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The Key To Protecting Your Home And Family From Violent Mobs

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The strategy for dealing with a mob attacking your home, even if it only has 10 people in it, is much different than that for dealing with a burglar in your home. You can’t wait for the mob like you can the burglar. Instead, you need to attack hard and fast, dealing a decisive blow before they can do the same to you.

Figuring out the when and how to attack in a case like this is difficult. The law allows you to use deadly force in self-defense and in many states in the defense of your home. The problem with that is that it leaves the initiative in the hands of the bad guys. Between them having the initiative and them outnumbering you, things could look pretty bad.

You can’t wait until they break into your home. At the same time, you have to wait long enough for it to be obvious that their intent is to break into your home. In other words, you can’t sit there with a sniper rifle and pick them off down the street. Any court would see that as murder.

Basically, you have to stop them between the time they cross your property line and your front door. That doesn’t leave you a lot of time or a lot of room. So, you’ve got to be ready to hit them hard and fast, once there is no doubt that they are intending to attack your home. In other words, once they cross your property line with weapons in their hands.

The military strategy most appropriate in such a situation is the ambush. By definition an ambush is a prepared attack, where the enemy is allowed to enter into a kill zone and then is attacked by surprise. It is a brutal, violent attack, which puts all the advantage in the hands of the ambusher. In this case, it puts all the advantage in your hands.

Everything You Need To Know To Keep Your Home And Family Safe.

Since speed and violence are hallmarks of an ambush, you need as many shooters working together as you can get. Trying to ambush that mob by yourself isn’t going to be anywhere near as effective as three or four family members shooting together.

Preparing Your Home

So, the goal is that you need to prepare to ambush the mob between your property line and your front door. This will be much more effective if you fortify your front door to make it harder for them to break through. The extra time that it would take for them to break through your door could be just what you need to be able to succeed with your ambush. See a previous article on fortifying your front door here.

The next two things you need to determine go hand in hand. They are the firing positions for every member of your family and the location you want the enemy to be in when you ambush them. This location is known as the “fire sack” or the “kill zone.” Ideally, it should be about halfway between your property line and your front door, centered on your home.

Each family member that is going to participate in the ambush needs a prepared firing position. By prepared, I mean that it is someplace they can shoot from, that is somewhat protected. Never put all your family members together, but spread them out. If you are all together, it’s too easy to kill you all. By spreading out, you improve your chances of survival.

If you have a two-story home, use the upstairs windows as your firing positions. It is easier for you to shoot down into the mob than it is for them to shoot up at you. At the same time, one or two family members that can shoot from the first floor can watch to make sure that someone hasn’t crept up close to the house.

You have to assume that your attackers are going to be shooting back. Therefore, your firing positions must be as bullet-proof as possible. Brick will stop most handgun and shotgun rounds, but will not stop rifle rounds. However, a single thickness of sandbags will stop just about anything.

The other thing you need to do is to prepare your front yard to channel your attackers into the kill zone. While it is most likely that they will head for your front door, you don’t know what they are going to do. However, you can set up your landscaping to influence what they do and direct them to where you want them to be.

Let me tell you a little psychological trick here. When people are faced with a choice of two ways to go to get somewhere, most people will pick the one that is the easiest. So if you can give them an easy way to get where you want them to be, while making everything else difficult, they’ll go the way you want.

There are a number of ways of doing this, but the easiest, while not looking like a protective barrier, is to put a hedge of thorny bushes along your property line, with the exception of your front walkway. They will see that they have an easy access to your home and most likely use it, rather than jumping over the hedge or fighting their way through it. You can do the same thing to the front walkway, making it difficult to leave it and go towards the sides.

Preparing Your Family

Everyone who is going to participate in protecting your home needs to be prepared to do so. That means mentally prepared, as well as knowing how to use their weapons. The last thing you need is to have a family member in a shooting position that doesn’t know how to load their gun.

Training with firearms does several things. First of all, it increases skill. Since everyone will be nervous and adrenalin will be coursing through your veins, your shooting ability will be degraded. Even soldiers miss their shots in such a situation. The better everyone is at the mechanics of loading, aiming and firing, the better they will be able to do.

The other important thing that practice does is to give your family the necessary confidence to be ready to repel the attack. The combination of skills and practice in working together will make it much easier for everyone to know what to do and what everyone else is doing.

If you have members of the family who will not be shooting, train them to either reload weapons for family members who are actively shooting, or to be lookouts. An attack on the front of your house might be a feint to cover the real attack, which is aimed at your back door. Having a family member watching the back yard can spoil those plans for them, giving your family the advantage.

