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School Bans Kids From Playing Tag – ‘They Touch Too Hard’

School Bans Kids From Playing Tag – ‘They Touch Too Hard’

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FOLSOM, Calif. — Tag, touch football and any sort of physical contact are now prohibited at California’s Gold Ridge Elementary School.

Principal David Frankel banned such activities to protect children from getting hurt.

“Today we implemented new procedures at school aimed at reducing physical contact and related problem behaviors,” Frankel wrote in a note to parents. “Student(s) were instructed that physical contact, including tag games, touch football, etc. were not allowed in the yard.”

Frankel emailed four parents with a warning and a description of the discipline their children will face for playing too rough, The Sacramento Bee reported.

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“Today your child received a warning for unsafe/physical play (i.e tag/pushing),” Frankel wrote. “They walked with the yard supervisor for the remainder of recess.”

One child interviewed by the CBS affiliate in Sacramento said some kids were playing too rough.

“My principal, he doesn’t want us to have tag at school because people, they touch too hard,” fourth-grader Mallory Giddens said. “I don’t really like it. I mean, I don’t really play tag but I don’t think it’s fair to everyone else that plays tag”

Students at the school in Folsom, a Sacramento suburb, face three levels of punishment for playing too hard, The Bee reported. The levels are:

  1. Warning and walk with yard supervisors.
  2. Referral to the principal’s office and removal from yard for a day.
  3. A “parent-teacher-principal disciplinary conference.”

The ban is only at Gold Ridge and not throughout the entire Folsom Cordova Unified School District.

What do you think? Should tag be banned if some kids are playing too rough? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. Tag should not be banned, the Principal should be removed.

  2. WOW. Just … WOW! Don’t you feel like the kids who get tagged “too rough” are weak? Even the punishment is higher too. There’s really no way to stop getting hurt while playing. You just have to deal with it. It’s really surprising how this can happen.

  3. What will those children do when they grow up and have the misfortune to bump into somone like ISIS?

  4. Children (actually all humans) needs physical contact.
    For girls it is in general accepted if they touch each other.
    But for boys it is considered a feminine thing, so not acceptable. However the need is still there. The boys make up for it by doing all kinds of rough plays, where it is necessary to touch each other (in a non feminine way).
    You see it even when adult males do sports, after a score often big hugging goes on.

  5. Hey, let’s make it illegal for puppies to play with each other too.

  6. I’d say it’s Kalifornia, after all.
    Unfortunately this has gone world wide.

  7. Well i think they shouldn’t ban tag THAT’S JUST STUPID if someone playes to rough well…DEAL WITH IT OR JUST TELL THEM TO NOT PLAY ROUGH, and tag has a been a game since i was little so I DISAGREE WHO EVER DESIDES to BAN TAG IS STUPID LIKE WTF… ok im done, sorry if i spelled wrong, deal with it too

  8. In the world we live in of everyone gets a high five and participation trophy this does no shock me one bit but what are we teaching kids with this that when one thing does not go their way they just have to cry and sit back and it will fix itself its OBSERD we a re building a generation of sorry to say but losers they dont fight for anything they just figure if they participate they will rewarded but sorry to say but thats not how life works and this only adds to the problem

  9. what is up with all the schools now it is like the kids can’t play any games now WTF

  10. Haha this is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid all over again

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