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Police Confiscate Healthy Baby Because It Was Born At Home

Police Seize Healthy Baby Because It Was Home Birth

Image source: midwivesofnj

A Pennsylvania woman claims doctors took her seven-day-old healthy baby and called police and social workers simply because she gave birth at home. She also says that doctors at St. Joseph’s Hospital transferred her baby to another hospital without her permission.

Birthing at home was important to her, she says.

“I knew I did not want to deliver in the hospital,” she said. “… I didn’t want a random man or woman helping ME deliver MY baby.”

But those thoughts of joy changed to fear when she got to the hospital.

“[The doctor] came in the room with a stern look and said if you refuse to transfer her, we WILL CONTACT DHS (Department of Human Services) AND THE POLICE,” said the woman, Fatima Doumbouya.

Doumbouya and her husband refused permission, but they didn’t realize that the doctors had already decided to move their daughter to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, she says.

The mother and her husband, Bilal Smith, only learned of the transfer when a nurse told them the baby was being moved. They had never given permission nor signed any paperwork authorizing the action. Doctors informed her that the baby would have to be transferred to Children’s because St. Joseph’s lacked the proper instruments to examine her, she says.

Police Called on Couple

The mother’s nightmare began when she took her daughter to an emergency room at St. Joseph’s Hospital for a checkup. Doumbouya had given birth at home and had stopped prenatal visits because she felt that she was receiving unnecessary medical treatment.

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“I informed her that she cannot physically force me to take my child to another hospital,” Doumbouya wrote at a blog called Ms. Wright’s Way. “I knew what awaited us there were her vaccines and the silver nitrate eye [medicine].”

When the couple objected to the transfer, doctors called the police, she says. Three officers were waiting for them in the next room. The officers forced the couple to go with the baby to the other hospital.

A hospital worker later told Doumbouya that the hospital’s action was probably illegal and that she could get her daughter discharged by filling out an AMA (Against Medical Advice) form at the front desk, the mother says.

“When I asked the front desk for those papers, THEY BLATANTLY IGNORED ME,” Doumbouya wrote. “I kept asking and asking, [and] no one would answer me, they all looked at each other and kept doing what they were doing. It was like something out of a movie.”

Baby Subjected to Tests without Parents’ Permission

She contends that she had to wait an hour and a half for an ambulance to come and take her baby to Children’s Hospital. At Children’s Hospital, the baby was subjected to a series of tests and found to be completely healthy.

“They ran test after test after test HOPING TO FIND SOMETHING,” Doumbouya wrote.

The tests were done without her permission. She believes the reason for the tests was to find a pretext for the Department of Human Services to take her baby, she says.

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In a final insult to injury, Doumbouya and her husband received a bill from the hospital for the ambulance ride they didn’t want in the first place. In a recent post on the blog, she wrote:

“I received a bill today – Remember in my story when we were FORCED to transfer hospitals? Well the ambulance ride was $3,320.00. Healthcare is the second biggest scam in this country.”

It is easy to see why Doumbouya, an immigrant from Africa, is thinking of leaving the United States.

Not The Only Case

The frightening thing is that Doumbouya is not alone. Recent Off the Grid News stories indicate that other mothers have reported disturbingly similar stories. Some examples include:

  • Home birth mother Jodi Ferris said she and her husband were escorted out of a Hershey, Pennsylvania, hospital by police after they refused to let their baby be vaccinated. Ferris had to hire an attorney in order to get her baby back.
  • Aliea Bidwell and Ben Gray claimed that doctors at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, threatened to call social workers if they didn’t get their baby vaccinated.
  • Amish parents Andy and Ana Hershberger took their daughter, Sarah from Ohio to Mexico to keep a court-appointed guardian from forcing her to get chemotherapy.

It looks like parents who practice natural or alternative medicine might be well-advised to avoid hospitals, or at least know the law and have an attorney at hand.

What do you think about home births? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Really! I had 4 out of 5 at home- no silver nitrate , no drugs. Of course that was 70s and 80s. Government needs to keep their hands off! What happened to freedoms!

    • Freedoms haven’t been and continue to not be adequately defended. That’s what!

      • These parents havent claimed their children sovereign. If you sign a birth certificate you are chattel to the state.

        • That is right. I suggest every parent look into the birth certificate scam. You are literally signing your baby to the state. Don’t do it!

          • How does one get away from not having a birth certificate? We have to have/show one for many things.Ive never heard of anyone not having a B.C.

          • RE quit being a govt worshiper! The govt is selling your rights by claiming that there are “privileges” back to you for money.

    • AMA forms definitely have nothing to do with the American Medical Association. They are forms that acknowledge that a medical discharge did not take place, and you’re discharging yourself Against Medical Advice.

    • Stand up for your rights, get the books and read ’em.
      Remember your constitution, remember your history.
      You guys have already coo’d one government yet their remains came back to bite.
      It’s always about defending your human rights and freedoms to exist and survive and be happy.

    • The doctors & hospitals need to push vaccinations on all the illegals from Mexico and Central America that are coming across our borders, especially Texas. These “refugees”, as they call them, are bringing in Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, dengue fever, herpes, swine flu, scabies, lice, etc. among other problems and WE’RE PAYING HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS TO SUPPORT THEM! NOT GOOD!

      • Off-topic, but since you mention it, I think that you’ll find all of those diseases already exist in the States…and only two of them have vaccines. You are right, though, we’re paying for their medical care, but according to this article we’re also paying for medical care that some patients don’t even want and are, in fact, rejecting. I’m glad that we have access to some of the best (if most expensive) medical care in the world, but shouldn’t we have the freedom to choose if we want to receive it? Very scary.

      • Yes, Mary, that’s what I thought of! Weird how the Fed-Gov is not alarmed and makes agencies take extreme actions to protect us from diseases, parasites, fungus, coming right into our homeland and facilities, but is silent about what diseases illegals contaminate us with, isn’t it? We should ask Pelosi, it’s always a hoot to hear her latest bizarre statements! I think it’s Agenda 21 in operation. Parents not being able to be responsible for their children is beyond creepy and my heart goes out to them all.

      • Elaine Marie Mejia

        Mary, take your ignorance and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Enough with the bigotry!! “Hundreds of millions”?? Jesus, do some research before writing such exaggerations.

      • Typical bigot who has as usual is mimicing what the CDC and every govt owned “media” spreads as being true. Crawl back into your hole.

    • I am an ER nurse. There is a LOT missing in this story. We can’t just take your baby. I do not oppose home births, but I do think it’s just smart to have a relationship with a physician to oversee things and to have someone to go to if complications arise. We are spoiled with our healthcare advances. Birthing is risky. If you don’t believe me, visit an old cemetery and look at ALL the old headstones with mothers and infants who died during birthing. Only a fool forgets history. Speaking of history, the same can be said about vaccinations. Do some research on the resurgence of diseases in communities with higher populations of non vaccinated individuals.

