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Raw Milk Is Poison — Legislators Claim While Maintaining Ban

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Raw milk is still illegal in Montana, as the state’s Senate killed a bill that would have allowed for limited sales of the unpasteurized product.

“It does not provide adequate disease, drug or antibiotic testing,” Krista Lee Evans said of House Bill (HB) 325. Evans represents the Montana Milk Producers Association.

Others agreed.

“We have found through the years and years of public health work … that pasteurization does its work,” state Sen. Jill Cohenour, a Democrat, said. “It protects us from the sicknesses that can come from raw milk.”

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HB 325 would have allowed farmers to sell raw cow, sheep and goat milk directly to the public, AgWeek reported. Sale of raw milk in retail stores still would have been illegal.

HB 325 was written and introduced by State Representative Nancy Ballance and sponsored in the Senate by Keith Regier. Both are Republicans.

Ballance called HB 325 the “ultimate freedom bill.” Ballance introduced similar bills that failed in 2013 and 2015.

“Processing foods takes valuable nutrients out of the food,” Regier said. “Steamed or raw vegetables are said to be healthier. Many of you eat salad with raw ingredients.”

Raw milk sales are illegal in 20 states, according to Eight states allow raw milk to be sold through cow share agreements, 17 states allow sales direct from the farm and 13 states allow it to be sold in stores.

Do you believe the sale of raw milk should be legal? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. In my experience studying microbiology, it is the antibiotic injected products and close crowding conditions that make products become contaminated. IF the raw produced milk is provided in an open area where there isn’t much crowding of animals, the milk is much more LESS LIKELY to contain any negative bacteria or viruses, especially those of E.coli and Salmonella.

    But I would think with all the research that has been done that BOTH republicans and democrats would know this? I mean, don’t they both have to read the news? That less crowded and non-antibiotic injected animals would provide BETTER products, has been learned to be true for the past 12 years!

    • “But I would think with all the research that has been done that BOTH republicans and democrats would know this?” Some are ill-informed idiots, and likely most do know, but don’t want to offend their Big Dairy donors.

  2. The reps don’t care about our food or things that most people care about. They are slid campaign contributions from Big Pharma, Big Vax and Big Food and others.

    Maria Rodale, the author of The Organic Manifesto, sent copies of her book to PA Senators and Congress people to show them that organics will save us and GMOs will kill us. They never read the book.

  3. Hi folks. Prohibition of selling raw milk is absolutely nonsens. It’s all a matter of cleanliness. If the farmer ensures absolute cleanliness from the cows dug/udder till the cooler/dispenser raw milk is not dangerous. Except you are living in sterile world. 😉 A negligent and careless farmer will not only harm his customers, but also himself. He could not penalized for by authorities, but by consumers: They just won’t buy anymore anything from him. I’m already drinking raw cow milk for more than a year. Till now without any harm. There is a stream in Germany: Farmers selling products directly to the end consumers. Also raw milk. It’s called: “Milchtankstelle”. Just try a well known search engine for pictures and further information. You have to ensure that the milk stays cold while carrying home. I have to drive 15 Minutes to home and 1 liter stays “best before” 3 days.
    At least one Notification: It’s recommended by the Ministry of Agricultre, the consumer shall cook the milk for at least one to three minutes at 70 degrees celsius.
    So, enjoy your fresh milk. Cheers!

  4. We all know that processed foods will harm you. When farmers continue to practice cleanliness, they will continue to have a good reputation, and their business will thrive.

  5. This is total hog wash!
    Been drinking raw milk for 48 years. Years ago my Grandfather delivered his unpasteuized milk in bottles to door steps were it would sit until the home owner put it in the icebox. He never had a proble. I now own and live on this very small dairy that was his. I only milk 45 cows a day. My bacteria count is at the bottom of the scale for a grade A dairy but becuse i dont produce enough milk in a week the creamy pays me a grade B price. The problem is with the big dairies there is just no way to keep the bacteria out of the milk. The cows live in there own waste! I also believe the pasteurization proses is to kill most of the medications that these cows are pumped up with.
    Wish I could find it. Years ago in the Dairy Journal. There was a study on the bacteria count in raw and pasteurized milk. By the end of the study the good bacteria in the raw milk had killed most of the bad bacteria and the pasteurized milk was just loaded with bad bacteria. This study needs to be repeated!

  6. It’s better to be safe than sorry and based on what I know pasteurized milk is safer than unpasteurized milk. At the way most of you are complaining you all sound like idiots that refuse to vaccinate their children.

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