” the “root of all evil” ITim.6:10, and by it Obedience to Satan Rom.6:16, I have more information.

        Tom Demeter

        • 1timothy 6:10 it is the love of money that is the root of evil……….again it is for the love of it…….

        • 10-4 Tom Demeter you are right on the this debt fiat currency thing.
          I have some very revealing info regarding this road we are on that has been mostly over looked.
          Drop me a line or give me a phone call at 519-376-1979 ON, CA.
          Thank you for your comments. Farmer Geo

      • This is all part of Agenda 21’s ICLEI program. Many states, governors, mayors and municipalities have signed off on this treasonous program. The ones that have are being paid well to do so. This program basically sells out the Constitution in lieu of it’s own Charters and resolutions. This is a United Nations program. The “new world order” everyone’s been gossiping about–this is IT! Read through the law fast and get ready to protest because pretty soon, we’ll lose our rights to everything AND lose our land. Part of this program’s ultimate goal is to ‘stack and pack’ people into tightly grouped high-rise city settlements and BAN people from the majority of the land in the USA claiming it for ‘sustainability.’ Dictating what people can and can’t do on their land is only the beginning!

      • The headline is hyperbole, misleading. Actually not true, as in what we call “false.” And you are not so dull that you don’t know that. It says “Michigan Bans Animals On Small Farms” and that is not true. Michigan didn’t even ban anything. The truth is that Michigan allows LOCAL GOVERNMENTS to create and enforce ordinances banning farm animals from residential ZONES.

        But you opted for sexy and misleading.

        • I live in Michigan and we had a right to have small farms with small animals like chickens, goats, rabbits, and to sell eggs, etc. there can no longer be any bee keepers either. We no longer have that right if there is 13 houses within 1/8 of a mile OR 250 feet from your property line. I agree with the 13 houses ruling but the 250 feet from the property line will hurt a lot of people. That includes property on each side of them, behind them, and across the road. Now my question is: Shouldn’t there should also be a ban on dogs? I mean, they make a barking noise and poop in everyone’s yards!! So what is the difference?? Is this law only because you are providing for your family food to eat and have an outside small building. WAIT UNTIL GOVERNMENT SAYS YOU CAN NO LONGER HAVE A GARDEN EITHER!! You can be sure that is next. Oh, ya, and nobody can have a septic system in the country either. So everybody has to give their home and property to the government and move to the city!! You folks need to read up on the UN Agenda 21 World government Agenda.

          • This almost sounds like an example of eminent domain! The local government thinks they can take our land and do whatever they want with it even though we pay taxes on it!

      • I live in Grand Blanc township in Michigan and the rules here state that I must have 10 acres before I can have even one chicken, although my neighbor can have 5 big noisy dogs that seems to think that my yard is the place to relieve themselves. I know a few laying hens would be quieter and less bothersome to the neighborhood.

      • Maybe … just maybe …. instead of losing their ‘rights’ (you know, the ones they never had), they’ll be required to act like law abiding citizens as the remainder of us are required to do.

      • I want to know the reason WHY? Why are they doing this to us? Many of us depend on the income we make from farm animals to support our families. Without this, how are we to survive? My husband and I are deaf, as are 4 of our 6 children. No one wants to hire my husband or I, regardless of our college educations and prior skills, simply because we’re deaf. That’s the reason we always get. So, we have become full-time parents and ranchers. We own 1 farm animal, a goat. I wanted to get more, but now it looks like I can’t even keep the one we have. The only income my husband and I have is the Social Security Disability we get every month. That’s what pays the bills and puts food on the table for our kids. We’re planning to try starting our own business making and selling apple butter and fruit jams from our fruit trees. Now the article says we might not even be able to plant a garden, and my husband and I plant 2 every year. I can fruit and vegetables for our family for the winter months to save money and trips to the store in the dead of winter. If we can’t even plant a garden, how am I to feed my family?! These regulations are nothing short of an insult and completely stupid!

    • Please do tell what misinformation the article presented?

      • I appreciate the approach of asking for clarification when someone tries to mislead by simply stating “YOUR post is misleading”. Then nothing. Keep up that approach.
        I am running for Michigan State Rep, District 82 and am in favor of small farmers and individual rights. I do recognize that some folks can take things a bit far – i.e. too many animals in a small area, not keeping up with the cleaning and animal care.

