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Police Seizing Cash And Property From Citizens Without Charges

police forfeiture

Police in many parts of the United States are routinely seizing cash and valuables from citizens without arrest or trial. Worst of all, police officers in Texas and Virginia have actually been stopping motorists and seizing their cash.

Having a large amount of cash on you or in your car is now apparently a crime in some parts of the United States. Worse, laws set up to seize cash from drug dealers are being used to seize money from people stopped for minor traffic violations.

A disturbing article in The New Yorker magazine mentions several instances of police seizing cash from citizens. The cops used a legal doctrine called forfeiture to seize the cash. The frightening thing is that the cash and valuables can be taken without an arrest or even criminal charges. They can simply seize it on probable cause and in many cases that have nothing to do with drugs.

State and federal laws now authorize forfeiture for a wide variety of crimes, many of them quite minor. You can have property or cash seized for such offenses as cockfighting, drag racing, gambling, illegal fishing, and more. The most bothersome detail is that many police departments consider forfeiture money part of their budgets.

The Monroe, North Carolina, police department wants to use $44,000 in drug money to buy a drone to spy on local residents, New Yorker reporter Sarah Stillman noted. Stillman thinks the drone would be used to patrol local roads looking for more vehicles to seize.

Cash for Kids

Perhaps the worst case involved Jennifer Boatright and Ron Henderson, a couple from Houston. When the two drove from Houston to Henderson’s hometown on the Texas/Louisiana state line, they made the mistake of bringing all their savings in cash. They wanted to use the money to buy a used car.

The couple was pulled over by the local police in Tenaha, Texas. The officer, Barry Washington, searched the couple’s car and discovered the cash. Once he saw the cash, Washington took the two to the police station on the pretext that they were smuggling marijuana (there was none in the car).

At the police station, the local district attorney, Lynda K. Russell, told Henderson and Boatright that they faced charges of money laundering and child endangerment. The two would go to jail, and their children would be turned over to social workers. Then Russell made the couple an offer they couldn’t refuse; if they turned over all of their cash, they could stay out of jail and keep the children.

Bombshell New Book Reveals… How To Survive The Coming Martial Law In America

The two turned over the money in exchange for signing a waiver under which police would drop charges. There was no trial or hearing of any sort. Instead, police simply took the cash. The only way the couple could get the cash back was to hire a lawyer and sue the town.

If You Carry Cash, You’re a Target

Anybody who carries a large amount of cash, such as those trying to avoid tracking of financial transactions, are now a target for forfeiture. They include a man named James Morrow, who was pulled over in Tenaha for driving too close to the white line. Police took $3,900 in cash from him; Morrow was planning to use the money to pay for dental work.

Police accused Morrow of being a drug dealer and refused to let him call his bank to prove he had taken the money out. Police also seized Morrow’s car and phone, then told him to walk home. He had to walk to Walmart and borrow a phone from a stranger to call his mother for a ride.

Such actions don’t just happen in Texas. In Virginia, Victor Ramos Guzman, a church secretary, and his brother were pulled over by a state trooper. The two had $28,000 in cash on them. The cash had been collected from church members and was going to be used to buy property for the house of worship. The trooper seized the cash and reported the case to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). By reporting the Guzman brothers, who were legal residents of the United States, the Virginia state police could keep 80% of the cash under federal law.

Stillman’s article indicates that anybody carrying a large sum of cash or valuables such as gold can be a target for forfeiture. Worse, authorities could raid your house to get their hands on cash or gold kept there. Obviously preppers would be a major target for such operations.

The operations can be very profitable; authorities in Tenaha, Texas, seized $1.3 million from travelers in a six-month period. Most of the money was taken from drug smugglers who avoided jail by paying up, but a number of law abiding citizens got robbed as well.

Tenaha wasn’t even the worst example. In Caddo County, Oklahoma, a private company named Desert Snow LLC was hired to train a “drug interdiction task force.” The training consisted of Desert Snow employees stopping drivers and stealing up to 25% of their cash. In Hunt County, Texas, police officers received $26,000 a year bonuses from a forfeiture fund.

Policemen Turned into Tax Collectors

The worst aspect of forfeiture is that it turns police officers into tax collectors. The major role of police shifts from law enforcement and protecting the public to bringing in revenue.

Instead of catching criminals, police are on the lookout for those with cash so that they can seize it. They often target minorities, especially Hispanics, who often carry large amounts of cash and may not be legal citizens. Many of the victims are working people, who lose all or part of their life savings.

