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WATCH: Trump Shout At CNN Reporter: ‘You Are Fake News’

WATCH: Trump Shout At CNN Reporter: 'You Are Fake News'


NEW YORK — A CNN reporter tried asking President-elect Trump a question during Wednesday’s news conference. It didn’t go well.

Watch the exchange below:

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  1. CNN=ChickenNoodleNews. God bless president Trump! God bless America!

  2. The only thing fake is you traitor.

  3. “man, you’re never going to get any truth from us. We’ll tell you anything you want to hear; we lie like hell. We’ll tell you that, uh, Kojak always gets the killer, or that nobody ever gets cancer at Archie Bunker’s house, and no matter how much trouble the hero is in, don’t worry, just look at your watch; at the end of the hour he’s going to win. We’ll tell you any **** you want to hear. We deal in *illusions*, man! None of it is true! But you people sit there, day after day, night after night, all ages, colors, creeds… We’re all you know. You’re beginning to believe the illusions we’re spinning here. You’re beginning to think that the tube is reality, and that your own lives are unreal. You do whatever the tube tells you! You dress like the tube, you eat like the tube, you raise your children like the tube, you even *think* like the tube! This is mass madness, you maniacs! In God’s name, you people are the real thing! *WE* are the illusion!” ~Network

    I find the quote above perfectly sums up our media. ALL of it, regardless of who is running it, are dealing in the boredom business, because our own lives are not as “interesting”. News is designed to BE controversial; controversy gets RATINGS and ratings mean more money.

  4. 99.9999% of the social problems in this country are manufactured by the media. It is refreshing to see someone call them out for the continuous fiction they pass off as news.

  5. Isn’t it interesting that there is all this “garbage” from the *MSM* against Trump dissing CNN when Obama did the same for 8 years against any news outlet he didn’t like.
    What a bunch of hypocrites.

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