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Navy SEAL Vet Makes Shocking Claim About Military Disarming Americans

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

Navy SEAL veteran Ben Smith claims military leaders are asking armed forces members if they are willing to disarm Americans if ordered to do so in the future.

Smith’s shocking claims on Fox News and then the Alex Jones Show also included references to the recent terminations of two top military commanders – Major General Michael Carey and Navy Vice Admiral Tim Giardina. He is a former member of the famous SEAL Team 6.

Smith feels the question sessions serve as a litmus test to determine in US soldiers are willing to fire upon the citizens they are sworn to protect. The retired SEAL also maintains that the Obama administration is attempting to provoke veterans into acts of violence to spur a martial law order.

The Navy SEAL veteran had this to say about US military leaders questioning their ranks about disarming American citizens:

Going back to the beginning of this administration, I’ve had friends within the community talking about how they were brought in and questioned with people from more towards the top side and the questioning where it was pointing was do you feel comfortable disarming American citizens.

Smith went on to claim that the interviews by military brass which allegedly address the possibility of a martial law declaration were just one of the “many funny things” going on in the armed forces.

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Jim Garrow, who was a Nobel Peace Prize nominee in 2009, publicly stated earlier this year that a “top military veteran” told him that the Obama administration asks all new armed forces leaders if they would obey an order to fire upon American citizens.

Garrow also posted on his Facebook page that military leaders who say they would not obey such an order are being removed from their posts. The man who founded an organization dedicated to rescuing baby girls from “gendercide” in China made the claim as the head of the US Central Command, General James Mattis, was ordered to vacate his office months ahead of schedule.

Although concerns about martial law being invoked have hit a fever pitch during the Obama administration, this is not the first time members of the military have reportedly been questioned about following orders to fire on American civilians. In 1997 Marines at the 29 Palms Marine Corps base were instructed to complete surveys asking just that question – as a part of an “academic project.” Navy Lieutenant Commander Ernest Guy Cunningham’s survey allegedly were asked Marines if they would “fire upon US citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the United States government.

The survey became public only after Marines shocked by the proposition leaked the document to the media. The 29 Palms Marines were also asked if they felt combat troops should be used in America for drug enforcement, as substitute teachers in public schools, for security at national events like the Super Bowl, as an emergency national police force, as prison guards, and as border patrol guards.

Meanwhile, a US Army Military Police training manual leaked last summer details specific “civil emergency scenarios” in which troops would be permitted to fire on their fellow Americans. The Civil Disturbance Operations manual was drafted in 2006. The training materials detail how the military and their assets” will help both local and state authorities maintain the peace should mass riots, civil unrest or a martial law declaration occur. Page 20 of the manual reportedly states that warning shots will not be fired when confronted by “dissidents” on US soil.

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  1. Now you know why I do not intend to obtain a concealed-carry permit. Doing so would put me on the short list when troops are sent out to collect firearms. With this sort of information, I believe it would be wise to hide my weapons somewhere away from my normal habitat, and maybe get a really crappy “throw down” weapon to hide where it can be found and lead the confiscators to believe that they have disarmed me.

    Obviously, no one wants a civil war, and I will not fire a first shot. However, the early stages of disarmament would be designed to get to those most likely to resist first. If you can get through the initial wave of confiscation with your weapons and ammo intact, then you will be able to join the real battle that will ensue. I will lie in the shadows and wait for the opportune time, the time when it is beyond question that we are in a civil war.

    And all those senior officers who are relieved of duty had better be ready to join the battle. They must not go quietly into the night, as they will be needed to establish command, control and communications to ensure a unified response to a rogue government’s attempt to destroy the people. Obama has a good buddy by the name of Bill Ayers who says they’ll need to eliminate over 25 million diehard capitalists to ensure victory of the communist revolution in America. Obama also says there is a lot to learn from the People’s Republic of China, a country that has murdered over 200 million of its own disarmed citizens.

    None of this is going to go well for the “fundamental transformer of America.”

    • no argument here

    • Hello again fellow Nam Vet. I remember what the Viets Cong did on battle prep. They Using the Cache, we were always on the alert for the stores in the field. I have always believed we really lost in Nam because the Viets were better planners for the long haul…Careful my friend, no need to alert the NSA to intent. Oops, too late.. Anyway. I’ve had surgery in both knees now and really no longer have a real physical ability to give back to the Elite with real enthusiasm. We shall see though. Need to get back in shape for whatever God has for us. As the phrase goes, ” i shall not go quietly into the night”

      • Follow-up to previous statement, Since I can’t give back to the elite my true desires for them and I can’t afford the cost of rifles and ammo any longer. I’ve no choice but to sell my 22s and .308 for what I can get. I physically can’t give back. This really Stinks but have to

        • No worries. In any resistance action, there is need for safe houses, communications drops, etc. There will be plenty you can do besides combat.

        • Older than Nam vet, sent to Germany during Korea: Sorry to hear you’re parting with weapons, but sell them to like thinking younger folk. Unfortunately, Wumingren, I write a newsletter that puts me at odds with the socialists in charge.

    • Guns or not…. there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

  2. Amen.

    Couple this article with the ordering of large supplies of emergency meals and ammo by govt agencies. It’s obvious what’s going on.

    Also analyze by deductive reasoning BOs differential handling of the situation in each separate country in the Mideast involved in the Arab Spring, the Syrian War and Israel: you must come to one obvious conclusion.

  3. I can’t say I’m surprised at any of this. As I’ve read; Obama, his masters, (for lack of a better term), and his sycophants, have always had the ruination of the United States of America as their primary goal.
    And they are not very far away from accomplishing it.

  4. wumingren I agree 100%

  5. So is the question of disarming civilians one reason Obama has fired nearly 200 senior military commanders since 2009?

  6. Uhhh.. Sure, like “Ben Smith” here is a reliable source. Nice butt chin, almost makes him validated. Given that there’s hope for those that look beyond mainstream news for conclusions, I must iterate that we are the force that manifests the outer world. Fear is their goal, because fear contracts and dis-empowers. Overall, the article was a load of shit, I skimmed it and found a few key notes worth commenting on: Who cares about chinese girls when there’s a gendercide of males in our own country, largely through gender bending chemicals and feminist laws/schooling. Not to mention the ancient war and continuing genocide against the white race. Now that’s something you won’t find on just any media platform. What else… Oh. And the numbers for militarily occupying the US don’t add up at all, ever, unless it’s chinks. This is a war of wills and invisible means.

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