      • So, should people blindly accept vaccinations produced with neuro-toxins such as mercury? People are rejecting government mandates because the people no longer trust the government- and the people have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON whatsoever to trust their government. The whole system is broken, and is a mess.. i wish i had the answer, and perhaps going back to smaller, community based healthcare without interference from the fedreral government is the answer.. but what we have right now is pure insanity.. How come the established medical community seems to be against natural, alternative remedies? I think the reason is primarily due to the corrupt nature of the medical and pharmaceutical industry..

      • Can’t just take your baby? Why do you believe this? Goons with guns can and do just take babies. I don’t see this as “pure insanity.” Let’s call it what it is. It’s evil.

      • Go back to living in fantasyland, your employer DOES oppose anything that might prevent them from making money and filling people with poisons and neurotoxins.

  2. Though I don’t necessarily think it is the wisest move my parents ever made, I was born at home and turned out alright.

    I don’t know what the law is in Pennslyvania, but if those with fiduciary duty refuse medical treatment, then usually the courts have to accept that.

  3. I had my first baby in the hospital. Never wanted another baby because I didn’t want another hospital birth. I discovered home birth and had six more children, all born at home! This is the way it should be. Its no ones business where a woman births, how a woman births, or why she chooses to do anything the way she decides is best for her and her baby!! MY BODY, MY BIRTH, MY BABY!!!! PERIOD!!!!

    • In America and Europe, children are no longer owned by the parents. They belong to the territory in which they reside. Ask your lawyer!


        • you can have your child at home in the U.K yes, but you are still legally required to register your child’s birth. Which is the moment you sign your child over to the local authority of the area, controlled by government.
          If you do not do this, they will be round to your home. No body will stand up and be counted because If they do not do what is right, they shall not receive child benefits + tax credits for their children haha.
          some say all are considered human resources and financial commodities by corrupt and fraudulent governments and their corporate businesses, I mean why else do birth certificates need to be floated on the USA stock exchange?!

      • Ichiban Okaasaon


      • In the Netherlands its common to give birth naturally at home. You only go to hospitals if they check up before and see there is a medical reason to give birth in hospital. You dont have to pay the midwife etc. at an homebirth, but you DO need to pay if you want to give birth in a hospital without medical reasons. If there is no danger, there is no harm in birthing at home. In many cases, when something happends during a homebirth, it would not be any better in a hospital. Most doctors are not even anywhere nearby and it can take up to 20 min. before its your turn for help. same time takes the ride to the hospital from home. Here, the same midwifes are there during birth in hospital as well at home. It is the same thing, only a trusted envirement. a place you feel safe and calm and have everything you need. The things you see in the movies: a screaming woman in hospital is really not true or nessesary. People birth on fear, not on love these days. it is the most special day of your life, and babies feel it if the mother is calmer en feels safe herself at home. If you do want to give birth in Hospital, please do so, give birth the way YOU want it and think is best for your baby. If you want to give birth at home, you should be able to do that. Why messing up a natural thing so beautiful? the world is getting crazy if people cant even chose how to birth. I would NEVER want to lve in america.. Like everyone tells you how you should do everything. When did we stop thinking and feeling on our own?

        • Yes, Veleda, the amount of control exercised by those working for the government is mind-numbing. Yet, ask the average American and they’ll tell you that we live in the freest country in the world. The zombie apocalypse is happening now. The zombies just don’t realize their role in it.

    • right on!

    • It’s only your choice if you’re choosing to kill your child silly..didn’t you know that?

      • You got that right!!! It’s ok for women to say “It’s my body, my baby, my choice if they are choosing to kill that innocent life.. this country is so screwed up now days.

        • The medical industry is motivated by what they call the bottom line. It’s not health, nor glory, not even for benevolence. No, their bottom line is money, just like a prostitute.
          Even though a prostitute may have dreams of a legitimate relationship and a family, …she may even think that she will end up there one day. But in the meantime, any child she bares is a bastard, in the same way the hospitals have bastardized their original vision of benevolence.
          “Anything, once monetized, prostitutes the experience and bastardizes the outcome”.
          This is what the civil courts are for. Sense they care so much for money, why not take them to court and take some of their money away from them. Get them to take responsibility for all the bills that came about because of their actions and then hit them with a liability suit of about $10 million because they gave your baby a vaccination without your consent. And I would also demand another $100 thousand for other person in the family who is directly affected by this by missing work or school, etc. or for and simply for the anguish.
          Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” ~US Declaration of Independence.
          Without consent, governments derive their power unjustly.
          Also, know your rights. Rights are not instituted by government; they are intrinsic and unique to you. Some of them just happened to be listed in the Bill of Rights.

      • Isn’t that the sad truth.

  4. Margaret Martin

    Odd home birth is encouraged in Scotland, if all is well

  5. Home birth is fine if that floats your boat. But why did she take a perfectly healthily baby to an ER? Why not a pediatrician. Something seems to be missing.

    • Thats the same thing i was thinking…this isnt the whole story.

    • This is what I want to know. This story has several holes.

      • Just taking a wild guess, she wanted a checkup on the child just to make sure everything was ok. The ER couldn’t refuse her, even if she couldn’t pay. Just a guess.

    • If she had no intention of vaccinating the baby, many pediatricians would deny service. I have this problem with my own unvaccinated child.

      • You have to be a complete idiot to not vaccinate your child. You’re putting your child and other children at risk.

        • At risk for what?

          • If you choose to not vaccinate your child, you have that right but if your child comes down with an illness that they could have been vaccinated for and prevented from them catching it and your child comes in contact with my child (who is too young to receive the vaccine) and my child contracts measles, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough, etc then you have caused “injury” to my child. If you do not want to vaccinate your child then keep them locked up in your home and do not take them out in public where they can become infected with the illnesses listed above and then turn around and infect my child.

          • At risk for what!?!?!? Are you serious, there is several diseases that are past on threw unvaccinated children. Are you that self absorbed?

          • Elaine, do you govt buttkissers EVER think for yourselves? Funny how the ONLY ones who ever get sick or die seem to be those pumped full of these diseases.

        • If you believe in vaccines so much, and feel enough that they work. How is a non-vax kid putting yours at risk? Learn about what you’re putting in their body.

          • A brand new and controversial vaccine I chose to receive as an adult actually did save my life. So yes, learn about what you’re putting in your child, but also keep in mind that YOU ARE NOT A CHEMIST and YOU ARE NOT A DOCTOR. Don’t pretend that you know everything about a vaccine just because you read 1 ingredient.

          • My kid gets every standard vaccines. Know why? Because they’re actually studied this stuff. They look at results of kids with vaccines and compare them to results of kids without. Guess? Vaccines are much better than no vaccines.

            When’s the last time you’ve seen a kid in the US with polio? Thought so.

            Now, the problem is:
            (1) I actually care about your kid’s life. I don’t think it’s right for you to endanger your kid’s life. Which you are. Being the parent does NOT give you the right to harm your child.
            (2) Not everyone can be vaccinated. My kid’s not 1 year old, so he’s not yet vaccinated for the measles. Young babies are missing a bunch of vaccines.

