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The 10 Very Best Guard Dogs For Security

Bullmastiff. Image source:

Bullmastiff. Image source:

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, and while it’s certainly arguable, many historians believe that dogs may have been the first animals to be domesticated by humans.  Dogs have long been used to protect us, herd other animals, hunt with us, and just to serve as loyal allies.

If you’re serious about security, having a good dog or two by your side will definitely be to your benefit. However, you can’t just select any breed you want, because not all dog breeds are the best choices to protect you.

The dog breed you select for your family should be:

  • Loyal
  • An excellent watch dog
  • Intimidating to intruders
  • Good with children

For example, while small dogs typically are excellent watch dogs and comforting pets, they lack the intimidation necessary to ward off intruders. In contrast, some big dogs, such as Golden Retrievers and Labs, are certainly loyal and good with kids, but they also lack intimidation due to their more docile nature and are known for being only average watch dogs.

If you have young children, do extra homework – and teach your children how to treat dogs properly. Children should never pull a dog’s ear or tail and never tease and be rough with a dog. Also, always supervise your children around dogs. Although this list includes dogs that are generally gentle with children, extra research is needed if you have young children.

Here are the top 10 dogs for security, in alphabetical order:

Akita. Originally bred for the upper class of Japan centuries ago, the bold and fearless Akita is a dog that deserves intense respect. Akitas are well-known for their fixed loyalty to their families and their intense suspicion of other people and animals, making them a worthy companion.  They are also large and robust dogs able to withstand harsh environments, and when working in pairs (as they often do), will especially be a daunting threat to any trespasser. But be warned: They do not cohabitate well with other breeds, so if this is the dog you want, this is the only one you should have. Also, Akitas will only let their loyalty be earned through a firm and experienced owner, so avoid this breed if you have never had a dog before.

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Belgian Malinois. The Belgian Malinois is easily the most energetic breed of herding dog you can get, with some individuals continuing to display puppy-like traits until they are well over three years old, so owning one of these dogs will require you to make a serious commitment to ensuring they stay active with something to do (if neglected, they can become destructive).  Belgian Malinois are extremely vigorous, loyal and protective of their family. As a result of these qualities, Belgian Malinois actively serve as search-and-rescue dogs, working dogs for military and law enforcement, and guard dogs for protecting the White House.

Bullmastiff. Known as the “silent watchdog,” the lovable and protective Bullmastiff is a cross between an English Mastiff and an English Bulldog, but has been recognized as a purebred breed since the mid-1920s. Quiet, strong, and brave, the Bullmastiff has historically been used as a guard dog to keep poachers out of large properties. The Bullmastiff is also well-known for its affectionate love to its family members, and as a result is very defensive of them to strangers.  If there’s a downside to owning a Bullmastiff, it’s that you’ll have to deal with constant drooling.

Doberman Pincher. Alert and intelligent, the infamous Doberman has been utilized as a police dog in Germany since the 1890s, and continues to serve to this day. As long as they are properly socialized with the family and receive plenty of exercise, the Doberman will become a loving pet always on the lookout for danger.

German Shepherd. You probably expected beforehand to see a German Shepherd on this list, and indeed, no list of best guard dogs would be complete without this reputable breed. There’s a reason why the German Shepherd is the second-most popular breed in the United States: They are obedient, intelligent, strong and can literally adapt to any task. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the German Shepherd (assuming you’re okay with them constantly shedding) is the best guard dog on this list.

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Giant Schnauzer. A working dog from Bavaria, the Giant Schnauzer has historically been used for a large number of functions: herding cattle, hauling carts, guarding brewers and serving as a police dog. Giant Schnauzers will bond very quickly with their families and especially with children, but without enough activity, their destructive side could be revealed. If you have young children, you may want to avoid this breed.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees. While calm and gentle with children, they are very protective and defensive over whatever they are instructed to guard, whether it’s a herd of animals, a family or a home. Don’t expect the Great Pyrenees to spend most of its time with you by the fireplace; rather, this breed will be constantly patrolling the outside perimeters and alert you to trouble with its heavy, distinctive bark. Because they are slow to learn new commands, owning a Pyrenees will require you to have great patience.

Pitbull. Pit Bulls have been condemned by the media for years, and while they are fierce with anything they perceive to be threatening, they are in reality gentle with their owners and can be an excellent family pet as long as they are trained right and treated well.

Rottweiler. One of the oldest breeds on this list (possibly in service ever since the Roman Empire), the Rottweiler strives to receive plenty of exercise and can perform heavy duty tasks, such as pulling heavy carts to trekking over large distances on search-and-rescue missions. The Rottweiler is also very affectionate and protective over its family.

Siberian Husky. Everyone knows about the resilience of the Siberian Husky due to its capability in pulling sleds over extended distances in harsh, winter environments. However, this isn’t the only task Huskies are capable of performing; they are able to adapt to nearly any task you want to put them through, as long as it is in the outdoors with plenty of open space. The word “quit” is simply non-existent to the Siberian Husky, but it will also become very demanding of its owners if left bored.

Which breed do you prefer for security? And why? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. I have two Great Pyrenees that guard my goat herd. Awesome animals! I laughingly tell people that they “Work the Night Shift” because they do patrol at night and alert us to anything important. Added to those guys is my Catahoula Cur, who will jump the fence and kill whatever the Pyrs are barking about. Quite the team.

    • I had a Great Pyrenees and a Catahoula. As far apart in form and function as can be, they do get along well, and make a good team.

  2. I’ve found that my Australian Shepherd/Border Collie cross does a fine job. She sleeps where she can see out the sliding glass door. She hears when a vehicle slows down as if it might turn in to our driveway and sounds the alarm. Nothing goes unnoticed by her. She’s great with children, has a deep and scary bark, and when she hits the door with her full 65 pounds when strangers come around, nobody is interested in coming in until they see I’ve got her under control. But she is also a loving part of our family and a great companion.

  3. As a pit bull owner, I have to say out pit Taz is the best dog we ever owned. Her and our Daughter have been BFF’s for 5 years now. We got Taz when our Daughter was 8 mos. old. She is the most loyal, protective, smart, and loving dog. It would take me forever, to tell you all about Taz. So long story short, If my Daughter could physically control Taz, and the school would allow it. I would not have any worries, letting her walk to and from school with just Taz.

    • Pitbulls have killed more kids than any other breed. Of course a dog is nice to it’s owner, I’m concerned if it gets loose, by accident or negligence, and kills a child or adult. I know a guy who had to shoot a pitbull loose in the neighborhood, charging his little girl. It’s not worth the risk to innocent people to own this breed, and anyone who does is irresponsible. It is a completely unnecessary breed, and should be outlawed. There are hundreds of other breeds to choose from. So as in the case of my coworker who had to shoot the pitbull attacking his daughter, I would have to put one down too, if it charged me or my family. But what if someone didn’t have a gun? Just let the dog maul them to death? I don’t think so.

      • I think you need to do more research. If you go back and read, as long as they are trained right and treated well. I have a German Shepard and a Pitbull. When strangers come over, my pit will lay by my 6 month old daughter and bark, and growl whatever warns them away. My German Shepard is the one I have to put up at risk, that he will bite the stranger if he feels uncomfortable. But he is still good with the baby. The media has done a lot of talking about how the bite kids. What did the kids do to the dog? Think about that. Lack of research n experience = lack of knowledge n understanding

        • Almost every time someone is attacked or killed by a pitbull, they did nothing to provoke it. There actually are statistics on this, which obviously YOU haven’t researched. So no, YOU are the one who hasn’t done your homework. Personal experience doesn’t discount the 1000s of people who have been hurt by these animals, 100s just in an 85 day window of 2014. Just google pit bull deaths and DogsBite website will show you everything. Look at the faces of those innocent little kids mauled to death by no fault of their own, one girl on her 4th birthday, all because of your precious snarling beast. Just because you haven’t experienced it personally, doesn’t mean all these people who are maimed or dead, don’t exist. You are not the center of the universe, and we don’t need to bow down to people who want to put other families at such an UNNECESSARY risk. Oh, and if anyone’s dog bites me or my wife or kids, it’s going down. I protect my family from bad people AND bad animals.