Final Thoughts

If you can take out the leaders of the mob, you will greatly increase the chance of the mob breaking up. This is an old military tactic, as well. Military snipers used to seek out the officers to kill, as doing so would disrupt command and control, demoralize the troops, create confusion and greatly increase the chances of the now leaderless troops running in fear.

Leaders are usually easy to spot. They will be the ones doing the most talking, be the most aggressive and be the ones telling others what to do. Many of the others will only be there because the leaders pressured them to be. They might want some of the spoil, but if there wasn’t anyone pushing them to be there, they wouldn’t.

Always keep control of your family. It is easy in the heat and confusion of battle to get carried away and keep shooting. Your only purpose is to break the attack. When your enemies turn tail, you no longer have legitimate reason to keep shooting. Stop shooting and let them run.

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  1. I’m not buying the whole “if you inflict enough casualties they’ll break for sure” concept.

    Professional soldiers who are reasonably well-trained can absorb a certain threshold of casualties before they will seek out to break contact in an orderly fashion. A mob, on the other hand, will not have the training to do so and, as the saying goes, professionals are predictable, amateurs are dangerous.

    So yes, they might break, drop their guns and run away crying for their mamas at the first hint of effective resistance or they might not even notice they are losing people. And by that same degree of unpredictability, losing just one man could make them go berserk and make them completely fearless and even shrug off certain injuries, at least for a time.

    And if they do break contact, the survivors well might come back in force or even burn you out as payback.

    Also, having no formal training, the mob will be unpredictable in their tactics. Yes, they could do the mass frontal assault with no coordination of fire and movement or they could work in somewhat effective fire teams and come from the flanks, complete with an effective diversion. In fact, they could do something completely unexpected that even the best-trained soldier wouldn’t have considered because it would be so far outside the box of their training.

    So, there will be only one sure way to stop a mob for food and it will be the hard kill and not being ready for anything short of that is suicidal at the least.

    • The first thing I noticed was a lack of retreat advice for the defense team. What I see here is a lot of advice for getting the home defenders killed. Any experience on the side of the mob and the home team is done for. This is very minimal advice at best. My advise would be a retreat and GOOD for the home. Things can be replaced not lives. I agree with you. The ambush is total commitment and as the writer said, brutal killing-been there in Nam. Probably not something the authorities-if any, will take kindly to. Have we shared before? I think so, God Bless the Vets

      • One more bit of thought. Taking out the leader [officer] can stir up more hate and destruction, especially if he/she is the one actually controlling the mob and is liked…
        The leader can offer control and not be a total loser. Again, The ambush must be total commitment and brutal. or the mob can return and be far worse than before. My advice is get out of Dodge if you have no combat experience. Even then it may be best to give the stores to the mob. I expect they will self-destruct at some point. just a guess though

    • I noticed after posting we said many of the same things.

  2. Wouldn’t shooting a lot of desperate mob members alert the survivors and spectators to the fact that there are guns, ammunition, and valuables in the house being protected? They would have every reason to come back better armed and prepared for resistance. I can see how piling up a lot of bodies might provide a means to escape, but nothing else. If a mob notices your house and assumes you have something to protect, you may win the battle, but the war is already lost.

    • The author appears to be arguing against his position of not breaking the law on property line issues. Sniping will certainly break the law and proving it wasn’t would, to the authorities, be onerous at best. killing a lot of people will [may] bring in any law enforcement [military] to stop it. Retreat is a far better option in my opinion. The article should be pulled and re-written. I know from the field that we never set-up an ambush without a possible retreat. The enemy may have a few surprises for us and we don’t want to be on the receiving end.

      • Exactly. I’d much rather get my family to safety than to put them in harms way in an prolonged engagement that I possibily could of avoided in the first place. My house is fairly secure, but it isn’t exactly the walled city of Troy. One molotov cocktail to the shingled roof and the siege is over….

      • Why would you retreat and lose your house and all your supplies? Where would you go? You would be dead. This is a end of the world (or local end of civility) situation. Killing the leader isn’t going to embolden the masses, we are talking roving gangs of civilians who have strength in numbers and are only brave because they think they have the advantage. Only a tiny percentage of non vets would stick around after the firing starts. You can see evidence of that on the news all the time, shots fired and people scatter.

    • i have been in a mob situation kill , wound hurt the one with the big mouth and it is over, yea they came back 50 to 100 deep in south central but again I stood my ground no problums after, that I am not backing down so for all you scary people out there good luck leaving still cannot say that you and your family will be safe, they may be watching you to do harm still . I will take my chances at home if it is safe so far I have been in a situation like this 2 times and I am still living in my home no gang bangers , mob are anyone will make me leave unless I decide it is time, to each it,s own but don,t kill the messanger.

  3. I want learn better how to defend my home and family with out going to jail

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