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State Threatens Mom: Vaccinate Entire Family Or Lose Baby

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Tacoma, Washington, resident Jamie Smith faces a stark choice: Get a flu shot or lose her foster child. The state of Washington could take Smith’s two-week-old foster son if she and her family do not get the flu vaccine.

All foster families with children under two are now required by Washington State’s Department of Social & Health Services (DSHS) to get flu shots, TV station KOMO reported.

She is willing, she says, to let the state take the foster baby in order to avoid vaccinating her other children. She has five children.

“I’ve done a lot of research on it and I don’t like some of the side effects that it has,” Smith told the station. “Unfortunately, I have to think about our kids who are in the house first and to me they’re more important, their safety, than trying to fight to keep this little guy.”

Forced Vaccinations in Seattle

The foster mom wants to help stop the forced vaccination of foster families.

“I’m hoping that we can raise enough of a voice so that the state will give waivers so the children will not be taken out of their homes,” Smith said.

There is a shortage of foster families in Washington, and forced vaccination will make the situation worse, she said.

She faces a deadline of the end of February. The state defended its policy.

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“Our rules are designed to protect the safety and well-being of children, which is the sole focus of DSHS Children’s Administration,” a Department press release stated. “We selected this age group because these are the children who are most vulnerable to illness. We are examining issues being brought to our attention now and have made no decisions regarding changes.”

Seven other babies have come through her home, Smith said.

Nurses Forced to Get Vaccinated

Smith is not the only person fighting forced vaccination in Washington State. KOMO reported that the Washington State Nurses Association has sued the hospital company MultiCare over its forced vaccination policy.

Story continues below the video:

“Some nurses have been forced to take the vaccine even though they have personal or religious objection because they’re afraid of losing their jobs,” Heather Stephen-Selby of the nurses unions told KOMO. The union filed a suit against MultiCare, which operates Tacoma General Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, Washington.

“If they don’t comply they can be fired, and that’s a completely different animal than we’ve seen in the past,” Stephen-Selby said of the policy.

No other healthcare system in Washington State has a mandatory vaccination policy, she said.

The union is representing two nurses who refused to get vaccinated and are afraid of losing their jobs.

“This is an impossible situation for me,” one of the nurses wrote. “I am terrified of the implications that losing my job would entail.” That nurse wants to skip the vaccination because she’s allergic to eggs; some vaccines contain egg material.

Strangely enough, the flu vaccine at the center of the controversy may not even work. Data from the CDC shows that this year’s flu vaccine is only 23 percent effective, Fox News reported.

Do you believe foster families should be forced to get the flu shot? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. This is nothing less than Big Brother bullying.
    Aside from the fact that the flu shot has proven totally ineffective and can have side effects of its own, the government has no business telling responsible adults how to protect their own health and that of their children.
    This is over the top.

    • I would simply tell officials there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to think about. WHY wait until February, come get the baby now. LET THE STATE DEAL WITH A 2 MONTH OLD INFANT!!!!! In February, it will be easier for officials to care for the child because he’s a little older. The state is NOT CONCERNED about the child, otherwise the parental gaurdian aka foster mom would have the courtesy of deciding!!!
      I’m Sharing this story and supporting your decision!!

  2. Mom Threatens Lives of Kids, May Lose All Of Them

    Would this person also refuse to get an Ebola vaccination if that were an epidemic here? THE FLU IS KILLING PEOPLE. Right now. In America. Including otherwise healthy children. Even if you don’t care about yourself, at least protect your children, whom you will likely infect if you catch the flu. “But the vaccine only covers 4 strains!” Correct. People who know way more about this subject than you or me — and who do this as their life’s work — try to predict the 4 strains which will be most prevalent and deadly in the upcoming flu season, so as to protect the most people. Do you think you can do a better job predicting if you’ll catch the flu, and if so which strain? Or that getting vaccinated against 0 strains is somehow smarter than getting vaccinated for 4 strains? “But I think the flu shot makes me feel tired for a day!” Don’t you think dying with fever and respiratory failure from the flu is worse than any potential side effect from the vaccine that you can conjure up? None of which are proven, by the way, whereas the flu vaccine is proven to decrease both the incidence and severity of flu. Having a personal agenda against “the government” is a deplorable excuse for playing Russian Roulette with children’s lives.

    • The flu shot itself IS KILLING PEOPLE. Right now. In America. Nothing to do with an agenda against the government; it’s about protecting our health from something that is not that effective, and can clearly make us incredibly sick or dead.

    • You left out the mercury and aluminum used in vaccines. Don’t forget that loving beneficial dose of toxic metal. Yes people are dying of the flu and thanks to those wonderful minds guessing the 4 strains, 77% will still die. If vaccines or any other concept pushed by the authoritarian government was such a great, no-brainer (common sense as the anti freedom anti gun crowd says all the time), then they wouldn’t have to mandatory, people would be lining up like black Friday to get them.

  3. In my personal experience, through getting a flu shot and watching others around me get a flu shot, the flu shots themselves can make you sick. Terribly! Also, there has been people and a lot of children this year who have gotten the flu shot and died a few days after. I don’t trust it. Neither do I think we should be bullied into getting it not knowing how our bodies or that of our children will react to it. Especially since it’s not even that effective to begin with. We’ve always boasted up our immunities and battled any flu that came alone by ourselves without the shot, thank you very much. And we’ve been fine. The flu is even less severe and ends quicker on its own.

  4. Looks like someone did not read all the rules of becoming a foster parent….

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