            You are risking your child’s life, mine, and many other peoples.

            Look at the actual studies. Frankly, the reason you’re able to be anti-vaccines is because they’ve been so effective that you don’t seen many vaccine-preventable illnesses around.

            Not getting your kids vaccinated is like driving without a seatbelt. Sure, in particular scenario, a seatbelt could cause harm. It could trap you in the car, for example. So why do we wear seatbelts? Because we know that on average, the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the costs.

          • Vaccines are meant to be preventative measures, they aren’t 100%.They do help e child body have an immimmunity but DO NOT ensure they won’t get it. Your unvaccinated child going to school with a vaccinated disease can causeavaccinatedchildren yo get it to. Measles outbreaks coming back?DoDon’t you pay attention?
            The ONLY children who should not have vaccinations are ones who have adverse reactions to them.

          • Functional retarded much Gayle? It’s idiots like you that keep these crooks and big pharma in business. Yet another idiot incapable of think for itself.

        • You do realize there are very strong arguments surrounding both sides of this debate by educated people.
          The same could be said of parents that do vaccinate…

      • i have had this problem as well but i take my kids to the local wic or health dept no doctors just nurses or cna”s no pressure in fact most of the people in the wic office encourage natural meds

    • She is an African immigrant, she probably uses the ER as her standard primary care. Many people do.

    • They went to the er because they are illegal immigrants and it does not cost for them there

    • because a pediatrician won’t see you unless you pay up front. They may not have had enough money… it’s the only reason I could think of anyway.

    • They only tell the heart breaking part of the story to get people to go with their beliefs. That’s a very good question C. Why take baby to hospital is not to immunize or if baby is sick?!

  6. AMA=Against Medical Advice. This article is missing a lot of information. Anyone who takes this as fact and doesn’t recognize the blatant errors needs to go back to school.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking when I read that part. Also why did she take the baby to the er….doesn’t seem like everything is here with this story…lots of holes…

  7. We need Common Law Grand Jurys to stop this abuse of our FREEDOM!

    • Exactly!! Silly to sign birth certificates then act all like “what!! You own us?!?!!” Yes. We have been tricked. International banking bullahit they are trading your birth cert # because it is worth millions. You are owned

  8. I wish we could make it illegal to not vaccinate, unless someone can show it will physically harm that individual child. Horrible diseases are making a comeback, thanks to paranoia and people who refuse to believe actual data

    • And just how will we know it will harm a particular child in advance? You go ahead and make YOUR child a guinea pig. The rest of us don’t have to do so.

      • BY not vaccinating your kid, you expose mine to it’s germs. That’s selfish and FOOLISH. Don’t want to vaccinate, against medical advice? Fine by me. But keep your little plague-spreader at home, permanently.

        • If you believe so much in vaccines and your children are vaccinated, why are you worried about other people’s children who are not vaccinated?

    • It has never been proven vaccines are effective, simply because there is NO WAY to do so. The CDC concedes this. There IS no “actual data” to source from. If you were to look at facts and data, you would see that every single disease vaccines were created for were already in decline by the time they started administering them. This has been the case for every epidemic that has ever plagued mankind. They are all self limiting by nature, because of the human immune system. It makes absolutely no sense to vaccinate, especially when those vaccines contain toxins known to cause serious harm. The best way to fight disease is to use common sense. Proper hygiene practices, including hand washing, and keeping immunocompromised individuals away from public places will ensure individual health.

      • You know. You’re a complete idiot spewing vaccines don’t work. If your child isn’t vaccinated you should have them taken away from you as you’re doing nothing but allowing your child to be a carrier of disease. You don’t need numbers when hell you can see that diseases like measles mumps, rubella, polio don’t exist here anymore. You can’t even say is big pharma when it comes to polio. The gentleman who developed it was pressured into selling out to big pharma but he wanted to give it to the world and not make a penny off of that terrible virus and so he did.

        • Exactly. Brandon gets it.

        • MMMhh actually vaccines are made of Viruses

          Vaccines are made of decease. Depending on the vaccine it is active, live or dead. but it actually is made of viruses and germs. that are supposed to trigger an immune reaction. So in truth the kids with vaccines are the ones carrying the germs. I am not fully against vaccines.. Some are a good idea depending on the situation and Geography. Not all vaccines produced are produced with welfare in mind.. some of them have the ever present price tag and the most important consideration. And the “marketers” of such drugs are more than happy to have people be scared to aggression and consumption. Even if their fears. your fears are so unfounded. It is worth looking at things from another angle to get perspective… Most things in life are not black or white. And if you are a responsible person and you own yourself , this should not scare you.

        • If you inject known neurotoxins in your child without evidence their life is threatened otherwise you should be thrown in prison.

    • Where is this “actual data” you’re spewing? The CDC has no data, so I would love see this.

    • I’m not a ‘scientist’ and I don’t need scientific ‘actual data’ to tell me that I should in fact be paranoid!! Too many children with autism and neurological side effect, not to mention countless unknown disabilities. Definitely paranoid of the multi-trillion dollar industry dictating to us all! All for the sake of money honey…the bottom-line…keeping the world medicated!! I am just a mom and I did not and will not vaccinate my children! Perfectly healthy young adult, teen & tween…

      • Many people keep blaming autism on vaccines when there’s no data to prove a correlation. I have believed it was not that but what has risen in the past few decades has been the rise of herbicide resistant crops and the use of pesticides has increased and is probably in higher amounts in our systems than ever before. This is jsut an idea, BUT Tthe other day a study came out showing what is the probable cause, pesticides! There was huge increase in autism with families shown to live in agricultural areas of California. This link is just one article on it, but you can google it yourself.

      • Seriously? You realize that the ONLY reason people think there’s a link between autism and vaccines is because someone FAKED the data. He admitted it!

        The link between vaccines and autism has been repeatedly disproven. How on earth can you still believe this?

        Yes, there are a lot of kids with issues. NOT GETTING VACCINATED HURT KIDS.

      • Vaccines can make autism worse because autistic people’s bodies function differently than a neurotypical person. They do NOT cause it. Kaisha

    • Don’t be so eager to wish your own rights away…you might need them someday. Hate to tell you but medical exemptions to vaccines are nearly impossible to get. Bureaucrats regularly dismiss medical exemptions written by doctors even when there is proof the child has had a life threatening reaction to vaccines. How would you feel if you needed a medical exemption for your child and could not get one because bureaucrats feel it is acceptable to harm one child…YOURS…to “protect the herd.”? Btw, vaccine herd immunity is a MYTH.

    • Here is a good website to consider:

    • How about we vaccinate when doctor sign a form stating NO harm with come to the child from it! Can they 100% guarantee the safety of the child?? The answer is no.

