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Is Free Thinking A Mental Illness?

Is nonconformity and freethinking a mental illness?  According to the newest edition of the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), it certainly is.  The manual identifies a new mental illness called “oppositional defiant disorder” or ODD.  Defined as an “ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior,” symptoms include questioning authority, negativity, defiance, argumentativeness, and being easily annoyed.

The DSM-IV is the manual used by psychiatrists to diagnose mental illnesses and, with each new edition, there are scores of new mental illnesses.  Are we becoming sicker?  Is it getting harder to be mentally healthy?  Authors of the DSM-IV say that it’s because they’re better able to identify these illnesses today.  Critics charge that it’s because they have too much time on their hands.

New mental illnesses identified by the DSM-IV include arrogance, narcissism, above-average creativity, cynicism, and antisocial behavior.  In the past, these were called “personality traits,” but now they’re diseases.

And there are treatments available.

All of this is a symptom of our over-diagnosing and overmedicating culture.  In the last 50 years, the DSM-IV has gone from 130 to 357 mental illnesses.  A majority of these illnesses afflict children.  Although the manual is an important diagnostic tool for the psychiatric industry, it has also been responsible for social changes.  The rise in ADD, bipolar disorder, and depression in children has been largely because of the manual’s identifying certain behaviors as symptoms.  A Washington Post article observed that, if Mozart were born today, he would be diagnosed with ADD and “medicated into barren normality.”

According to the DSM-IV, the diagnosis guidelines for identifying oppositional defiant disorder are for children, but adults can just as easily suffer from the disease.  This should give any freethinking American reason for worry.

The Soviet Union used new “mental illnesses” for political repression.  People who didn’t accept the beliefs of the Communist Party developed a new type of schizophrenia.  They suffered from the delusion of believing communism was wrong.  They were isolated, forcefully medicated, and put through repressive “therapy” to bring them back to sanity.

When the last edition of the DSM-IV was published, identifying the symptoms of various mental illnesses in children, there was a jump in the diagnosis and medication of children.  Some states have laws that allow protective agencies to forcibly medicate, and even make it a punishable crime to withhold medication.  This paints a chilling picture for those of us who are nonconformists.

Although the authors of the manual claim no ulterior motives but simply better diagnostic practices, the labeling of freethinking and nonconformity as mental illnesses has a lot of potential for abuse.  It can easily become a weapon in the arsenal of a repressive state.

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  1. So narcissism is now a disease instead of a personality trait….does that mean they are going to study oblahma???? Sure hope so, someone needs to!

    • TruthWonderBeauty

      I’m confused, the headline of this story seems very inaccurate. A simple control-f search for “free” proves this. Where in the DSM manual does it cite free thinking as a mental illness?

      • Questioning authority usually requires free thinking.

        • Psychiatry was an implement of the Nazi system. Psychiatrists were used to create the normalisation of the hatred of the Jews…. Stanley Milgrams studies can be rather enlightening here…

          Psychiatry is only interested in outward behaviour. It has little interest in first-hand experience. Or differences between people. It fails to identify itself when it has failed. It fails to take responsibility for the effect of it’s failure, that of leaving people in a permanent self-judgement cycle. You don’t need tardive dysphoria when psychiatry is perfectly capable of producing the same effect.

          • This is bollocks,

            ODD has really specific and destructive symptoms and is sometimes mistaken for ADHD, its not like this article suggests,

            symptoms include:

            1. hostile and aggressive behavior, deliberate agitation of others, blames others for own faults. (negative hostile behavior)
            2. behaviour causes SIGNIFICANT social, academic, or occupational impairment
            3. is not related to another condition such as psychosis
            4. patient is an adult

            non of which mention free thinking or conformity so this article is absoulute bullshit

            P Holmes Bsc psychology

          • I’m no fan of the Nazis, many relatives of mine were killed during the Shoah, but they also built an efficient highway system – which served as the model for the US’s interstates, greatly advanced rocket technology – helping pave the way for the space age. Should those be rejected as well?

          • Funny how according to “S”, the German National Socialists of WWII created psychiatry in order to better manipulate people, but 80 years later, The Jews now have majority shares in American media which is a more effective strategy for manipulating people.

      • Lol, best comment by TruthWonderBeauty. Yes if people only WOULD try to read articles properly and then maybe, but that is asking for a lot, get another opinion on the matter. But instead they like to jump on a band wagon and toot in the same horn without flicking the switch of their own brain.

        • So tell us if you switched on your brain. Cause to me, if you define a word by itself it’s a tautology. For instance searching for free in the definition of free is quite stupid isn’t it?

      • This is bollocks,

        ODD has really specific and destructive symptoms and is sometimes mistaken for ADHD, its not like this article suggests,

        symptoms include:

        1. hostile and aggressive behavior, deliberate agitation of others, blames others for own faults. (negative hostile behavior)
        2. behaviour causes SIGNIFICANT social, academic, or occupational impairment
        3. is not related to another condition such as psychosis
        4. patient is an adult

        non of which mention free thinking or conformity so this article is absoulute bullshit

        P Holmes Bsc psychology

        • Agreed. This bullshit is fear-mongering at its worst. The author has either failed to do basic research or actively worked towards misinforming his readers.

          A full list of symptoms are available here:

          • To Dogger55:

            Thank you for the link. However, after reviewing the definition of ODD, I believe that you are in error. I do not think that the author of this article is fear-mongering at all. I think that the author has pretty much portrayed the matter correctly.

            To pat:

            I believe that your post is bollocks. After reading the actual definition, as provided by Dogger55’s helpful link, I believe that you are the one who has misrepresented the definition of ODD and that the author has reported on it correctly.

            For instance, you have added the word “aggressive” to the list of symptoms, whereas the actual definition notes that verbal aggression *can* sometime be present and that physical aggression is usually not. As a further example, you state that the patient is a adult. The actual definition clearly states that ODD is a childhood disorder.

            Your post includes other distortions as well. However, my two examples should suffice to show that your post is the one that is indeed bollocks.

        • Looks like we have to diagnose some people here with ODD, and hop them up on drugs…

        • Aliceann Carlton

          Well said. The article is absolutely misleading, incorrect and, frankly, fear mongering and moronic. I would never diagnose a
          nonconformist” child or adult as ODD or mentally ill. I would celebrate their innovative and remarkable way of seeing the world as fresh air in a weary world. Aliceann Carlton, LCPC (x30 years).

      • This is reflective of the same kind of propaganda style used on the Right by Fox News. This article reflects massive ignorance and true bad faith among those who try to influence other with such incorrect notions.

        Oppositional Defiant Disorder is associated with children who perpetually refuse to be cooperative. It is not coded in the old DSM IV or DSM IV-TR as being among adult behavior. However, it is sometimes associated with passive-aggressive behavior in later life.

      • My free thinking autistic son was given an IQ test as part of the diagnostic process. An example [typical] question: “What is missing from this picture?”
        The picture was that of a door with one hinge missing.
        His [typical] answer: “A man to go in and out.”
        His diagnosis – Retarded.
        The only thing “retarded” about this was the IQ test itself [the one most commonly used with children in the USA to determine “intelligence”].
        The DSM IV now allows children with very mild developmental disability to be placed on the “autistic spectrum”. SHAME on the APA.

    • This is such BS! Freethinking is NOT a mental illness. And since when is over creativity a disease? The problem with psychiatry and pychology is “generalization.” They want everyone to fit into a category..or box, and therefore be understood. Analizable..diagnosable..maliable…sheep. God forbid that someone disagrees or thinks “outside the box” because they get labeled with ODD. What a crock! I took 3 years of psychology in college and had many arguements with professors over this same issue. People are puzzle pieces..but they do NOT have to all fit the same puzzle. I dropped pyschology because I disagreed with the over-generalization and over though you’re not considered a human unless you have a psychological disorder. You either “fit in” or you are not socially acceptable! I personnally think they are becoming the sheep. Get a life! The DSM-IV (which is updated at rediculously fast intervals-what’s up? Cant make up your minds? No free thinkers out there?) It is not the difinative answer to or for everyone.
      You can go crazy wondering if you’re crazy, so why not enjoy whatever you are and live life your way! Psychiatry is just another word for politics. We don’t need either telling us how to think.

      • And wow..I was so mad I didn’t spell half of that correct…sorry peeps…wonder what kind of mental illness I will be labeled with for that?

      • I’d say that strectching these various character traits in to a mental-illness is a huge exercisement of “free-thinking”. Another gross example of “do as I say, not as I do”! But, I will warn you, if you didn’t know already, that this is a very popular “tool” of the Black Robe Cult/Courts as it is. Dont “understand” the “law”? Mental evaluation…. Argue against their jurisdiction? Opps! You need a mental evaluation. Believe that the Creator is the source of your rights, and dont consent to their supposed “authority” over you? Well, your definitely in need of a good ‘ol mental evaluation. I’ve seen it done over and over. And the time is soon at hand that something of this nature will be a requirement of graduating the Public Fool system, etc.. Mark my words

      • I feel that psychiatry is going out of hand and it is becoming a real industry for thos ein the business. people have to speak up about over diagnising of these diseases.
        I think some of the psychiatrists themselves are mentally unwell and have personalit ydisorders, feel entitled and are unconscionable in their actions for their greedy pockets.

      • I call bullshit. It was the DSM-V that was released this year, the DSM-IV was released over ten years ago (I think it was actually much earlier than that but that’s my safe estimate), so it’s not as though they release new ones all the time. this article sounds stupid when it refers to the DSM as the DSM-IV

      • Man has always found ways to put other men into categories in vain attempt to control them. It will work for a season, but in the end, it cannot break the God-given desire most of us have to be free.

      • It is bullshit !!! And it is a way to control people regardless of whether they carry a gun or NOT. If this is the way the Mental Health industry is going I will NOT refer anyone to get help from such controlling industries unless I have first hand knowledge of their approach…..

