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10 Creative Stockpiling Spaces Hidden In Your Home

10 Creative Stockpiling Spaces In Your Home

Image source: Blue Earth Chamber of Commerce


Having an ample supply of food during an emergency is essential. But what do you do if all of your “regular” storage places are fully stocked and you’re running out of room? This is where creativity comes in handy.

Here’s 10 often-forgotten areas in your home where you can store food.

1. On wall shelves. Look around your home or apartment. Often, this is the best way to store extra food, even if it is in plain sight. Build wood shelves, low and high. Or buy shelves at the big box store. Either way, you often can double the amount of food you store.

2. In cloth closets. Do you really need 30 pairs of shoes? Twenty boxes of keepsakes? Our closets have plenty of space for storing extra food – if we only toss some of our clutter.

3. Under floor cabinets. There is typically a place known as a toe-kick beneath the floor cabinets between the cabinet and floor. Remove the board to reveal the empty space. Place back in a manner that looks natural.

4. Under couches and beds. Obvious, right? But lots of people forget this one. Yes, the same areas where you hid toys as a kid can be used to store food, too.

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5. Inside a lamp. Be sure to buy a lamp with a hollow base. Remove the base and place food inside. If the lamp does not have a hollow base, you can sometimes manually hollow it.

6. Behind your headboard. The area between the wall and your bed can serve as a crafty hiding spot. Place buckets or boxes of food there and cover with a decorative blanket.

7. Inside the box spring. For those who don’t know, box springs are hollowed inside. You easily can fit multiple canned goods and bags of food without being noticed.

8. Under stair steps. To make it look organized and natural, you even can use an old dresser with several drawers.

9. At the bottom of potted plants. Make sure they are airtight. You don’t want dirt or water seeping into your food.

10. In a container buried in the backyard. This is for those who truly have run out of options. It requires a weatherproof container. One idea is to place sealed bags inside large buckets before burying them. Place a marker somewhere near so you don’t forget where they are.

Do you have any unique ideas for stockpiling food? Share your tips in the section below:

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  1. The old tried and true: hassock with lift up top; coffee table or end table with drawers, covered baskets, or even a new garbage can with a wood top covered with a decorative cloth; add an extra 1/2 shelf, so it is accessible,above the top shelf in any closet; have a 2nd bathroom where you don’t use the tub – store cases in there – we have cases of water in ours; hang braided garlic and onions in plain sight in the kitchen; do you make your own flavored vinegars? display them in the kitchen or dining room out of direct sun; use corner cupboards in any room to store food behind closed doors – the upper doors usually have glass so store some of your tools of the trade like mortar and pestle, coffee/herb grinder or canning jars of dried beans; install window seats with lift up seats for storage; cornices above windows if constructed well can store a lot; most book shelves will accommodate one can behind the books and still keep the books on the shelves, hanging baskets can hold lightweight items – dried or drying herbs in paper bags for instance;

  2. Arrh isn’t this where we don’t say?

    OK theres like 50 acres of rock in the paddock and I was stoned when I buried it and can’t remember but can ya stack the rock in piles please … *pharquen sure it was out over there … *

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