    • Seems to me you’re the paranoid one! A parent should have every right to PROTECT their child in whatever way they see fit and if for sone it means to refuse vaccines no one has a right to intervene or say otherwise! NO ONE! Our responsibility as parents is solely to the children we bring in to the world, not to a stupid theory that has never been scientifically proven to be true

    • Coming from someone who hasn’t had a child almost not survive a Vac Reaction! You want to give them to your kids, I won’t take that right away! So don’t suggest to take my right to refuse them from me!

      • I am a scientist (an immunologist actually), and while I will say that there is currently absolutely no evidence to show that vaccines cause autism (it is currently at the level of a hypothesis), I am definitely not a fan of the regular schedule, because it is inefficient and a baby’s body is ill equipped to handle 6 vaccines at one go, resulting in the wide spectrum of vaccine reactions.

        I discuss the reasons behind why I think it is inefficient in this post:

        Also, for all the non-vaccinators who say that you have no guarentee that the vaccinations are safe: How safe do you think your child will be if they get whooping cough?

      • Actually, no one should be able to inject poisons into their children unless their life is at serious risk without it.

  9. I tried to have a home birth in Kentucky where it is illegal. I ended up at the hospital due to some strange happenings in my labor that caused me to be concerned. The doctors and nurses were very biased towards me, they talked down to me and every time the doctor talked to me it was like she expected me to protest every action of hers. I felt like I was being attacked when she talked to me, and viewed as an ignorant child when the nurses talked to me.

    • It’s not illegal to have home births in Kentucky. I live in northern KY and know a couple of women who have had home births. No issues with it. The pediatricians were fine with it.

  10. When everything looks normal, a home birth is safer than a hospital birth, without unnecessary interventions.
    I wouldn’t have been able to have home births, because of an almost completely split uterus. But my daughters and daughter-in-law have home births, and love it.

  11. Really? So you’re ok with forced labor at a hospital and forced vaccinations? It’s people like you that are ruining this country.

  12. You asked what I know about home births. I know I was born at home. The midwife who delivered me also delivered all nine of my brothers and sisters and over half of the other people in our town. It is appalling what they put Fatima Doumbouya and her husband through.

  13. This is proof we are milk cows and are owned.

    Just wait for when we are considered beef cows…..

    It’s damn near upon us.

  14. If you refuse to vaccinate your child, should be locked up. You are either to stupid or too sadistic to be allowed to care for children.

    • It’s sheep like you who trust government that are ruining the country

      • Sondra Eisenman

        he is a troll. My husband defiantly did not fight in wars for this person freedom
        of choice.

        • Oh my! Was your husband drafted? Does he not like his service? I certainly hope he isn’t a tractor. To serve “defiantly” is a horrible thing. My husband “definitely” enjoys his service. He serves for everyone’s freedom of choice, even if you feel they don’t deserve it.

      • You know, I just have to throw this out there but this “sheeple” argument is getting old. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one to foolishly buy into everything the government tells me, but for God’s sake! Do you not realize you can be considered just as much of a sheep for just blindly accepting the bullshit you read on the internet?

    • If you vaccinate your children you are stupid. Go to the CDC website and look at the ingredients and then ask yourself why it is okay to inject known carcinogens and neurotoxins into defenseless children. Oh, and are you up to date with your own vaccines? Probably not. Vaccines do not give you lifelong immunity so you’re probably a walking cesspool right now, sir. Go get your shots tomorrow like a good little sheep.

      • What I would like to know is: Do you think all doctors and pharmacists are stupid? That we (non-medically educated people) know more than those who have been in school for 8+ years dedicating their lives to learning how our bodies work and how these medications work? Or do you think they know vaccinations are dangerous and knowingly put children’s lives in danger? I 100% trust the intentions of my pediatrician. There are not enough words to describe how awesome she is. I can text or call her personal phone any time of the day or night, and I KNOW that she truly cares for my child’s well-being. If vaccinations are dangerous, we are either calling all of these doctors stupid or evil. Which is it?

        • The RN teaching our cloth diapering class told us about how she administers flu vaccinations during flu season. 2 minutes later she is arguing against using baby wipes because of all of those chemicals. Sounds to me like she has bought into the flu shot mentality. Have you ever read the inserts that come with those flu vaccines? You probably wouldn’t be so quick to force at least flu vaccines on everyone if you would educate yourself about them. I would characterize them as going along with the crowd, not evil or stupid.

        • It’s not that they are stupid or evil. They go to school for a long time, but schools teach to be narrow-minded. Once out of school they work a lot of hours and can’t spend a lot of time studying and researching. Look up Dr. Russell Blaylock on vaccines, then try to convince me he is wrong.

      • Well said Sydney and Blair…and Brandi you need to do your research, look up deaths from Gardisil? Let’s hope you don’t have daughters!!

      • Are you a chemist? Because my husband is one of the foremost young research chemists, and he and I have both agreed that any child of ours will receive vaccinations. Gardisil saved my life when it was still considered incredibly controversial. You might want to actually speak with a professional before making decisions that can and will affect your child for the rest of his or her life.

    • You’re an idiot. You may want to do some research. Vaccines have known risks, like seizures, paralysis, Guillian Barare Syndrome and the list goes on. These are just the risks they admit to! You can find them on the vaccine inserts the doctor hides from you. Like any medical procedure or medication there are risks and side effects, and the individual has to decide if it’s worth the risk. Just like not everyone reacts to peanuts the same way, not every one reacts to vaccines the same way. Vaccines are not safe for everyone. Keep trusting the government with your health, see how healthy you are. By the way, vaccines only last a few years… some will last at the most for 10 years bit sone last much lesss. Most adults do not vaccinate themselves every 10 years and I bet you are one. And yet most adults are fine. You are part of the unvaccinated masses spreading disease by not being vaccinated. And some how you have lived to tell the tale. Do you even realize that children now a days receive 3 times as many vaccines as children did in the 1980s. Even though, those children received less vaccines, they are much healthier than this generation of children. This generation of children have the highest rates of diabetes, food allergies, ADD, ADHD, Autism, etc. than any other generation ever. Try to use your brain to figure why that must be. Wake up fool, learn to think for yourself and your question everything!

      • Agree totally. My daughter suffered a seizure and I was bullied to have my son immunised as I was scared he might die…..waited till he was older but regret now as he has learning difficulties and fits. It’s not fair for a parent..

      • Add, adhd, and diabetes as well as food allergies are from what you ‘feed’ your children. If your such a smart person and know so much why didn’t you know that?

        • ADHD & ADD are not caused by what you eat…. Complete myth… It is a lack of dopium in the brain. You should know what your talking about before you write it.

    • YOU should be locked up…in a mental institution…because you are insane.

