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Planning an Off-Grid Existence? The Feds may be Watching You

In an effort to curb government dissension, and with an eye towards criminalizing the free expression of patriotic Americans, the Department of Justice has taken steps to classify individuals based on their use of certain terms deemed to be threatening to national security. In an action that would make Nixon’s enemy list seem mild by comparison, the DOJ could target any person known to include what it considers to be “extremist language” in their communications, be it emails, texts, or even conversations with neighbors.

Under the guise of helping the government better understand the “lingo”, the DOJ’s glossary found in its document,  Investigating Terrorism and Criminal Extremism – Terms and Concepts,  uses its preconceived notions of what constitutes a security threat in defining or interpreting  terms used by patriots, constitutionalists, Tea Party activists, and concerned citizens’ groups to describe their discontent with government.  For instance, those people who describe themselves as a “constitutionalist” (one who believes that our government should strictly abide by the letter of the Constitution) may likely find themselves on a list  of “right-wing extremists” based on the DOJ’s own translation.

Affiliations with political parties, or candidates who support constitutionalist or libertarian viewpoints and policies, will be subject to the same scrutiny by the DOJ and Department of Homeland Security.  Much of the language contained within these viewpoints, especially that which espouses a limited, strict-constitutionalist government, can be construed as extremist and a threat to national security.

The slippery slope that is inherent in this document even lists “survivalists” and preppers as those who envision the collapse of civilization and who are preparing stockpiles for a post-government existence.  This characterizes a threat to the government because it represents a “sovereign citizen movement” that undermines its control over all citizens. A friendly discussion that includes conspiratorial terms such as “black helicopters” or “globalization”, if overheard and reported to a federalized law enforcement agency, could lead to an extremist classification and possible persecution.

The ramifications are, as yet, unclear; however, with a government that has already demonstrated how its paranoia is manifested in the form of the McCarthy Hearings, precaution and discretion are the order of the day for those of us who foresee the possibility of an off-grid existence.

It has always been recommended that activities associated with emergency preparedness and off-grid living are best kept under the radar so as not to alert neighbors and friends who could present a threat to your safety and stockpile in an aftermath.  This advice takes on a much greater significance as the government seeks to target individuals who appear to want to act as independent “sovereign citizens” and who are considered as extremists based on the government’s glossary. The resounding cry of “loose lips sinks ships” now applies to your emergency preparedness plan.

Political activism, even in its mildest form, is not recommended.  We know that the FBI has photographed and archived people who participated in the anti-war rallies of the 60s and 70s. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the FBI conducted covert surveillance on Tea Party activists as well.  A boisterous barroom debate on constitutional principles can put you on the FBI’s radar just as easily.

It’s a sad state we’re in when we must keep our political expression to ourselves, but after all, that is the state for which we are preparing. The government seems to be making its own preparations for retaining control after the collapse of society. Only, they will know who their enemies are.

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  1. Living off the grid openly has invoked raised eyebrows and smirks from the general herd and flock of the “Sheeple”.
    I am more worried by nosy neighbors and vigilante/ posse types than the government regarding threats to my preparations for any disaster or calamity.
    Should those of us involved in living off line stage a “false flag” type event to divert attention away from us, and then plan in a more secretive manner? The government show in Washington between the so- called warring factions (democrats v. republicans, liberals v. conservatives) seems to be diverting our attention away from the real work taking place in secret, such as the underground “cities”, (like at Denver airport). I personally have been taking myself off line in increments (a weekend here and there during cooler months, and sometimes weeks at a time during the warmer months) and few have really noticed. Anyone been questioned about their move off the grid yet by government officials?

  2. So you are telling me that if youa re a member of the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party that you are a threat to the nation? Wow. There are dark times coming my friends. Be prepared and God help us all.

    • @commonsenseguy @ all: you are considered a domestic terrorist if you are the following:
      1 ) former military
      2 ) anti -immigration
      3 ) anti-homo
      4 ) anti-Obama
      5 ) pro-2nd amendment
      6 ) pro-1st Amendment
      7 ) legal gun owner
      8 ) in a militia
      9 ) a member of any pro-white organization
      10 ) a home schooler

      These USED to be th enorm for our society and now, under a ZOG control, we are the slaves and the other shoe is about to drop. No hope = no fear.