      • I agree.. Free thinking itself isn’t what causes mental illness. Its the process of trying to break outside the single mould that society has created for us to try to conform to and trying to be original ends up taking us further away from ourselves. What it does is it falsifies us, confuses us about the world around us, in turn causes more conflict in us as well as the world around us, and ultimately drives us insane in the membrane. Haha

      • 1) Where in the DSM does it say freethinking would be a mental disorder? Not in ODD
        2) DSM has a body of solid research behind it and yet sometimes there are diagnostic groups, which are just crappy, I frankly read ODD as being one of them. These criteria are from Wikipedia, but fill in you people with DSM in your bookshelves:
        – Actively refuses to comply with majority’s requests or consensus-supported rules.[6]
        – Performs actions deliberately to annoy others.[6]
        – Angry and resentful of others.[5]
        – Argues often.[5]
        – Blames others for their own mistakes.[7]
        – Frequently loses temper.[7]
        – Spiteful or seeks revenge.[7]
        – Touchy or easily annoyed.[7]
        …sorry but this fits an average woman and my grumpy neighbour once a month and several people I know over their lifetimes..mental illness…seriously? Some people are just difficult, what makes it a mental illness as opposed to just being a dick?
        3) People claiming that it is “now” declared a mental illness…was it not in DSM already in 1980? Oppositional defiant disorder was first defined in the DSM-III (1980), was it not?

    • Narcissism was already a disorder you moron….and if any of our past Presidents fits the description it was Bush jr.

    • you reich-wing, teabag nutters are always looking for a conspiracy where none exists to demonize President Obama instead of getting of your fat lazy backsides and doing anything FOR the United States. How predictable and, ironically, mentally ill and deficient

      • Even funnier – the NIH has actually washed its hands of the DSM-V, refusing to fund any research using it as any sort of guideline/baseline in their metrics.

        So much for the big evil conspiracy.

    • This article is written from a non conformists point of view. The reality is anyone who reads a DSM book will feel that they meet the criteria for many mental illnesses if they look hard enough and generalize their behavior. For example, I frequently talk to myself, have odd thoughts, and my mood changes frequently but I am not schizophrenic. Minimizing a mental illness like this is a slap in the face to those who have to deal with the real deal mental illness. I am the parent of a child with ODD. I am also a very free thinker. This is not free thinking like Ron Paul is a free thinker or a homesteading hippy is a free thinker. This is breaking rules just to break them, even if it puts you in danger. This is arguing just to argue. This is extreme mood swings and an inability to understand how to cope with society to an extreme that makes it nearly impossible to make friends, attend school, or hold a job. This is manipulating everyone around you and having explosive behaviors because someone asked you to empty the dishwasher. This is not a jump to medicate children, as there is no medication to treat ODD. NONE. I hate pills, go herbal all the time, use honey instead of cough syrup but wish there was a little pill to help my son, and there isn’t.

    • This Andrew guy has absolutely ZERO clue what he’s talking about.

      – The “latest” version of the DSM is V, not IV. DSM-IV was released in 1994.

      – Oppositional Defiant Disorder is not new, it was first identified as a behavioral disorder in 1980 (DSM-III).

      – The threshold of an ODD diagnosis requires that the child (yes, it’s a childhood disorder, not an adult one) exhibit “a persistent pattern of angry and irritable mood along with vindictive behavior” – for at least a six month duration. For those who don’t know what “vindictive” means, it’s an irrational desire for revenge – generally based on an equally irrational view of self as a victim.

      I’m pretty appalled at this website for even allowing you to post such utter nonsense. Suffice to say I won’t be trying to get any real news from OffTheGridNews any time soon, if this is the sort of rabble-rousing tripe they publish.

  2. Just another way to diagnose us for not being fit to carry a gun. Also, I had a friend in New Jersey that this happened to. He was professing Christianity and they strapped him down, forcibly medicated him, and now he’s screwed up. Watch your back folks.

    • who did this to your friend!?!?!

      • The NORMALS! However the exact number of those ¨normals” is a highly guarded secret being a fraction of a percent of the total population who are all abnormal in some way or another…and waiting to be normalized by the fraction of normals in existence.

        Psychiatry is the fourth largest specialty in the United States. Since 1970, psychiatry has grown 86.7%, while child psychiatry has grown 194.6%. However, psychiatrists are distributed unequally across the country, are working fewer hours than in the past, and less of their time is spent in direct patient care activities.
        There has been a long-standing and ongoing debate
        about how many physicians, in general, and
        psychiatrists, specifically, we need in the United
        States . Several models have been proposed to
        determine what this need may be. However,
        there are many complicating factors in developing
        models of physician (and psychiatrist) supply and
        demand. First, determining the medical need for psychiatrists
        might be useful in the abstract but is not
        practical. This is because the medical need is likely to
        be far greater than the supply of psychiatrists that can
        be supported in the economic and health care environment.
        Economic factors must be considered in any
        model of psychiatrist supply and demand. Additionally,
        mental health needs of the public are met by physicians
        other than psychiatrists and by other mental
        health professionals.

        Psychiatry has risen to such a science and art form that they can not be sued for malpractice except for the possibly exception of sexually molesting their patients which is generally settled out of court or by the doctor leaving the county to practice his profession somewhere else…or by him(for the vast extent) committing suicide.

        NOTABLE FACTS: There has never been a confirmed case in the entire history of psychiatry of an unnecessary lobotomy being performed or of series after series after series after series of shock treatments being performed unnecessarily on a patient at $10,000 per series because having an insurance company give half of that kind of money to the depressed by impoverishment…would not cheer them up better than having their brains electrocuted. Nor, it has been conclusively been found, would giving those below the poverty level half the money that antidepressants cost be an effective way of making psychiatrists feel better either. And the fact that every modern industrial country spends more on making one bullet for their army to kill a member of the human race than they do on a daily food allotment for the hopelessly institutionalized in the Bastille’s that impregnate this planet…has found to be irrelevant as well in the treatment of the sad and unhappy. However on a happy note the psychiatrist who treated Andrea Yates is still practicing the art of psychiatry and is writing a best selling book about everything he did right and everything that Andrea did wrong…by not having a break through during her treatment..

        • Hey, dont stress, Brother. I’m sure some therapist will be able to prescribe some electro- shock therapy and mind altering “medication” to alleviate your feelings of anger and resentment towards their “proffession”

  3. imagine them having this 230yrs ago there would be no usa as all the revolutionaries and founders would have been forcibly medicated this will be a way for them to keep us from owning guns
    i wonder how long before like germany they start forceably medicating protestors

    • You are right, the US and a lot of other countries would still be colonies.

      The information about Germany is wrong. I am from Germany and we are allowed to think free, protest and refuse medication. We are a democratic country.

      • did hitler not forceably medicate those who opposed his views i/e the parents that didnt want their children attending his new schools along with taking them away from their parents after fineing them for non compliance

        • Hitler and Dr. Mengele died a while back, the way you wrote makes it look like it is still going on. Even back then we had rebellious people, (which in this article are mentally ill) that fought the system and were killed. So, I think a lot of people would rather be mentally ill then some of the alternatives.

          • my only perception was meant that history no matter in what country should repeat itself as we already know the outcome of allowing this to happen for example repeating dr mengeles experiments in which he tried to cross breed humans and apes to come up with a super soldier i/e we know how these turned out n it wasnt good so lets not repeat them

      • I am from Germany, too… Have you ever tried questioning the theory of manmade climate change in Germany? You will be compared to Holocaust deniers. Google “Petition der Bundesregierung zu Leugnung des Klimawandels” — a petition by politicians to criminalize people who do not believe in AWG.

        And as for the Holocaust, there are so many lies surrounding this topic, but if you dare think for yourself, and question just details of the “official” version, you may end up in prison. There is no such thing as freedom of speech in Germany, and also no right to think for yourself.

        • LOL hilariously ironic that you whine about climate change denial being equated with Holocaust denial and you are a denier of both!!!

    • Maybe rdnkrfnk and Maya could consider an alternative historical perspective. For instance if the terrorist insurgency started in 1776 had failed – remember if Washington had not escaped after his early initial failures, neither Spain nor France would have intervened to support the rebellion and so the insurgency would probably have been contained. Remember also the rebellion, though today represented as a popular uprising, was supported by less than half of the colonist population. The consequences would have been that what is now the United States of America would have had a very different history but not necessarily worse. It certainly would not, as Maya claims, still be a colony any more than Canada, Australia or New Zealand are still colonies.

      • perhaps if they had tried to medicate washington the reason i used that particular bit of history was the fact that people were being medicated to comply with others beliefs and ideology

  4. Oh, really? How exactly does this list of symptoms add up to freethinking?

    Actively does not follow adults’ requests
    Angry and resentful of others
    Argues with adults
    Blames others for own mistakes
    Has few or no friends or has lost friends
    Is in constant trouble in school
    Loses temper
    Spiteful or seeks revenge
    Touchy or easily annoyed


    I am a freethinker, and many of the other freethinkers I know are the friendliest, kindest, most cooperative people on earth.

    Here’s my cheap shot. ODD may be new in the DSM, but I think the diagnosis for people who imagine vast conspiracies aimed at them has been in there a lot longer. 🙂

    Cheers, MetaEd

    • You are right MetaEd,

      I know of ODD and have seen people with traits of this condition (mostly in children), but would strongly argue against the idea that the ‘free thinking’ part is an illness. That is a gross and inaccurate generalization by the writer of the article.

    • I remember going to an extremely repressive Catholic school when I was young. When an elderly neighbor explained to me when I was in 1st grade that there were other languages to be learned besides English and that you have your best chance to learn them when you were young I managed to have it put to a democratic vote in the class whether or not we wanted one or more to also taught to us in addition to English. I was a good leader at the time and managed to it passed virtually unanimously against the wishes of the nun in charge of the class who then took me to the Mother Superior to receive a good beating for being a ¨trouble maker¨. I retaliated by withdrawing and not asking questions until I got in trouble for that as well and then began only asking intelligent questions I knew the answer to…rather than those stupid questions we are all prone to asking which we don’t know the answer to. I deliberately loss some friends because they did not continue my rebellion when I felt forced, in order to avoid a repeat beating, by having my own intelligence debased by becoming a tool of the oppressive nun who began using my fear to bring the rest of the class more in line with what ever crap she had been spoon fed and was now feeding all of us. So then I also deliberately began faining slowness and answering questions wrong on tests so I would not stand out at all.

      By 3rd grade under the regime of a far more repressive nun no one was asking any questions, everyone periodically would blame others for their mistakes, occasionally we would help each other cheat but more often than not everyone would tattle on each other to be rewarded in one way or another for the betrayal. I remember one girl in particular who sat behind me always reeked of urine, was always in trouble and was forever stealing and never had lunch money and most certainly, I am convinced in hindsight, was being molested and abused.