        • Wendy Lockwood Banka

          Mr. Eickholdt, I hope you’ll take a closer look at what is going on here and talk about it during your campaign. If you read our Right to Farm Act you will see clearly that our law does not distinguish farms based on how big they are or where they are, and explicitly prohibits local regulations from impeding farm operation when they meet the requirements of the RTFA. If you go on to read the court cases, you’ll see that the courts have ruled that the provisions of the RTFA also apply in residentially-zoned areas; the most recent case is Buchler in 2012 but Papesh in 2006 is also very significant. if you go further still you’ll discover that academic scholars at MSU also believe that Right to Farm protects everyone in Michigan who meet RTF criteria. So what is happening here is significant partly because our state agricultural agency is attempting to use the GAAMPs to undo the part of the law that protects oh just about 80% or more of the state that lives in non-rural, non-ag zoned areas. But the state agency doesn’t have the authority to change the meaning of the law. I hope you’ll speak out against what is going on here because it is bad for small farms, and bad for our system of government.

    • You need to worry just a tad. this isnt’ happening only in MI, it is happening across the nation. IF they control the guns, you can’t fight back, IF they control the healthcare, you can die, and IF they control the food source, you will be in deep straights. Now this is not a conspiracy theory, check what is happening with AGENDA 21…….the UN’s plan for globalization. Check to see what is happening with ‘the new world order plans……..connect the dots……..there is much to be aware of. And it has nothing to do with what you think………don’t panic get busy and write to your congressman, representative and use your voice.

    • You are wrong. This news agency is right on with their reporting. I live in Michigan and this farm bill was just passed. Everything they say on here is true. Do your Internet homework before you speak on here please!!!

    • Bankrupting Michigan

      The only thing left for me to do is to bankrupt the State of Michigan. I am becoming as big a burden as possible without contributing a single red cent toward State revenue. Keep placing restrictions Michigan, and keep supporting me and my ever increasing taxing demands upon your system. You will go bankrupt soon, I am working on it.

  2. This just shows who government is working for. It is not individuals. It is large corporate donors. They are going to regulate you out of feeding yourself in the best interest of large corporate donors.

  3. WHY? why are these communities concerned with a few chickens or goats that do not cause a nuisance? Yet fireworks are completely legal? I don’t understand, can anyone enlighten me?

    • I can tell you why but as far as enlightenment that will be harder. Try a pile of chicken manure 6 foot high and 20 feet in diameter over a 3 year period. Try to get the TWP to intervene over the stench when they fear RTFA. Try getting yelled at by a nut case because MY fence does not keep their Chickens off my property. I applaud the committee for stepping up for those in my shoes.

      • Animals at large. As for the stench, nuisance laws apply to smell.
        Don’t make the rest of us quit because your neighbor is doing a bad job.
        I have close neighbors with loud dogs… Do you plan on outlawing pets?

        Chickens belong in the city. Plenty of free food to produce a few free eggs.

        • Well said. Dogs are more of a nuisance than a few chickens or vegetable gardens, etc. I have neighbor dogs barking all hours of the night. They come on my property and kill my animals. Let’s ban them instead. Someone piling manure next to your house is another story. The manure management or mismanagement is a separate issue that should be dealt with.

        • Suburban Farmer

          Well said indeed! If your neighbor’s actions do indeed match your description, then they are not GAAMPS compliant and their mismanagement would cause them to lose protection under (the previous version of) Right to Farm. As was said previously, don’t make the rest of us who are compliant with the State’s standards quit because your neighbor can’t get it right!

      • Show me a Pic of chicken “manure” 6 foot high. The same pic You sent to the city along with your complaint.

        • And all these comments prove what I said about enlightenment. The need to insist that all Chicken farmers are “Top Notch” and their disregard for doing it right is a problem for others to deal with and lawyer up, or move…Or my favorite, someones dog barks, therefore we have an excuse for being a shoddy farmer. Post your email and I’ll forward the picture you asked for and await an apology.

    • The description they’re giving – properties where there are 13 homes within an eighth of a mile of a livestock property or another home within 250 feet of the – is a suburban/urban area. People move into a city to be close to schools, shopping, entertainment…not goats and chickens. The ruling is not “banning farm animals on small farms.” It is banning farm animals IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN. The fact that a ruling is being made to keep people from raising goats on their postage stamp-size city lot in an upscale suburban neighborhood does NOT lead directly to “Only big industrial farms are allowed to have farm animals.”

