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Town Bans The Tossing Of Candy In Parades Because Kids Might Get Hurt

Town Bans The Tossing Of Candy In Parades Because Kids Might Get Hurt

Image source: Flickr/Creative Commons

Overly aggressive trick or treaters have brought an end to a holiday tradition in West Chester, Penn.

Halloween Parade participants will no longer be able to toss candy to kids because – officials fear — they might fight over the candy and get hurt.

“They won’t have to struggle with other children who are trying to get the same thing,” Keith Kurowski, the director of the West Chester Parks and Recreation, told The Daily Local.

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Instead, candy will be handed out at four “distribution stations” to make sure every kid gets his or her fair share.

Kurowski blamed kids who were “overly aggressive getting to the freebies” for the change in procedure. Around 1,000 people usually take part in the parade, which has attracted up to 5,000 spectators in the past. Candy remains a big part of the fun.

“Candy is still going to be distributed on Halloween and for public safety reasons and the safety of our children it will be distributed differently,” Mayor Jordan Norley said. “Nonetheless, our children are going to have more sweets than they can eat.”

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  1. One day.. officials will rule that kids will get sun burn and potentially cancer so Halloween will be celebrated indoors. Trick or treating will be mailed via Amazon only..

    BTW, officials in Penn. should also ban piñatas because who knows! Someone could get hit with a bat! or ban blindfolds! The possibilities are endless in the name of safety!

    Thanks for the article!!

  2. Wha, What? Why?!?! This is just downright pitiful. Actually, scratch that, it’s stupid. Why don’t you ban walking and breathing while you at it.
    Stupid, just stupid.
    I really hope that other towns will be better than this.

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