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The World’s Water Shortage Is Far Worse Than We Thought

The World’s Water Shortage Is Far Worse Than We Thought

More than half of the world’s population is facing a severe water shortage, according to a new study that shows around 4 billion people suffer severe water scarcity for at least one month out of the year.

“Freshwater scarcity is a major risk to the global economy, affecting four billion people directly,” one of the study’s authors, Arjen Y. Hoekstra, told The New York Times.

The world’s population is currently around 7.4 billion people.

The water shortage is far worse than previously thought, Hoekstra and his colleague, Mesfin M. Mekonnen, each of the University of Twente in the Netherlands, discovered. Earlier studies estimated that between 1.7 and 3.1 billion people faced extreme water shortages.

“But since the remaining people in the world receive part of their food from the affected areas, it involves us all,” Hoekstra, a professor of water management, said.

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Water rationing, crop failure, food shortages and higher food prices could be among the effects of the shortages.

World Is Drying Up

Two potential effects of water scarcity are war and terrorism. Some observers blame the Syrian Civil War and the refugee crisis on a severe water shortage in Syria.

Most of those affected by water scarcity live in China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nigeria, Hoekstra said. The southern parts of the United States, including Texas, Arizona and much of California, also are impacted.

California is currently in the midst of a “mega-drought” that is devastating that state’s agriculture, Off The Grid News previously reported.

“That means that groundwater levels are falling, lakes are drying up, less water is flowing in rivers, and water supplies for industry and farmers are threatened,” Hoekstra said.

The study was published in the journal Science Advances.

Do you believe America is prepared for a water shortage? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. Lots are prepared, more will be prepared this year, hundreds will prepare this year. Just put in a pool, thousands of gallons of water at your fingertips. Just thinking of the billions of gallons of water in swimming pools is mind boggling. I live in a community of 143 homes, roughly half have a pool, not to mention the hot tubs, and homes with both. I live half a mile from a lake, and 60-70 miles east or west to the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico. We live 30 miles from the Rainbow River, a crystal clear river spring fed, 10 miles from Silver Springs, another spring fed river. There are also several other spring fed swimming areas close to home. Ah the convenience of having a pool in your back yard. And yes we were happy to dip a bucket into the next door pool after the hurricane took out our power, so we could flush the toilets. That was more convenient than a hike to the lake. I have fixed that problem now and have a small tank 250 gallons for collecting rain water. Where has all the water gone? look in your back yard.

    • P.S. I was intrigued by this so did some quick googling and some math. There is an estimated 10 million public and private swimming pools in the Unites States. averaging 13,000 gallons per pool comes to 130,000,000,000-Yes 130 billion gallons of water in swimming pools. Now estimate the amount of water evaporated in these pools and the daily demand for people to keep their pools filled. The simple water chart we saw in school never accounted for swimming pools being filled.
      Now to further add to the problem, how much drinking water is bottled and stored in warehouses, stores, homes, for emergency preparedness.

  2. Part of the water shortage in the US comes from our continued stupidity in living in areas that were once desert. We all get produce from California grown with water imported from Colorado. Water that is pumped to homes and golf courses and swimming pools. Maybe we need to convince more people to move to Florida where Curtiss lives? I live near Jamestown, VA the first English Settlement. We are across the river (lots of brackish water there) with damp swampland everywhere (which explains some of the complaints the first settlers had). My point is that there is lots of land in the US with lots of water still. But we keep thinking that it is okay to drain the aquifers instead. Or that we can still depend on snow pack even with global warming and population increases. If people would just consider that water is the most important survival item after air, maybe they would rethink where they live. Lol, I have a tiny creek that barely flows in summer. Told my husband whatever land we bought had to have at least a small source of water…I got it!

    • You’re right that people are stupid to live where there’s no water, but worse is the stupidity of the govt (?redundant) that has regulations that make it too expensive to turn sea water int fresh water via reverse osmosis. The Israelis, at onetime not having enough fresh water, now use this process industrially to provide plenty of fresh water for themselves with enough excess to sell to other water starved areas in the MidEast. CA could be doing the same, but the Dems there require the crisis to maintain their totalitarian control over the population.

      • Are you sure about that, last I had read, several democrats had purposed desalinization facilities along the coast. I know for instance Bradley Byrne, Trent Franks, Tom McClintock, Robert Woodall, and Rick Allen, were just some of the republicans that did not wish to be in favor of such facilities, as we don’t yet know if there are ill effects from using desalinization.

        However, there is also a problem with desalinization. Mankind has an idea that whatever problems arise they will fix them. Problem we need to focus on, is what do we do once the oceans run out?

  3. It is intentional shortage. We have drained numerous freshwater sources in the last few years, all for various excuses. We sell Great Lakes water to china etcetera. Take the food and water and control the people.

  4. People, wake up here! 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water!

    Look at a picture of the Earth. The blue and white stuff you see is water. Remember the water cycle you were taught about in school and our basic science lessons. Matter is neither created nor destroyed. Why, all of a sudden, do you think we are running out of water? I’ll tell you — because you are listening to the wrong people. Stop listening to the media, government, and liberals and start looking around you.

    What we have here is NOT a shortage of water, it’s a shortage of common sense and independent thinkers.

    • One caveat: You can’t drink the majority of the water in that picture. It’s salt water. But we have a story about how to desalinate! 🙂 //

  5. Look at the map.
    99% of the red areas are deserts that have been deserts for thousands of years.
    This article sounds like it came straight from the UN’s Agenda 21/2030 scare tactics.

  6. Hey people this just another UN Agenda 21 scare tactic. Use your head and remember what those of us born befor 1965 where taught. After that year nothing you were taught about nature is true. It all Great Society and UN. Claptrap.
    There is no water shortage possible in nature. All the water that was here when the earth was formed is still here. If you are one of those knuckle heads that fears “Global Warming” or Climate Change” I have news for you about a phisycal force of nature that is not changing and has not changed in a billion years and it is on all things that exist. It’s called gravity. Water can not leave the earth on its own NOTHING CAN. GET IT. YOU IDIOTS.
    It is just being moved around by nature and then it comes back down. The media is lying to you for the purpose of gaining total control of your life in every aspect. Wake the f.??(k up and turn off the television. It is your enemy. Gravity keeps our fett on the ground and it keeps water there as well. Things that have mass cannot be made non existent. Tell your government no. No to controlling your life. If you don’t personally and actively kick them out everyone that are not part of the one percent will be in ghettos. If you don’t understand this then at least get out of the way of those who do and will do something to stop it.

    • That comment just gave me cancer…first off people drink water and foods have water but they don’t come out of your body of pure water so it would need to be filtered but it cost too much just like it cost to much to make sea water fresh water. And Seriously you said climate change isn’t happening! Earth has changed so much because the Amazon Desert use to be part of the Amazon Rainforest Earths temps are rising do to us Humans cars, factories, and just almost everything.

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