          • If you are so passionate about it, why not go to the author’s house and take his pit away from him? Oh wait…

          • I have done a great amount of research on pits and the majority of ” pit bull” related killings are reported as ” pit bull” type dogs. In my research for a college paper I discovered that the majority of these pit bull types were actually mix breed and in one report it ended up being a lab you know the dog most people consider a very family friendly breed.
            I personally have a pit husky mix and also jack Russells and my pit mix is the best with people my jacks not so much. As with any animal all dogs need firm loving owners to become the best pets possible. If you can’t controls a dog don’t have one. We have 7 each with their own personality and each supervised at all times with children under 13. There truly are no bad dogs just bad or poorly experienced owners.

          • Funny PJ. Yeah I am passionate. Not because it has affected me personally, I don’t have a story, but I can see all the little kids who have been maimed and killed. Like I’ve mentioned previously, look at Dogsbite dot org to see the innocent kids and adults, who have been ruined for life, or lost their lives from these animals. These are REAL people we should all have compassion for, but what I am sensing here, is more compassion for a breed of animal, than for innocent human life. That is an incredibly perverse way to think, and sadly many people on this forum care more about animals than people. I think that’s what this really boils down to.

          • Freedom M, the point is not which dogs “nip” at people the most, like Jack Russells or Dauchshunds, but the ones that cause the most REPORTABLE injuries. That’s for the simple fact that pitbulls do the most damage, pure and simple. The most dangerous breed out there, in the kind of numbers they have. WAY too great a risk on society. The breed should just be outlawed, PERIOD!!

          • I own two of the dogs listed here along with five other dogs. The Rottweiler and the Pitbull

            We own a Rottweiler, Pitbull, St. Bernard, Australian Shepard, Chiweenie, Mini Collie, and a Husky/Australian Shepard mix.

          • The Little Rascals Petey Pit Bull was such a ferocious dog! You socialist morons! You’re the ones that think guns kill people all by themselves to. You never heard of Pit Bulls attacking anyone until the gangster culture got a hold of them. For a while it was Dobermans then Rottweiler’s then German Shepherds. America Pit Bull Terriers were called the nanny dogs for good reason! They love people but they are naturally pet aggressive unless properly raised and properly socialized just like any dog breed!

          • Here is all I can say to you. I have 8 xxl pitbulls and have raised them and bred them for almost half my life my biggest male is 145lbs he and all my dogs are completely peaceful unless you mess with them. If someone doesn’t contain or maintain the big dogs then they should be euthanized not the dog. The world is full of stupid people. They wont be missed. On the other hand, I will fight and kill (and have 9 years in the usmc) for 3 things my freedom, family, and dogs. If my dog/dogs harm someone its because they were protecting me my family or my property. My large male riped off 2/3 of a guys are for trying to attack me and they guy tryed to take me to court, in court the judge call the man an idiot threw out the case and praised me on my well trained dogs. I have 3 kids and not even once have they been growled at. I will say though i also have the facilitys and space to raise them. If you cant take the time dont get a pit. How ever uncommon the reported “pitbull” attacks actually end up being pits, it all comes down to would you rather be bit by a mosquito or a shark. Pits are big and strong and dont stop when they start. So know your stuff and be the alpha in your house and they are the best dogs in the world. I’ve owned several other breeds but never again will i have anything other than pits. Oh an feel free to bring an army and try to come take my dogs. Just like my guns, try and take them and more of those coming will die than me.

          • your ignorant pit bulls were nanny dogs read up . and any dog can attack and bite so spill your ignorance somewhere else. i do rescue work and shelter work. it on how you raise them.

          • I know I am replying very late here but I just came across this site doing research on finding the best guard dog for my home. I read your comments judge and your are stupid. 9 times out of 10 pit bulls along with any other breed can very dangerous towards anyone or thing if not trained properly. Everyone knows that a bad owner creates a bad dog. I have had a pit bull for 8 YEARS! & never had a problem with him especially with my son. Guess what my son is 8 years old now unfortunately I recently lost my pit due to some cancer he ended up getting but I have never had an issue with him. Not with strangers babies, kids, or dogs. I never even saw him show teeth yet alone growl. It got to a point that he is so loving I was beginning to wonder if he would protect my home against intruders! or let them in & play with them. So again judge I understand you had a bad experience but that does not apply to all pits. The point i am trying to make is ALL DOGS OR ANY ANIMAL THAT CAN BE A PET IS DANGEROUS UNLESS PROPERLY TRAINED & TAKEN CARE OF WITH LOVE AND RESPECT. Treat any animal wrong & it will fight back rather its physical, emotional, or even verbal it is still abuse. Do that with a human I bet you will get the same results, unless once again you give them some TLC. So please don’t blame all pits because of other peoples mistakes. Its like saying All Muslims are terrorists & want to kill Americans. We both know that is not true & if we did a google search per say we will find plenty that is what the internet is for. So keep an open mind & don’t scare others away from adopting such a beautiful animal.

        • I am not going to judge the breed based on comments provided on the site. I am looking for a dog whose presence is enough to deter unwanted people. Given all the comments on this website, many of which are very passionate from both sides of the issue, I have decided that Pitbulls or variations thereof are too much of a risk for me. There are enough concerning comments to make me feel unsure of this bred thus I am unwilling to take a chance.
          What I fail to understand is the extent of the passion behind a lot of the comments particularly from the pro side of this discussion. All breeds of dogs have the potential of being risky and potentially harmful. The nature nurture argument comes in to play with all breeds of dogs. Given the fact that this breed of dog was bred for a specific purpose needs to be at ackknowledged when considering its suitability as a family pet and potential watchdog. Clearly it seems from what people have written that this breed can be a great family pet, yet on the other hand it seems from these discussions there is also The potential that this breed of dog can be vicious. As stated earlier I need to base my decision on the side of caution. It would be helpful if comments or more objective and balanced on this topic.

      • You know its funny but whenever I hear these stories its always someone else not the teller that these things happen to. I have owned and raised pitbulls for 30 years and given away 100 pups and have never had one bite or attack anyone. Most of the stories in the news are exaggerated as they do with everything they post because they want to sell add space. I won’ deny that pits have killed people but then so have other breeds and if you check actual statistics you will find they are not even in the top ten for biting someone. That said they have killed more people than any other breed but as we are talking about guard dogs here I would want a dog with that reputation. Oh by the way I also realize 3 kids and 9 grandkids around these dogs and would not hesitate to recommend a pitbull as a family dog.