      • That is not true at ALL, why don’t you do some research before posting something you don’t have a grasp of. If you are zoned Residential and have 13 houses or facilities (there is no concrete definition of what qualifies as a facility in the GAAMP proposal) within the 1/8 mi perimeter, you are no longer protected by the Michigan Right To Farm Act. What was NOT stated at the hearings was the fact that your livestock facility must setback off the road 1500 ft, that is written in the body of the GAAMP. Also, your own house may or may not count as one of the 13 houses.

        An example is someone down the road from me, they own 5 acres zoned residential with a barn for their horse and a coop for their 50 turkeys that they raise for sale for thanksgiving every year. Three years ago, a developer bought the land surrounding them and built a subdivision on both sides. They will no longer be protected by RTF Act because of the houses butting up to their property. They had owned that place as long as I can remember. All it will take is one snobby neighbor to complain about a turkey gobble and they are fined and told to get rid of all the animals.

        • Thanks for the comment. What you said is exactly what our story states: “Governments could ban goats, chickens and even bee hives on properties where there are 13 homes within an eighth of a mile of a livestock property or another home within 250 feet of the property, under the Commission’s ruling.”

        • And that is exactly the situation the Right to Farm Act was designed to prevent: The pre-existing farmer in areas where the suburbs grew up around the farm and then the new suburbanites complained about the sounds and smells of their food supply living next door. That is pure bullshit. If you move to the country, expect it to look and sound and smell like the country or go elsewhere. It really had nothing to do with the urban areas where people wanted to take their double lot and raise chickens and have a goat and it’s usually against zoning laws. But those “urban homesteaders” saw the Right to Farm Bill as a means to tell their city to back off. It wasn’t designed to protect them. If these changes are going to leave the authentic small farmers whose farms predated the surrounding area’s development back where they were, without protection from idiot new suburbanite neighbors and wealthy developers, then those changes need to be cancelled.

  4. I see things this way, no one has the right to tell me what kind of car to drive, which cellphone provider to go with or where to get a hair cut they can suggest all they want! So what is the diffrence and what gives people the right to tell someone else how they can and cannot put a little extra food on the table. I know its not every case but do they want some of them to go on welfare to make up the diffrence, because someone dosn’t like the rooster crowing in the morning!

    • That’s just it, they DON’T have a right, we just believe they do. We have this mindset that somehow if government authorities mandate something, it’s perfectly ok to do where if any of us tried to force the same thing, we couldn’t. It is BS plain and simple. They can’t have a right no one else has, if we don’t have the right to do something, neither do they. That’s really all you need to know.

      Problem is our whole society believes they do, and as long as they do, we will keep having these issues. The ONLY way any of this will change is if we make it change by simply treating government authority the same way you’d treat a typical gang of thugs in the cities….(which is really all they are), that is to say, ignore them completely.

      If no one goes along with the game anymore, it ends. We feed it and let it persist by giving it all legitimacy. We must stop doing that if we wanna be free, long as we do, we will always be slaves.

      • I’m all for that Adam, lets start with them not telling us we have to buy health insurance. If we want to be free that must go first.

  5. Let’s do math. There are 5,280 feet in a mile. That means one eighth of a mile is 660 feet – but it would be a square 1/8 of a mile, so 660×660 = 435,600 square feet. There are 43,560 square feet in an acre, so that would be 13 houses spread out over 10 acres. That is not urban. That is 3/4 acre lots – this is suburban type zoning – but here in NJ that would be the ex-burbs. Most suburban NJ communities allow 3 or 4 chickens at the most on a lot that size (no roosters), with 2 acres in many places being required for livestock (like one horse). You can easily have 4 hives (my main business) on 1/4 acre. Many NJ communities have NO regulations regarding animals on private property. So I regard this ruling as being extremely restricting. NJ is actually going in the reverse direction right now – we are the most densely populated state in the USA, but the NJ legislature is expanding right-to-farm.