As more and more local governments around the country get cash strapped, expect forfeiture to get worse. Smaller communities, which depend heavily on sales and property tax for revenue, are more likely to use it.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

So what can you do to protect yourself and your family from forfeiture? The best advice is to limit the amount of cash that you carry. Don’t carry more than a few hundred dollars with you. Instead, keep the money in a bank and use ATMs to withdraw it when you want to make a purchase. Internet banks like Bank of Internet and Everbank let you make withdrawals for no fees.

Beyond that, don’t attract attention to yourself; make sure cash is well hidden and nobody suspects you have it. That way you can avoid the attention of the robbers with badges. Keep the cash and valuables well hidden and make sure nobody knows about them, particularly the police.

Hide Your Gold

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  1. A brief google search provided a bevy of info on Lynda K. Russell. She is on Facebook so you too can personally message her. She is most certainly an older “chunky monkey”. She also proudly displays an extremely gawdy pimpmobile on her FB wall. Worse than something that you would expect in Compton or Watts. You can take the trash out of the gutter however you can not remove the gutter from the trash.

    • Stacy said; “She is most certainly an older “chunky monkey”. She also proudly displays an extremely gawdy pimpmobile on her FB wall. Worse than something that you would expect in Compton or Watts.”

      So, because she is a “chunky monkey” and drives a “gawdy pimpmobile” she does not have rights? She also does not have any civil liberties? Stacy, you are THE problem with this country. Do the words life, liberty and pursuit of happiness mean nothing to you? Ever hear of the Constitution/BoR? What was her crime(s)? The only solace I take from your comment is this, you will more than likely take the mark of the beast and if not, based on your closed minded judgemental response, when the SHTF you will more than likely be one of the first to go. People like you have no place in Amerika anymore. Good riddance…..

      • Connor, you dumbass! Lynda was not the victim but the prosecuting attorney so learn reading comprehension and whose rights she violated. Lynda obviously knows nothing about the constitution. The question Js what are you already taking??

        • Oh crap, you are right Ken and I am most certainly wrong here. I apologize to Stacy, you, and the rest of the readers here. I should have followed my rule of thumb…read the article, allow my blood pressure to reset and then comment. My sincerest apologies again to Stacy and Ken, thank you for pointing out my mistake.

          • Regardless of innocence, or even lack of reading,,,, I don’t like attorneys!! Just a sense I get whenever they are around.
            The Col (ret)

      • sorry this is not how you spell my America. “Amerika” . Atleast in this comtext

      • and now she’s facing civil and federal charges. the city and county have hung her out to back in the tx heat!!!

    • This piss-ant little town has 1160 people! Surely this “police” department can be dealt with HARSHLY!!!!
      The Lord has saved SO many people from my wrath!

    • Fake story. I pee my parents all time….

  2. In almost every case of cash seizures, naïve people have agreed to a police officer’s request that they consent to a search of their car. Never, ever, do that. When a person refuses consent for an automobile search, in a few cases an officer will set the person and force a search of the car anyway, but it’s surprisingly rare.

    These videos show you the right way to handle police stops and refuse consent for a non-probable-cause search.

    • Vlad rhe impaler

      No don’t consent to search under any conditions. If they’d on’t have probable cause, you’ll win. If they do, you might still win.

      • Lumpy Rutherford

        You can only “win” after spending tens of thousands of dollars in legal expenses. Hate to say this, but problems like this will only get worse until enough crooked cops are killed in the line of “duty”. Their replacements might be a little more inclined to stay within constitutional boundaries…

    • i wish that were true. the dea stopped me getting off the plane today. said they were t.s.a. conducting a study to see if the t.s.a. was finding everything there supposed to when it comes to weapons and other items, so can i search your bag. i said i dont want to be part of a study and continued walking. then he whipped out his badge(mind you he was three feet from a uniformed cop) and says it wasnt a random stop as he shows me my mug shot from when i was arrested 8 years ago. it was for being over on my plant limit. i say no you cant search my bags without a warrant. now they detain me. i would have let them search me along time ago but now i know better. they say i have to sit there for 4 hours while they get a warrent or i can let them search. im already on the phone with my lawyer and tell him theres nothing illegal in the bag but i think there trying to take my money. he ays just remain silent and let them do what ever they order you to do. they bring in a drug dog who alerts them to my bag, yet there it no drugs and i havent smoked weed in years. they end up taking 14000 dollars from be and now i have to fight to get it back. its all legal money and can be proved but its going to cost a lawyer, travel expenses, ext and now me my wife and new born arent going to be able to afford to rent a house in cali which is what we have been saving for this hole time. they left me short of what i need for bills this month. might even lose the car if it comes down to formula and a car payment.