        • Uh, the statistics at DogsBite website are not exaggerated. They are stories and pictures of real people KILLED by pitbulls. 64% of all people killed by dogs, are from pitbulls. Not even in top 10 for bites huh? Well, again, you have done no research. The statistics don’t lie. Actually, since you obviously didn’t research this at all, I’ll help you out. Pitbulls were #1 in every category for adult and child victims, bodily harm, maimings, and deaths. ALL categories!! From 1982-2014 there were 3397 bodily injuries, 2110 maimings, and 295 deaths. The next in line, the rottweiler, wasn’t even close at 535, 296, and 85 respectively. Let me explain further what an unnecessary risk putbulls are. If you understand anything about statistics, logic, or morality given to us by God the Creator, you will understand this. Pitbulls account for 64% of all deaths and have injured 3397 people, maimed 2110 people, and killed 295 people, but are only 6% of the total dog population!!!! If you can’t see that the risk of this animal is FAR TOO GREAT, GREATER THAN ANY OTHER ANIMAL, YOU HAVE NO ABILITY TO REASON.

          • How can u judge an animal that u have never owned? In all of the Statistics that u quote u never hear the complete story. Most dogs have a personality and its up to the owner to train/understand the best conditions that suits that dog. Just cause that dog lives at that house doesn’t mean that they where socialized with the people in that house. Is that the dogs fault. Nope. The owners. Are their exceptions to this Of course but that doesn’t mean that you thro awau a entire breed. I’ve heard of story’s that involves King Dobbermans and sshepherd’s and five othe breeds. Your probably 1of those that believe the police are right bout everything becuze they have a badge

          • Did you know that Helen Keller owned not one but two pit bulls. If a woman who is blind and deaf can control her dogs then why can’t those who have all of their faculties control them? What has changed in the past 30 years to where the incidence of attacks have increased? The pit bull was used by RCA as their mascot. Petie of the little rascals was a pit bull. Laura Ingals Wilder had pit bulls. Sgt. Stubby was the first dog to be decorated by the armed forces and he was a pit bull. The pit bull is a victim of human interaction. He is fiercely loyal but has been let down by humans. If you don’t properly socialize ANY dog they have the potential to be a killer.

          • Just so you are aware DogsBite website is a website created by a woman who was bitten by what she claims is a pitbull. Her stated goal is to get legislation passed banning pitbulls. Her statistics are skewed to include multiple breeds as pitbulls. For instance these numbers you quote include bites by many different breeds that are mostly NOT Pitbulls. Further, the accepted breeds of Pitbulls are 3 or 4 DIFFERENT breeds (depending on who you ask) so when you say a German Shephard (1 breed) accts for about 535 bites, compare that with the American Pit Bull Terrier which had 1/10th of 3397 or somewhere’s near who’s the vicious dog again??

          • Did your wife cheat on you with a pit? You’ve got some issues

          • Many of you vulgar commenters show how low an IQ you have by using degrading language and not even having the intelligence to look up the absolute FACTS I referenced. You YOU are the idiot, who thinks he is only tough, if he has a tough dog. That only shows your weakness. Those statistics were for just one breed, the pitbull, not multiple breeds. Who cares why someone starts a website. Are you saying all those pictures of kids killed on the DogsBite website are fake? That’s a pretty bold accusation. I don’t think the grieving families would take your comments without challenging you. My issue with people like you, is ignorance. You get all emotional, with no well-researched response. I guess the brain dead liberal trolls like you read this website for some odd reason. Good for you. Enjoy your malicious company, the pit bull terrier. He won’t protect you on Judgement Day.

          • judg724, I’d love to see your proof that states that pits were #1 in every category. From the statistics I’ve seen, multi-breed dogs are at the top of the list for bites and fatalities. In a 2006 study done by doctors called “Analysis of Dog Bites in Children Who Are Younger Than 17 Years,” you can see that mixed-breed dogs top the list, (1643 cases), followed by German Shepherds, (706 cases), then labs, (484 cases), and finally, terriers, (478 cases).

            I just realized your last comment stated that the statistics you quoted were just on pits, with no statistics on other breeds for comparison. That’s a very myopic view. To me, that’s like saying all black people are drug addicts based on the fact that Lil’ Wayne was in jail for pot possession. Or that all white people are thieves because Lindsay Lohan was arrested for theft. Or to take it one step further, it’s like saying all British are pedophiles because Gary Glitter went to jail for child pornography. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea…

            I’d challenge you to post statistics that show breeds other than pits, but both you and I know that will never happen. You cherry-picked your stats to prove your point. If you posted the stats of all breeds, it would show that your point is wrong, and you can’t handle being wrong.

          • Jay, the website is Dogsbite dot org. I can’t leave the exact link because this site won’t allow links in the comments. Go to site, hover over Dog Bite Statistics Tab, click on Dog Bite Studies, then click on the first link which is Dec 31, 2014, Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings U.S & Canada. This is also probably WAY on the low side, because these are only REPORTED cases that make it into newspapers. In reality, it’s many, many more. Pitbulls do in fact rank first in every attack category. This is only one study of reported stats. There are many other government studies as well, done different years, but I presented one that was very straight forward. Click on the Dangerous Dogs tab, and pitbull myths for more great facts many owners don’t realize about the subject.

          • Here’s another I don’t like it so ban it MORON. If I don’t think you need this freedom then you won’t have it. Just STFU. Why are you on a freedom loving website anyway? This moron has to be from Kalifornia.

          • judg824…. i do not own a pit bull, don’t accuse me of that.
            but i have had different breeds over the years and i’m 60. now. and worked for a veterinarian for a number of years.pits have a horrible rotten reputation simply because of humans. they suddenly became the “in” dog to own and 1000’s of people who had no freaking idea what they were doing and didn’t care started to breed them all out of proportion. and then of course the media plays a huge part in the hysteria and paranoia concerning the breed. quite a few of the different breeds when thru that cycle of over breeding to cash in. Shepards, Rotties, Cockers, Dobes, Collies and Labs. each one of those breeds went thru the problem of over breeding and the reputation of vicious dogs that were not safe and of course were called killers. and don’t forget the Chihuahua, they are in their own way becoming a despised breed. of the breeds you commonly find in shelters or being put down the 2 largest class is the Pit and the little Chi. why? again because of stupid and irresponsible people. of all the dogs that i have had, helped treat at the Vets and took care of??? the very worst one was a Beagle. the second worse ones were without fail, Poodles. trust me, a poodle can give one hell of a nasty bite and yes they can and do take off body parts and parts of your face. we had on Pit brought in by the Sheriff’s office. the owner had been arrested for animal abuse. he had tortured the dog to make it mean, to the point that he couldn’t handle the dog and was afraid of it. the neighbors called the authorities.
            and sorry to burst your bubble but… there are NO reliable or verifiable statistics on Pit bull bites or attacks. looking up the statistics on that? just about all of them out there will give you different numbers. *one website statistic does not make anyone conclusive expert.

          • I have a pit bull and she is awesome. There are people that she wants nothing to do with, she is a good judge of character. I had a male and he got cancer and had to be put down. He was an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he was also a lap dog. I have four grandchildren. They are safe.

            And I agree you are an idiot.

          • Too funny, my friends a vet has been for 40+ YRS he says if their ever was a breed he would destroy altogether it is the Chow, he has been bitten numerous times and requires them to be muzzled now, he has told us he has never been bitten by a pit. Funny how the news doesn’t talk about Chinese dogs who are vicious dogs. I myself have been attacked three times in my life a Chow and 2 Chow mixes. I have raised pits no issues great with my kids, now all grown. I have Rotties now, but I do know that German Shepherds are ten times more dangerous than a pit. My mom raised German Shepherds and trained them for the PD. What the news doesn’t tell you or the stats is that many of these vicious pits came from drug dealers who taught the dog to be vicious by being mean to the dog so that they could chain dog at their front doors as to deter cops and also these dogs were dog fighting which in turn causes them to be vicious. With that said then you have the animal rights extremist who think every dog can be reformed, no they can’t, but they insist and adopt alot of these pits back out to families cause for now they past the test, unfortunately these dogs are like war vets, flash backs, something triggers them to snap. These pits when taken from drug homes and dog fighting should be put down, not their fault but should be destroyed. Now, mostly those are your media stories. Most pits in good situations are not going to out of the blue attack you. Believe what you will but this is the truth. Media only tells 1/2 the story behind the dog. Blame the animal rights activist for not wanting to kill dogs who can not be rehabilitated.