      No government follows my request to disarm in a world where weapons of annihilation are taken care of better than 90% of the bottom human race. So I am angry and restful even of the beauty of the sunrise for coming up on a world where the ¨normals¨ have killed a billion or more in the last century and with no end in sight to the misery. I have lost my temper so much at the ¨sanity” I don´t even know where it is to lose anymore. I have very few friends although the ones i do have feel as I do. I continued to be in trouble constantly both in school and out of school for writing seditious poetry that was used mostly for burning along with the musical composition which the third grade nun had me throw out…no doubt to teach me a lesson I have long since forgotten.

      I could of course go on and on and on…just about my life but multiply that by a hundred million million children on the planet who have had their childhoods and lives raped by the world oligarchy and you ought to see how much faith we put in the new state sanctioned religion of psychiatry…which has a history of giving lobotomies from everyone from the early suffragettes to gays to the deaf to the mentally challenged to so many others. And while I know there are a few psychiatrists who try, but I would have to say unsuccessfully for the most part, to be exceptional…the vast number of them are a tool for maintaining the status quo and blaming an army of the born in poverty as genetic chemical imbalances for surviving gang rapes and worse in reformatories and then come out as the walking dead after their rehabilitation…to rape and kill.

      • Sorry about having the wrong facts. Women were given the vote in 1915(after some of them were charged with treason because it was a time of war and forced fed during their hunger strikes like slaves also were). But none of them were given a lobotomy because lobotomies as an ¨enlightened¨ treatment didn´t come into effect until 1935. Maybe like others have wondered here I was just wondering out loud what they would have done had psychiatry had such radical tool to deal with those who question authority in the early 1900´s. But most lobotomy procedures were done in the United States, where approximately 40,000 persons were lobotomized. In Great Britain, 17,000 lobotomies were performed, and the three Nordic countries of Finland, Norway and Sweden had a combined figure of approximately 9,300 lobotomies. Scandinavian hospitals lobotomized 2.5 times as many people per capita as hospitals in the US. Sweden lobotomized at least 4,500 people between 1944 and 1966, mainly women. This figure includes young children. In Norway there were 2,500 known lobotomies. And that is an absolutely terrific track record to fall back on…that the infailable and modern day doctors of the mind have to fall back on.

        So obviously W,C. Fileds didn´t know what he was missing when he said, ¨I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.¨

    • you are a self proclaimed free thinker, which is definitely different of being a free thinker whatever the meaning. You talk about free thinking but it seems there is a “normal behaving” for free thinking… ouch, that means behaviors can’t be thought?

      “Actively does not follow adults’ requests”

      how is it a illness and how a collection of arbitrary symptoms are an illness?

      “Angry and resentful of others”

      how is it a illness and how a collection of arbitrary symptoms are an illness?

      “Argues with adults”
      how is it a illness and how a collection of arbitrary symptoms are an illness?

      “Blames others for own mistakes”

      How do you define the responsibility of anybody’s mistake. Believers think all happens because of god’s willing, but everything is their mistake. I guess this should be characterized in the DSMIV as well.
      Even if you could clearly state it’s a permanent trait:
      how is it a illness and how a collection of arbitrary symptoms are an illness?

      “Has few or no friends or has lost friends”

      how is it a illness and how a collection of arbitrary symptoms are an illness?

      “Is in constant trouble in school”

      how is it a illness and how a collection of arbitrary symptoms are an illness?

      Maybe you should change your education cause a lack of education can cause the very same effects.

      “Loses temper”
      it’s about fine tuning isn’t it?

      “Spiteful or seeks revenge”
      Is it always not justified? I knew people who suffered so much in their childhood but never blame their parents. I think it’s a trait of a free human being. Let’s talk about free behaviors instead of free thinking if you prefer.

      Touchy or easily annoyed
      how is it a illness and how a collection of arbitrary symptoms are an illness?

      The problem is not about a conspiracy, the problem is about a so called science based only on the law of majority, it’s about lynching, the milgrom experiment, and how normality is not a synonym of healthy mind.

  5. I went back to school as mature adult and had some trouble juggling responsibilities. I was diagnosed by a pill pusher as having severe ADD and was put on medication that just about produced a nervous breakdown in a matter of weeks! I mean paranoia, suicidal thoughts, it was horrible and harrowing. I can’t imaging putting children on psychotropic drugs without knowing long term effects. Quacks like that should be strung up!

  6. ODD is not just “free thinking” but rather, actually enjoying causing strife and disharmony with others. My boyfriend’s son has this and believe me – it’s no picnic. He creates and continues arguments solely for the enjoyment of making other people (preferably authority figures) angry. He gets off on it. Definitely more than just “being his own person.”

    Really easy for people on the outside to pooh-pooh these conditions as hypochondria and overdiagnosis, if they haven’t experienced it themselves. There’s a big difference between a person with ADHD and a kid with a lot of energy. There’s a HUGE difference between a person with ODD and a free thinker. There’s a big difference between bi-polar disorder and moodiness. I know, I’ve lived with a person with all 3 of these issues for the last 6.5 years.

    The problem with this article is that it presents these things in only one light – as if all of these conditions are on the books merely to control us. Over-diagnosis happens – no argument. But you can’t color with a broad pen – every person is different. For one person it may be a choice to be a jerk, it could be “free thinking.”

    For others, it’s a serious problem that will make their own lives – and those around them – hell.

    • Yeah like was galileo, he can argue so he does. You can’t so you don’t like people who do. The failure everybody has while trying to think by oneself should prevent people for thinking they know how others should behave. You people really need to check your tolerance to others behaviors, cause you definitely are not anybody who contributed in a positive or negative way to mankind, neither you are able to detect genius, thus you can’t pretend to be judge or able to detect pathologies. Indeed everybody has his own advice about behaviors of others, what is pointed out here is the narrowing spectra of “allowed to be” people, and the very idea that annoying people is enough to be called sick. If you think it’s reasonable, then I qualify you as sick, my judgement is based on my own experiment surrounded by stupid people who thought they understood better than me what I was. The DSM IV is not a science book, it’s a normative book. wake up before it’s too late. PERIOD.

      • Dear Kalish,

        due to your ambigue use of words in the first sentences, I can barely follow your point. I assume that you are accusing Digigirl of faulty reasoning, but I question your ability to do so (not you as a person or a thinker!), based on the personal attacks you make towards her. For your information, personal attacks in an argument are considered a fallacy.
        As to Digigirls comment, arguments based on personal experiences are generally not very thrustworthy – you are just one and your experience may be an exception to a rule. On the other hand, I completely agree with her. Someone with a psychological disease generally finds it extremely difficult or even impossible to reflect and / or change their own behaviour and thought patters, opposed to someone who ‘just’ behaves outside the norm. So, interacting with a person with psychological problems may be diffucult, no matter your “tolerance to others behaviours”.
        My argument has nothing to do with the state of the DSM IV or with any concrete ‘official’ diagnosis at all. It is just meant to clarify the difference between someone who may fit the labels depending on the sitution or the matter at hand and someone who has no choice fitting the labels.

    • Thank you! I came here to say exactly what you said. My sister has it. It’s also not new at all. She was diagnosed in the 90s.

  7. Of greater concern here, more so than classification of free thinkers and troublemakers as mentally ill, are the implications. Never for one moment would we classify the participants at a tea party gathering as being mentally ill according to these standards. These people are for the most part, the exact opposite of what they appear. They are driven by the media into thinking that they are activists, saving the country from the evils of big government, when actually they are being led down the garden path by wealthy industrialists and the infamous business of PR.

    These people only suffer from the ‘illusion’ of free thinking, which according to the manufacturers of consent, is a perfectly normal response to stimuli.

    Contrast this to perse, the MTR activists which were arrested in large numbers at a rally in a bank in DC. There must always be a distinction between ‘real’ free thinkers, and manufactured free thinkers…

    Also, it would be interesting, since this book was written in the year 2000, to see if ay revisions to the section exist…

  8. The goal of psychiatry is to fit the unit in with “The Norm”.

    What is “The Norm”?

    According to the Milgram and Stanford prison experiments, “The Norm” ,or over 60% , is characterized by :
    Obsequious obedience to authority, inability to think for oneself, relying on “experts” to determine one’s actions…etc.

    The Factory school system inculcates this mindset into the units for twelve years. When they emerge they exhibit a type of Stockholm syndrome.

    anything that falls outside “The Norm” is a threat to the establishment and must effectively be lobotomized with “medication”.

    • Society is like this giant peg board with various size round holes in in. The bigger the hole you get to fill in if you are round…the bigger you appear in the over all scheme of things as being a success among the normal circles regardless of how dull with lackluster a pale dead shade of gray you are. If you happen to be born a crimson rectangle or a yellow square or a rainbow trapezoid or a triangle of prism colors or a different color crescent or a black pentagram or a thousand other shapes and colors…regardless of how gifted or full of potential you are to make the over all fabric of society be all the more beautiful…you will be carved into a round shape by means of surgery or conditioning or psychiatry or something and you will be dyed as well so you will fit in. Other wise you are S.O.L. But let´s not do any surgery on the over all society to carve a place for your size and shade of brilliance to fit in…that would be too frighting. That would be utterly terrifying. A small red triangle might then get more attention than a giant circle of corrupting filth. And the very stars of the heavens would fall down as a result of it.

      And this is somewhat related. A serial killer awhile back tired to fit in by trying to join the army. He had some psychotic idea that if he killed some person at a specific time or hour he could save lives by preventing earth quakes. And I will give him credit, it was a unique solution to a real problem if it only would have worked. After all, his reasoning went…you were going to kill those people anyway why not kill them so that by murdering them you will prevent earth quakes? To make a long story short he didn’t get into the service. So he got stuck killing people he never even knew trying to prevent earth quakes until he finally got caught. But it does make you wonder how many serial killers are there who fit in by being carved into soldiers? And where and when was it that so many get carved into being a cog of the literally headless military machine of the world? For despite what ever either of them say to the contrary…certainly someone who is promising to protect you from suicide bombers with weapons of mass destruction and a culture which has sunk to paying the mentally challenged a $1 to be a suicide bomber have a lot more Evil in common with each other besides just their love for death and their shared HATRED for life itself.

    • I studied Industrial Psychology and did Psychopathology as well. I think it is silly for DSM-IV to label free-thinkers as sick with ODD, let alone labelling creativity as crazy. Psychiatrist have lost the plot this time around, and instilling the normarcy doctrine into schools kids is the best way to destroy their innovative instincts. The school factory system indeed sucks.

    • I agree, Psychatry is not about curing people from an illness a virus, a bacteria, or a gene has produced in a body to lighten the patient suffering, it’s about curing the society. It’s definitely not a medicine in the way it’s applied, it’s intrusive, hypocrites. Neurology is the only science about the brain. I never saw anybody going better after being in a psychiatric hospital. N.E.V.E.R. Just ask you why, maybe it will, but you need to wait 200 years before it happens.