      • Two centuries and thirty four years prior to the date of this writing a group of wise intelligent men gathered. They assembled at a time when the word Liberty was nothing more than concept, a vision or a dream. With extraordinary courage and wisdom they brought upon this continent a new nation. A nation dedicated to the idea that all men are created. A nation that recognizes mankind received from his creator Freedom and certain rights. A nation dedicated to an undeniable truth that no individual, government, or any other entity may take away, infringe on, or interfere that Freedom or those rights. These men came to be known as the Founding Fathers of the single most important document ever, to this time, written by mankind anywhere on this earth. The document they created is The Constitution Of The United States Of America. The United States of America is that Constitution and that Constitution is The United States of America. The United States Constitution is the very foundation upon which our great nation stands. Without the Constitution the United States would not exist today and without it will not exist tomorrow. If ever American citizens discard the Constitution. If they allow government to interpret or amend their Constitution in a way not in keeping with the letter and spirit intended by the Founding Fathers. If they allow influence from other governments to dilute or weaken provisions in the Constitution, then the United States will no longer exist. Without the Constitution not only will the United States perish, the hope of every man woman and child who longs to be free will die along with it.
        Those who live under the protection of the United States Constitution bear the solemn responsibility of preserving and protecting it for all mankind, both the present generation and all future generations. Many generations of Americans have paid an enormous price protecting the Freedom and Rights millions now enjoy. They paid with their family members, their blood and their lives. The influence of this document is felt around the world. It gives oppressed people all over the world a vision. The same vision its Founding Fathers had when they too were fighting to bring their people Liberty from those exploiting them. Often politicians and government claim this noble accomplishment is a result of their governance. Nothing could be further from the truth, no grater lie could be told. The United States Constitution is an instrument intended to control government and protect its citizens from government. Americans are citizens of their Constitution not their government. It is government that has historically been an enemy of the Constitution. This fact has never before been so evident as it now is. No United States government has ever launched as vicious or destructive attacks against the Constitution as the current government of the years 2008,2009 and now 2010.

        Art Phillips
        [email protected]

  3. Not only is our government targeting patriots, conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, preppers, republicans, (are you seeing a theme here?) but they are targeting our military as well! Janet Napolitano has made it quite clear that this administration views anyone that is anywhere to the right of liberalism as a threat to our country. If you haven’t read the report, you should take a look at it. Scary!

    As a retired US Army soldier, patriot, conservative, libertarian, constitutionalist, registered republican, and prepper, I must be close to the top of the list. 😉

    As said by commonsenseguy, God help us all! Continue to pray for the leadership of our country and for the leadership around the world. No doubt we are in troubled times and only God will see us through.

    • Do you have a link to the report?

    • I agree with you US Patriot,if there is a list I’m on it also.If the DOJ wants to do something about a ”Security Threat” they can look no further than the White House and the people that put this USURP president in power and the communist,socialist,Marxist czars he put in office to destroy our constitution our and our freedoms..Allowing millions of illegals to flood into this country that bring drugs,crime ,disease’s,poverty to LEGAL Citizens and by them stealing our jobs using our schools and sending billions of dollars out of this country should in my opinion be considered ‘high crimes treason” and both sides of the isle are guilty..There is also a long time Illuminati communistic goal of controlling this country by destroying our sovereignty and the Christian morals we have.Any east Texas preppers out [email protected]

    • maybe slightly off topic but had to chime in with one of Albert Einsteins most relevant and respected quotes. “Patriotism is a disease”. Wake up and realise that we are not 200 nations. We are one species. Living on one finite planet… in one solar system in one galaxy in a universe larger than a human brain can conceptualise. Until each individual wakes up and treats others according to this natural truth our species will remain uncivilised, barbaric, in conflict, and possibly will self-destruct. “I have met the enemy, and he is me”.

  4. While I understand the threats, I completely disagree that we should avoid political activism. For the sake of future generations we all have a right and a responsibility to remain engaged in the political and cultural processes. All is not yet lost, but it will be if patriots disengage and allow the system to go un-checked. Yes, that might mean that we could eventually be persecuted. How many before us have been persecuted and have died for the freedoms that we have all enjoyed up until this time? If we truly love liberty then we owe no less. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and “Never, never, never give up”.

