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Shocking Murders By ‘Bored’ Teens Give US Preview Of Doomsday Unrest

chris lane

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Preppers are concerned with a host of scenarios, but life-threatening civil unrest dangers exist with every doomsday theory.

Folks in rural and suburban areas may feel insulated from the violence which will quickly erupt on city streets after either a man-made or natural disaster, but that type of blissfully unaware living could get them killed in short order.

The increase in shootings and other types of violent crimes in American on any typical day are good indicators of the types of dangers Americans will face during a time of lawlessness and civil unrest. The youth involved in high-profile crimes which have recently made headlines show a total disregard for human life.

These extremely horrific murders are committed not with the goal of stealing, are not drug or alcohol induced, and are not in the heat of a domestic incident. They are for the sheer joy of killing or because the killers were merely “bored.” This illustrates how deadly our streets are in broad daylight now.

Imagine how much more dangerous your neighborhood will become after a man-made or natural disaster. Unless a solar flare or EMP attack makes vehicles inoperable, the marauding hordes of both panicked law-abiding citizens and evildoers will make their way to the suburbs and countryside. If cars no longer run, they will still come – just more slowly.

How To Defend Yourself And Your Family Against The New Breed Of Lowlife Criminal Scum

Violent Crimes in America

  • Chris Lane, and Australian student attending a college on a baseball scholarship was gunned down in the middle of the afternoon of small-town Oklahoma. The three teenagers who ultimately confessed to pulling up behind Lane as he jogged and shooting him in the back stated the random murder was done out of boredom.
  • Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were tortured and murdered in Knoxville, Tenn., while walking in a “good neighborhood” to have dinner at a friend’s apartment. Newsom, 23, was a former high school baseball player who also worked as a carpenter, Christian was a 21-year-old University of Tennessee student. Newsom was bound and gagged, as the five young attackers tied his own shoestrings around his neck. The victim was then beaten and raped with an object. After the rape and beating, Newsom was walked onto a railroad track and shot in the back. The young man was paralyzed by the shots, but not killed, so the attackers shot him in the head again. Once the murder was complete, gas was poured on the lifeless body and the attackers set the corpse on fire. Christian was also bound, raped in “every way possible” for hours, beaten, had bleach poured down her throat and onto her body and wrapped inside trash bags. A plastic bag was tied around her head. She suffocated slowly and ultimately died.
  • De’Marquise Elkins, also a teenager, is accused of shooting a 13-month-old baby in the face after because his mother had no money to give him when ordered to do so. Baby Antonio and his mother Sherry West were out on a morning stroll at the time of the senseless and horrific shooting. The baby died and the murder trial has just begun.

As previously reported by Off The Grid News, a recent Pew Research Center study on the American family revealed some startling facts about the home atmosphere in which the last two generation of citizens have been raised. Incidents of child abuse, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, violent youth crime and poverty are on the rise. The societal breakdown and a general lack of morality became evident while reviewing the study’s findings. If a lack of empathy is truly becoming commonplace in the United States, the threat of civil unrest after a disaster is a very deadly proposal indeed.

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  1. A citizen of the serveral states

    I wonder if the youth responsible for these violent crimes were raised primarily by their parents or if they spent a large amount of time away from their parents in day cares and/or in schools. Perhaps a research project can be done by interested individuals.

  2. The youth in every one of these were black. The victims were white.

    I have no doubt the same viciousness is in white youth, but the percentages are smaller as crime statistics prove.

    In any critical situation, everyone becomes suspect and the idea of not profiling will get you killed. Everyone profiles, every moment of every day on more than just danger. You see an old lady at a cross walk, you profile her as someone that may need help. You see a dog bear its fangs and growl and you profile it as something to leave alone.

    If and when a SHTF situation arises – you better be in a community that knows each other and can rely on each other. Strangers won’t be very welcome at all and as the Oklahoma incident proves, even people on your own street will gun you down.

    • There’s no difference between blacks and whites. They are both violent. For every heinous murder committed by a black, you can find an equally heinous murder committed by a white. I’d say they are about equal. It’s just that whites don’t want to face the fact that when it comes to violence, they aren’t any more superior to any other race.

  3. I very much think that when SHTF happens, people will be out for blood. This isnt the same breed of people that waited in the breadlines wearing a suit in the 1920s. Socialism built a horde of self entitled people who will turn their communities upside down when the EBT cards stop working.

    I came across a survival mindset game that I actually just bought, its something really cool that helps you dig deep and answer tough questions about the decisions you may have to make in case society collapses. Here is the link if someone is interested, it looks alright and its cheap too.

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