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Public School Superintendent Demands Homeschool Family Follow Government’s Common Core Curriculum

Public School Superintendent Demands Homeschool Family Follow Government’s Common Core CurriculumA homeschooling family in New Jersey was illegally ordered to use the Common Core curriculum and have the local superintendent of schools approve what they taught, according to the Home School Legal Defense Association.

The shocking turn of events took place after the family withdrew their son from Westfield Public Schools, near Elizabeth, New Jersey, and the superintendent told the unidentified family that they were required to follow the Common Core standards, which have sparked controversy nationwide.

The family would then have to wait to be given “permission to homeschool,” HSLDA said. The superintendent sent the family a copy of the standards.

But the superintendent had no legal right to take that action, HSDLA Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff pointed out in a letter to the school district. The superintendent eventually backed down and told the family that their curriculum should merely be “guided by the New Jersey Core State Standards.” But that, too, was off base.

“Woodruff wrote back and firmly explained that homeschool families have no duty to follow or be guided by Common Core standards,” HSLDA said.

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The situation underscores the nationwide confusion about Common Core and its potential effect upon homeschoolers. The standards have a philosophy of “moral relativism and progressivism” weaved throughout them, HSLDA says.

(Listen to Off The Grid Radio’s in-depth discussion about Common Core here.)

Here are a few other quick facts about Common Core:

  • Common Core is not a federal government program even though it has the support of the Obama administration. Instead, it is an effort by state governments to establish a national curriculum. Federal law specifically prohibits the US Department of Education from setting the curriculum for public schools. The standards may be voluntary, but the department “conditioned education grants on states’ commitment to implement the Common Core,” according to HSLDA.
  • Common Core sets forth standards for English and math education in Kindergarten through 12th grade. The idea was to create a set of rigorous standards similar to those used in other countries, although many experts consider the standards sub-par.
  • Common Core was adopted by 45 state governments, although a few of those states have repealed it.

Common Core was designed to be used in public schools and never intended to affect homeschooled children, even though it potentially will have a major impact on them. HSDLA is concerned that standardized tests based on Common Core standards could be used to shut homeschool students out of state or private universities, who would consider the standards essential knowledge.

HSLDA also is worried that databases related to Common Core could be used to violate the privacy of homeschool and private school families.

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Sixty percent of Americans now oppose Common Core standards, according to separate PDK/Gallup and Education Week opinion polls in August.

Common Core is being promoted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has launched a campaign for it.

Top Principal Denounces Common Core as Flim Flam

One of the strongest attacks on Common Core came from an educator who once supported the program: Carol Burris, the principal of South Side High School in New York City. Burris, who was New York’s high school principal of the year in 2013, labeled Common Core “Flim Flam” in a recent Washington Post Op-Ed piece.

“The Common Core has shifted from theory to practice, and like the lemon it is, it is breaking down on the highway of implementation,” Burris wrote. She turned against the standards after seeing the havoc they wreaked in her school.

Her attacks on Common Core include:

  • Money, not academics, is what really is driving Common Core. “Think tanks have received millions from Gates to support it and education companies are making millions on new Core-aligned materials,” Burris wrote. “There is big money being spent — and big money to be made — in the Common Core.”
  • Despite what its promoters say, Common Core is not based on standards used in foreign countries whose children have long histories of high academic performance. “For the life of me, I cannot figure out to which nations the Common Core standards were benchmarked,” Burris wrote. “They look nothing like the bare-boned standards of high-achieving Finland.”
  • Common Core will force all American schools to teach the same things whether they want to or not. “The combination of common, prescriptive standards, national tests and a re-alignment of the SAT and GED will act as a vise pushing schools toward similar curricular experiences for American students,” Burris wrote. “Make no mistake, this is by design.”

Common Core will teach students to study for tests and answer questions rather than think for themselves, Burris argued.

“The lack of imagination, as well as the lack of knowledge on how writing and critical thinking skills develop, is breathtaking,” Burris wrote of Common Core.

Do you believe the controversy over Common Core is legitimate? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. The solution? Move to another state. New Jersey is run by progressives and they want total government control.

  2. Rita Kelley, MSW, MEd

    America is so far behind other countries academically, especially in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math=STEM. We simply cannot compete on the global stage due to years’ worth of budget cuts to these vital areas of education. It was encouraging when we heard that Obama was aiming to be “the Education president.” Those dreams were dashed with our do-nothing congress and remnants of the Bush and Reagan administration. Now, many U.S. children are learning “creation science,” based on mythical, unproven Biblical theory that the earth is 6 thousand years old as well as being taught climate denial science–all part of the systematic dismantling of America that goes back 30 years. An ignorant, uneducated, unenlightened population is the goal of the .01%, the Koch Brothers et al–much easier to control.
    Check out the Gates’ relationship with Los Angeles School District superintendent, “Dr.” Deasy, fake PhD to get a glimpse into the Gates’ vision of the future of American Education. Deasy is a fraud, but was closely aligned with Bill & Melinda Gates. There is also a big push by the Republican party to eliminate the Department of Education, attempting to privatize America’s schools. When there’s profit motivation, there goes the last hope for quality Education. Also, check out all the institutions of higher learning that are accepting donations from the Koch brothers with the caveat that the Kochs choose the professors and determine what is taught.
    If you are Republican or Tea Party members, can you really afford to gamble with your childrens’ education, their future? You’re going to feel so silly when you finally see the current reality, how ALL of us, we fellow Americans, are all being lead down a rathole. We are all in this together, we are all victims of those who are seeking the destruction of America as we know it. Think of the 9 TRILLION dollars lost in the 2008 crash and not one person has had to account for the loss of $40,000 for every man, woman and child in the U.S. We all suffered as a result and are still suffering with unemployment, foreclosures, loss of savings, loss of pensions, loss of retirement…one thing we all can do is: get together and vote most of the politicians who are in it for the money–vote them the hell out, this coming November 4th.

  3. “common core standards”? Aren’t standards supposed to be what they are judged by? ‘They have to live up to the standards’? Gelling kids they have to do multiplication a particular way, especially a stupid way like ‘draw circles then put hash marks in the circles…’ isn’t a standard, it;s a method. A standard would be ‘they need to know how to do multiplication out to 4 figures by grade 7’ or something. This is the federal government (because that’s where it came down from) forcing children to do things in a dumb way. Why? Learn here:

  4. As we have exported over 3 million technology jobs, the government simply wants to prepare our youth for the remaining minimum wage service sector part time jobs or government jobs that require zero-tolerance no thought process nazi like jobs such as TSA agents.

    So common core now teaches kids to hate math and science to discourage future participation in those sectors. Along with zero-tolerance prison camp schools, future citizens will not notice the police state we are currently in.

  5. The 20 th century expirement is over…we are going back to what 99% of all of history has been, a few people in control, the rest of us slaves. And ironically the subjigation of the masses is being done via high technology!

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