  6. It is unfortunate that most people, whether they live in town or out in the country, are all being made to conform to a standard because a hand full of others decide to complain. If you read the rules that have just been passed, you’ll notice that this affects anyone who is zoned residential. Mind you, I live out in the country on a dirt road, bordered on three sides by vast farmed fields. I have one neighbor across the road who owns 15 acres that is farmed as well as a neighbor about a half a mile away that lives on a 30 acre plot. But, because our zoning has been changed to residential recently (and very quietly as no one was notified that this was happening), none of us will have the ability to own even one chicken if these new rules are enforced. If the complainers are allowed to run the show, if law makers run scared of these complainers, and if big agri-business is wiling to throw a bunch of money into the ring to ensure that we are all forced into buying food from them, well, law hasn’t improved our lives, but worsened it beyond repair.

    There are going to be a lot of people blindsided by this ruling who have lived for many years with the family pet horse, small flock of sheep kept for hand spinning purposes, goats kept for milking, or chickens kept for eggs that will be affected by all of this foolishness as the zoning is changed to conform to someone’s warped sense of controlling the masses. If rules must be put into place to control farming practices for people who live in town or suburban areas, please change the law to focus ONLY on these areas and not the entire State of Michigan.

    For those of you who do complain over the noisy rooster next door or a stinky manure pile, you have the ability to move away from the noise or the smell much easier than the farm can move the animals, buildings, fencing, equipment, manure compost facilities, etc.

    • You said this was done quietly…no notice? Sounds to me like some developer has his hands in your local/state leaders’ pockets. He is looking about 5-10 years up the road…if he can stop you people from having animals or even gardening….you will sell your land for what you can get….10 years down the road he makes millions off of developing the property, while your leaders line their pockets NOW. Have seen it happen. Most people do not really look ahead more than 5 years…they are too busy with their families and don’t see the little Minute notice in the paper….no one shows up and waaaLaaa your status is changed, and they are on the road to wealth, while you “sleep”. Happened in Florida with the St. Joe Company!

  7. William Wallace

    The price of freedom, aside from the greatest sacrifice of lives, is that a neighbor may exercise it in a way that you don’t like. If you can’t own animals on your property you don’t own the land. If you can’t own the land you don’t have freedom.

    I remember when the Michigan Right to Farm Act was passed. It was passed in response to municipalities growing, suburbia encroaching in on what was farm land and the yuppies that wanted to escape urban blight didn’t like the sound and smell of some farms. The farms were there first, however.

    I have 2 acres in a city. It’s been in my family for over 40 years. It’s been literal hell to just try to live there. The city has done everything from making me get rid of a tractor or else pour a cement slab for it with a rat wall to mowing down sunflowers, calling them noxious weeds, and the charging me to do it.

    Do you want freedom or not?

    If you don’t, you’re an idiot and need to go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under. Go back to living with someone’s foot on your throat.

    • Well said, William.
      Its scary as all get out. And if this ‘trend’ continues, we’ll all be up sh** creek.

  8. We have about 14 houses in an area of about 80 acres for our subdivision. The lots and parcels are about 2 to 5 acres now in size. Our neighbor had as many as 3 steers on his property for a 4-H project, then later,
    four pigs. When the air was damp, our furnace would bring in the farm aromas and our house would smell like cow or pig manure. A few chickens, ducks or turkeys that they had as follow-up to the mammals was not all that bad but some people have no consideration for neighbors and it takes laws to keep things clean.
    A realtor appraising our home said that if the animals were not there, we would be able to list for about
    $10,000 more but they were not going to be helpful if we were to sell our home. We live across the road from a large farm, and that was no problem as there is space and we enjoyed those animals and sorry to see the cows and sheep are gone so I am not against animals as neighbors, just don’t care for them to be so close to my windows and furnace intakes.

    • Ummm…. If the farm was there before the subdivision, what right does the subdivision have to supplant it?

      • Agreed. Buying a house near a farm doesn’t entitle you to change the law because you don’t like the smell. Chances are, the farm was there well before the homes were built. That’s like buying a home in O’Hare airport’s flight path and then complaining about the noise.

    • Shelley Dorgan

      For everyone complaining about living in a rural community, MOVE back to the city, they have rules regulations and that is exactly where they should stay. I am so sick and tired of people moving from the city “to get away from it all”, then, when they get here all they do is bitch and want to bring all their “city” rules and regulations with them. Start packing people, we do not want you here. I hear there is a lot of vacant properties in Detroit.