  3. HAHAHA,..DID you guys just figure out the POLICE GANGS are nothing but a pack of thieves and killers?probably not,they been robbing americans blind for 50 years I know of,YOU just drove by and said OH,look their busting the bikers,hahaha,NEVER THOUGHT THEY’D GET AROUND TO YOU DID YOU?..motorcycle people have been the victims of these criminals forever,NOW ITS YOUR TURN,hahahaha,I really hope they HAND CUFF YOUR WOMEN TO THE GUARD RAILS AND RAPE AND MURDER THEM,LIKE THEY DID US,…….CAUSE “NOW”.ITS YOUR TURN…..THE LORD,told you IF YOU DON’T HAVE A SWORD’ “SELL YOUR COAT,AND BUY ONE” you NEVER needed these criminals who call them selves police,all you needed was a 357, and there would be no crime,now your going to be in a WAR,they decided they’re just going to take EVERYTHING YOU OWN,and YOUR NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO STOP THEM,so when they come to your house,just give them your teenage daughter,maybe they’ll will go away and not kill you…..and your whole family……………

    • Lucille Rothstein

      Your attitude is as disgusting as these pigs, you are no different.

      • Darned bloodsuckers

        By saying that “Arizona”, whom you responded to with
        (Lucille Rothstein
        August 16, 2013 at 3:36 pm )
        ‘Your attitude is as disgusting as these pigs, you are no different.’
        I say that He is correct. When you had a chance to stand up for the druggees getting life in prison, families and lives destroyed over a couple joints, and you were smug and superior, saying that that some ppl had it coming for their long hair, tattoos or whatever social nonconformity you stood in disgust of, as he says, ” our women were cuffed to guardrails and raped/murdered”. ….oh, but wait.. That wasn’t shown on MSNBC. So it must just be a conspiricy story.
        …Damn your world is small.

    • Your 100% right they turned to scum bags back in the sixties.

    • Kind of have to agree,,,,, I have cops who are friends, but something bad is afoot, I don’t hope anyone is raped or killed, but if the govt ie police don’t act as a force for good, then they have sealed their own fate.
      The Col (ret)

      • Question Everything

        First of all, thank you for your service Col. Collins, I am in total agreement with you they have sealed their fate and so are these politicians in charge of making unconstitutional laws, with the complete destruction of the Bill of Rights!

    • Lumpy Rutherford

      So, Arizona, just how many times have the police raped and murdered you?

  4. This DA and these cops are a freaking disgrace. Useless trash violating their oath of office and every level of professionalism. They are just criminals. Boycott this county and the state of tennessee at all costs. No one should ever want to enter or spend one dime of money in a state like this. Texas is also becoming more fascist so I wouldn’t move to that state either, despite their gun laws since they are really starting to become a part of the “homeland” security apparatus. Not many free states left where the government is of, by, and for the people. Now it is the state against the people.

  5. I contacted, Greg Abbott, the current Texas Attorney General who is running for governor now and asked about what is being done to curtail the police from abusing citizens and he told me he could do nothing! The “Top Cop” can’t do anything. Being in a wheelchair he certainly cannot rape anyone! Well, fellow Texans, and citizens from around the country……what CAN we do? Frankly, I do NOT want him as the GOVERNOR of Texas. But then that title is used by the wealthiest in the state who instruct him what he can and cannot do! We must do something!

  6. People need to wake up to REALITY!

    99% of the time that a crime is committed, the police show up AFTER the crime has been committed…not much protection there!

    99% of the time, if the typical citizen has an interaction with a cop, it cost that citizen money…not much service there!

    Fundamentally, one can not SERVE you while they simultaneously POLICE you! Police have one job, to serve and protect the corporation that employs them >>> the STATE!

    Police officers services are employed by a corporation >>> the city, county or state that pays them. Furthermore, the actual department that they work for is a corporation. Check Dun & Bradstreet . c o m. They are a credit reporting agency for corporations. You will see that your PD is a corporation!