  9. Whats odd, is ODD spells odd. That’s pretty normal when it comes to coincidences or peculiar, or phenomenal patterns that just oddly but somehow normally appear in our day to day world. Maybe, there is something more than meets the eye, for instance, a great scientist once said that if two studies lead to the same conclusion, generally it a superficial conclusion or at least a natural reality. The natural reality here, is that maybe, just maybe some things in our world aren’t the way they should naturally be? For instance wealthy people wasting money on bullshit with homeless hungry people outside their fences, and I’m not talking about the hobo wino, I’m talking about mothers, and children and animals and our very world being ignored and consumed by sociopath pigs. So, when it comes down to authority, I think maybe the authority of who manages the economies and societies of our world is in the wrong hands, and it is generally the ones who show signs of true passion, and compassion and love, be it they oppressed or addicted, take their initiative to challenge the cancer in which plagues us. I certianly don’t find it ODD that the same people who thought ADD was a disorder and should be treated with anti-depressants, amphetamines and psychotopics should be saying such a thing. Maybe it isn’t odd, maybe it’s the nature of the beast, it’s the equalibrium in reality that keeps pigs from being gods. Maybe, your words, your degrees, your fancy cars and your plastic wives and drunk daughters aren’t evidence enough for the people to believe all the blasphemy that comes out of your sugared synthetic smiling ass! God bless the world, and phuk you!

  10. ODD behavior is beyond narcissism.ODD is not NEW either.The person who wrote this article has never encountered a person with it obviously.When a person is impossible to please,or they are a child that refuses to listen and comply with any household rules,when they end up with conduct disorder because it goes on for so long they get low self esteem from failing in school where they would rather be seen as funny and disruptive than stupid,when they turn to crime,when they can’t keep a job or maintain friendships or relationships.These people have 2 of 3 suicide rate later in life.VERY insensitive article not to mention unresearched and ignorrrrrant!I would like to have the writer take on the life of what families suffer with people like this.Most end in divorce.ODD can be inherrant or learned,but sometimes BOTH!In both cases though people will get what they get in the end,and the person with the dis-order or dis-ease will be his own victim. This was a carless article.Uneducated and destructive to people who need real help with it or for it.How about diabetes?Szchizo?Do they need help?Are they just personality traits?Shut up then.

    • Based on your description, I would have been labeled with ODD as a kid. I was at least labeled with depression. I’m perfectly fine now.

      Wanna know the difference? I no longer live with my abusive father.

      I now live with people that love and support me and actually listen to me and don’t think I’m crazy because I dare utter a creative thought.

      I never listened to anyone, often got into arguments. I had few friends and would throw myself into any fantasy book I could get my hands on. I was completely absorbed in those other worlds and didnt want to talk or think about much else. I got poor grades because I refused to do homework and lied about it. I’d get beat for lying and would never stop. I didn’t even understand why I was lying anymore. Wouldn’t always wash myself or brush my teeth properly. I’d hide in the bathroom with the shower running for at least an hour, it slowly turned into longer. I’d get detention for writing or reading in class instead of paying attention. I started to think I was stupid. I really thought there was something wrong with me for a long time because I felt I could not control myself. I remember my father giving me the strangest looks when I said something as simple as I had a stomach bug, because I used the idea and description of a bug in my stomach to explain what the somach upset felt like. I knew there wasn’t really a physical bug in my stomach, I was just using it as an example but he took me seriously. He would often convince me I was crazy just about any time I disagreed with him or thought or said anything that didn’t fit his idea of normal.

      For a long time I was quite angry. When I finally left, my anger increased. I slowly stopped being as afraid all the time of my father and my fear turned into anger. I was still arguing with people. Particularly any time the subject of him came up. Everyone thought I was nuts to be so angry, to hate him so much, to almost een hate the military. Many still think I’m nuts for disliking the government.

      It’s been three or four years and over the past two, I’ve calmed down a lot more. I still don’t like him and trying to explain why I will nevertalk to him again can be a bit emotional, but I’m fine. I dot particularly like authority figures but I don’t constantly argue with my boss or anything. In fact I get along best with the managers at the jobs I’ve had than with my coworkers sometimes (I talk to them more because there’s always a manager aaround, but not always another cashier when we’re not as busy). I’m much easier to please and it’s much harder to get me to lie. I do what I need to or am supposed to (laundry, etc). I study on my own, plenty pleased to learn anything I can. I work much harder, am more responsible, have more friends.

      And I never took a pill for it. I just found friends who straight up told me I wasn’t nuts for thinking he was an asshole, who encourage me even if they disagree. I was able to write it down and talk out what had happened and realized there was nothing wrong with my memory, I wasn’t in the wrong, I wasn’t stupid, crazy, or lazy. He was an abusive asshole.

      I also have had a friend diagnosed with severe OCD. She had a lot of major problems dealing with everything because of it. It severely interrupted her daily life. You know when I noticed her improving? She got a boyfriend who really cared about her but was a little obnoxious. He convinced her to let go and just go crazy, like when we won a game and he would throw his head out the car and scream WOOHOOOO as we were driving home, lol.

      Granted, she still needed medication, and she was going to therapy. But it was the support she recieved and the talking out with therapy that helped her the most. The medication was able to calm her down enough to talk it out and deal with it so that she can teach herself to work it out and eventually wean herself off the medication.

      I also know people who have gone to the hospital and almost died from the side effecs of prescribed medication. I’ve known many people who knew what was wrong with them before the doctors did, if they could figure it out at all. So forgive me if I have no faith in the health system at all, but especially anything to do with drugs, and even more so the ridiculous branch called “psychology” which by he way, think about who is usually most interested in psychology in school? The people with mental problems.

  11. Many people will be surprised to learn that the celebrated The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) is actually the result of an American military mission to provide a comprehensive classification system of mental disease. There was a need to account for all the brutality ad morbidity associated with killing people wholesale hence the need for a suitable diagnosis for military cases confronted by the psychiatrist; this situation was not encountered in civilian life.

    Understand that there is no objectively true state of sanity and that the states tabulated in the DSM-IV are so socially-loaded that it becomes obvious that the people who threaten us or our perceptions of life are the ones we declare mentally ill.

    The mass media is military psychological warfare and if you are a ‘free thinker’ – a socially-loaded term – you can be diagnosed as an enemy combatant by the state under the military’s own invention/creation the DSM-IV.

    And what is so incredulous about the researchers behind the DSM-IV is that they have not come up with a category to describe the sexual component of a serial killer. Considering all humans have sexual fantasies this is odd indeed; the serial killer with a sexual component fulfills his fantasy. He has defiled himself in the most extreme manner – the DSM-IV cannot explain this.

    • Carbondioxide, Honestly that was simply assume…but I do hope you are aware that the CIA, the KGB, the Chinese Secret Police and Wal-Mart Security Personal do not like that kind of talk…nor does the American Psychiatric Community nor I am quite sure does the International Psychiatric Community…which is why I am glad I did not say it. Because my brain is simply too despondent at the current world situation not to mention the situation that is coming…for any more ECT to help me get over my questioning authority, negativity, defiance, argumentativeness, and being easily annoyed…especially years after the ECT was first given to me by a psychiatrist who shocked my brain then committed suicide after he was alleged to have sexually molested his female patients…and maybe my mind as well when he asked me once what I made of the ¨truth 2+2=5¨. I kid you not. Then there was the another psychiatrist who after I told him of my going to School of the America´s to protest this county training other countries how to do interrogation techniques who then end up turning on us for what I considered some valid reasons…then stated to me he would put surgical bombs into those people were were training that only we can remove…that way they would never turn on us. He told me that one when I was on the verge of psychosis and even I knew I was holding onto more ¨sanity¨ then he obviously ever could have fathomed thinking like that…and as a doctor of Jewish heritage no less who you would at least hope had been conscious of the medical experiments the nazis engaged in..

      There really is no way in hell to even guess what kind of obscenities and blasphemies really go on behind the closed doors of those offices of the doctors of the mind. Many of whom, I am convinced, have gone into psychiatry seeking some kind of answer to their own tortured and screwed up minds which think they can study themselves into some kind of proof and confirmation that they must be sane.

      As an aside, I am equally convinced that were Sigmund Freud alive today. He would have been bounced out of psychiatry before his residency was completed and placed in a drug rehab and on meds himself for the remainder of his life. And as a final aside…it is amazing how I don´t know who it is gets to decide what psychiatric medications are deemed sanity inducing or even anti-depressant inducing effects for people who have to wait weeks in utter despondency for a med to work before another and another and another is tried and generally with limited success…when a few hits of nitrous oxide in fact has more lasting temporal effects then ECT which has more lasting long term damage. Speaking from experience that is…as a recipient of both.

  12. I just got word that my appeal for a new trial based on this mental illness which never existed before has been turned down. Needless to say I was mistakenly deemed ¨sane¨ by a battalion of psychiatrists. Some of whom were Jewish, some Hindi, others with another superstition and lots more with other superstitions. And needless to say and to the laughter of more than a few police officers in the courtroom who said I gave the judge a rather hard time of it after it was determined that I was sane and screamed at him, ¨I AM NOT SO SURE OF THE SANITY OF ANY OF THOSE PSYCHIATRISTS…OR YOU!¨

    Read all about the crime of the century and at least one avowed carrier of “oppositional defiant disorder” who never wants to be cured here —>

    Because finally getting out of Plato´s cave only to return to see this obscenity being portrayed as some kind of psychiatric sanity that the normals would define as just more acceptable collateral damage… is beyond even my mental illness to comprehend:

    • If you are over 18, you do not have ODD. It is a childhood diagnosis. If those traits continue to be problematic in adulthood, the diagnostician will most likely start looking at personality disorders.

      • I was diagnosed at 17 and ½ with ODD. I think that the problem is concisely put by you- how can I have ODD at 17, but I turn 18 and it’s something else. The rigid thinking does not vibe well with the reality of our minds. Who says that a person who is 17 is not an adult, or a person who is 25 is an adult. The exceptions to the rules of psychiatry are diverse and many. It isn’t a science

  13. Some very inspiring comments here people. Even many of the ones which I do not necessary agree with raised some very valid issues and obviously came from some very inquiring minds wanting to honestly know…just wtf is going on? But just the same, I really think being born into unforgivable and unforgettable poverty when there is so much of the Earth´s wealth being utterly squandered on war and destroying one empire of cards after another so we can then have more busy work to do building our bee hive and ant hills back up again only to then have another empire and house of cards to destroy all over again in the next war…in a never ending rat cycle makes for more mental illness than all the so called faulty gens we inherited from Nature. Gens which in human evolution probably gave us an enormous advantage at one time. But then again it was nothing more than an infinitesimally short while ago as the stars measure time…even if that time when those genes helped us the most was several million years ago.