  5. I have freely spoken to people regarding the loss of our freedoms by the shadow government of globalists who actually run the country. In 2006 I was approached by a man who wanted to recruit me for an underground resistance movement. I would not join a secret organization and turned him down. I told him that as a Christian I am called to walk honestly and openly in the daylight. He left me and never contacted me again. As far as I know he could have been a CIA operative trying to trap me.

    Jesus was no fool. There were times when He hid himself and other times when He walked openly in front of His enemies. He told us to be a city on a hill and a light that is not covered. That which He whispers in our ear we are to boldly proclaim. It is not our own welfare that matters, but others who are in the dark that need the light. We are not to fear those who can kill our bodies but He who can kill our soul and body. Even Noah warned the world of the impending flood for 120 years when there was no such thing as rain.

    We are to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves which could be interpreted as speak the truth in love but stay under the radar.

    • heres to a world free of politics, poverty, war and nations. a world where people collaborate instead of compete, a world where people break down the illusory barriers found in race, religion, socio-economic status, nationality and come to the realisation that we are one. that there is no democrats, no republicans, no communists, no capitalists, no christians, no buddhists, no americans, no indians, no hispanics, just humans sharing the suffering, trials and tribulations of life on this incredible rock we call earth. anything less than this level of awareness is ignorant, arrogant and self-defeating. maybe its time we held the mirror to ourselves. there is no “they” or “them”. On a practical level, we can all start by contributing to open source economies with the end goal of getting humanity past scarcity, past the artificial demand of corporations, from survival to freedom. “I can only control what is in my hands to control. Not anyone else. When I change myself I change the world.” check this link to understand what i refer to Much peace fellow human 🙂

  6. Beautifully stated Alex.

  7. Alex,
    Alex, I greatly appreciate your newsletter and site! And, as a committed Bible-believing, Christ-follower, I am now openly blogging on the very pertinent issues of our time that you are addressing. I am sending it through Blogger and facebook and other sites so that I can inform people about the dangers that we are in today, and what they can do to stem the tide of tyranny. My friend who is very gung-ho about so-called conspiracy theories, end-times, government intrusion, preservation of liberty and privacy, etc., often tells me that I should not be openly discussing this on public forums, because it may eventually caused me to be detained, fined, tortured, or whatever.

    Granted, I probably AM being critiqued and black-listed by the Feds, but what about all the people I know who are living in ignorance? Shouldn’t they be told the truth?? Most are brain-washed by the mainstream media. I prefer to openly practice my free speech and declare the truth, than to live in fear of the bogey man federal government and not say anything at all.

    Did not our founders address their grievances OPENLY in the Declaration of Independence? Don’t we still have the right to petition grievances openly, at least on parchment?? I prefer to practice my God-given, Constitutionally-preserved freedom out in the open, without living in fear, and trust that God, my Father in Heaven will preserve me from all evil.

    Having said this, I’m not for doing or saying stupid stuff without a lick of sense. But, when it comes to speaking the facts, the truth, why should I not do so openly without fear? (Psalm 91)

    BE Blessed.

    • Mark, I totally agree with you. If the Founding Fathers had hunkered down, shivering in fear, we’d never have this great country that we have. We should speak boldly, without fear, because we know Who is in control of everything. We have to speak Truth – it is the only defense against the evil in our times. Like you said, not stupidly without common sense, but Truth.

  8. Yup folks, without a doubt Big Brother [or Sis] is watching to the best of their ability. That’s been going on for a long time. Discretion is the word of the day as far as prepping goes, but I don’t think that one should scurry around like a rat or be an isolationist. Current events and the state of society in general call for us to be involved on some level. Faith, truth and goodness of heart go a long way in the fight against evil and despair. The old Boy Scout motto of ‘Be Prepared’ really rings true today. It’s OK to be scared of certain things, but fear nothing.