    What is the main goal of any corporation? To generate revenue/profit! How do they do that? By producing or manufacturing a product! Since the police do not produce or manufacture anything, how is it that they generate profits/revenue? >>> Off of the backs of the citizens that have been fooled in to believing that the police are provided to them for “SERVICE and PROTECTION”. If it was the job of police to protect you, then they could be sued whenever you were harmed, because they did not protect you.

    (Search: “Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone”)

    Furthermore, all profits generated by police off the backs of citizens does not go back to the citizens…it goes to the police employer, the STATE!

    People need to realize that the justice system is non-existent, for the most part. It is more apt to be called the “JUST US” system and it is really set up to work against the citizens, contrary to what people have been conditioned to believe.

    Let’s take a look at a something many do not like to acknowledge >>> REALITY

    – The police officer who writes you a ticket or arrest you – works for the STATE

    – The attorney that you hire – is Licensed by the STATE

    – The prosecutor who wants to put you in jail/prison – works for the STATE

    – The Judge who oversees the court proceedings – works for the STATE

    – The jail/prison that you go to – all employees there – work for the STATE

    – The probation/parole officer that you get assigned to – works for the STATE

    – All fines and fees that are assessed to you by the court – goes to the STATE

    See, the system is set up to benefit the STATE. If there were very few arrest, it would not be good for the “JUST US” system. It would not be good for the pay, career, pensions/retirement for the employees of the STATE. It is in their best interest to create/work in a POLICE STATE…the more arresting/jailing of the citizens, the more secure their jobs are.

    Sadly, most people still believe that the employees of the STATE are here to “SERVE & PROTECT” or represent we, the people. The REALITY of it is, they are not! Occasionally, just like the random winner at a casino, a citizen may get real justice in the “JUST US” system, but in REALITY, it is rare.

    Lastly, when you have some time, do some research on a corporation named CORRECTIONS CORPORATION of AMERICA.

    They are a publicly traded company that has been in business for 30+ years now. What they do is, negotiate contracts with states to run their prisons. The contracts will state that CCA will run the prison at a cost savings for the state and that the state will save millions of dollars…and they do! But, there is a caveat in most of the contracts (all of the contracts, from what I can tell) CCA will run the prison so long as the occupancy rate maintains a level above 90%! (that number may vary a couple % either way from state to state) If the occupancy level drops below 90% for a specific period of time, the state will run in to contract issues that cost them penalties i.e. $$$.

    Also, it is worth mentioning that most (if not all) police, prosecutor, judges, politicians and other state employees retirement/pension programs are heavily invested in CCA stock.

    With all of that said, I can not see why people admire, respect or even like the police. Whether they know it or not, clearly, they are the epitome of sheeps in wolf’s clothing and all of the POLICE STATE TYRANNY starts with them!

    The US has the highest per capita incarcerat­­­­­ion rate in the world – almost six times that of any Western nation and higher than any national police state. In addition, the US has the world’s largest prison population – with less than a quarter of China’s population­­ (over 1.3 Billion people), the US has almost twice as many prisoners­­­­.

    Ironically­­­­­, nowhere on Earth is a person more likely to go to prison, and stay there longer, than in the Land of the Free! Either the US is a nation of criminals or there’s something drasticall­­­­­y wrong with its criminal justice system.

    Here are several disturbing quotes from CCA…

    “We are compensated for operating and managing facilities at an inmate per diem rate based upon actual or minimum guaranteed occupancy levels.”

    – 2009 CCA Annual Report

    “Our industry benefits from significant economies of scale, resulting in lower operating costs per inmate as occupancy rates increase.”

    – CCA 2009 Annual Report

    “Historically, we have been successful in substantially filling our inventory of available beds and the beds that we have constructed. Filling these available beds would provide substantial growth in revenues, cash flow, and earnings per share.”

    – CCA 2010 Annual Report

    “We believe we have been successful in increasing the number of residents in our care and continue to pursue a number of initiatives intended to further increase our occupancy and revenue.”

    – CCA 2010 Annual Report

    “Any changes with respect to drugs and controlled substances or illegal immigration could affect the number of persons arrested, convicted, and sentenced, thereby potentially reducing demand for correctional facilities to house them.”

    – CCA 2010 Annual Report

    “Our primary business strategy is to provide quality corrections services, offer a compelling value, and increase occupancy and revenue, while maintaining our position as the leading owner, operator, and manager of privatized correctional and detention facilities.”

