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State Baned Sunscreen At School. Then A Girl Stayed Outside Too Long.

State Bans Sunscreen At School. Then A Girl Stayed Outside Too Long.

It apparently is going to take a change in state law to give kids the right to use sunscreen at schools in Washington state

Senate Bill (SB) 5404 would allow children to possess and use over-the-counter sunscreen on school property, AP reported. Under the current state law, it is illegal to have sunscreen at school without a note from a licensed healthcare professional.

Sadly, though, the law was not proposed until two children were badly burned at a school function.

“Two of my three children experienced significant sunburns,” Jesse Michener, the Tacoma mother credited with inspiring SB 5404, wrote on her blog in 2015. “Like, hurts-to-look-at burns.”

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Michener’s daughters, Violet and Zoe, experienced the sunburns at field day because officials with the Tacoma Public Schools would not allow them to use sunscreen. Disturbingly, one of the teachers who refused to let the girls use sunscreen was using it in front of the girls as they burned.

Zoe Michener suffers from albinism, a condition that makes her white vulnerable to sunburn. But school officials said they could not allow the girl to use sunscreen.

After she posted the story on her blog, Michener heard from parents across the country whose schools have a similar policy that treats sunscreen as a drug.

The Washington State House of Representatives passed the bill unanimously, Reason reported. Legislatures in California, Texas and Oregon have passed similar legislation.

The Tacoma Schools banned sunscreen use because some chemicals in the lotions might cause allergic reactions in children, District spokesman Dan Voelpel told ABC News in 2015.

What is your reaction? Do you think sunscreen should be allowed? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. How stupid can they get? I have had Vitilaigo since about the age of 5, a loss of pigmentation in the skin. I burn in only a few minutes too. But clothing with high SPF, and sunscreen combined with staying indoors make it possible for me to live in Florida. If I forget I regret it, but I get sunburned anywhere on the planet, even in Scotland where it rains nearly every day. We endanger the entire school population to maybe protect one that may be allergic, why not identify that one and protect that one from sunscreen.

  2. You spelled “banned” wrong in the title.

  3. They cannot keep the girls from using their own ‘lotion’. Google: “Wellness Mama homemade sunscreen”

  4. this is BULLS***. students are aren’t allowed, yet adults are?????

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