  9. What makes me mad is most the the farms have been here and it is the people who want out of town that come to the country to build. Then they start complaining about the noise and the smell! Then they complain because if they decide to sell they say their place is not worth as much . So why do they move to the country in the first place? Look closely to the ground you are buying to build on it is you that are making the choice !

  10. Rita, I am not talking about 80 acre farms being a problem. I am talking about a neighbor who built after we did in a new sub and put three steers and later four pigs in a little pen with shelter of an 8×10 or less
    outbuilding that housed chickens before that. If it had been an 80 acre farm next to us, no problem, but the set-up he had was 100 feet from our back door and it was too close for many reasons. I love the farms around us, it is the mess that was next to us that was a hodge-podge that cause the value of our property to go down. That stuff is now all gone and no problem now. If people follow rules already there, look at what they are buying and consider the neighbors with good intentions, then other rules or bans are not needed. What was next door was there AFTER we moved here, not before so I think you mis-understood my comment. There are very few new farms, it is a dwindling profession, most are old homesteads and I hate seeing houses grow instead of corn fields or oats. I miss the animals that are on the real farms and we look at two farms from our front window and I love them, but the animals are not 100 feet from our back door, maybe 100 from our front but they have room to roam and spread out for a healthy life and no odors either. Three large animals in a 200 sq. foot area including the 100 ft. shelter is not humane or wise and that is what caused the problems, confinement too tight. I grew up with farms and I knew what to expect from the farms, not from the neighbor on two acres, thinking he had 200 acres…LOL!

    • But what you’re describing is actually a different law then what has been suggested. So when what is needed is simple and reasonable but what has been suggested is potentially destructive, you have to ask why.

  11. United Nations Agenda 21 is NOW in full swing. They want to control ALL food production and they want to control YOU!
    Why are people putting up with this without a MAJOR outcry????

  12. Randy Zeilinger

    This vote was a foregone conclusion despite the public outcry that the proposed changes were bad for small farmers. Over 1000 Citizens made public their desire to retain their right to farm, under the law.

    However, those who were in favor of the change are allied with the Michigan Municipal League (MML), the Michigan Township Association (MTA) and the Michigan Farm Bureau (MFB). They have paid lobbyists pushing an agenda of exclusion of Citizens seeking equal protection under the existing law.

    This change in the rules (GAAMPs) is an effective end-run to circumvent the state law. It delegates what is legal to each of the ~1800 local governments in the state and denies equal legal access for 80% of Michigan Citizens. Our farms now exist on the whim of a local ordinance.

    Perhaps a bigger impact this change has is that it reduces (eliminates) the state oversight of the largest agriculture processors, CAFOs. CAFOs are now “self-certifying” for compliance to state and federal rules.

    The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) clearly support only corporate agriculture. The director of MDARD has been openly hostile towards the small farmer while at the same time travelling the country and world to promote Michigan Ag. MDARD wants to sell product in China while denying local access to healthy food.

    Most ironically is that small farming in Michigan is now potentially illegal (criminal) just as the USDA is promoting small farming for local food sourcing under the Farm Bill.

  13. I have read most of the comments. Besides a few totally “out of it” comments, most of them make perfect sense. I also live in a rural – zoned residential – area on 3/4 acre.
    In my humble opinion we are looking at one thing as basis “how well do we play with each other?”
    If you and your neighbor get along and are willing and able to work out differences – there should not be an issue.

  14. It would probably be no problem if a muslim or some other foreigner had live stock, or other sorted animals! But since it’s people that were born and raised here, slap all kinds of laws and fines, so they lose it all! Folks better start saying NO, like fast en-masse!

  15. Fight against the underlying problem…the main problem…the cause of all this nonsense. FIGHT AGENDA 21. Agenda 21 being purposed by the United Nations will take all our freedoms, our land, our rights. They will force us all to give up our properties, and move to metropolis areas to live and work. No personal transportation other than bicycles and your feet. The only people that will live outside the metropolis areas will be the farmers growing our food. Everything else will be contained within the metropolis and have to abide by their rules/regulations/government. They work disguised by sustainable/green cloak. They are working thru local governments in underhanded and deceptive manner. All our presidents from 1962 to present have signed on to their plan. If you don’t believe me…look it up on the net…I HATE AGENDA 21 AND WILL DO ALL I CAN TO STOP IT.