          • Statistics do matter, you don’t have to experience owning them to see what data can tell you. With that, you also need to understand a trusted source of data vs. and non-trusted source. Lazy/clueless/stupid owners can own many breeds but the numbers show that pit bulls are the ones that are the hardest to control and thus causing the most issues and the most dangerous (assuming you trust the source of the data). Lot’s of lazy/clueless/stupid people own Cocker Spaniels too, but because they are generally not a dangerous or aggressive breed they don’t hit the radar for dog bits and deaths.
            People are passionate about their animals no doubt, but there are many breeds that are unnecessary and too many people are not equipped to own one responsibly. Instead of outlawing breeds maybe we should have owners limit the number and pass an IQ/comprehension test before they can own. There’s no perfect solution but way too many stupid people own pit bulls that end up doing terrible things, that much is obvious.
            And Matt Whitson – if your lovely dog kills my young child or maims them, even if they were encroaching on your property, all your guns and dog and silly bravado will not save you…

      • Totally agree. I worked with a man who has 2 pits. 1 was 7 years old, the other was 6. He had them since pups. Late one night he woke up to go to the bathroom. These dogs slept in the floor at the foot of his bed. He must have startled them when he got up. The oldest one turned on him first then the other joined in. Long story short, by the time he made it to his night stand to get his phone and pistol they had already chewed one of his legs off from right above the ankle down and had started working on the other. He unloaded his pistol on them and it just st gave him time to crawl out of the bedroom and shut the door locking them in. He called 911. When the trooper arrived he ended up unloading 2 mags of 10mm hps before they were finally dead. My coworker ended up losing both legs from the knees down and one of his hands. He treated these dogs like family, never abused them or hurt them. They are dangerous and unpredictable.

        • Steve you are a great story teller maybe you should think about a career writing fiction stories .

          • This “story” as you call it, has happened thousands of times according to police statistics. If you choose not to research this because YOU haven’t had a problem, doesn’t mean no one else has experienced a problem. And NO, it’s not all their fault for getting bit. No one deserves that unless they are a criminal. The funny thing is, people think their dog is keeping them safe from “bad” guys breaking into their house. The truth is, more innocent little kids (and adults) get hurt and killed by pitbulls, than there are bad guys bit. So, nice job keeping the bad guys safe, and hurting the little kids, all you narcissistic pitbull owners.

        • I call bullsh*t!

          • Everyone who has a real (negative) experience is lying huh? You are a moron, and don’t care about others. What a cold-hearted fool you are!

          • Here is his authority for his mis information about danger to people by Pit’s, goodness is everyone surprised? An ambulance chaser, hardly even an attorney, see the discipline action by the CA Bar on expert Pit monster threats of suits:

            BRUCE A. THABIT [#138864], 47, of Encinitas was suspended for one year, stayed, placed on two years of probation with an actual 30-day suspension and was ordered to take the MPRE within one year. The order took effect July 16, 2009.
            Although Thabit is licensed to practice only in California, he was the principal attorney for Las Vegas-based DogBite, which advertised on the Internet and offered to provide legal representation to people who were victims of dog bites. The Web site advertised outside California, in both Nevada and Kentucky.
            A woman in Kentucky agreed to hire Thabit to represent her in a claim against a couple whose dog allegedly attacked and killed the woman’s dog and injured her child. Thabit wrote to the couple; the husband responded that they had a lawyer and asked Thabit to contact her.
            A nonlawyer who worked for Thabit sent a letter to the dog owners saying DogBite would continue to communicate directly with them rather than their lawyer because they needed a letter of representation from the lawyer. He wrote, “Your failure to cooperate in reporting the claim is now causing you to be sued. We are now coming for the family home.”
            The dog owners’ lawyer asked Thabit to provide documents showing he was authorized to practice law in Kentucky. He responded that neither he nor DogBite represented the original client.
            The Nevada bar found that Thabit misled the public by holding himself out as a Nevada lawyer, engaged in the unlicensed practice of law and aided in the unlicensed practice by a nonlawyer.
            Thabit corrected his letterhead to show he is licensed only in California and he fired the nonlawyer who had worked for him.
            In the California case, he stipulated that he engaged in the unauthorized practice of law in both Nevada and Kentucky and that he helped a nonlawyer practice law in those states.
            In mitigation, Thabit had no prior discipline record and no clients were harmed by his misconduct.

        • I don’t trust any pit bulls or pit bull mixes and I have had 3 of them ! Check out the dog pounds and see how many are in there. Remember what they were bred for originally then you won’t be surprised by the damage they do.

          • The first sensible comment by a pitbull owner I’ve seen on this page. Most pit owners don’t seem to know what their breed was bred for – many quote the nanny dog myth as if it were fact (lol!) or insist genetics has no bearing on behaviour (lol!).
            Nice to see not every pit owner is like that.

        • I call bullsheep.

      • Steve, you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. I have 2 American Pit Bulls, one Staffordshire Bull Terrier (the short, squatty pit bull) and one that is a Pit Bull/Thai Ridgeback mix. All are wonderful companions, loyal, playful (even my 9 year old American Pit Bull) and super sweet. They are also excellent watch dogs that keep people out of the yard.

        I also foster dogs from the local animal control, and have one foster dog that has been with me for a while who is an American Staffordshire Terrier (the big headed, large pit bull dog) who weighs around 75 pounds and is a total teddy bear. My first choice of fosters, and companion animals, is nearly always the “bully” breeds! They are loving, incredibly forgiving when they’ve been abused, smart, sweet, and rarely ever will they harm a human, unless threatened, and even then in many cases, will cower down rather than hurt a human. The majority of dogs that I foster are of the “bully” breeds, and they are always wonderful guests. I’ve not had one even threaten to bite me yet, and I’ve been doing this for a while now.

        As for children being bitten, many other breeds bite people much more often than the Pit Bull. The media has been on a vendetta against this wonderful breed for a very long time now, and I see they did their job well, judging by your misguided comments. The history of the pit bull is that the people who wanted to fight dogs needed a small to medium sized dog that was agile, yet heavily muscled. The dog also had to be gentle with humans so that they could handle them, even when in “fight” mode. They combined several breeds to gain the traits of persistance, agility, a willingness to please their owner no matter what they ask of them, and most all, to ALWAYS be gentle with their human counterparts. This last is the part that all of those who would destroy a wonderful breed of dogs seem to always leave out, simply because they don’t understand the breed and its quirks, which all breeds have. The pit bull can not lock its jaws, nor does it have super human strength in its jaws. The German Shepard has nearly twice the PSI strength in its jaws than the pit bull breeds.

        All I can say is please, before you go around maligning a wonderful breed of dogs, please do your own research, not just base your entire world view on the experience of one person with one dog. There are vicious dogs in all breeds. I’ve been bitten twice, but both times it was by Dauschunds! Should we ban them as well?