      • Michelle, please remove head from ass… You must not have a clue what vaccines have in them. Vaccination stimulates the immune system, the body’s defense mechanism. Repeated, vaccination exhausts the immune system. It’s like using your car on a perpetual basis, sooner or later, it will break down… It gives a false sense of security and, in doing so, it opens the door wide to all kinds of illnesses. Notably, to those related to AIDS, which can only develop on ripe ground, where the immune system has been disturbed. Vaccination encourages medical dependence and reinforces belief in the inefficiency of the body. It creates people who need permanent assistance. It replaces the confidence one has in oneself with a blind confidence in others, outside ourselves. It leads to loss of personal dignity, in addition to making us financially dependent. It draws us into the vicious circle of sickness. Vaccines have known risks, like seizures, paralysis, Guillian Barare Syndrome, metal sensitivities, not to mention… I have heard some peoples stories about how their lives are completed destroyed because of this line of thinking. Infants and kids have died (SIDS). Don’t get me wrong, Tetanus, and a few others are kind of necessary. In order for your body to become stronger than it was before, the immune system needs to be challenged or stressed. Just like a bodybuilder, he or she stresses the body and the body hates it, so in order to deal with the stress, it creates… ready for this? MORE muscle. The immune system works in the same manner.

    • Rich, go ahead and let your child be the governments guinea pig!! It’s not like I want to refuse medical treatment when my child needs it, like a broken arm. But I will refuse unnecessary chemical treatment for something she “might” get, like polio. You sound like a jerk on second thought & hope you DONT actually have a child whose well being depends on you…

      • Wow Rachelle! Disrespectful and dumb. Just because someone doesn’t have the same negative bullshit belief as you does not give you the right to attack their child or their parental skills. And just because you vaccinate you child does not mean you are using them as a damn guinea pig! What the hell is wrong with you?!?!?

    • Rich, it is YOU who is the idiot AND a govt indocternated dip****.

  15. In the Netherlands most people choose for home birth. This is legal and there is a good contact with the midwife and the hospital in case you need to go. You also can choose to give birth at the hospital and go back home in the next hour. This is what I did for my first born, his sisters were born at home, such a great experience.
    Vaccinations are in concert with the parents, they always have the last choice to give (some of) them or not.
    There is not any law who could force you to give vaccination if you don´t want to but it´s good to have a lot of information before making this choice.

  16. 1st of all why would she take her healthy baby to an ER?? That’s not where you take a child for a “checkup” & that is a big part of the problem with out of control health care costs in our country! An ER is for EMERGENCIES; not things that can wait until a dr office is open & certainly not for checkups! Also AMA forms are AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE, nothing to do with the American Medical Association! I have given birth to both my daughters in a PA hospital & declined to have immunizations given to my youngest & they didn’t give me any hassles! To be clear; I did have my younger daughter immunized, I just waited until she was older & had them spread out because while I do think immunizations are required, I believe they should be held off & given when the children are older! I also wanted to go home after only 2 days in the hospital when I had my youngest by c-section bcuz my bf had to leave to go back to work & I had my mom to help me @ home (was during the big swine flu scare when hospitals were on lockdown & only 1 person was allowed in to visit me the entire time I was in & that person was my bf, the baby’s father) & they gave me the AMA forms to sign; but I ended up talking the pediatrician into discharging so I didn’t require the forms in the end but they had no issue giving me them; they have to that is the law! I think there is more to this story & they have left a lot of the facts out.

    • I really believe that you are correct, there are more questions than real answers from this article. My son was born in a hospital and I am very glad it did, as at the last minute there were complications and I ended up having a c-section, just to think what would had happened if I have stay home just scare me to death. I have no problems with vaccines as I have had them while I was younger and never had any reactions, my son had them and the one that he did not have he ended up having the illness. I believe there are certain chemicals in our body that reacts differently to different things, just like eating different food, some people react to them others do not. However I think we need to act responsible at all times and keep any type of infections control from spreading just as a simple cold. I respect the views of others but at the same time those need to respect the people that believes differently. This is not a war, if you think you are safer not having the vaccines more power to you but on the same token respect the ones that do not have a problem with them. As far as transferring the child to another hospital I believe that is the correct way for a hospital to do things they need to make sure that a child or an adult whatever the case is can be proper diagnose, please people that is just common sense if a hospital does not do that you would sue them for negligence.

    • Do those of you griping at her taking the child to the ER not have insurance that requires a co-pay? I do. I have to be extremely ill or have a physical injury to be able to see a doctor and I have to go to the ER because quite often, I don’t have the copay. (BTW, just because she’s an immigrant doesn’t mean she’s illegal.)

  17. We had two home births and the second came so fast we delivered her ourselves–that was the most empowering and healthy experience–mama and baby were left undisturbed.

    There isn’t enough objective research to back the safety of the newborn treatments like Hep B vaccine (nor do most babies have the risk factors to justify this shot) and Vit K shot. Separating a newborn from its mother to bathe or do anything is just not natural and has consequences. (Drugs during labor and delivery also have consequences.)

    Women’s rights to choose how and where they give birth MUST be protected. Whether or not you agree with a practice, your own human freedom hinges on these founding principles.

  18. I get that there should be no authority for such action… but she goes to the ER for free healthcare and is upset because the want her to go to a different hospital that is equipped to provide the needed care?

  19. Home births should be encouraged! She should have taken her baby to a dr not the ER! And to Jean who thinks it should be illegal not to vaccinate, my son and nephew both have autism spectrum disorders due to vaccines! It was a complete overnight change! There is enough mercury in one MMR sHot to kill a 400 lb man and we give these to our babies! I love what my country originally stands for but we are far from it anymore! I want my freedom back!

  20. lisa odle ridgeway

    I think medical care is a choice & it should be a woman’s right if she wants to have it at home no interference from anybody its the old ways I say good for them & people need to quit medaling in there business

  21. I find it interesting that should this woman have wanted to abort that baby, the government and medical community would have been completely supportive. How ironic that they can kill a baby, without an eyeblink, but won’t allow the mother to have the baby at home without interference. Don’t feel vaccines are safe? Forget it, we are forced to allow the injections or risk the consequence of department of family services threats. What is happening to our country?

  22. The only thing I do not understand about this, is when you are at a hospital, you sign off consent forms to be treated. I think that it is important to educate yourself and understand what is being signed. Upon taking her baby, what were in those forms? Doctors have the right to do what’s best for the baby, even if only suspected. I don’t agree with them forcing her to get treatment she wasn’t warranted, but if the docs were within their rights according the docs she signed, the couple needs to accept responsibility. if they weren’t within their rights , she wouldn’t be responsible for any care that was given that she didn’t sign off on financially.

  23. St. Vincent’s hospital along with Children’s hospital in Birmingham are notorious for their bad treatment of parents and local pediatricians who they consider “beneath” them. They will call social services on you for simply questioning their medical decisions and they will override any decisions made by “lesser” doctors. If you give home birth – forget it – you are categorized as white trash and as a drug addict who needs to be investigated. I don’t know if other hospitals are like this but these two are REALLY bad. Stay away if you have children and want to be involved in the decisions made. Forget being treated with any dignity as a human being.

  24. My first question would be if she did not want medical intervention, why did she take the baby to the emergenecy room? If the child was sick, then the doctors were correct to transfer her to a hospital equipped to care for neonates. As for vaccination, I do vaccinate but I support your choice not to. I feel some vaccines are safe after much research but others will not be recieved by my children.

