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Shocking: Police Search Car 90 Minutes For Concealed Carrier’s Legal Gun

police concealed carry maryland

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A traveling family was stopped and detained by police in Maryland simply because the father had a concealed carry permit. Florida resident John Filippidis said officers in Maryland detained his family and searched his vehicle for more than 90 minutes – looking for a gun — only because he had a permit to carry a pistol.

Ironically, Filippidis’ pistol was back home in Florida at the time of the search. The business owner had left the gun at home when and his family took a road trip to a family wedding in New Jersey.

“I know the laws and I know the rules,” Filippidis said of carrying a gun while crossing state lines. “But I just think it’s a better idea to leave it home.”

Law-Abiding Gun Owner Treated like Criminal

It is easy to see why the Hudson, Florida, resident is so upset with the Maryland Transportation Authority Police (MTAP).

Filippidis’ troubles began when he, his wife and children were driving through the Fort McHenry Tunnel on I-95 near Baltimore on New Year’s Eve, The Tampa Tribune reported. An officer in an unmarked MTAP vehicle pulled their car over and made them sit and wait for around ten minutes while the officer checked on them. Filippidis said he knew he was not speeding, and he even noticed that cars were passing him when police pulled up behind him.

The officer eventually returned and said, “You own a gun. Where is it?” The officer didn’t explain how he had learned that Filippidis owned a gun or had a concealed carry permit.

“At home in my safe,” Filippidis responded.

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The officer told the family not to move, then started asking the family members about the gun.

“Your husband owns a gun,” the officer asked Filippidis, according to the newspaper. “Where is it?”

She first said, “I don’t know.” Then she added, “Maybe in the glove [box]. Maybe in the console. I’m scared of it. I don’t want to have anything to do with it. I might shoot right through my foot.”

The officer then told John, “You’re a liar. You’re lying to me. Your family says you have it. Where is the gun? Tell me where it is and we can resolve this right now.”

The officer called for backup and three marked police cars pulled up.

The police then treated the Filippidis family like criminals, as John and his wife Kally were patted down. They were then made to sit in a patrol car with their children while officers searched their SUV. Officers even checked inside the engine compartment and door panels.

The incident ended with an officer writing Filippidis a warning. After all the bother the family was allowed to go on its way.

“All that time, he’s humiliating me in front of my family, making me feel like a criminal,” John Filippidis said of the incident. I’ve never been to prison, never declared bankruptcy, I pay my taxes, support my 20 employees’ families; I’ve never been in any kind of trouble.”

“And he wants to put me in jail,” Filippidis told The Tampa Tribune. “He wants to put me in jail. For no reason. He wants to take my wife and children away and put me in jail. In America, how does such a thing happen? … And after all that, he didn’t even write me a ticket.”

Kally said, “It felt like forever.”

Troubling Incident Unexplained

Even though the MTAP has apologized to the Filippidis, the incident is still troubling and unexplained. It is not known how officers learned that John Filippidis had a concealed carry permit, nor why he was stopped.

The incident is apparently still under investigation by officials in Maryland. The MTAP has refused to comment.

One person who is still troubled is John Filippidis. He told Tampa Tribune reporter Tom Jackson that he is seriously considering canceling his canceled carry permit.

Karl Denninger at says the solution the problem is to junk concealed carry laws and replace them with a nationwide “constitutional carry” law.

“The only solution to this is Constitutional Carry,” he wrote.That is, you have the right under the 2nd Amendment to carry, either openly or concealed, a firearm without applying for any sort of permit or asking for permission from the government first.”

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  1. The Constitutional Carry sounds like exactly what is needed. Hope Congress can get their wits together and pass the bill. It might not make it through the Presidental signature. The license plate check in some states can report to whomever makes the check that there is a possible Concealed Carry individual on board. Do not know if all the states make this information public, but the state I am in does. It is reported to the DMV in our state. This story tells me to leave it at home when I go to the Northeast.

    • This is the most incompetent, and ineffective Congress in the history of the US [my thinking] With this President emasculating it from the start, Obama has written over 1000 Executive orders since his inauguration and counting-more than all Presidents combined. He’s going to do more. I can say almost certainly Obama will not sign a Const. carry bill. He thinks no-one should have a gun except Military and his goons…He is becoming the most hated Pres. in the US history. What a legacy…My family is giving serious thought of leaving the US permanently. I have a couple of friends that already have. I’m not coming back to revisit this issue because I’m thinking of going off-line permanently. My prayers are with my patriot brother and sisters… God Bless

  2. Wake up People!! What we’ve known is coming for a long time is now about to over take us. It’s time we stopped doing what we are doing and get things right. We can’t just sit back and take it easy anymore. Only we can prevent it from happening. First, there was Oklahoma City, then 9/11, then Katrina. Now this. What’s next? We have got to work together or it’s over for our kids and all future Americans. We all know this began when Ike was elected President with help from the big European money machines who just wanted a piece of America. He got his interstate highway system and the first step was taken. JFK, RFK, MLK died and who lied about it? Everybody who knew. Nixon’s daughter married Ike’s grandson and we got another generation closer to the end. Carter almost blew the top off, but that rabbit did him in. 8 years of Reagan, 4 for Bush Sr., then 8 for Willie and who steps in??? That’s right — Bush, Jr. and the final key was turned. They got their man Obama in and leading the way and this is our last chance. Well, I’m not going to take it sitting down and you shouldn’t either. Our kids are next and no one cares.

  3. The wife sure made things WORSE. She should have backed up her husband.

    Also, she should KNOW how to put the safety on, and how to put it in a safe place.

  4. Really? This shit goes on every day. This story has been reported on in more places then just this artical.

    • It sure does. I have a few Leos as friends but I sure don’t discuss my political views with any of them at least not anymore. Trust can only go so far then the cop in them takes over. The instincts in the Leos take over when Political views are shared, It’s real plain in the expressions on their faces. My wife has even cautioned me on this issue. real good advice.

  5. This pig should be fired and in jail.
    This is a civil rights case and there was no probable cause to stop in the first place. If he allowed the vehicle search, which would be a huge mistake, the that’s questionable. Never consent to a search of any kind!
    There should be a rather large lawsuit either way. Excessive force at a minimum.
    We are becoming Nazi Germany.

  6. This is not a 2nd Amendment violation. This is a 4th Amendment violation.

  7. THAT right there is why any permits are wrong. With the police state growing more and more evil and powerful by the day, they have NO need to know who is armed and who is not. They’d be a lot more respectful if they faced a public that was properly armed.

  8. Maryland is a code word for Nazi and is a police state …anyone familiar with the Socialist State of Maryland knows what I am talking about. This state is a embarrassment to the Republic of the United States of America…a total sham of what was once a free state…but no more. Boycott anything from or in the state of Maryland until they correct the many errors and wrongs done to the citizens of the USA!!!

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