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Pocket Power X Review And Giveaway

Pocket Power X

Have you seen the Pocket Power X? It’s a great portable power supply that will do just about anything.

Well, we’re giving one away for free to a lucky Off The Grid News reader. Yep, that’s right: If you earn the most points (find out how below), you’ll pay zero, zilch, nada and get this great emergency and survival tool for free.

The PPX is a lithium-ion power pack that really packs a wallop. Its revolutionary new battery will provide enough power for just about any emergency you can think of. It can be charged off the house current, your car or even the sun, with the optional solar panel (the winner will get one of those too!).

Phone dead? Why use one of those little battery packs that can’t even fully charge it up? The PPX will allow you to charge your phone several times — or charge two phones at once — using its dual USB ports.

Car battery dead? No problem. This surprising little power pack will jump start any car with a dead battery. I even started mine 10 times in a row (with the car’s battery disconnected, just to see if it could do it). When I was done, it still had lots more power.

This handy power pack provides outputs in 5 volts DC, 12 volts DC (special jumper cable connection), and 19 volts DC for powering a laptop. The most common laptop power connectors are included, so you can use it with virtually any brand.

The PPX comes with the 110 Mobile, a compact 120 volt AC voltage inverter that connects to the 12 volt output. This allows you to use the PPX to power a whole host of other devices, which normally require you being at home and having the power on. That increases its utility.

For electrical power on the road, at home in an emergency or even while camping, the PPX provides whatever you need. It’s a great little unit.

And now, you’ve got an opportunity to get one for free. Just follow the directions below to throw your name in the hat to win your very own. Or, if you don’t want to wait to get your own, click here to buy one.


Here’s What You Need To Do For Your Chance To Win


Please answer the following question in the comments section at the bottom of the page:
Tell us why you think this would be a great off the grid item in a crisis and why you think you should win it?
Sign up to win using the form below and share this video with your friends.
Every friend that you get to sign up earns you 5 points. The person with the most points at the end of the contest wins the Pocket Power X!


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  2. Jacob Samborski

    Had several power outages does to bad weather, need more backup power for smaller equipment so main backup generator doesn’t have work so hard.

  3. This little baby looks like just the thing for me: perfectly portable, and powerful enough to handle whatever emergency comes up.
    I work 24 miles from my home, I’m nearly 70 years old, and I am always concerned about being able to get back home in case of an emergency. The PPX is versatile, so knowing that I can start my car, charge my phone or laptop, or have a light really eases my mind and makes me feel safe.
    And the fact that the PPX is small means that it can be tucked into my purse, right next to my little .380. Security and peace of mind – priceless at any price.

  4. I think I’d be a good recipient of this device because I’m one of the few people who have actually lived alone and off grid for many years and I believe before you can really, seriously evaluate a product like this one, you have to have actually walked the walk

  5. Jacqueline F Mason

    I think I should win the Pocket Power X because, unlike many who are self sufficient or preparing for an emergency, I represent those who don’t have a clue how to set up ANYTHING to use as power! The unit and its accessories look quite easy to use, even for a novice and mechanically/technology-deficent person like me! It would certainly find a good home with me!

  6. PPX… Not being able to trust the US power grid… with the idiots running this country BEHIND the scenes, They may TRIP the wrong ‘button’ and we – the U.S. will have no power. WE as survivalists NEED to be ahead of the ‘game’

  7. Patrick E Toelle

    Having a power source like this would solve a number of issues when I am traveling. If I can’t win one, then maybe I will just buy one…

  8. Being a female, just the thought of having to put myself in possible further danger in an emergency situation by having to rely on or even just having to ask someone I don’t know for help is something I’d much rather just avoid completely whenever possible. The only way to be able to do this is simply be as prepared as I can prior to the almost countless situations that can occur at anytime and from anyplace. Doesn’t matter if it happens at home, on vacation, dark parking lot or just on your way home from the store. It’s a very sad truth that many men and even other women view females, the elderly, teens & children as an easy target. I plan to do whatever I possibly can to ensure that I’m not in a position where someone could take advantage of any poor situation that I may encounter.
    The PPX has so many incredible and actually useful functions as well as attachments! The light alone I would undoubtedly find unlimited uses for alone! I love that not only is it small enough that I could easily fit one in my purse, glove box, backpack and of course emergency kit’ but it also has available attachments such as a solar AND wind charger in addition to being able to simply plug it in so I’d always have access to several methods to charge the PPX. I really love that I’d be able to see how much power I have left at given time as well. Being able to charge my phone, iPad & other devices is great but to be able to charge a car battery! That’s HUGE! The PPX is simply a must have item for everyone but even more importantly so for all of us Wife’s, Mothers, Daughters, Grandparents, Teens and Children! Thanks for creating a device that will add safety & peace of mind by providing some very important multi use functions that at the very least will ensure I can either get home or charge my own phone too call someone I can trust should I ever need additional help, plus I’ll never be stuck in the dark no matter where I’m at ever again! These are just a few but also important reasons why I’d really love to win a PPX of my own.

  9. Im always out an about an i have medical proublems this would be perfect for me for my phone an other things

  10. I believe the PPX can be a powerful tool in so many situations, such as camping, times of emergency and many more. I only wish I had one with me last weekend while camping in Oregon. My son and his friends had to run their cars just to recharge their cell phones numerous times, which takes too much time and fuel, not to mention the pollution from autos and the noise associated with this activity. I would love to add one to my arsenal of tools and gadgets.

  11. I live not to far from the Gulf of Mexico. Being this close and being a widow I have to make sure I have some type of off grid power just in case I have some bad weather come thru my area

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