  16. When is the last time a new law has been made that gives back some freedom to live as adults? Not children needing to be lead around by the ear. I can’t see this continued encroachment on our lives getting better only worse.

  17. We need to turn back to biblical law, that is what this country was founded on. The Puritans were on the right tract. All of the colonies constitutions stated they were to be governed by biblical law. King George went back on his promise that they could govern themselves as they wished and this why the first American Revolution was fought. Not to establish the humanistic system we have now. Unless we cry put for forgiveness and mercy this will only get worse, it already has. America Needs Divine Law.

  18. If you think about it, there can only be two reasons behind this law. 1) Big Ag wants to eliminate small farmers and have the politicians in their pockets or 2) People who moved to suburbia now find they are living next to a farm and don’t like the smells emanating from them.

    If it is number 1, people need to protest the implementation of this law. It seems unjust on it’s face. At the very least, they should at least grandfather the people currently zoned residential and keeping a few small animals on their property. If it is #2, the people that bought the houses next to a farm should have researched their property better. If you don’t like farm smells, don’t live near one. I have a sewage treatment plant in my town. When I looked at where it was, I specifically did not buy a home within 5 miles of it. Although they do a pretty good job of keeping it odor free, in the summer, you can smell it right away within a couple of miles. Research pays off.

  19. Fight for your lives, because corporate bureaucracy will destroy our society for short term gain.

  20. It is all about corruption and until you run a slate of candidates that are 100% pro anti corruption this is what you will get. No access to raw milk, raw vegetables and government inclusion in your life regardless of your desire for same. Form a group like I did in Canada and get the ball rolling. Every time you get a chance use the word CORRUPTION

  21. This doesn´t seem so unreasonable. If you have 8 residences within 200 metres of you, then you don´t have a lot of land, and you will be causing a nuisance with certain animals, and those animals will probably be quite stressed and badly cared for in such a small space.

    The article is alarmist and misleading especially with the picture at the top showing cows in a rural setting that clearly would not be affected by this rule. Why not put a picture of some animals overcrowded in a small space full of animal waste right by other people´s houses, as that is more representative of what this rule will put a stop to.

  22. Progressive code word alert: ban = an erosion of your liberties. Plain and simple.

  23. Unbelievable.

  24. Hmmm……well that kind of sucks now doesn’t it? When all these “spore homes” and HOA hoods pop up in areas which surround people who have been there for years with animals and homes. Urban sprawl sucka. It’s about money. If you don’t want to smell cows, don’t go live by them. Stay in your condos and your lake homes and your surburbia. If it’s regulated right, people wouldn’t even know someone had backyard chickens etc. Glad I got out of that state.

  25. But…I was all about having a mechanical bull ranch in the front yard! Does this mean my HOA doesn’t find it acceptable? Screw you HOA! Screw you Michigan! Your not the boss of me!

  26. Freedom lost in never regained. You shouldn’t agree to give up a right based on the exceptions that aren’t considerate, most people take care of their property and their posessions. There are different laws in place for disorderly behavior. I live in a suburban area with houses on all sides. I raise bees and have 2 chickens. I have a privacy fence, clean up after my animals and truthfully noone even knows they are there. People’s dogs make more noise then my animals do.

  27. Pam Vecsernyes

    I posted this on Rep. Muxlow’s facebook page, and similar comments will go on other politicians’ and government pages. “Please check out this article: //

    This appalling overreach by regulators is an obvious attempt to get rid of small farms, people who want to be more self-sufficient, and just people yearning to have a connection with nature and their food supply. This will directly harm 4Hers, veterinarians, FFA folks just getting started, and everyone who wants locally produced clean food. This bureaucratic regulation guts the Right to Farm Act, and tramples on the rights of all those who thought they were protected by that legislation.
    This regulation should not stand, and Rep. Muxlow, we are counting on you to help us get rid of it!”

    The question I have for fellow small farmers, hobbyists, or just freedom-loving potential animal owners, etc. is, “Will you do something about this, or just talk to friends and family?” Get on the phone to politicians, newspapers, on the internet to Twitter, Facebook, etc., and let’s put some pressure on these arrogant bureaucrats who think they know what is best for everyone.
    We CAN get rid of this, but only if we work hard and stick together. Please do it now. Post the link to this article to your Facebook acct., send it to your email list, and bug the heck out of your elected public “servants”.