  25. My son is 18 years old, when he was born, I knew the implications of refusing the Hep B vaccine at birth, even way back then. I allowed the vaccine, knowing that that would be the only ONE he ever got.

    At 18 years old, my son have never been to the doctor but ONCE. That was for Cat Scratch Fever he contracted in Kentucky from a cat bite. As it was, they gave him an antibiotic that was clearly not necessary, so I never took him back after researching it online. Cat Scratch Fever goes away by itself without anitibiotics.

    He has never had any childhood diseases like chicken pox, measles, whooping cough, or mumps. He has never been sick for more than two days with a cold. He has never had the flu.

    I guess missing all those vaccines as a child really hurt his health. But, as his mother, I didn’t go around and speak my mind against the vaccine regimen, because I knew better. I just kept him away from it and also I homeschooled him his whole life, but if I hadn’t have, I wouldn’t have been above FAKING the vaccine records as some I know have done. Think.

    At 18 years old, my son thanks me for all of it and now is against vaccines and the medical complex. I did my job as his mother, but I did it quietly and I succeeded where most do not. Don’t tell it on the mountain, don’t tell your doctor, just don’t go there period.

    • You are a very lucky woman that you were able to keep your son in a bubble at home with you. I guarantee that had a lot to do with him being so healthy. Mothers who have to work don’t have the same options as a mother who can stay home and home school their children. We have to adapt and adjust ourselves and adapt and adjust our children. That includes taking them to the doctor every time they contract an illness at the babysitter or school (besides viruses that go away on their own). That includes vaccinating them. Many of the illnesses that are vaccinated for are much more dangerous for a child than an adult, because children’s immune systems aren’t fully developed yet and can’t fight things off as well. I commend you for doing what you felt was right in a peaceful and private manner.

    • Your son never got any of those things because he was never around anyone that had them. Had he been, it would be a different story. Those things don’t go away “on their own”.

  26. Valerie Phillips

    I had 7 children, first 3 were in the hospital. I didn’t care for the things that were happening at the hospitals so the next 4 I had at home. The last one was in long as the mother is healthy I see no reason to have children in hospitals..and no one should be forced to. I do believe in some of the vaccines..

  27. CPS Whistleblower Speaks Out –

  28. And yet if a doctor would kill the baby in the womb that would okay? Uhhh? Topsy-turvy USA!!!

  29. Possible side effect of vaccines labeled in the pamphlet they give you, death… No thanks! My brother almos died from being vaccinated. I know a lady who lost her baby who was perfectly healthy before vaccinating. I’ve had all 4 of my babies at home the last two without anyone to ‘attend the birth’ just me and my family.

  30. Wild life, like uncaged birds, are free. Indigenous populations of the Western Hemisphere were free for twelve or so thousand years. United States Citizens; free? What are you joking or don’t you know what ‘free’ means? Every facet of life is regulated, documented, approved or disapproved: Not free.

  31. I had my child in a hospital. I had asked the nurse to not put an iv in because I wanted an all natural birth. They forced me to get the iv line. During child birth the line popped out of my vein and was pumping fluids in my arm. I begged the nurse to take it out because it was hurting me. They refused. They finally took it out after my arm a swelled up 5 times it’s normal size. I hate the hospitals and will no doubt have my next child at home. It a wonder how these people s get their licences.

  32. If this is off the grid news – why are they online? Why is our email address required? Shouldn’t guests also be off the grid? This is so goofy!

  33. Hey guys, this is the blog from the mom with this infant. Yes she should not have been forced to do anything against her will but she failed to use better judgment and take her baby to a clinic instead of an ER. I think she is leaving a few things out, the whole thing sounds fishy. And she sounds like a racist.

  34. This lady actually blogged about her story on ‘ms wrights way . com / they called CPS because I birthed at home on my own’. She is such a racist, when it has nothing to do with race, but politics in a broken system.

  35. Birth As We Know It

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  36. So shocking not only that peoples get treated this way by states , but to read here many comments of all exesses , why peoples who genuinly care for there baby should be condemne ? , intolerance and ignorance !, vaccinated or not should be the right of the parents , how anyone could actually oblige a human to inject anything in there new born ? i actually beleive that high bourgeoisie do not do vaccines it is mainly for middle class and low social classes in view of tring to protect the high society against mass infections , now is it safe for you to be vaccinated ? unfortunately , it is unlikely when you look at the heavy metals composology

  37. If the police took custody and ordered the child moved, treatments, they are responsible for the in cured charges.

  38. This does not make sense. If there really is enough mercury in vaccine to kill a 400 pound man, all of the vaccinated children would be dead.

  39. Another story of a targeted family: This couple in NC made an EDUCATED decision to give birth at home, unassisted! A family member of the mother called CPS when learning of the home birth. Here’s dad’s educated response to the CPS worker and police at his door! Follow to say CPS did not stop trying to get their talons on this poor baby! They took the family to court, attempting to force a judge to make protective orders. Fortunately, the family hired a good attorney who actually did advocate for them! The case was thrown out of court and still CPS persisted in their attempts to “monitor” the family, insisting they had to see the infant in order to close the non-existent, NON LAWFUL case they attempted to open! GET educated, people. Educate others, especially new parents! Stand up for your rights and just say “NO”! It’s crucial that we all take a stand against this tyranny!

  40. i dont care about the money aspect or wheather those people are immigrants or not ..those people had perfectly healthy babies and the state wants to be sneaky and get fresh babies for infirtiles to adopt or paedophiles to abuse …how many babies are already taken ? stolen because the families did not have a solicitor or know how to get one ..doctors need shooting and they are not above the friggin law i hope those people who went through that ordeal sue the hospitals involved because ye can betch i would ..child trafficking is big in america and many other countries .Spain’s ‘stolen babies’ attempt to blow lid off scandal | Worl

  41. Here in the Netherlands its NORMAL to give birth at home. Only if you have a medical reason you can give birth in a hospital or you can pay for a room if you really want to give birth in a hospital. Otherwise you stay at home.

  42. People have home births all the time here in Ct, I know multiple people that chose that route. No one ever tried to take their babies! But I also don’t think any of them went to hospitals after, midwife examined mom and baby and next day baby went to see pediatrician… that’s just absurd, they’re violating these people’s rights. It is not against the law to have your baby at home

  43. When I was born at home, our local newspaper did an article. I’m a happy, healthy man about to celebrate my 36th birthday 🙂

  44. Vaccinations have risk, that is why people are required to sign forms indicating they understand the many risk involved. On the other hand, many people have not researched the statistics on having children at home, assisted by midwives. Doing a little research in this area would surprise many as the statistics show that home births, assisted by midwives have fewer risk than those of hospital births. There should not be any forcing of people to have their children at a certain location. The child birth process is a natural process and often the mother and child do better without all the intervention imposed by hospitals. Requiring mothers to give birth in a hospital is like attempting to require patients to live in a hospital IN CASE their heart stops, or IN CASE they have other complications with normal body functions. A woman should go to a hospital if problems arise…… but there should be no reason to go to one EXPECTING problems with a birth.