        • Like I’ve told others here, it is a myth that there is a media bias against pitbulls. The reason it gets so much attention, is for a good reason: pitbulls kill, maim, and injure FAR more adults and kids than any other breed. You are totally in denial. Look at the stats for yourself at the Dogsbite dot org website. One quote on how the pitbull bite is, “inflict more serious wounds than other breeds. They tend to attack the deep muscles, to hold on, to shake, and to cause ripping of tissues. Pit bull attacks were compared to shark attacks.” Very telling. This is why it gets so much attention, as it should. They cause more severe, and more irreversable injuries. Wiener dogs may bite a lot, but don’t cause as seroius or fatal of injuries. To suggest banning them in some way to mock those of us who care about kids’ and adults’ lives being broken or taken by pitbulls, is just asinine. You and people like you have no regard for the safety of you neighbor. God says to “Love your neighbor as yourself”. You all here who think pitbulls are okay to have, and put your neighbor at risk, couldn’t care less about your neighbor. The OPPOSITE of what the Creator commands. It’s not just irresponsible to own a pitbull, IT’S EVIL!!!

          • I am not in denial, judg724, and there IS a media bias against the Pit Bull. They are just the latest in a long list of breeds out of favor at the moment. Previously in my lifetime, it was the Doberman, also the German Shepard, and on the list goes. I’m going to take a guess that you are relatively young, so don’t remember the crusade against other breeds in the past, but I do, and it has never been pretty, or fair to any breed. There are good and bad animals (and people!) in all breeds or races. Dogs are first, and foremost, dogs. Breed is secondary. Understanding the animal is much more important they stereotyping due to physical characteristics.

            As for the website you listed, they are ONE site. Have you researched any other sites or organizations? Do you actually know who is behind the organization that rus the site? I am curious why you are so set on just this one site. I’m guessing that it’s because they state statistics that support your view, but that’s just an observation. In order to get actual numbers and facts, it would be necessary to research dozens of studies from many places and situations to get dependable statistical data.

            One other thing that you neglected completely to mention is that in the UK, the Staffordshire Terrier (pit bull) is nick named “The Nanny Dog,” simply because they are wonderful, devoted family pets that are also fantastic care takers of small children. You really need to get your total facts in order, not just quote one set of data from ONE place…

          • Oh, and regarding your comment, “To suggest banning them in some way to mock those of us who care about kids’ and adults’ lives being broken or taken by pitbulls, is just asinine. You and people like you have no regard for the safety of you neighbor.” What is irresponsible about having ANY breed of dog. My babies are all safely ensconsed in a well fenced yard and the only time they leave it is when they are either in the house with me, or on a leash walking. They are not allowed to run at large, as that would be breaking the local laws, not to mention it’s really stupid to do, as they get into the trash, hit by cars, and many other bad things. but IF they did get out, all are friendly and loving companions, and unless someone was trying to harm me in some way, would be thrilled to meet new people. They LOVE people, ALL of them. You might consider taking a lesson from them, judg724. THEY do not discriminate due to a human’s appearance!

          • Judg724, You’ll never get through to these biased idiots. Just because ‘babies’ never attacked anyone (yet) they suppose it would never happen. Delusional. Something that often gets overlooked in these arguments, is simply the dogs ABILITY to do damage. Who cares if a poodle suddenly snaps and bites someone, VS a pit? No comparison. Anyway, any pit that attacks my family will have seen its last day. I cant post here what would become of its owner.

          • Judg724–you wrote–judg724
            February 22, 2015 at 10:52 pm
            Everyone who has a real (negative) experience is lying huh? You are a moron, and don’t care about others. What a cold-hearted fool you are!–You sir are in danger of a fiery judgement–I thought you would appreciate the warning as stated in–(Matthew 5:22)–“But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother shall be guilty before the court; and whoever says to his brother, ‘You good-for-nothing,’ shall be guilty before the supreme court; and whoever says, ‘You fool,’ shall be guilty enough to go into the fiery hell.” Repent while you still can.

          • Wow. I don’t even own a dog, but are you OK? Evil to own a pit bull? Get a grip. Is it evil to own an automobile? More people are killed by autos than anything. Is is evil to be a human because I am sure more humans are killed by humans than by pit bulls. Really, get a hold or yourself please. Many thousands of people probably own pitbulls without incident. I don’t have the stats, but you are trying to instill fear unnecessarily. I believe Teddy Roosevelt owned a pit. You must be a very scared and timid individual.

      • You are truly a person who knows nothing really about dogs. Every and any breed can hurt and kill a child. It is irresponsible owners who get dogs that it takes experienced owners to have. All the working breed hard nose breeds need strong experienced owners, then dogs don’t get loose and run out of control. Each dog is an individual and not breed specific. Dogs from the same litter can and usually are completely different. Save your personal comments instead of speaking truth about dogs in general and not just American Pitbull Terriers.

      • Many “pit bull dogs” are a mix of breeds. A Stratford terrier is a true pit bull. If you train your dog if will have very few problems. You have a lot of stupid people that have given these dogs a bad name. Blame the idiots not the poor dog

      • That isn’t true. Stop spreading lies. Poodles actually bite and kill more people than pit bulls. Pit bulls are sweet dogs who got a bad rep from evil people who fight them. Most of them are killed BECAUSE they refuse to fight.

      • Please tell me what breed of dog that does not bite?

      • judg724 , Do you think you are a judge , hence your name , YOU are an idiot like judge judy . Both of you hate pitbulls . Take your hate somewhere else . There is more love in my pits paw than your entire body

        • Wow…. Looks like I started a fight. So not my intention. I was just saying what a good guard dog my pit is. To the person who is so passionate about how “evil” pit’s are. I guess you would have to own one, to see that they are not evil. Did you know more people are bit and attacked by poodles, yearly. Than all of the so called vicious breeds combined? But yet, nobody seems to report that. If I was attacked buy a poodle I would be to embarrassed to admit it too. Just saying….

          • Don’t forget Chihuahua’s and Labradors, Dalmations and a lot of other “family” dogs. Small dogs are responsible for the overwhelming majority of dog bites, yet because they lack the physical strength to inflict lethal damage in 95% of cases, they go unreported in these supposedly accurate statistical studies.

            Thank you for posting as you did Candy. Maybe, between all of us Pittie lovers here, we can educate some of those who seem clueless of the facts when it comes to our beloved bully breeds.

            I’m with you about people most likely being embarrassed to admit that they were bitten by poodles. 🙂

      • Wow were you traumatized or something and yes like someone else said you need to do a lot more research. it is not logical to say someone is irresponsible for simply owning a certain breed. Any dog can bite someone. The problem with Pitbulls is what some people do with that breed. Any dog can make a great and loving pet with theright person. Do some research or watch Cesar 911 or something Lol

      • I talk to people all the time that think Pit bulls are the devil.
        More dog bites happen from other breeds then Pits.
        I have owned Dobes, Rotties and two Pits.
        I have an 8 month old ( Layla ) now and she loves all kids and people.
        Gets along well with other dogs and is a great dog.
        Very good watch dog when people come to the house.
        As soon as I tell her ” It’s OK ” she starts licking them.
        It is how you raise a dog.
        I had a St. Bernard pure breed and it was the meanest dog I ever saw.
        It had to be put down. Both my Pits are great.

      • we have always been a pitbull family we raise one from the day he was born till he just passed a couple of weeks ago he was the best dog we ever had great with my kids never ran off and tried to bark or bite anybody unless we told him to pitbulls get a bad rap because their owners they need to be trained well that’s what the article said it’s the same with every dog

      • A pitbull is no more dangerous than any other breed. Do not condemn the breed because of irresponsible owners or breeders. To do so is prejudicial.

      • It’s this type of crackpot psychology that causes such a problem in the first place. If you look through each decade a single breed has been pointed out as vicious,but thousands of these breeds I.e doberman, German shepherds, Stafford bull.terrier, Rottweilers, live peacefully amount human society. This type of nieve thinking is as dangerous as the number of dog owners who have little knowledge about are canine companions.