    – CCA 2011 Annual Report

    “We believe CCA has additional growth opportunities to expand our real estate portfolio by purchasing correctional and detention facilities from state governments.”

    – CCA 2012 Annual Letter to Shareholders

    “CCA is earmarking $250 million for purchasing and managing government-owned corrections facilities.”

    – A 2012 letter CCA sent to 48 states

    “Prison facilities consist primarily of concrete and steel and don’t require the level of capital improvements as many traditional real estate properties. Therefore, prison facilities typically have economic lives much longer than many traditional real estate properties.”

    – CCA 2013 Annual Letter to Shareholders

  7. Christopher Bowen

    Tax collectors, my left foot. These cops are thieves. This is armed robbery! If they try this with me I am prepared to lay down my life to stop them.

  8. I guess the Mafia are the amateurs here. Obviously the lawyers and police are the real professional thieves. Beware though. This is really Anarchy at work.
    What is good for the goose is often good for the gander.
    Once people in general realize this situation is going on no one will visit the state of Texas again!
    Police doing this risk the same anarchy in reverse. And it can happen.
    The South has always had a reputation for “good old boy” behavior. And as long as it is a small percentage of people doing it they get away with it. The southern MOB is still alive and well in the South.
    Then someone does it to someone with power and authority behind them. A VIP is robbed by mistake. Or someone high in the ranks of the Mob. Or a professional hitman . . . Or possibly a military man with rank and authority . . .
    That is when the S**t hits the fan. That is when a whole lot of people come tumbling down.
    The “law” is only as good as its appearance. Justice Oliver Wendel Holmes said it best. The law must have the “appearance” of being just. Or some such statement.
    Otherwise we are ruled by whomever has the physical means to change things. And that might be someone everyone might object to.
    Lawyers in congress started all this with their “war” on criminal elements. What they neglected to understand is just who is a “criminal element” and how do you apply law to one without effecting those that are honest and innocent of any wrong doing?
    The only real answer is to have these laws thrown off the books as unconstitutional. Then you need to go back and return all the money these “policemen” have stolen over the years. That will bankrupt quite a few community budgets.
    In many cases, a whole lot of “respectable” people are involved. Many of which need to go to jail.
    So I don’t see that happening in my lifetime. Do you?

  9. either you stand alone…one at a time…OR…Start to DEMAND a State Militia, as EDWIN VIEIRA LAYS OUT….THIS IS THE ONLY WAY to STOP tyranny…Texas would be a great place to begin….these are not private militia’s but legal state sponsored and have nothing to do with ‘national guard’….get in the face of your reps……..hurry up

    • Thank you Dan for offering an idea on how to solve this problem.

      Articles offer nothing but a view of the problems we face and this is OK in that it keeps the public informed. It also gives you written news reports that can be shared with others to educate them. However we need articles that offer solutions, success reports, details on how to beat the system and how to become the system.

      Such articles don’t appear. If people find out how to win, they seem to keep it a secret. We need solutions.

      The authors of the news should research and report solutions.

  10. Jesus called the Political Leadership, Religious Leadership & the Scribe Lawyers of His day Vipers & HE started over with 12 working men, fishermen, who He turned into Fishers of Men. And I believe it was the Apostle John who called out the False Prophet News Media. They are thrown into the great tribulation that they created & all who are helping them.

  11. I see this crap everyday on the news this country has really gone even further down into the pit than ever before. The cops think they are above the law and the politicians too. since there are so many cops out there taking what they want soon you will hear of politicians doing break ins and seizing campaign funds. lol

  12. Awkward phase – too early to work within the system; too early to shoot the bastards.

  13. Being retired, I don’t have a lot of money, so the most they could steal is my truck. A raid on my house would be very different. I would immediately open fire to defend myself. Excessive force, by anyone, will not be tolerated. A simple fact of life is, when you are older and don’t have that many years left, taking a scumbag with you lends new meaning to death.

  14. Imagine that you are on a jury that is hearing a multiple/murder case of “Joe Citizen” who is charged with walking into a police station, leaving behind a bomb in a briefcase that later detonates, killing the police chief and several of his officers.

    Joe Citizen gets up on the stand in his defense and readily admits that he is the man who blew up the police station. He also tells a story about a fateful day in which he planned to buy a used car for his daughter at an auction. He took 10K in cash out of his bank account, was driving down the highway to the auction, and was then pulled over. The cop searched his car and accused him of being a drug dealer after finding the cash. The cop then stole the cash.