  9. Congress of the United States
    Senate of the United States
    President of the United States
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Washington DC

    Art Phillips
    [email protected]

    Representatives of the American People,

    Please note that above is stated “representatives of the people”. It clearly does not state rulers or dictators or union bosses. This is something the legislature and president have obviously overlooked. You people have allowed yourselves to become diluted by some strange notion that there is something special about you. To the contrary, you are beneath the average citizen in that you are servants of the people. Any authority you might have is that which the people of the United States bestow on you. Thus far in this 111th congress and 2008 presidency you have earned only dishonor and disdain. Many Americans, including you and me, took an oath to protect the United States Constitution against all enemies “both foreign and domestic”. Tell me, how does it feel knowing you have made yourselves the “domestic enemy” part our beloved Constitution must be protected from. American citizens who feel this way now far outnumber those who are still blind to your treasonous legislative activities. I was not worried about our country right after you people took office. It was not what I voted for, however, I am an American and I believe in supporting whoever is elected. It only took six months for this government to go from a legitimately (maybe or maybe not) elected body to the most destructive, corrupt, dishonorable and freedom crushing entity ever in North America. One would hope some of you feel at least a little remorse, shame, something, it certainly cannot be patriotism or pride. The arrogance, self-righteousness, and phony elite posture many of you display makes most Americans ill. Emanuel, Durbin, Biden, Pelosi, Franken, Reid, Obama, Giekner, Kennedy, and the list goes on both sides of the isle, are a disgrace to everything the American soldier has fought for and everything the United States stands for. There are a few on capitol hill still in touch with and display Honor, Loyalty, Courage, and morality. To them I send my respect and honor. Their number is decreasing day by day as they are corrupted by threats, liable, slander and bribes from the left. If any of you think you have the “black vote” the “the white vote” or any other vote tied up you are crazy. Americans are a free people the shade of their skin is only significant in your corrupted minds. As Americans we ( Black, White, Brown any shade) stand united against any government, person or any other entity that would try to deny any freedoms we have a right too. Our rights and freedoms are not subject to any choices you might make or any laws you might pass. You are well advised to understand that when it comes to freedom in The United States Of America you are NOT the authority and you will never be. Your intrusions into our lives, Freedoms, and rights thus far will be reversed and any further attempts to limit rights and freedom will be met with fierce resistance by the majority of Americans. If you do not believe what I have written here try presenting it to the Americans who make this nation great. The Americans I speak of are working men and women, of every shade skin color, of every class, of every profession and trade. We may have some minor differences but when it comes to freedom and rights we are united. This government, in its effort to divide Americans has done all a favor, we are becoming more united and family like day by day and it is a trend you cannot stop.

  10. TO: All U.S. Congressmen
    All U.S. Senators
    The U.S. President

    From: Art Phillips and by proxy,
    Millions of American citizens

    The reality that I am moved to write a letter with the following content reveals a truth all Americans are beginning to recognize. We are in the midst of an unraveling of the fabric that has bound us together for the past two hundred thirty three years. A fabric which supports the weight of all, we as a people, hold dear. Our Freedoms, Liberty, and Justice, just to name a few, are all supported by and dependent upon the strength of this Red, White, and Blue fabric called the United States Constitution. Creating such a fabric required many different threads, each carefully selected for its ability to withstand time and stress while maintaining its strength, integrity and values. The threads had to be bound together tightly so that they could not be divided thus compromising the integrity of the fabric. Each thread of this fabric has a name, to mention a few, Honor, Duty, Loyalty, Morality, Strength, Honesty, Trust, and many more. All the threads in this fabric represent the greatest attributes of the human race, one race, with different shades of one color
    Prior to the 2008 election, the majority of citizens of the United States of America were well on their way to creating a new race, the American race. A new race of people with only one color, the American color, and only one name, American, not Asian American, or African American, simply American. A race bound together by their hopes and dreams and care for each other.
    The struggle for this dream has taken over two hundred years and millions of lives. It is disgraceful how the actions of those running for the honor of serving in public office have set this noble achievement back many years. I ask you men and women in the congress and the senate, as well as the men who ran for president, was it worth it? Was your ambition, your pride, your need to be famous or whatever self-serving goal you were seeking worth destroying what millions of Americans gave their lives for?
    Do not tell me you don’t know what I am talking about. Each of you knows very well that the despicable use of race in the 2008 election was obscene and you all share the responsibility for it. The 111th legislature, as well as the 2008 presidency, will be looked upon as the blackest days in American history thus far.