  14. This nation was built by free thinkers and our founding fathers were revolutionist. It’s ok for our government to think freely but not the average citizen. This is just another part of a police state and when they implement world domination I’ll be put in a mental hospital classified as having ODD. There goes our First Amendment.

    • The US was not built by free thinkers. It was built by religious bigots who did not fit in with the bigotry in their country of origin.

  15. Never forget that what’s defined in the DSM determines what insurance companies (and our gov’t!) pay “doctors” to treat. Perhaps they want to get paid to recruit us as customers . . . er . . . patients!

    They also took some out this year.

  16. O, my God, now I know what it is I have. ODD, Wow, After all these years of thinking I was normal. What a letdown. I quess its off to a FEMA camp and the Guillotine for me. Bye world.

  17. What a dumb article. It’s so dumb I’m not sure why I’m bothering to respond. Whatever, here goes.

    First this person marks it as ‘Big brother’ and ‘Politics’ like mental illness is some fabrication of the government. Wrong. Absolutely wrong. Sure, disagree. I hope you get a really severe case of a few severe (say, the more serious disorders) and end up suffering for years. You’d deserve it if you do think there’s so much wrong with diagnosing mental illnesses.

    And, here’s some advice: ever study the DSM? No ? Then maybe you should not really be talking about it, huh? I used to know it like the back of my hand. Yes, there’s some weird things. That doesn’t mean it’s a joke or invalid. Why not go and attack the ICD then too ? If you even know what that is, of course. And if you don’t, then it makes your post even more ludicrous.

    I quote: “The rise in ADD, bipolar disorder, and depression in children has been largely because of the manual’s identifying certain behaviors as symptoms. ”

    Ehm, no. They always existed but no one knew what it was. And frankly, to suggest that any are fake or not valid or whatever else – is stupid and irresponsible. It’s people like you that some people are so afraid of medications or getting help for anything – even physical problems.

    “Some states have laws that allow protective agencies to forcibly medicate, and even make it a punishable crime to withhold medication. This paints a chilling picture for those of us who are nonconformists.”

    Ever occur to you that with-holding drugs can actually be dangerous (I guess you’re one of those people who think you can go off any drug cold turkey without any issues – and not die on any of them)? Or cruel? About forcibly – well if they’re in risk of themselves or others, they have a duty to protect. That’s nothing to do with mental illness. Only a fool would not see that. What the … do you think they lock up killers for? Same thing. To protect others.

    Here’s an interesting idea or thought: people and humanity is the problem. Not illness. Not the government – no, people. Remember government agencies are composed of – yeah – people!

    You’re an arrogant and ignorant person. That’s about the nicest thing I can muster about you.

  18. Perhaps it could be due to the violent content in the video games today, the programes on the television promoting poor culture , or it could be thru the educational systems themselves… who knows for certain, all we know are the children would be fine when certain individuals learn to stop analyzing every minute detail of them like they were some sort of labrat.

  19. I think its the reverse!
    OMG, the psychiatrists have mental illness.

    • So many are taking this toooo seriously. The main point of this article is not about narcissm..or this disorder or that. Hell..years ago just me having red hair would have me burned at the stake. I am simply a person that just smiles and nods for the sake of just doing so. I have been outspoken and thought freely and have been fired for it because I was a mover and shaker where higher management is concerned. I am a team player, I have plenty of friends and I am respected by many people due to my free thinking and just being ‘myself’ and NOT being enticed in the cattle gate. That doesn’t make me messed up..this just makes me someone who gives other people something to think about. OoOoh lordy…don’t give other people something to think about. Don’t you dare make sense when all this work has been put into ‘conforming’ to keep the peace. There is NO peace in conforming into something you just can’t wrap your head around. EVERYONE has doesn’t have to have a label for pete’s sake. There are the criminals..there are mental illnesses..but ya know what? That is THEIR reality and they are where they should be to keep themselves safe and others safe. Some have regret..some don’t. It is what it is. I’ve met freaks and I don’t judge..I accept and move on. Some ODDballs are in my life and some aren’t. It depends on the level of free thinking that I am personally comfortable with. TRUE free thinkers respect the others that are free thinkers and also try to see things their way and move on. TRUE free thinkers do NOT try and get someone to see their way..or the highway. TRUE free thinkers also listen freely. That is what I got from this article. For Pete’s own marriage therapist was in parenting classes for single parents along side with me because SHE got a divorce. Get a grip and go with your gut. Sometimes there is just TOO much bloody information out there. AND that is my ODD free speech!!

      • i meant to say I am NOT a person that just smiles and nods (usually)

        • ugh.i just have to rant…AND…free thinkers CAN make a difference for the better of humanity when they join forces that are on the same page…on the flip side and issues that are beyond comprehension that can cause undesirable behaviour (in my mind)…(criminal side)…they can create chaos with others that are on the same page…gangs…etc. The ones that don’t speak so freely play it safe and remain on the hamster wheel of life and gawd..that is just not for me. I’ve brushed the dust off my ass many times because I am a free thinker…but I have also made a difference in my very small pond to improve a situation at the time..even if it did bite me in the ass…once our someone attempts to mute our voice in fear of being ‘exposed’…it’s only then…the ‘normal’ people consider…”OFF WITH HER HEAD”….

        • I see all the crazies have replied. I know I am normal, I am a conformist. People like us like to form political parties, see ….. we are social too. It is important that we all conform as a group, free thinkers are dangerous to the wellbeing of us all normal people. Look what is happening in the Middle East. If they all conformed then everyone in the Middle East would be happy. BUT, Sad to say, we must make them conform to the way we think in the Middle West. Until they do they are a danger to everyone in the Middle West.

          A proud conformist

          • Uhm…. people in the Middle East conform to people in the Middle East, not to people at the other site of the planet. If they conform, they do not conform to your ass sitting on a couch and watching the news, they’ll sooner conform to people getting pissed when their family members are getting killed in an indiscriminate drone strike. Don’t be silly and think that free thought has anything to do with that kind of behaviour.

            Free thinkers inspire change, sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst. They can cause problems, they can save the world. Some contribute nothing, some enlighten our spirits with art and science. Without them, we would still be living in caves. Change is essential for humanity to adapt and survive, without free thinkers society will simply diminish over time. Not acknowledging that… now there’s a dangerous thought!

            Don’t get me wrong, conformists are equally important in maintaining a society, so both should always be allowed to co-exist and respect each other. Conformists keep free thinkers in check, free thinkers show conformists possibilities and solutions.
            It’s not a game though, if either side ‘wins’, we’re all screwed.

  20. well as I said in my little pond conformist..the global craziness is beyond my comprehension…this ODD prefers to try and make small changes in my little pond and hopefully create a ripple effect. Politics is BS and just a game it never changes and in fact it just seems to get worse…it is important that there is harmony in a group but there isn’t anything wrong with someone speaking out. I wonder what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa..

  21. I am not really sure how a diagnosis of ODD came to be considered an assault on freethinking, but this is NOT new. ODD has actually been in the DSM for a long time, and it is specific to children and adolescents (although Pete Rose tried to blame ODD for his gambling problem).
    offthegrid is off the mark.

  22. I know that Fox news is biased, reports misleading or downright false stories and attempts to create fear and excitement among it’s viewers. But this article is a perfect example of that kind of reporting. Unfortunately people read an article like this and assume that everything in it is accurate. Well, if anyone looked at the DSM and did their homework they would find that the facts in this article are twisted if not untrue. It’s unfortunate. I would not look to this site for accurate reporting.

  23. The whole world is unbalanced; remember the movie “Koyaniqatsee”?, so obviously most of the people in it will be trying to conform to an insane set of values. By definition, nobody can be happy in such a world. Behaviours, and the persons attached to them, defined as aberrant by one subset of people, can not be medicated or surgically returned back to normality, as that state does not exist in earthly culture. In any case, remove the medication, and you’re back to where you started. Medication’s sole function is to make money for another, linked, subset of people. People with ODD are defiant because they know that the “normals” are liars and frauds, so their behaviour shows what they think of such people. The only sad thing about them is that they don’t know what is normal, either. If they did, they would be sane, in an insane world.
    CO2 says “Understand that there is no objectively true state of sanity”. I take issue with this. I recall that when Jesus drove the demons out of a man called Legion, he then sat, clothed and IN HIS RIGHT MIND, at the feet of the Lord. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the light. No man cometh unto the Father but by me”. So my contention is that the only way to function truly, in a world driven, organized, and controlled, by the Prince of Darkness, is to have a direct link to the One who has overcome him. So even when you are persecuted by his evil minions, you will have peace, in knowing the Father, who sent His Son.
    On a more mundane level, the wickedness practised everywhere is driven by a monetary system exemplified in the US by the Fed. This is a scam perpetrated by generations of the same crooked and evil families, who have inflicted an illusory, but overwhelming, debt on every nation on Earth. War, famine, pestilence, and criminality are direct sequelae. Lincoln, Jackson, and JFK tried to confront this monster and were murdered for so doing. DSM is simply one more tool in the armoury of control insinuated into society by these evil entities. Remember that the one violent act committed by the Lord was to fashion a scourge made of small cords, with which He drove the moneychangers from the Temple.
    But they have returned.
    And if you think I am mad for believing what I believe, read Psalm 22. This was written by David 1000 years before Christ came into the world which he had made.


  25. Just another Brick in the Wall……. of Humanity

  26. What a load of garbage.

    The DSM-IV is defining a particular pattern of traits to be odd, not ‘free thought’.

    You can ‘think freely’ without being hostile, negative, argumentative, easily annoyed or even especially defiant. Furthermore, its an ‘ongoing pattern’ that is being identified, which is to say that if these traits characterise your approach to life in general, rather than towards some specific arena like politics, economics, religion etc … then it is peculiar.

    In the hands of hysterical journalists desperate to manufacture dissent this becomes “scientists claim free thinking is mental illness”. People should be thinking freely about this kind of shoddy fear mongering.