    Joe Citizen then goes on to describe how he tried to get the cash back, and that a lawyer told him it would cost 50K to file a lawsuit and that Joe Blow would have to prove he was not a drug dealer. Well, at that point Joe Citizen kind of lost it because he didn’t have an extra $50K laying around with which to pay the lawyer. Joe Citizen got really outraged as he pondered the injustice of the situation, and decided to get his “justice” outside of the system — thus the bombing of the police station.

    Now that you have heard Joe Citizens explanation as to why he blew up the police station, it’s time for you to vote. Are you going to vote to convict him of murder? If I was on that jury, I would NOT vote to convict. Instead, I would deliver a statement that the dead police officers had forfeited their legal protections under the law, because they chose to act outside the law by committing armed roberies.

    I would also caution Joe Citizen him against blowing up police stations in the future, on the basis that there might be some innocent people (non-police officers) in the building.

    • I would do it different and would not blow up the police station. I would just find out who and where these crooked cops live and the do some shooting up.

      • Lumpy Rutherford

        Cops names will be a matter of public record. Intelius or similar .coms will provide you–for about $50–a background check, home addresses, and LOTS of other interesting information about anyone, if you know their name and home state…

  15. This will get worse when washington goes bankrupt!
    Money from the federal government will stop coming, or greatly reduced! They will try to get the lost revenue from somewhere else!
    I hope this practice is more the exception than the rule.
    There must be still be out thre some honest cops!!

  16. …keep the money in a bank and use ATMs to withdraw…
    are you for real? that’s exactly what big brother wants you to do. the cops take is petty cash compared to what TPTB make from forcing you to use their system

    • Exactly my thoughts. So, this article proposes that to protect yourself from thieving cops, keep your money with the thieving bankers! So, offthegridnews, how does one go,off the grid with such excellent advice as “keep your money in the bank”. Nice bait and switch, boot lickers.

  17. I’m glad I living in Indiana as I don’t think the Governors would put up with crooked law enforcement. The last Governor was a Republican as our new one is also. Most of these crooked cops are Democrats the same as their bosses. Things will only get worst as long as we have a crook in the White House.

    • Are you for real? Crooked cops and their bosses are Democrats? In TEXAS???? What have YOU been smoking. You are obviously one of the right-wing reactionary types who actually believe all the lies the right wing bankers and corporate bosses (who are REALLY causing our problems and stealing our freedoms) sell you via Faux News.

  18. Civil asset forfeiture perpetrated against innocent people who have committed no crime is the manifestation of a government devoid of justice and laws.

    All the gold in Fort Knox has been replaced with fake titanium-core counterfeits. The state of the nation, its economy, all the medicines, the moon landings, our laws, 9/11 and everything else is fake, warped by the Zionist Jew disease which infects the whole of mankind.

    Civil asset forfeiture is part of the last act of a dying government – it is a tool designed steal the wealth of the citizenry before the country’s final collapse.

    Read examples:

    Watch a video:

    • Gmo2Ashes, you flushed your credibility down the toilet with your “Zionist Jew Disease” comment. Shows you’re just a hater like those you criticize. TPTB may have some Jews in there with those who have no Jewish blood whatsoever, but they are followers of Satan, not Yahweh, the God of the Jews and of all mankind. Stop reading the Jew-haters’ websites. Real Jews are still God’s chosen people and he will redeem Israel and bless those that bless and pray for His people (and curse those who curse them). Be careful whom you curse!

      • FYI and benefit, the Jews are behind the very federal legislation which has enabled this seizure of cash and property from Americans. Your apology for their crimes against America and the world only empowers them further. Get a clue.

  19. It’s bribery

  20. This cash keeps u outta headlines lol

  21. Americans deserve everything rotten that happens to them.

    • That track isn’t a one way street. The thugs could easily be met with superior force, after all, the supreme authority resides with the citizens, not the beauracracies.

  22. When the SHTF liquidate all PIGS or they will form into roaming gangs of murdering rapists thieves, just like they did in my homeland in 1939.

  23. Why do people just simply hand over their property without protest. Since these seizures are based on civil law, the police cannot use force to seize anyone`s property. The proper response to any seizure would be to cite the Fourth and Fifth Amendments and refuse to hand over any property. If they use violence, that would be grounds for a very huge civil suit and possible criminal charges against police.