    Though I have served my Country, and my family has sacrificed much for our way of life, I have failed to do my duty. I took an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I was not diligent in the exercise of my duty to protect our Constitution from malignant growth known as government. Congressmen, Congresswomen, Senators and President, you represent that growth. It is your blind ambition and self interest you serve rather than the American people and the Constitution you swore to protect.
    Actions taken by this administration and legislature amount to a direct attack on the Constitution and the rights and freedoms it guarantees. You have forgotten that it is not your place or your right to tell the people what you are going to do. It is your duty and obligation to ask the people what they want! When I say, it is your duty to ask the people, I mean the majority, not the few that simply seek to be coddled, ask those who have made and make this nation successful. This government has made too many false assumptions with regard to the reason it was elected.

    For too long I have lived under the misguided assumption that individuals elected to the highest offices in the land, individuals that took the same oath to the Constitution I did, would honor that oath. I believed that they could be trusted and things like Honor, Duty, Loyalty, and Morality were as important to them as they are to me. I made a serious error in judgment with regard to many of them. Many in the Senate and Congress do not have the capacity to possess such ideals. Think about it, people who are supposed to be the guardians of our Constitution are trying to limit free speech, restrict the free exercise of religion, remove the right to own arms, just to mention a few of their attacks on the Constitution and the American people.

    What person in their right mind has the audacity, the arrogance or the ignorance to expect people to apologize for the success of their nation? The only change we need now is to remove such ingrates from office. If our country is such a horrible place to live, why do so many around the world want to come here? Why does our government want to reward criminals and provide them free medical, subsistence and free education at the expense of those who can’t afford it for their own families? People who have entered this country illegally and laugh at our laws, many of whom commit crimes in our country, are given property and rights paid for by our citizens even when these same citizens cannot afford it for themselves. If these illegal aliens want to live in a country like the United States of America then they need only to go back to their own country and pay the price Americans here have paid and build another America, the world could certainly use more.

    Americans owe the world nothing, nothing at all. This nation has always provided for the rest of the world freely and willingly. Our nation has fought and sacrificed more than any nation on earth for those in need around the world. Now some of you in Washington have the nerve to think we should apologize for our success. You are very much mistaken if you think this American feels apologetic, and don’t even think of apologizing for me!

    Our nation’s success was purchased with the hard work, sweat, tears, suffering and blood of ordinary people who possessed extraordinary will, courage and values. I am proud of this nation because of citizens who were willing to share that success along with the blood of their sons and daughters with the world. I despise any individual calling for or making an apology for the sacrifice of my brothers and sisters in arms, be they living or dead, or any citizen of our great nation. Get it clearly embedded in your conscience that the United States has nothing to apologize for!
    Consider this, why don’t those of you in Washington that have degraded, insulted and slandered our country, its military and many of our citizens start correcting the disastrous course you have taken by making a long overdue apology to America and her allies. Speaking of apologies, the media, those in television mainly, have betrayed their profession, their country, and themselves. What is most discouraging about the media is the fact that they know very well they have lost all credibility and trust. Some journalists even admit that they don’t report news anymore, “we make the news” one of them stated. You won’t find any honor in this profession any more.
    I have a great deal more to say, however, I am sure most congressmen and senators are far too superior to even acknowledge an average citizen much less read all this. To those in our government still holding to your beliefs and values, those who still honor the Constitution and believe in freedom over tyranny, I salute you, respect you, and I have your back so long as we stand.
    To the rest, look carefully in a mirror, you are just a person. There is nothing special about you. There are many in this country that can do your job far better than you ever will. You are only insulting the rest of us and making fools of yourselves acting as though you are any better, any smarter, or any more qualified at what you are doing than a million others are. You were born, you will age, and you will die just like every other person on this earth, why not leave behind a good memory and an unselfish legacy. No one is unaware of the mistakes they have made, each of us knows when we are doing something for the wrong reasons.
    I hope I can get through to at least a few of you in government before the betrayal of the American people turns to outright treason. Where is your Courage, Commitment, Honor, all those things a leader must possess?

    God Bless our great nation!