  28. We worry about world peace and other countries starving. I think it’s time we stand our ground and protect this “Land of the free”. The only smell I smell is not the neighbors hogs, chickens, goat or cows, it’s the smell of gun powder from our next revolutionary war. If you don’t like it here, move on and leave the small farmer alone. We as Americans are heading into being a 3rd world country because of all the ignorance displayed on how this country is run. It’s time we take a stand and take our country BACK!!

  29. This country is sadly going to shit because of the government!!!! What happened to let freedom ring and it is a free world. Now the government is sticking their nose where it dosent belong all the time taking control of everything and making this so called free world a communist country!!!! This is complete BS and they should stay the Fxxx out of our lives and business and stop taking money out off our hands and food out of our kids mouths

  30. call me stupid

    “I believe we have over 100 communities in Michigan who have ordinances on the books against chickens and bees and other things, and they will be able to continue to move forward with those,” Jamie Clover Adams

    Good things those are ordinances not demanded my the people. aka cannot and will not act as laws. Screw you, if you steal my livestock i will defend my property.

  31. “where there are 13 homes within an eighth of a mile of a livestock property or another home within 250 feet of the property, under the Commission’s ruling”

    From this particular wording I wonder. Does it refer to the center of said property or just the EDGE. It is quite conceivable to have 13 homes within a eighth of a mile to a 320 acre livestock operation being encroached upon by suburbia. After all such an operation would have 3 linear miles of property boundary to be “within” of.

  32. I HATE, HATE, HATE, THIS NEW RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. The politicians work for the billion airs not for the working American. In there world we are there Servants and Slaves. We are hear for them to take from us what they want. Our money, land what ever. The politicians have it in there minds they are THE LORDS AND MASTERS and do what is best for THEM.

  34. Bankrupting Michigan

    The only thing left for me to do is to bankrupt the State of Michigan. I am becoming as big a burden as possible without contributing a single red cent toward State revenue. Keep placing restrictions Michigan, and keep supporting me and my ever increasing taxing demands upon your system. You will go bankrupt soon, I am working on it.

  35. A few things really bother me about this law. What about the people who have already bought land, built up a small farm and invested their life savings in that property having complied with the state and local laws, paid their property and school taxes from day one. THEN a CAFO is built near them? Or a fracking site is built on state owned property where they have never been allowed before. I think people “assume” that if we don’t want the smell or the polluted air/water/soil then don’t buy there but every situation is different. Often the offending project/CAFO/well site/sand mining/giant windmill etc. is not there when the person initially buys. Then due to political will or big money the rules are changed mid-way and these things are built. This is my complaint. We bought rural property because we wanted to have 5 acres where we could keep chickens and grow our own food, organically. I was VERY careful to buy land away from farmer’s fields (we are surround by state forests and miles away from active agriculture) because the state does not spray in the forests and we are “up stream” so to speak from the farmers fields which are using chemicals. We grow 100% organic and this was our goal and this is why we bought here so we could have the most clean water/soil/air possible. Then the law is changed. Then the Governor votes to allow fracking on state lands (do I smell money?)…all 14 years AFTER we bought our property. We followed the laws, we bought in an agricultural county….why should we be penalized? Yes, we could sell out and move elsewhere but we have put our life savings into this homestead as well as our blood, sweat and tears and there come a point where the financial loss would be so much you don’t have enough equity to buy elsewhere or enough energy at age 65 and 70 to start over again. We were protected by the laws and then the laws were changed… Is that fair?

  36. Donna you’re not wrong in your thinking. We’ve owned a lot of land for quite a while and are seeing the same stuff happen. The idiots that manage to worm their way into office soon show their true colors and it’s generally not pretty to us ‘lil folks…….

  37. Such a ruling most likely originates from lobbyists representing “corporate farmers”. Little farmers need to be squeezed out to increase corporate farm profits!

  38. It’s really about sanitation as feces smell up the entire area and so does th smell of some animals themselves. It drifts on the winds…feces are a known bacterial cesspool as well and is a bio hazard.

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