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Student Threw A Paper Airplane. He Now Faces 30 Days In Jail.

Student Threw A Paper Airplane. He Now Faces 30 Days In Jail

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ANDERSON, S.C. — A high school student was charged with assault and battery for throwing a paper airplane in class. If he is convicted of the charge, David Michael Elliott, 17, could be sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Elliott was arrested, booked into the Georgetown County Detention Center in South Carolina, and released on a $1,087.50 bond on Jan. 10, The South Strand News reported.

He was arrested and charged after throwing a paper airplane that struck teacher Edward McIver in the eye during class at Andrews High in Georgetown, S.C.

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“That’s the law enforcement side,” Andrews High School Principal Michelle Greene said. “That is a violation of school policy, but if law enforcement … deem it necessary to get a warrant for it, then that’s what happens. The school does not interfere with law enforcement business, and they don’t interfere with ours.”

School resource officer and Georgetown County Sheriff’s Deputy Paul Glover decided to charge Elliott with third-degree assault and battery, a misdemeanor, after the 17-year-old said he was trying to hit McIver in the head with the paper plane. McIver instead was hit in the eye, which appeared very red, The South Strand News reported. McIver recently had had ocular surgery.

“If any employee believes a crime has taken place, we report it,” said Alan Walters, the director of Safety and Risk Management for the Georgetown County School District. “Law enforcement makes a decision if a crime occurred or not and, if it did, whether they choose to file charges or not.”

The teacher apparently told Glover that he and the student had had past confrontations and “something needs to be done.”

Do you believe the student should have been charged? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. Did the 17 year get put in court

  2. That is just sad. He was trying to be funny, not assault his teacher. The world is getting worse and worse every day.

  3. The idea that the 17 year old had confrontation with this teacher.more than likely he’s a bully and seems to me the teacher tried to ignore his advances.the point on that paper plane if made tight is sharp as a pin .Teach the boy a lesson.put him on ground clean up after school 180 days and if he continues his taunts send him to a bad boy school.or give him 30 days and summer school.maybe he,ll show respect to the teacher that’s teaching him.back in my day we had a gym.if you taught a teacher they could put you in the ring and box it out

  4. It was wrong what the student did, but the fact that the student is facing time in jail is ridiculous.

  5. I think it should be up to Mr. McIver. If the he wants the boy to pay, then he should. But I think time in jail is a bit too much. I’m pretty sure David has learned his lesson not to throw paper airplanes at people’s heads.

  6. this shit is so stupid jail time over a damn paper airplane he was just goofing off this world is going to shit. yes it was wrong but jesus christ its not like the teacher is going to go blind it was a PAPER airplane grow tf up ppl.

  7. That’s cool

  8. i hate Donald Trump. He makes me vomit.

  9. i ate that child

  10. Throwing a paper airplane really

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