      • Boxer x old tyme bulldog, he is great, three deep barks which shake the garage door, soon deter anyone with ill intentions, as my Akita x looks at him as if to say ” what’s up with you now, trying to Knap over here!

      • there are american bulldogs and other breed who resemble pit bulls so shouldn’t judge especially if your not a 100% sure its a pit bull and pit bull is a bunch of breeds do your research before spilling ignorant comments

  4. Check out Boerboels! We have a male Boerboel who is an absolutely spot on guard dog. Bred by mixing bullmastiffs with indigenous S. African dogs; boerboels are more agile than their mainstream mastiff relatives. Plus, with being bred to protect herds from lions and hyenas, they are not lacking in the protective instincts. Ours is also great with our 19 mo old daughter. She climbs all over him and he fawns all over her.

    • Holy poop! I hadn’t heard of the breed so I looked it up. The body looks like one of those super exaggerated drawings of pitbulls with rippled muscles, only real. If I were a bad guy and came across a house with one of these, I would find another house.

  5. Great Pyrenees ARE NOT herding dogs for one and are not human guard dogs for another! They do not belong on this list.

    • Although your obversations are basically true, I live out in the middle of nowhere and raise livestock, chickens, etc., and I wouldn’t trade my Great Pyrenees for anything. Gentle with kids and other pets, but will absolutely not back down from any predator or threat.

    • Great Pyrenees were indeed bred to protect herds of sheep from wolves.

      And they will fiercely protect their family, or herd, from whatever they deem to be a threat.

  6. One breed missing from this list is the Dutch Shepherd. It is similar to the Belgian Malinois but has a calmer demeanor like a German Shepherd and is easily trained to accept commands. They are good with children and other dogs, especially if they are introduced to them at an early age. Our 21 week old male puppy Scout is doing great great and is almost finished with his general obedience instruction. The breed has few health issues and has a lifespan of 13-15 years. Give them a look if your seek a great guard dog !!! As a bonus they have a very distinct and stately look for those also seeking an eye catching dog.

  7. We have 3 Anatolian shepherds and 4 Redbone mix hounds, our own pack of dawgs. Yes, we spend a dab on dog food, but they do a fine job of patrolling our mountain and protecting our cattle. Nobody comes up here without us knowing about it. In these troubled times, we value that.

  8. We have an Anatolian Big Angus and he is AWESOME! He is a big Ole Teddy Bear with our kids, but he can flip the switch in a heartbeat.

    • Yes they are fine dawgs. We love ours.

      • We have an Anatolian too! Great dogs that are always overlooked for these lists!!! He is the biggest baby with us, our cats, and our chickens but if anything tries to get near us that we’re not cool with…look out!! I’ve seen him run off stray dogs that I feel sorry for bc of the pure look of terror on their faces. Lol! He’s NEVER had to hurt anything yet. His size and bark are usually enough.

        • Yup, we love ours and they do a fine job as pets. We have a coyote pack that comes around now and then. They don’t really present a problem, and I kinda like to listen to them at night. The Anatolian’s view it differently and make short work of them. Poor yodel dawgs…..

  9. I feel like Great Danes meet your criteria better than several of the breeds listed above. Most people are terrified of mine, just due to size and their bark.

  10. The best guard dogs have some herding blood in them. Both of my dogs are mixed breed rescues, and spoiled rotten, and if a butterfly invades the airspace, I know about it immediately.

  11. I agree with Joe Bfnl that the Great Pyr is not and was never bred to be a herding dog. They are strictly LIVESTOCK guardian dogs and are the best at that task. Having said that, I have a 6 month old Great Pyr/St. Bernard cross and she is the perfect combination of livestock guardian and human guard dog. Although she already weighs 60 lbs, she is still young and has lots to learn but has already alerted on several potential predators in the area of the chicken coop. She is more likely to respond to her humans being threatened than a pure Great Pyr. She is a quick learner and extremely gentle. She is perfect for our farm and I would get another in a heartbeat.

  12. I’m wondering if the Belgian Sheepdog and Belgian Terveruan should have been included in the mix as they are closely related to the Belgian Malinois

  13. Love our Great Pyrenees x Anatolian mix!

    Gentle as can be with our daughter, good with our older, smaller dog, and a great guard dog.

    The pyrenees breed is not a herding dog though, bit rather a livestock guardian dog. They were bred to never harm their charges but also to never back down from anything that might threaten their herd, be that goats, chickens, sheep or people.

    And I would disagree with the “slow” comment. They are extremely intelligent dogs, and will only take commands if they are motivated to do so. They were bred to make their own decisions out in the fields versus being commanded, so training requires consistency.

  14. NEWFOUNDLAND!!!!!!! Our “baby” is 13 months old & 125 pounds….and all about keeping the family “safe” If she knows you, you come in, if she doesn’t, YOU DON’T, she wouldn’t even let my husband thru the door when he drove his car home (instead of his semi).She’s good with the kids, around water she’s unsurpassed & if for some reason she doesn’t want you (or one of the kids) to go outside (might be something as “stupid” as a deer in the yard OR as important as a stranger) you WILL NOT get out the door. Wouldn’t change her for the world.
    That being said, I bred Akita’s for many years, LOVED each and every puppy & adult that we had here, they were always great with the kids, protective & smart…… I even refused to sell puppies to people who wanted Bad a$$ guard dogs or to people who I didn’t feel had the “loving sternness” to raise them up to be a good all around family, protection dog” I really thought about getting one….when my last dog died, but in the end chose my Newf because, 1, I like my chickens (so did my Akitas!!!!! for lunch, or dinner or snack!) 2, they have to be trained & trained VERY WELL …….they don’t like mixed signals, and I have grandkids here now) and 3 because the Akita needs a lot of attention………but I do love them & if I lived far enough out I’d have a couple more in a heartbeat!!!

  15. we have a Chow Husky mix. He is an excellent family dog, as well as a great guard dog. He accepted his pack and is super gentle until one of his people are in danger.

  16. I would have to cast my vote for the Caucasian shepherd. We have two and they are uber protective of home and pack. Plus their size is an added intimidation factor. They make awesome companions as well.

  17. The best watcher is a doberman but even better than that is a Jenny or a miniature horse they will always protect the farm and farmhouse and they will not turn on you like dogs can if they have lost their minds

  18. I vote Chow Chows,Awesome dogs.They are loyal and protective of their people and they take shit from no one.However it does take a person who understands the way of the chow chow.Not a dog for everyone.But they are very good dogs.Russian bear dogs,Tibetian mastiff,Turkish kangal,Malamute,Husky and wolves.My choice of dogs isn,t really so good for herding and such but as far as protecting you and your family most definitely.

  19. There are Rhodesian Ridgebacks, then there are dogs.
    Speaking of dogs, the pit bull is a much maligned breed. Recall, the dog from Spanky and our gang was a pit. No bad breeds just bad owners

  20. Surprised the rhodesian ridgeback is lacking from this list. Designating sign of a protector is genuine love, which equates itself in violence and hatred on the rare moment when amiss is the last word on mind.

  21. I have a male GSD who will be two years old next month, talk about a guard dog and very…very intelligent. He loves other animals and plays like a puppy with them, but is suspicious of people outside our immediate family (and that’s how I like it). He is the biggest baby in the house but I have seen him go into full killer mode when he believes there is a threat outside the home or near our backyard. Once a landscaper thought it would be a good idea to reach OVER our fence, right next to the “BEWARE OF DOG” sign and attempt to pet a full grown GSD who was going ape shit. His forearm paid the price, and then my dog almost came over the fence and took his face off.