  27. I think this article and many of the comments that follow it are bullshit.

    Full disclaimer, I have decades of experience with the mental health system, both as a consumer of services and as a caregiver. I can tell you that psychotropic drugs have saved my life multiple times. These drugs do not make you compliant. They allow your brain to work properly so you can function as your true self. The defiant and questioning me that posts online is my healthy self.

    There’s so much I want to say about this…For example, children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder are not “free thinkers.” The symptoms described for that disorder are carried to pathological extremes in those with the disorder. The children I have met with that disorder are not able to function in society. Period. They aren’t quirky or creative. They’re not the next Einstein or Mozart. More likely they will be incarcerated for armed robbery if they don’t get help.

    • I was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder at a forced inpatient facility my parents sent me to. I disagree. I am gifted, I did extra-curricular programs, college courses, talked to my congressman in DC, met with my mayor in New Jersey about building a skatepark for underrepresented kids. I was tested by Doctors at this facility and received close to perfect marks on my working memory test and was told I have an advanced intelligence.
      It seems like you had and knew good mental health-proffesionals who did their job right. But it’s a business now and there are incentives, for explanations to parents that are paying for the treatment, and the problem with ODD is that it has the potential for misuse. You have never seen it Polly Purebreed but I have seen it up close. But what do I know? I’m crazy.

  28. The American Psychiatric Association has taken an irresponsible position with the creation of O.D.D. and its inclusion in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

    This “disorder” is so broadly defined that it includes most of the population. It is a complete trap. If you are diagnosed with O.D.D. and agree / comply / conform you have admitted that you have it and therefore sealed your fate. If you deny that you have it, then you are exhibiting signs of the “disorder” and again you have sealed your fate.

    There seems to be a complete lack of foresight (an optimist’s view) regarding how this new “disorder” can be put to use by the government. Or a complete complicity (a pessimist’s view) to the coming detainment and re-education mechanisms being put into place since the CALEA 1995.

    Either way, it scares the bewhozitz out of me and the worst of it is, I don’t have a clue what to do about it.

    • ODD IS NOT NEW. It’s been around for over 20 years. If you ever have to deal with a kid who has ODD, YOU WILL KNOW IT! It is not a catch all that could apply to anyone. What ignorance!

  29. The biggest problem with the article is saying, “New mental illnesses identified by the DSM-IV include arrogance, narcissism, above-average creativity, cynicism, and antisocial behavior.” That’s totally incorrect; “narcissism” (e.g.) isn’t a disease, narcissistic personality disorder is. Confusing a symptom with a disease is a big mistake; it’s like to saying “I have a rash, so it must be Lyme disesase.” (Also, narcissistic personality disorder is not “new”, and the DSM-IV is not the latest edition of the DSM … the latest released edition is the DSM-IV-TR, with the DSM-5 in draft. Please, do your homework. Your credibility is a “new mental illness”.) The author quotes the Washington Post in saying, “if Mozart were born today, he would be diagnosed with ADD and ‘medicated into barren normality.'” That’s possible but unlikely; there definitely are bad doctors out there, but it’s very silly to assume that someone as creative and incredibly prolific and productive as Mozart would be diagnosed with a learning disorder, especially considering it’s a little late for any contemporary physician (much less a journalist!) to diagnose him. Finally, the article spookily writes, “The Soviet Union used new “mental illnesses” for political repression.” No shit. Some Americans used psychiatry to justify social repression. It’s horrible, but that’s no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    To the author of the article: I feel that you are not capable of responsibly professing a medical opinion, and risk interfering with people with mental illnesses seeking treatment. I’m no doctor, but I don’t pretend to be able to replace one.

    • Nicholas, the debate MUST rage on, on this subject. Your response to the Mozart quote leaves me cold, “Possible, but unlikely” Oh F . . ing really??!!!? The very fact that it is possible should raise alarms in your brain, or is the “medication” kicking in?

  30. conformity to stupidity is a mental illness.

    doctors conform because they train specifically to act this way as opposed to healing.

    Politicians conform, by doing so act against the population.

    Mainstream journalists conform and write BS same reason.

    Free thinking could have saved worlds problems.

    Conformity is a weakness, now corporations rule the world, pharma runs medicine, politicians and establisment puppets are just silly.

  31. Wow…..what an article full of misinformation. Oppositional Defiant Disorder is a childhood diagnosis that has been in prior versions of the DSM for at least 20 years. ODD is very common in children, especially boys, with ADHD. It is very real, too. My son had/has it, and I’ve worked with many a troubled youth who had it. This article is dated 2010, but there hasn’t been a new edition of the DSM for, maybe, 5-6 years. The DSM V is currently in process, and you do hear some things about what they may or may not do in that.

    The article also states, “arrogance, narcissism, above-average creativity, cynicism, and antisocial behavior” are also “new mental illnesses”, according to the author, Andrew, who I suspect has never even opened a copy himself. Nowhere does the DSM IV claim arrogance, above-average creativity or cynicism to be mental illnesses….they may be symptoms of some personality disorders….there is a Narcissistic Personality Disorder and an AntiSocial Personality Disorder. Antisocial personality disorder is not new at all, but it doesn’t mean what I think the author thinks it means. Antisocial refers to someone who has no conscience, no empathy, and operates in whatever manner necessary to get what they want. That is a criminal trait. It does not mean someone who is shy. And as others have already noted, nowhere in the DSM IV does it say that freethinking is a mental illness. This article is exactly why I do not consider blogs to be credible sources. This piece reads like a really bad Psych 101 term paper. Really bad.

  32. Also, the author makes a big point of saying how the number of mental illnesses had grown over the past 50 years…well, DUH! The science of psychiatry and psychology are only about 100 years old. Of course scholars have worked hard to better identify differing conditions. And I do not think it is accurate that the majority of mental illnesses are intended to apply to children. As a matter of fact, no one under 18 is supposed to ever be diagnosed with a personality disorder. So that is an entire category that is ruled out for kids. Also, schizophrenia is very, very rare in children.

  33. On the whole I think it’s about time we put a stop to this. I mean you see them loitering about dragging their feet. They can’t make any friends unless they bully people into it. They have obsessed long enough on just what other people should do and say. I mean just what use are psychiatrists anyhow?
    I also must insist that people realise that enough is enough of this experimenting in secure locked down institutions on those who had their rights taken from them, without trial or representation. They are little better than concentration camp doctors effectively and this is the feather that breaks the camel’s back. I mean Churchill would want to issue Opposition Defiant Disorder as a medal, possibly even higher. I have no problem with psychology but I do think that psychiatry is verging on criminal behaviour and should be brought into check. It is basically legal experimentation on human subjects without many of the facts and no consideration of the patient other than to knock them out with a chemical cosh. Just ask this how many people have they actually cured of anything and if it were even double what it is but applied to physical medicine, would any of them still have a licence to practice?
    New Scientist published recently that they think many mental so called illnesses are actually essential to human evolution. Apparently bipolar disorder is important to social cohesion and they make great TV presenters.

  34. Sorry to break it to the author of this article, but ODD is not a new diagnosis. It is nothing new and will continue to be a personality disorder, not a new “disease.” Ditto for the arrogance, creativity, antisocial behavior. These have always been criteria for differing disorders, none of this is new. I did a search on this and could not believe the completely ignorant, plethora of “information” on all these alleged new diagnosis. Misinformation and plenty of outright disinformation coming from uninformed or biased sources. Yes, there are going to be some new, really idiotic disorders. So far, from what I am finding, this article included, are “news” stories that are 100% wrong.

  35. Ah, ODD! The new catch-all excuse of people who are not fit to be parents. The lazy ones who, instead of being parents, shop around for a diagnosis in order to be absolved of their responsibilities. Then they can further ignore their offspring and start lobbying for the excuse to be proclaimed a disability, so that they can be rewarded with a nice check.
    Is that too cynical? I hear that they have a pill for that.

  36. Those with strong opinions on this matter are already limiting their thinking. Peoples inner experiences can be very painful. Some may be unable to lead an independent existence without help. We never need to throw out some ideas to consider others. The field of Psychiatry holds a proportionate number of free thinkers to the rest of the world. Take heart!

  37. Classic paranoia and fear mongering. Whatever.

  38. While I do question some of these classifications, anybody who has lived with moderate to heavy cases of ADHD or Defiant behaviour in children will realize that these are very serious, potentially life altering disabilities. Nobody likes to ‘label’ children (or adults for that matter) but, in doing so, it can not only be the first step to treatment, but a huge step towards ensuring a basic level of understanding and compassion within our society for the continuing challenges that these people face. Without these ‘labels’, ADHD or Defiant children become bad children resulting from poor parenting to many of the uneducated masses which, in most cases, is farthest from the truth.

    Keep in mind that these disorders have been around since the beginning of time… it is only now in the last few decades that we are actually diagnosing and treating them. 100 years ago many of these children would have been classified as ‘having the devil in them’ or some sort of extreme mental illness. Many would have been abused, brutalized and discarded for their antisocial behaviour.

    It’s not as black and white as many in our society purport it to be..

    • Psychiatry is a joke and a cmiirnal organization. It’s hard to believe people still take them seriously.

      • I agree with your sentiment wholeheartedly. However, calling them criminals suggests the same type of judgement that you are criticising them for. I’m not saying their behaviour is not “criminal” in the accepted meaning of the word, but describing it that way doesn’t seem constructive to me. Their behaviour can eventually be changed by people (and themselves) becoming more aware, but there is currently not a lot of incentive for them to change, in this “crazy” society, where greed, love of power over others, and a willingness to excercise it, appears ubiquitous, unfortunately.

  39. DECLARATION OF DEPENDENCE: Today, hereby I declare every revolutionist in history, every founding father of every nation in history, every individual that has paved the way of civilization towards democracy by breaking shackles of dictators and autocrats – as mentally ill individuals suffering from ODD. How much more ridiculous can we become?

  40. Thank goodness there is a treatment for it. Thank you drug companies for stepping up and helping us deal with the insanity of conformity!

  41. I am ubalne to find: in my blogger HTML. When I did the control F search, nothing showed up. What is wrong?

  42. Diagnosis of “mental illness” appears to me to be mostly a way of describing, or trying to explain, people who are different, in their behaviiours, to those who don’t challenge the status quo of society. I guess it depends on what one observes about our society, and how they react to that, as it affects their sense of integrity. Reality, although subjectively often a product of our perception, exists outside of that, and I don’t believe our tiny brains can really get around it. So perhaps it would behove us to stay broadminded and inclusive of differences. Now, can I please have some medication. My brain hurts.