    • In law and theory you are completely correct.
      The reality is these same people are not above shooting someone dead. Then claim that they had no choice in the matter. Sound familiar? It should because it has all ready happened and is documented all over the internet.
      The survival thing is to survive long enough to get to a court room and a good lawyer.
      The problem is the courts on a local level want to support the illegal activities of the police.
      Beware of anarchy. It works both ways.
      That same thug stealing from you can and will be destroyed somewhere down the road.
      Those that live by the sword will die by the sword. It has happened before in our history.
      These same police are afraid of cell phones because those phones often tell tales.
      Attempts are made to make video of a police action illegal. That is why.
      It often documents them doing things that a court of law should consider illegal!
      First go after the courts, then after these thugs.

  24. Cops are FAR worse than any criminals they supposedly protect against. Just SAY NO when politicians want to put more PIGS on the streets.

  25. None of your Business

    Protect yourself by putting your money in a bank?????!!! Are you nuts?! Banks will steal it from you and blame you for it.

    No, the best way to protect yourself is to carry concealed, without a permission slip from our servants in Washington, and use it on any armed robber who assaults you regardless of their outfit.

  26. Yuup. keeping voting in lying crooks and this is what you will keep getting. Maybe some day Americans will stand up and say we have had enough, round ALL of them up and put them ALL in prison for life for treason to the country and people. They have broken their oaths to uphold the laws and protect its citizens. That is treason!

  27. They’re seizing the Money under Drug Forfeiture Laws. They;re using those Laws for an excuse to steal.

  28. I’m not saying this will happen, but IF a SHTF scenario happens and citizens revolt against the Nazi-style thugs who rule us, I wouldn’t want to be wearing a police uniform or be a known policeman.

  29. I’m going true a similar situation ,but in my case even after wining the cop that was involve still stole my $$$ even after the fact that I prove it was my ssi money.every time I talk to a lawyer and I mention the cops name (gibzon) son-inlaw of the Philadelphia mayor yes the Philadelphia mayor they get scare and don’t want to represent it because I have a record,or because his the Philadelphia mayor son-inlaw?? I need sum help pls..

    • <<<I’m going true a similar situation ,but in my case even after wining the cop that was involve still stole my $$$ even after the fact that I prove it was my ssi money.every time I talk to a lawyer and I mention the cops name (gibzon) son-inlaw of the Philadelphia mayor yes the Philadelphia mayor they get scare and don’t want to represent it because I have a record,or because his the Philadelphia mayor son-inlaw?? I need sum help pls..

      It's against federal law for them to confiscate ssi money. Sic the federal government on them. Report them to the social security office. report them to some of the other relevant federal. agencies also.

  30. Never consent to a search. Never. Just call your lawyer or legal adviser and wait for the officer to move on.

  31. Obviously the answer is to not carry large sums of
    cash in your automobile when traveling in states known for this kind of behaviour. What’s wrong with keeping it in the bank. Never consent to a search of your vehicle , they need a warrant and to get a warrant they have to convince a judge that their so called reasonable suspicions are justified.
    Your not being difficult or uncooperative by refusing a search. The old back up many of them use is ( well if you have nothing to hide and
    we will detain you until we get a warrant, that’s fine, stand by your rights.

  32. Cops are the new terrorists.Fight back always.Never answer a cops questions.If you do, you can be robbed by them.”how much money do you have?” That’s my business!

  33. Hey, these are the men who escaped from jail and took police uniforms! These are criminals who have police unforms. The cops are in jail. They are not cops!

  34. If a person is busted with 1/4 of weed and over 400, 000 is that a state or federal case?

  35. Remember the United States is the greatest nation and the reason is everyone is aware of misconduct no matter who it involves.I think it is criminal not to give seniors an increase under the pretense that gas is cheap.If the gas price is truly legit why is food,rent, and the cost of everything up 10 to20 percent?The basturd credit card companies already are raising rates again thinking the fef is raising rates.Lets get this straight, 26 percent to borrow money, 0.5 percent on savings.Tell the credit card companies to stick their cards up their ass and lets try to get a new place to keep our money.If you think your finances aren’t rigged then why is your paycheck deposited into a bank,a place mind you that wouldn’t help you with any problem you have.A great way that the basturd can charge you fees thanks to our government.Hopefully, someday we will get a Congress and administration that isn’t owned by special interests.But remember,we are the best as long as we remain aware of what is really going on.

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