    Currently my boy is laying next to me with his favorite stuffed animal, sleeping like a baby. Only issue is the constant shedding, we bought a second Dyson vacuum just for that.

  22. We have a pit bull cane corsu mix pup…. So far the best dog I’ve ever had. Loyal and protective my oldest son has lerning disabilities …. She watches him like a hawk and protects him

  23. Cool article i have a shepherd and two Akbash dogs there herd dogs form turkey much like a great pyr and are know to fight bears and wolves. My shepherd is a play toy in comparison.

  24. I hope that after close to 40 years in LE and two stints as a dog handler that I have a little experience.
    Agree 100% ref both Malinois and GS, only problem with Mailinois breed is that they are not for first time dog handlers; real hard headed.
    I have seen and heard that some agencies use the Bouviers due to their smarts and the fact that they are not real intimidating.
    I have two guard dogs, a 95# white GS who is a little over 2 and still a puppy and a 14# Affenpinscher who has put every guard dog I have ever had to shame with her abilities. She can’t take down a creep but she doesn’t have too, because she has given me enough of an early warning that I am sitting and waiting for the creep.

  25. great Pyrenees are not a herding class dog. They are in the LGD. livestock guardian dog group.

  26. You might consider Daniffs for a great all around Guard dog for the family. Dane/Mastiff. The size alone is daunting. Gentle Giants with family and friends, and fierce protectors of home and hearth. Also Rott/Dane mix is a very good Watch dog. Nothing like a giant Rotty to ward of the bad guys.

  27. This list of dogs is for homesteaders with an unlimited food budget who can live with the risk that they may become the dog’s dinner in a survival situation. The best “guard” dog is a small, mixed-breed, easy-to-feed, medically resilient (not overbred) that barks like yappy siren, giving you plenty of time to get your AR-15 out of the closet.

  28. Interesting article. I just wanted to share that the BEST gard dog we have ever had was our black lab-German Shepard mix. She was sweet, gentle, loyal, smart, and very protective. We will get another of this mix. Sadly she died of old age at 15.

    A great gard dog doesn’t have to be an expensive purebred.

    • agreed Heather–check out the Price Boar Beisser I have one coming going to be a home-farm guardian hoping for the best!



  30. I have owned many breeds of dogs over the decades. The very best, without question, was a Rhodesian Ridgeback. They are strong, intelligent, curious, active, loyal and protective. I would have one now if it wasn’t for the breeders who want me to “adopt” the dog as a surrogate child rather than letting me bring one home to do a job they both excel at and enjoy.

  31. I would love to have a big enough spread to own each and every one of the breeds mentioned in the article! That probably won’t happen though.

    I have been around every dog you can imagine and only three times in my 53 years on this planet have I had some serious concerns. In all three instances I didn’t panic or run. I just calmly stood there until the animal decided I wasn’t a threat. I didn’t talk loud or make any quick unexpected movements and certainly did not issue a challenge by looking the dog in the eye. I’m sure I sweated through my shirt but I’ll be damned if I’m going to turn and run. Eventually the situation would wind down and i could go about my day.

    You do have to be a responsible dog owner in some cases. I had a Staffordshire pitbull given to me and he was a great dog but he was animal aggressive and i had to be on my toes at all times when i took him out of the house. As a result, when the old guy passed, I told myself I’d never have a pit bull again. Never say never. I bought my girlfriend a beautiful female pitbull that she wanted very badly. when my lady friend decided to move to another part of town where she couldn’t have a dog she asked if I wanted the animal and I took the dog in.

    First order of business was to get the dog acclimated to other dogs. I would take her to friends houses and let her play with their dogs until she was so tired she would find a corner to lie down and sleep.

    I also invite people over who have kids and to bring them over. The kids pet the dog, feed her treats and play until they wear themselves out.

    I also work with her to learn some basic rules. She knows to stay out of the kitchen. She knows if she obeys the commands lie down, sit and fetch she gets a doggie treat. She did get away from me a few weeks back and I found her playing with a chihuahua that live four houses down.

    It’s all about the training. Dogs aren’t born malicious. It’s their treatment by humans that screw them. up. Whenever I see a dog that is behaving badly I know that their owner(s) are complete jerks and avoid those type people like the plague!


    Snake Plisken

  32. Here in South Africa, when farmers (Boere) needed a real guard dog, they settled on a English Mastif/Boxer cross breed. After many years, it is a settled breed, and is called a “Boerbull”. Males will weigh about 80 lbs, and Females, 65 lbs. I find most large breed guard dogs to be on the lazy side, so I use a Jack Russle as a “trigger” dog. A Jack Russel firmly believes that they are at least the size of a Lion. When the JR starts barking, my Boerbulls give a long suffering groan, and swing into action. I always laugh, and say to my wife, “their goes the heavy artilliary. If the Boerbulls start growling, I enter the fray with my trustee .45 acp, to pick up whats left. Incidently, when you back up your guard dogs, don’t use a shotgun. They will most probably be in a tangle with the intruder, and a shotgun is too undesriminating (unless you are loaded with solids). God forbid that you harm your own dogs.

  33. Boerboels are very good guard dogs.

  34. Tibetan mastiff,great guard,watch,if needed attack dog,live in alaska,need e dog that can handle the elements.

  35. We have two Doberman Pinscher’s! They are our 5th and 6th ones. They are wonderfully sweet and kind and playful, and as the article suggests they are always on alert for danger and ready to spring into action to protect us, if necessary! We won’t be owned by any other breed!

  36. Wow, I can’t believe no one has said anything about red or blue healers. I have a red healer and he is an amazing guard dog, big baby with family, and because he’s not too big, doesn’t eat a ton. We live on a farm and the bonus is that he also will move the bull, the 500 pound hog and any other livestock that I ask him to. Maybe he’s just a glitch, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

  37. Flat-coat retriever. Looks like a fully-furred golden retriever, but in glossy black. Easy to train, except for walking on leash – stops to sniff everything, and will pull hard on leash to go visit neighbor dogs at fences every time. Very sweet dog to family, neighbors, and visitors that I greet pleasantly. Extremely patient with children and with adults who she perceives to have some kind of problem. My dad is a dementia patient and has tried ramming her repeatedly with his walker before. She just tried to back up and get away from him, and when he has come up behind her and yelled, she just turned and looked at him, even when startled. However, I was having some concrete poured, and dog had no problem with most all of the crew, who were strangers, multi-racial and range of ages – except for one guy who talked about how much he liked dogs, blah blah blah. Dog snarled at him and backed up forcefully enough with the leash to get me to get away from him. That guy did not come back the next day, and the older guys on the crew told me the snarl-guy was a recently released ex-con who none of them trusted, but was some relative of their boss and he kept hiring him for a day here and there. Don’t think he will be coming around here again. There have been other instances when she perfectly pegged a sweet-talking non-desirable. Dog also doesn’t start barking just because other dogs are barking – analyzes situation for herself, and first chuffs repeatedly to alert me. When she does bark, you’d wish you had ear plugs. Protective of our cat even when cat has taken a swipe at her for no reason (old cat). When daughter visits with her tiny dog, my dog tries to be friendly but is very polite – it’s like she knows the little dog is afraid of her size. But, once a guy REALLY banged on the door (supposedly for directions) and she practically curled in half trying to go after him (he looked like trouble – on foot, raggedy, lot of BS coming out of his mouth, and we live more than 10 miles from nearest town). I also like Newfoundlands, German Shepherds, and Great Pyrenees, but of those 3 only the German Shepherd can deal with our climate. My flat-coat sheds a lot, is another note, and could not live outside on full-time basis – thick black fur gets overheated rapidly in sun/humidity. I got a rubber broom, and upkeep of dog hair is much better – doesn’t clog the vacuum now.