  45. Virginia Torres

    I’m old, but I was born at home. So was my brother. It’s all about money.

  46. I had my son at home by accident on April 28th. My labor was so fast and by the time my husband got there the baby was coming out. We called 911 and went to the hospital. The hospital called dcfs immediately. They were hoping to find drugs in the baby’s system, I think. They found nothing. When I got to the nursery to hold my baby, his nurse wouldn’t let me pick him up. I started crying because I hadn’t been able to hold my baby yet and it was hours after he was born. My nurse walked in and immediately picked him up and tried to hand him to me. That’s when his nurse freaked out and made my nurse put the baby down. The doctor came in and told me there was nothing wrong with him and it was ok to hold him, but the nurse still wouldn’t let me. I called in the nurse supervisor and demanded a different nurse. She was very obviously trying to keep me away from my baby.

  47. Funny, I could not find one shred of evidence this story is true. No mainstream websites, no record of this story, other than on alternative health websites. Seems extremely fishy. Not even any hits for Fatima Doumbouya either…story seems 100% fabricated to me. Use your head people…

  48. A few things about with this article. silver nitrate is no longer used for neonates, it is now erythromycin. Did the hospital hhey went to have a maternity unit or peds? That could have been the reason for transfer not forcing vaccines. If a parent tries to leave AMA and they have an “open” cps case the hospital staff has to go with cps until it is proven the child is not in danger. The testing was probably hearing screening and neeborn screen that is required by most states to test for certain childhood diseases that took the life of babies for many years like PKU. I was told to look at every story from 3 sides, in this case the parents, the hospital/dhhs, and the truth.

  49. I had my second baby at home. He was born full term and completely healthy. He was checked out by two of the midwives that delivered him (twice by one) and his pediatrician. At 36 hours old he started having breathing troubles. I took him straight to the hospital. We received great care but we’re then transferred to the main children’s hospital for fear of cardiac problems. Thankfully possible cardiac issues were ruled out.

    As soon as his heart was deemed good and they found out I had a him birth their attitude grossly changed. They stopped treating his breathing problems. When his pulse ox would go into the low 80s they would silence the alarms and never chart the desats. He was breathing 90-100 times per minute (normal for a newborn is 30-60), had retractions and nasal flaring but refused to bring in a doctor or pulmonologist to see him. I was told “that’s just how babies breathe. You just notice it more in the NICU.” As a pediatric RN, I can assure you that’s not true. They never once put him on oxygen and no doctor stepped foot in his room after the first 3 hours we were there. They lied to me about his lab values, gave him the wrong IV medication and tried to cover it up, purposefully did things to hurt my baby and tried to tell us we weren’t allowed to hold him at night.

    Even though they refused to evaluate or treat his breathing issues they still refused to let us go home for another FOUR days because his bilirubin levels were elevated. They were not at a dangerous level, it was nowhere near needing to be in a NICU and could have easily been managed at home with a bili-blanket or lights. We were unable to leave because you aren’t able to sign a baby out of the NICU AMA. We were stuck.

    Once they finally discharged him I took him to my pediatrician who took one look at him, put him on oxygen, sent him to another hospital for chest x-rays and sent us to a pulmonologist. Our lives are now full of tests and appointments that should have been taken care of in the hospital.

    My son is now ten weeks old, has been diagnosed with a few different things that contributed to his breathing troubles, is on meds and constant oxygen. Clearly, that’s not just now babies breathe! We fully believe we didn’t receive the appropriate medical care at the hospital because we chose a homebirth. Oh, and for the record, his breathing troubles have nothing to do with where he was born or how.

  50. This is terrifying as a mother. I have decided to have a home birth after the horrible experience I had during my first birth in a hospital. I wonder if she had a midwife with her.

  51. so, lemme get this straight…..a woman can go to planned parenthood and they can kill her child, yet she may not have a live one at home……sounds totally insane to me……

  52. Well in her blog she says she was giving birth on the toilet. If the child was born into the toilet i can see why the doctors all want to do all the testing. that can cause serious infections. Also since they delivered this baby on their own I can also see why docs want to just look things over since it was no professionals who clamped the cord or actually made sure it was done properly. Delivering at home is one thing (and im all for it) but not getting things checked up is another issue that i can totally see as neglect.

  53. I find the story strange. As another post stated, if the baby was okay, why was she going to the ER. The issue with home births is there can be complications. We are only being told what the family and article want us to know. The parents can return to Africa. The daughter is a citizen of the USA. We do not know if the parents are here legally. We do not know why they went to the ER which can not refuse medical treatment whether a person can pay or not. There is still a bill involved. There is a lot of good to say about vaccinations.

  54. I have read this story and there are many other websites with the story and some have more details. The mother is not from this country but her husband is. They took the baby to the ER due to having medicaid, something that many people do. As for having to take this baby to another hospital, I question the hospital in which they were already at. ANY ER doctor should be able to check out the health of a newborn. You do not need a neonate doctor for this. As for vaccines, it is not against the law in any state not to vaccinate your child. If you do not believe that this is morally right for you or your child, then NO state can interfere with your moral (religious) rights. As for Austim, people educated yourself,especially the person whom stated that Austim is a genetic birth defect. Reccent studies show that toxins play a much more significant role than genetics. Also, on February 28,2014, the CDC was caught hiding data showing that mercury is in vaccines.It is called thimersosal,a mercury containg preservative. It is in all vaccines including the flu vac. There is a gret book out that was written by a former pharmacist called, Vaccines A Shot In The Dark. You will be enlightened. I have 4 children,3 home births and 1 hospital(I had a total placenta preva).None of my children had vaccines and they all attended public schools,2 of them colleges and 1 even the military. Vaccines are a VERY scary thing, some can and do cause seizures,add,adhd,autism,heart problems and even death. Whereas, I believe it is a parents right to decide what is best for the child(ren), I believe that they should be FULLY informed of all risks!

  55. You do realize that there is absolutely nothing that backs up this woman’s claims. Nothing at all. If you take the time and research the woman you’d think that there would be a news story somewhere. A human interest piece something. After all she’s claiming the state took her child. But guess what there isn’t. Should cause major red flags to anyone with the tiniest amount of common sense.

  56. i had both of my kids at home

  57. That’s funny! This very anti-establishment web-site demands your personal information, before it will let you say a word. Why do you suppose that is? …

    It’s because the world is full of kooks, who want to spread their ill thought out, and possibly libelous rantings to the world (and possibly cause legal problems for this site). So, this site takes precautions. Well, the government has to take precautions to protect ALL its citizens (even the new born ones)! Thus the required check up. You may have some idea that you have the right to keep your child from potentially important medical attention (just because you [uneducated as you are in medicine] don’t think your child needs medical attention). The world is also full of people like you, and me, who think that just because we don’t know there is something medically wrong with our baby, there is nothing wrong.

