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Now They’re Removing Confederate Monuments in CEMETERIES

Now They’re Removing Confederate Monuments in CEMETERIES

NBC Los Angeles


The attacks on monuments to the Confederacy and its leaders continued this week – even extending to a Los Angeles cemetery.

Under pressure, the Long Beach Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy removed Wednesday a six-foot granite monument to Confederate veterans from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Times reported. The monument has sat in the Confederate section of the cemetery since 1925.

“It was thought that it would become impossible for us to maintain an atmosphere of tranquility, harmony and inclusion for all of our families and all of our visitors with the monument present here,” cemetery spokesman Theodore Hovey told the newspapers.

The granite marker was emblazoned with three Confederate flags and two crosses. It also featured these words: “In memory of the soldiers of the Confederate States Army who have died or may die on the Pacific Coast,” and “Lord God of hosts, be with us yet, lest we forget — lest we forget.”

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“I don’t think a lot of people were aware of its presence,” Hovey said of the monument. A vandal wrote the word “no” in black on the monument on Tuesday.

‘Small Taste of Justice’

Earlier this week in in Durham, N.C., a mob pulled down a statue of a Confederate soldier. Video shows protesters putting a rope around the statue’s neck, pulling it off a pedestal and spitting on the statue’s remains.

“Today we got a small taste of justice,” protester Jose Ramos told CBS North Carolina.

The statue had stood in front of the Old County Courthouse since 1924 and was engraved with the words “The Confederate States of America” and “In Memory of the Boys Who Wore The Gray.”

It Needs to Be Removed

Police are now filing vandalism charges against some of the protesters identified through the video, The Hill reported.

The protest was apparently organized by leftist radicals on social media.

“It needs to be removed,” Loan Tran told the media. “These Confederate statues in Durham, in North Carolina, all across the country.”

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh ordered the removal of all statues dedicated to Confederate heroes Monday night, The New York Times reported. A crane and a work crew escorted by a contingent of polices started pulling down the statues in the dead of night.

“The mayor has the right to protect her city,” Pugh said. “For me, the statues represented pain, and not only did I want to protect my city from any more of that pain, I also wanted to protect my city from any of the violence that was occurring around the nation. We don’t need that in Baltimore.”

In D.C., pressure is now building to remove Confederate monuments in the U.S. capitol.

“The Confederate statues in the halls of Congress have always been reprehensible,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. “If Republicans are serious about rejecting white supremacy, I call upon Speaker Ryan to join Democrats to remove the Confederate statues from the Capitol immediately.”

Do you think Confederate monuments should be removed? Share your thought in the section below:

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  1. no the monuments should not be removed theres a law from congress that the statues and monuments that represents the confederate dead as US veterans and they are US military monuments and statues and should be left alone and preserved

  2. Ignorant leftist minions.

  3. Does this remind anyone of a similar group doing similar destruction? These leftist radicals are no different than Isis or Taliban destroying monuments and statues in the middle east. When I saw pictures of them pulling down the Robert E Lee statue and then all of them kicking and spitting on it, it looked almost identical to the reports we watched in horror and sadness as the Taliban destroyed historical sites in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria. To the disgust of our radical leftist news media I might add.
    There are literally hundreds of southern democrat kkk members from the past as recently as Robert Byrd( grand Cyclops of the kkk and former Senator of their party and Hillary’s mentor she proudly proclaimed) with schools, streets, busts, and statues dotted all over liberal city’s . I guess those are all getting ripped down too right? ……… No???? Hmmmm I wonder why not.
    Maybe some prominent republican leaders need to teach some us history to these snowflakes that it was the southern democrats, and not republicans that used the kkk as their muscle and most if not all of them were members of the kkk some secretly still are I am sure.

  4. I am about the preservation of history to educate the masses of people about the horrors of history; the real and true stories of how we got where we are today. You must study the past to understand the present to move in a better direction for the future. Take the monuments down since they are for glorification but put them in a Museum maybe called the Civil War Museum to tell how these individuals played their parts on the great stage of life and specifically in the building of America. Let us NOT forget our past so that we are not condemned to repeating it. The Bible has helped us to become a kinder and gentler nation of World people. If interpreted correctly, it helps us to eliminate the flaws of humankind. I am sure it can also be said about a War Museum where we study wars to arrive at peace. I believe our goal as a people or humans is found in Isaiah 2:4, 11:6 and 65:25.

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