  43. Well written article. I did a bit more research and wrote my own article with a few more teeth. It isn’t as factually written as yours but I’m hoping it grabs people’s attention quickly and holds it. This topic struck me as absurd and I tried to reflect that in my writing. Feedback appreciated.


  44. There’s more than one way to parse this. Part of the difficulty has to do with how we pay for certain kinds of professional help through medical insurance. Insurance companies insist on a diagnosis before payment, without confirmation that the subject is disordered in some recognized way, claims are denied.
    For all the criticism that can be leveled against the profession, engaging a professional psychotherapist has done wonders for many people for whom a categorical diagnosis might be unclear. This is very much the case with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. On paper it sounds like normal variation, just personality difference, a description that could apply to anyone at certain times. That might even be true. It’s only when you tunnel down to the cases that gave rise to the descriptor that it’s purpose becomes obvious. These are the “We have to talk about Kevin” cases. Plugging these cases into the existing system of additional help requires the category in advance. The system requires it, so the APA, through the DSM, provides it. It’s not just the insurance coverage either. The legal right to try pharmaceutical intervention is highly tied to being able to provide a diagnosis. This is what it means for a drug to be a controlled-substance. We’ve determined that physicians and pharmacies can’t just hand them out to consumers on a whim. This seems wise.

  45. Curious how the Author makes assertions about what is and is not in the DSM-IV without providing specific and verifiable citations. I have a copy of the DSM-IV and of the supposed new disorders I cannot find at least three: arrogance, above-average creativity, and cynicism. Persecution complex much?

  46. Total bullshit. Every healthy mind questions authority, dogmas etc…

  47. Well, they can F themselves.

    Oops, that is defiant annoyed behavior right? Oh No!

    The original authors of the DSM recently became critical of it, saying that everything is a disease and that we needed to cool it and remove some of these from the DSM.

    Truly, they can go to H_ L.

    And seriously, this is truly dangerous stuff — As if being arrested for unpopular ideas is not enough to discredit someone. Imagine how thoroughly one’s voice is quashed if someone says they speak from mental illness?

    The pyschiatric/pyschological professions have become increasingly provocative and menacing.

    And their unethical work in places like GITMO and elsewhere, assisting torture, in violation of U.N., Nuremberg, Geneva, World Health Org. and even AMA non-binding opinions, hasn’t helped their reputations either. It’s time we as a society discredited them, but good.

  48. is, not having a TV a sign of this illness?….. i need help.

  49. Someone’s blowing smoke where the sun don’t shine. I find it a little ODD, don’t you?

  50. This is inaccurate for the sole fact that the DSM-V was released this month, I believe earlier this week.

  51. I feel as if there should be two major qualifications for anything to be considered a mental illness, one or the other must be met for diagnosis:

    1. Patient feels as if the qualifications are making them incapable of functioning in day to day life, or is incapable of sustaining their own life.
    2. Patient has become a direct threat to the lives of others by means of putting their physical body in harm.

    If neither of these criteria can be met, I see no reason to medicate anyone. The patient themselves, regardless of age, should feel as if the qualifications are the source of their problem before being recommended medication.

  52. This is so lacking in basic logic it is laughable. No such claims can be made until they define exactly and unequivocally what paradigms/beliefs/interests/values/tastes in music/etc. have to be conformed to, and why, in order to count as “sane”. Good luck with that in a multi-cultural, eclectic and pluralistic world. This is the witch trials and [un]Holy Inquisition all over again, aimed at oppressing intelligent, conscious and not easily manipulated people. It has nothing to do with legitimate medicine, science or reason.

  53. I live with someone with this symptoms and, I believe this is real, it seems to be natural to qestion authority, but there’s a level were it becomes anormal… this is an illness of being unhappy just because. I would ask for help, because he thinks he is always right.

  54. DSM-IV is not the most recent edition. It’s actually about 25 years old.

    Also, I’m happy to learn that in the salad days before the advent of the evil DSM, it would have been impossible for me to be committed against my will for nonconformism. Because of course that never happened to anyone back in that golden time.

  55. Who the hell is actually stupid enough to believe this garbage? They are simply making excuses for the ways that people are different. These idiots need to be shot. Just because someone doesn’t conform to what everyone else does doesn’t mean they have a damn disorder. I really feel sorry for the idiots who come up with this trash and the idiots who believe it. Conformity is doing what everyone else does because everyone else does it. Does that mean that I’m a nonconformist when I make the free choice to take the free lane in traffic instead of the lane in which everyone is following each other. Does that mean I have a disorder when I see traffic backed up and take a different route to avoid it? Does that mean I have a disorder because I never stay exactly at the speed limit? Y’all are idiots. Get a new career.

  56. First of all, it’s *edition, not addition. Just had to get that off my chest
    Second of all, we’re now on to the DSM-5, and yes, Oppositional Defiant Disorder is listed in there. As others have stated, ODD has been a diagnosis for several decades now. In order to fully grasp what ODD entails, you’d have to read the whole section on the disorder instead of just reading a small, misinterpreted snippet that doesn’t even begin to cover all of the diagnostic criteria. Mental illness isn’t just fitting into criteria…mental illness is something that causes significant impairment in important areas of functioning. Just because I sometimes get sad only to be happy the next day doesn’t mean I have bipolar disorder. There is so much more to it.

  57. What a good excuse for governments to lock up or drug anyone who is “troublesome”.

    A Clockwork Orange.

  58. Looking through the comments, I’m astounded how many people simply go for a knee-jerk angry outburst, without bothering to do even a little bit of their own research. The irony of believing what they are told, while defending “freethinking” is strong enough here to bend space-time.

    You should be a bit more careful believing someone’s judgement on psychology, when that person doesn’t even know that IV in DSM-IV stands for “fourth revision”, which is about 20 year old by now.

    A cursive search gives these criteria for ODD, or “freethinking”:

    “A. A pattern of negativistic, hostile, and defiant behavior lasting at least 6 months, during which four (or more) of the following are present:
    (1) often loses temper
    (2) often argues with adults
    (3) often actively defies or refuses to comply with adults’ requests or rules
    (4) often deliberately annoys people
    (5) often blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior
    (6) is often touchy or easily annoyed by others
    (7) is often angry and resentful
    (8) is often spiteful or vindictive”

    In vernacular terms, this sounds much less like a “freethinker” and more like a “dipshit”.

  59. How original! Obviously written by a very imaginative freethinker. Lol.

  60. There are a few errors on this post, the roman numbers after the DSM acronym relate to the edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders which is on it’s fifth edition thath was released this year or the last

  61. I wrote about this in my book Scientific Slavery: Mind Control For a New World Order … I talk about where the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Madness) came from… (It was formed by the World Health Organization – an arm of the privately owned United Nations). They have grafted a ‘social’ component onto health, redefining health as “mental wellbeing” and “social wellbeing,” which are the same as Communism or politically correct attitudes and behaviours.

    There are many more point to this of which any respectable psychiatrist would freely admit: there is not one single test on the planet that can detect or measure ‘mental illness,’ every single one of the ‘mental disorders’ are made up (incidentally, you will find that each ‘disorder’ has its own related drug! Why treat someone for 5 disorders when they pay for 15?)

    From the book:

    If you look at the sixty three years since the United Nations World Health Organization was formed, the United States government website National Institutes of Health has this to say regarding the meaning of ‘mental health’: “…a clear and widely accepted definition of mental health as a discipline was (and is) still missing.”

    The website also states that the respected Dorland’s Medical Dictionary does not carry an entry on “mental health.” The World Health Organizations definition of mentally healthy people is defined by their efficiency to the adaptation to politically correct attitudes and behaviours, in other words, health is conformity.

    • An interesting book, with a few good sources included in it. Nevertheless, just another book by another crack-pot conspiracy theory lunatic.

  62. First, ODD isn’t a “new” diagnosis–it’s been around for years. And as a therapist, I treated it quite often. It is NOT “freethinking” or “nonconformity.” It’s a real, disabling malady. An ODD person is routinely hostile, even violent, and responds to even considerate treatment by others with malice because they interpret interactions with others as threatening and punitive. ODD is a very sad disorder, because it obstructs opportunities for positive relationships that way. It’s a flaw in how the brain receives or translates information from human interactions (neurologists aren’t sure which yet), and not merely a trait of an exotic personality as this author naively misunderstands. Imagine if you felt that every gesture, act, or statement made to you by someone was an intentional insult, and you spent your life responding in-kind. That would be ODD.

    And yes, the article has it right that the hallmarks are arrogance, narcissism, and antisocial behavior (that means things like inflicting torture, intentionally harming others, etc.–hardly “freethinking”). But this article is romanticizing an disorder that is truly terrible to have. The article’s inclusion of “above-average creativity” is 100% bogus; there is NO such criteria or descriptor in the DSM for that–the writers just threw it in, phony baloney, to falsely persuade the reader to their point (before wandering off into unrelated musings on Mozart, ADD, and Russian political repression)! Let me be clear: I am indeed saying that the author just simply MADE UP his information about the diagnosis of ODD out of sheer bias.

    In fact, one of the criteria for diagnosing ODD is that the symptoms cause significant disruption in the CLIENT’S functioning for 6 months or more. In other words, this isn’t some socially-imposed suppression of personality, this is something that the client himself suffers from, and sees as an obstruction in their lives. Nor is the treatment for it “pill based” (another of the author’s misinformed ramblings toward a theory about human personality suppression). Sorry, but this article is just AWFUL.

  63. “One Of Us” Keep pushing people & We can all be a bunch of communist. Everyone seems to forget that other peopl have freedoms to.

  64. This ‘article’ has no idea what ODD is. I’m the mother of a child with ODD. I live with it every single day so I know what it is. Children with ODD do things like hit, kick, bite and pull hair because they were told that it’s time to sit down and do school work. Yes, they tend to be very bright, creative kids but those traits are ENCOURAGED in them. The violent temper tantrums are what needs to be treated. Do some research instead of fear mongering.

  65. I can already hear the Weird Al parody:

    “You down wit ODD? Yeah, you know me!”…

  66. No, that’s akin to saying anyone who doubles check everything he/she does suffers from OCD.

    Also, the DSM-IV describes this as a CHILDHOOD disorder – not a lifetime mental disorder.

    Which boody idiot decided to post this?