    You are not likely to read on this web-site an article titled, “My baby looked perfect, but the required check up turned up a life threatened problem, that I would not have discovered until it was too late.” Or, some similar title. (And, you can be sure there are thousands of stories like that every year.)

    You do not have the moral, or legal right to put your baby in potential danger, because you have some cock-a-mamie idea about your “freedom”! Sorry. If you want to live that way, there are plenty of backward islands where you won’t be bothered by laws like that, nor by electricity, nor running water, by roads and highways, by ambulances, or anything like that. (Course your life expectancy will be, maybe 35, but hey, you will have as much “freedom” as you can stand!)

    Look, the society is organized to do the greatest good (that’s prenatal and postnatal care, vaccinations, police and fire protection, etc., etc.), for the greatest number (including new-borns). If you don’t like it, try to change the laws. Failing that, “You know where the door is at”.

  58. Alyssa Monsigneur

    Makes me proud yo be Canadian. Im from Ontario Canada and had a beautiful home birth. Two midwives attended, I got to choose what vaccines I wanted my son to have and they were more than happy explaining what the vaccines were for and more than happy not giving them if thats what I chose. My homebirth was safe, had everything I would need should things go wrong and it was all free, paid for by the government. During routine check ups the pediatrician always asks, are you wishing to give vaccines? If I say no the will tell me they have to talk about it and they explain the purpose of the vaccine again, if I stick with my answer they respect my wishes. Doctors in Canada treated me like the mama bear and ask anytime they want to look at my kids, they treated me like id bite their hand off of they tried to get close, lol!

  59. On January first 1985 I myself had a little girl (Michaela) at home. I had a mid-wife but she came up with the flu three days before. My mother was there which was a nurse at the time and my Aunt Thelma which at the time worked in a hospital with newborns and infants. I had everything needed for the birth even the sterile string for the umbilical cord. My husband actually delivered her my mom and Aunt coached him. We knew we had to take her to the hospital right after for the silver nitrate drops in her eyes. Michaela was the new year’s baby for our county but the hospital did not want to recognize it. One of our friends called the newspaper office and Michaela’s picture was in the paper as the new year’s baby for 1985. We received no gifts from the hospital which is given every year to the new year’s baby parents. While at the hospital everyone felt like outcast that is how we were treated from Dr.’s and nurses. Nobody tried to take her from us though. Today she is very healthy, married and has 2 children herself. Thank you for letting me share this story.

  60. AMA does sometimes mean American Medical Association. In this context, however, it does not. Signing out of a hospital AMA is signing out AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE. Shame on the editor for not pointing that out.

    Here’s a thought: don’t treat the ER like a doctor’s office. EMERGENCY departments are not designed for check-ups. They exist to handle medical emergencies – which means that the person might die without prompt treatment: heart attack, stroke, motor vehicle accident, gunshot wound, etc.

    If your baby needs a checkup, go see the baby’s doctor. Even better than a pediatrician is a family physician who will treat the entire family. And if you are an anti-vaxer, find an alternative medicine practitioner, because you’re going to disagree with MDs and DOs. Save everyone a lot of stress and find someone who has the same life philosophy that you do.

  61. This story is making its rounds. There is a lot in it that seems very wonky too me as a Pennsylvania midwife and someone with home birth experience, and with familiarity with CHOP. Firstly, if you had an unassisted home or any birth, why would you take healthy baby to the ER for a check up? You wouldn’t. You would only take sick baby to an ER. ERs don’t do well baby checks. Also, CHOP would not accept a transfer without due cause. There had to have been a clinical reason. CHOP regularly has home birth pts with real health issues without judgement. Also, we don’t use silver nitrate anymore. I think if any of this is true, the parents have misunderstood some medical issues.

    Also, I have worked in the Amish community for years. Amish often go to Mexico for medical treatment because it is cheaper and they self pay.

  62. It would be wise to take these parents’ reports with a grain of salt. After working for years with clients involved with Child Protective Services (CPS), I have found that people FREQUENTLY “don’t know” why CPS is involved in their families. Often times, the reasons have been discussed with them on multiple occasions, but the parents are either not in agreement with the reasons, have developmental/cognitive delays that prevent them from fully understanding, or are in denial. So, I can imagine it’s possible that there is a whole lot more going on in the situation that the parents are not reporting… and those issues may be what has led to the unusual and bizarre actions of police and hospitals in this story. Certainly confusing and upsetting for parents in this situation, but even moreso for readers or bystanders who don’t have the whole story.

  63. Something about this story is missing…first of all why is a healthy mom or baby in a hospital in the first place after a homebirth? Who uses the word “confiscate” in conjunction with babies?

    Going to a hospital as a natural parent means being prepared to do battle and knowing your rights, I know this couple were foreigners so they probably didn’t know the overreaching levels the medical establishment can reach here. Still, the facts just seem embellished or omitted.

  64. The monkey virus SV40 in the polio vaccines in the ’50’s could be to blame for my husband dying from cancer at age 51. It’s crap like this and the mercury in vaccines being linked to autism and not to mention brain damage and seizures within hours after getting a vaccine that is causing people to not trust vaccines.

    Both sides of the issue shouldn’t be getting so uptight about each other. The point IS, YOUR RIGHT to do what you feel is the best and healthiest for your child. If your child IS vaccinated, then don’t worry about those that aren’t! Quit telling others how to live! If you place so much faith in the stupid vaccine then it won’t matter if the other kid isn’t vaccinated! I’ve read the data that is out there so far, and arguments for and against vaccines. I’m sure that those who are against vaccines have read it too….that’s what made them come to the conclusion that they have. People who love their children don’t come to these decisions hastily…..they agonize over what to do and hope based on all that they learn, that they have made the best choice.

    Sometimes I wish that there were places that one could move to that agree with all of your beliefs, and everyone else could stay the hell away! Oh! We already had that once! It was called America, but then everyone else came here and started imposing their crap on us! So long freedom!

  65. I am pregnant with my 11th child. I have 10 healthy children, 8 of which we’re born at home. The only reason my 8th and 9th were born in hospital is because they were 7 weeks and 4 weeks early, but they had nothing wrong with them so we left after 48 hours. My last birth was a water birth at home and it was the shortest and easiest, only 5 hours. I am planning on having this one at home in water also. My first two kids had 3 sets of shots and my third had one set at 2 months old. But the day she got them I got a book from the library and read about vaccines and never got anymore for my children again. I homeschool all of them. The first three already graduated and the fourth will be graduating this year. My children rarely get sick or go to the doctor. I thank God they are healthy. I don’t condemn anyone for vaccinating their children. I just don’t because of what I read. As parents we have the right to choose what we give or don’t give to our children. This is America. It’s supposed to be a free country. But sadly our freedoms are getting taken away one by one.

  66. Very Frightening!

  67. Is it odd to anyone that you can legally kill your child from the womb at home, or otherwise, but can’t bring your child into the world at home?

    And we call it women’s rights.

    It’s because when a nation denies The Living God, they see everything upside down.

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