    Art Phillips and millions of other Americans

    Afterthought: What could be so valuable to a person elected to serve a nation as great as the United States that they would betray such a trust? I can’t answer that, however, we are witnessing this very thing in our government. It seems that most of those we trusted to protect our beloved Constitution have betrayed every citizen in the United States. In the past six months we have seen our Constitution, our Military, and many average citizens slandered, threatened and subjected to vicious attacks which were totally unwarranted. Our present administration and legislature is by all means and definition guilty of treason. When will one of our many Law Enforcement, Judges, Dept of Justice or courts find a little courage our soldiers have and make these traitors and criminals answer. It looks as though the only ones who are going to be punished for our governments dishonor and criminal activity is US. Those guilty of betraying the United States Constitution and the American people are absolutely engaging in the crime of treason. At such time as the American people return their government to law abiding representatives, some of whom are among the guilty now, the guilty will be brought justice. The justice they will face will be the very laws they are attempting to destroy.

    Art Phillips
    Loyal American citizen.
    [email protected]

    • Art, thank you so much, not only for your service, but for your awesome comment! I agree whole heartedly! I’ve just recently discovered this site, but have read every part of it and I must say, yours is the most eloquent and heartfelt comment I’ve seen! THANK YOU!!!

  11. Art, thanks for giving voice to the thoughts of our largely silent masses. Like I posted earlier, we should fear nothing, and you have demonstrated that admirably. Our downward spiral as a nation and society has been going on for years and it’s going to be a hard climb back up the ladder. Thanks to your willingness to share, perhaps you’ve shown us the first rung.

  12. The aftermath of Katrina showed the weakness in depending on gov’t to “make things all better” after a disaster or other calamity … so now, the Federal Gov’t is now making a concentrated effort to encourage people to plan for surviving from 3 days to 3 weeks after a natural disaster. Preppers shouldn’t have to worry about working to extend that time frame in secret.

    As Mountain_man said … “I am more worried by nosy neighbors and vigilante/ posse types than the government regarding threats to my preparations for any disaster or calamity.”

    I’m also concerned about family members who have actually said, “I can’t think in terms of preparing for emergencies like that. It’s just not me … We’ll just come to your house.”

    Political statements/affiliations are something else entirely. However, the trend to Socialism can be diverted if enough people oppose the idea.

  13. All I have is who is watching the watchers? I’m ofically on the red list i guess by now. True story, I just got a new super fast computer and since i started with the “government dissension” I have noticed my system getting slower and the router much more active. The hard drive is spinning out of control and I started to wonder if I’m being hacked, so I changed the IP address of the router and all passwords from the router out to the users. Since I do this now every day my system is running like it ‘s old self “fast” HUMMMMMM

    This is just another part of a police state and when they implement world domination I’ll be put in a mental hospital classified as having ODD. There goes our First Amendment

  14. This is nothing new, as we Americans have been considered enemies of the govt since 1933, around the time that Roosevelt mandated that all Americans turn in their gold, so that he could give it to the pvt international bankers, aka the British crown, to pay off the bankruptcy that this foreign corp, the U.S. Inc racked up during the Revolutionary War.

    Since the U.S. Inc has been in a state of emergency since 1933, our Constitutional rights have been suspended, and we have been under Maritime Law and Martial Law Tribunes. VOL 20 Corpus Juris Secundum 1785 states that the United States Government is a FOREIGN CORPORATION unto the states.

    The ONLY way to get from under this foreign govt is to demand that our state Citizenry be restored, along with our inalienable rights. This FOREIGN CORP that resides in the District of Columbia has power to regulate only it’s terrotories, enclaves and possessions, and 10 miles out from DC.

    It is imperative that we force this foreign entity unto the states to tow the line, and that we have Common Law restored, instead of this Roman type of law we are now under.

    Americans have been lied to, conned, exploited and abused by this foreign corp long enough. Our soldiers are fighting and dying for an entity that considers them to be its enemy. How is this right? We must alert them so that they will walk away from the war that this foreign corp started, and let them handle their own business.

    I was a psych major until I saw them turn to this leftist commie crap, and would rather spend my days in Vet school to help those who really can’t help themselves, the animals. God Bless the united States of America, the REAL America. God’s America. The United States Inc is MAN’s Corporation. We must reclaim our SOVEREIGN Citizenshiip unto our states, NOT this Foreign Federal Govt/Corp.

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