  67. I could only get through about 1/3rd of the article before becoming severely pissed of. One, this is pure evidence of a tie-in between mental health and big pharma-effing-cology because most of this is just being created to indicate that it needs to be medicated. So people like Mozart, Wilde, Stoker, Gaiman, Picasso, et. al should have been treated because they might be or have been non-conformist or overly creative? Please such pseudo science would lead us to believe that we should all simply remain lemmings following the guide plan (of big business) and never motivating or pushing humanity or creative thinking forward. Where would we be if people had not been ‘allowed’ to think outside of the sand box? This is bull…

  68. I am curious to know what people might think about all these “mental diseases” after they read the 13th and 14th chapters of THE PLEASURE OF FIENDS, An Orthodox Study of Evil and the Meaning in the Jonestown Cultic Horror.

  69. I am no fan of the psychiatric industry, but this article is erroneous and misleading. ODD has been on the books as a diagnosis since the ’80’s; there’s nothing new about it. I will agree that the industry is too willing to hand down a diagnosis with a prescription of anti-depressants that do nothing to address the problem, and actually results in creating an even bigger problem, not just for the child, but for society at large. Even so, this article is wrongly misleading.

    • Hear hear.

      Plus: it’s not the “newest edition of the DSM-IV”, it’s “DSM, edition IV”. And edition V was published earlier this year.
      Seems the author doesn’t really know what he’s talking about.

  70. Przez tysiaclecia i wieki sprawdziany do pobrania gimnazjum

  71. Great post, thanks! A small point: the new edition is DSM-V. The Roman numeral after the “DSM” denotes which edition it is. It’s also known as DSM5.

  72. its our moral duty to oppose & defy a sick social order

  73. Funny that people unquestioning accepted the undocumented claims of an annonymous author on an obscure website.

  74. My view was a bit different. Back in the mid 1990s, I was being harassed by a group of bullies. The school had a Zero Tolerance for self-defense policy, and also preached “ignore it and they will stop” as the main way of dealing with harassment.
    I tried to do as I was told and ignore it, and this often resulted in escalation. They would hit me, push me, steal or destroy my property. If I resisted it created an “incident” and both parties were punished.
    Because I was getting involved in multiple incidents with different students, the school decided that _I_ must be the problem, not the victim. “Obviously” I must be doing something to make myself a target, or egg them on (like ignoring the verbal abuse until they hit or shove me to “get my attention” or “make sure you heard me”).
    Therefore they were going to take steps to encourage me to stop “provoking them into lashing out”.
    When I objected to the ideas they had, which seemed to be punishing me for defending myself, and there were plenty of people who said it was self defense, I was promptly labeled “oppositional”. Even when I gave good reasons for why the steps would not stop the incidents.
    When things happened exactly as I predicted, it was declared my fault, since I told them what would happen, obviously that was me retaliating or acting out to make them happen, rather than the other students taking advantage of the opportunity the school gave them.
    Any time I disagreed with an adult at school, I was told “you are being oppositional”, if I tried to reason with them, I would be told that I was “being oppositional for the sake of being oppositional” or “you’re trying to turn this into a power struggle. Therefore the discussion is over, we are doing this, and because you were oppositional, we’re adding this”.

    To me, the label “oppositional” is just an excuse to dismiss a student’s concerns or arguments out of hand. If you disagree with an adult, you are oppositional. It doesn’t matter what you say, or your reasons for disagreeing, you are being oppositional.

    I should note that I did somehow manage to graduate high school, and I went on to have virtually no problems in either community college or later 4-year school with peers or adults and graduated from the 4-year school with honors.
    I also haven’t had problems with my bosses either.
    I also admit that It’s entirely possible if not probable that I do have a different disorder: Aspergers, although I did not discover this term or disorder until after I had graduated community college.

    I never set out to anger authority as a goal, I always had an objective, although a few times I knew they would not be happy. l would argue only if I had a reason for objecting and a goal, not for the sake of arguing. Being told that I was “being oppositional/defiant for the sake of being oppositional” or that I wasn’t really after what I was arguing for, but that I just wanted a power struggle used to anger me to no end.

    Anyways, that was my view of ODD. It was just an excuse to dismiss the concerns of a young person. Say they are “oppositional” and just trying to make a power struggle and it’s an instant win, no matter how stupid your position is or how wrong you actually are.

  75. opposition + defiance ≠ freethought
    One can be oppositional and defiant, stubborn, without being a freethinker. S/he may just be an egotist or hate authority for one reason or another. Refusal to obey rules is usually just selfishness or spite.

  76. This article couldn’t be more misleading or inaccurate. First off, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) has been around for a very long time. And the DSM IV is not “new” rather, it is old. The new version is the DSM V. The DSM says nothing about nonconformity nor freethinking in it’s diagnostic criteria. Consequently, it is a CHILDHOOD disorder characterized by CHILDREN who exhibit the following:
    (1) often loses temper
    (2) often argues with adults
    (3) often actively defies or refuses to comply with adults’ requests or rules
    (4) often deliberately annoys people
    (5) often blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior
    (6) is often touchy or easily annoyed by others
    (7) is often angry and resentful
    (8) is often spiteful or vindictive

    More importantly, the disturbance in behavior causes clinically significant impairment in social, academic, or occupational functioning.

    So, please do your proper research before posting something that can be misleading and give the public a rather negative view of mental health and psychiatry in general.

  77. This article is so unbelievably inaccurate and purposefully inflammatory, it borders on absurd. First off, ODD is not new–I studied it well over a decade ago in a college psychology class, and by then it had even been well established!! Furthermore, it’s a diagnosis for children, not adults, and cannot be examined without looking at its progression towards Anti-Social Personality Disorder; I’m not a psychologist, but from my understanding, it was absurd to label a CHILD with antisocial PD, so ODD and Conduct Disorder are ways of identifying an abnormality, and treating it before it progresses into adulthood when personality can become more fixed. On top of ALL of that, one of the most important factors in psychological diagnosis is the PATIENT or his or her close ones identifying a problem with functioning in society–in other words, if all signs point that you are functioning well enough in society despite being argumentative, no one would diagnose you with ODD. This is ridiculous, sensational writing parading around as legitimate research. Don’t get your news from Facebook! Jeez!

  78. Unfortunately, this article is seriously wrong on so many levels that I’m sure to miss something in my response. However, first of all the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness is simply called the DSM, with a hyphen and Roman numeral after the letters DSM. The Roman numeral indicates which EDITION (not addition) it is, and the new DSM is titled DSM-V, although it is not yet being used by behavioral health practitioners.

    Another HUGE mistake is that the diagnosis of OPPOSITIONAL DEFIANT DISORDER was in the DSM-IV, and usually applies to children who are incorrigible (please note the criteria and the true definition of ODD). This is not a blanket diagnosis for anyone who is a free thinking non-conformist! To exaggerate this diagnosis to such a degree is completely irresponsible! This is more anarchist rhetoric with no facts to support such a ridiculous claim. This writer is clearly uneducated, and the writing is abhorrent, let alone the premise of the article which is totally false.

  79. Well I think personality differences cannot be a mental illness as it we are HUMAN, and being that kind of species mean we have the free way of thinking and an example of that is our comments we can agree disagree and show our knowledge of the topic. What’s very confusing is why do they have to put them as disease? I think they just wanted people to act normal and stop being those people that they cannot diagnose from their point of view which will remove there authority as psychologist.
    Drug Treatment Center California

  80. “‘ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior’, symptoms include questioning authority, negativity, defiance, argumentativeness, and being easily annoyed…”

    How in the world does that define a free thinker ? The writer of this article “forced” the free thinkers’ category to “fit” here, but it just doesn’t fit. Wikipedia gives a very difference view of ODD:

    “pattern of angry/irritable behavior, or vindictiveness lasting at least 6 months, and is exhibited during interaction with at least one individual that is not a sibling. Symptons and signs include:
    Actively refuses to comply with majority’s requests or consensus-supported rules.
    Performs actions deliberately to annoy others.
    Angry and resentful of others.
    Argues often.
    Blames others for his or her own mistakes.
    Frequently loses temper.
    Spiteful or seeks revenge.
    Touchy or easily annoyed.”

    Nothing to do with free thinkers, humanists, atheists and agnostics.

  81. this is a completely misleading article and is ment to be inflamatory at best. The diagnosis is NOT new and is used with those with serious behavioral issues. it has nithing to do with free and independent thinking.

  82. “The seduction here is that all you have to do to get instant approval is to agree. Agree and you have instant approval. Some will even sing and shout and dance and wave their arms in hallelujah!

    That’s hard to resist. Such approval, such rejoicing that you have seen the light; that you’ve been saved!

    Approvals and demonstrations seldom accompany inner decisions. Celebrations rarely surround choices to follow personal truth. In fact, quite the contrary. Not only may others fail to celebrate, they may actually subject you to ridicule. What? You’re thinking for yourself? You’re deciding on your own? You’re applying your own yardsticks, your own judgments, your own values? Who do you think you are, anyway?

    And, indeed, that is precisely the question you are answering.

    But the work must be done very much alone. Very much without reward, without approval, perhaps without even any notice.

    And so you ask a very good question. Why go on? Why even start off on such a path? What is to be gained from embarking on such a journey? Where is the inentive? What is the reason?

    The reason is ridiculously simple.


    What do You mean?

    I mean this is the only game in town. There is nothing else to do. In fact, there is nothing else you can do. You are going to be doing what you are doing for the rest of your life–just as you have been doing it since birth. The only question is whether you’ll be doing it consciously, or unconsciously.”

    ~ Neal Donald Walsh
    Book 1

  83. Lol. We use the DSM to have a billable code so we can give the needed therapy, and sometimes medication to those kids that are distressed by the overly authoratative, soul- crushing and downright oppressive environment that is school (and in some cases, home)!!!

  84. Is this a joke or some complete schmucks decide that anyone who is ‘free thinker’ or ‘non-conformist’ is considered a mental illness. What is wrong to think freely and to question ideas and etc. We have the free will to think freely whatever we want. Don’t time bunch of right wing religious nut jobs told APA that anyone is a ‘free thinker’ or ‘non-conformist’ is considered as a mental illness. People in this world are getting dumber by the minute. Also religion is making people that stupid. In general people are just getting dumber and dumber

  85. Finger pointing- bullies- the better than though- with stories to tell and drugs to sell- climbing up- off the backs of the vulnerable- the less educated and affluent people- with the most to be worried about-easy targets and prey for affluent finger pointers from the psychiatric cult..

  86. Funny how these traits line up quite well with the transgender yet according to this same manual the transgender are not mentally ill. But.. apparently being a free thinker that goes against the status quo is? Yeah…no agenda at all here. Time to throw that damn book away and get some proper unbiased doctors in the scene.

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