  38. Fine article! i agree with most of the list but not all, My wife and I have owned every dog on the list and a whole lot that aren’t. I will add some info, The Doberman is a very loving and smart dog, but must have the right balance of socialization. this is the ONLY dog bred Specifically for a GUARD DOG. They are naturally protective and will bite to defend anything they deem as theirs with no extra training.
    However they do have the drawback of tender feet. while they love the woods, they cannot handle rocky terrain for long periods, their black coat gives excellent cover at night, but it is harmful in hot climates or places lacking shade. They also work better in pairs,
    On a second note: A Properly bred Wolf Hybrid make AWSOME protectors, Wolves maintain the Pack mentality so you become their pack, they don’t care about the china or DVD collection, Only their pack members they double as good hunters themselves and will share with pack members.

  39. My Australian Cattle dog is very effective! He has protected my wife and kids on more then one occasion and is very trainable. Great temperament too!

  40. Fascinating reading. I just want to post a few thoughts. First of all, why do people have to get personal in their remarks when they don’t agree with someone? So, okay, someone doesn’t agree with you, they’re entitled to their opinion, all adults have the ability to allow for some disagreement without resorting to name calling or personal attacks. As Christians, (as some on this page have stated they are), we are called to truly ‘love our neighbor as ourselves’, even when someone makes us angry. As far as the Pit Bull question, I have never owned one, I have no strong feelings about them either way. I do think that statistics are a funny thing; unless you really do a lot of research, examine several studies, you only have a piece of the puzzle, so to speak. If more than one study shows that they do, in fact, have a propensity for attacking people, then that is a problem. Because, while it is true that the way a dog is raised has so much to do with how they ultimately turn out, the reality is that not all dogs are guaranteed a good owner. Unless we go to a system like they have in Germany, where owners have to be approved by officials of their breed club in order to breed their dog, and there is a culture that simply does not allow for irresponsible dog ownership, we will continue to have a certain number of dogs that are raised poorly, and therefore susceptible to negative behaviors such as roaming, compulsive barking, and attacking human beings. And I do not see that ever happening in our country; for better or worse, we don’t like being told what to do. So if there are studies (plural) that show Pit Bulls have the tendency to attack people, then Pit Bull lovers, no, actually, all of us, need to make some calculated decisions.

  41. I absolutely do not agree that Great Pyrenees are slow learners! People who don’t know the breed may think that because Pyrs think for themselves and won’t do useless tricks over and over. Pyrs are incredibly smart, very independent, loyal, loving, and the best dog breed I’ve ever owned. Someone mentioned they weren’t meant for guarding humans, but I have to disagree. Pyrs guard everything they believe to be in their “herd”, whether it’s sheep, goats, cats, children, other dogs, or their people.

    The biggest point that needs to be made is before you decide on any breed of dog, DO RESEARCH! Don’t depend upon the internet for all of the research either. Talk to breeders and other dog owners. Talk to veterinarians. Read books about the breed you are interested in. You are not just getting a dog, you are getting a companion, a family member, someone who will love you unconditionally.

  42. i just wanted to post something for all these people that argue about dogs. i don’t believe im an expert but i did a lot of research in dogs especially guard dogs before i own one. i own a doberman and a lab. i dare anybody to come and try to take a bone from the labs mouth. she will bite you. try to put your hand in my doberman’s mouth. maybe he lick you or he will try to disappear. dogs despite their breed dna are unpredictable and learn from their owners. if i teach him to bite he will bite. if i teach him to kill he will kill. mine is chasing cats because he wants to know how they get out of the fence so he can escape. never bite one, altho he manages to reach them. also in a research i did a year ago it was mentioned that no.1 in human attacks is german shepherd. this is because the police all over the world uses them to arrest criminals so nobody can have exact record on the attacks of any breed. i don’t like pitbulls but because my dobie is very aggressive with male dogs i can tell you that in the past he got out of the fence 3 times and attacked one pitbull one dogo argentino and one jack russel. pitbull and dogo did not fight back. jack russel was the one attacking. so in every rule there is an exception. there must be a good reason some dogs are banned in some countries. if you own any kind of dog you have to be responsible owner and know your dog. my dobie is very friendly with people altho i dont recommend you enter the yard if im not there. to make the long story short: if you dont own the dog you cant trust him. if you own him be careful when he is near other people or humans.

  43. No list of the top 10 guard dogs is valid unless the American Bulldog is not only on it but at the very top.
    This is their primary job, listed as guard dogs by the UKC and ADBA and if you own a Standard American Bulldog their other jobs include catching feral hogs and cattle catching. Any breed can be seen as a guard dog, barking at strangers or when they hear a knock at the door or the door bell rings. What seperates the best from the rest is the passion they posses to do their job and do it better than anyone else because it is in ther DNA. Everone is entitled to their opinoin right or wrong.

  44. I have owned many breeds of dogs throughout my life including several of the breeds that are on the common gaurd dog breed listsI have owned at least 6 German Shephards and love all of them except that I did have issues with 2 of them being overly agressive as young 6-10 month old dogs that did both attack people and neither of them were going through any protection training in fact they were on the farm and sadly had to be put down the others lived long and happy lives as family protectors and I can’t say anything wrong with them as long as they remained mentally stimullated as part of the family. My personal favorite protection and working dog breed however is without question the doberman I have owned and still own a doberman I’ve had 4 of them and would lie to debunk the theory that they can’t be trusted with children all of my dobermans were at least 3 years old when I got them and Dirks my 1st one tells the story of the personallity of all of them. We got dirk at a time that I was leaving town for a extended period and like all who had seen hollywoods portraial of dobermans did not trust them but was talked into getting one for my family my wife and sister contacted a rescue and were introduced to Dirk he was papered and trained but they wouldn’t tell us to what levels or give us his papers due to the fact that we were getting him through a rescue and they wouldnot allow any protection trained dogs to go through their service so we were blind other than they stated that in no uncertain terms should a doby be trusted with small children this is when a a rather large breed unknown dog across the fence notice my children and my sisters children and came aggesively at the fence toward them Dirk quickly moved inbetween the children and this neighboring dog and stood in the way of the other dog getting even close to the children my sister having breed rottweilers for many years noticed this behavior and said immediatly that we would take the dog hence he became a part of our family over the years dirks attitude with children was incredible always putting himself inbetween what he perceived as danger and the children. Neices nephews any child could climb on him pull on his ears and generally torture him in play and he would playfully heard them away from roads and protected them from a pack of coyotes at one point never showing any aggression toward any child or woman he was a prankster and would sneak up and steal your work glove and them play tag with them and was a absolute joy to be with all of my dobermans have been protection trained since dirk and all have displayed similar attitudes I currently have one that is not protection trained she is a service dog and work is the middle name for all of the dobemans that I have had I trust the breed fully if properly socialized and would recomend it in a heart beat.

  45. 1) I have never seen a Pit Bull as a breed OFFICIALLY listed anywhere. I have heard of American Pit Bull Terrier, and Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier, and American Staffordshire Terrier, and Bull Terrier. Each of these breeds look similar. That leads me to think that the many reports of attacks by Pit Bulls are by people that don’t know what they are. I think a Pit Bull could be any dog bred or raised to FIGHT other dogs.

    2) I own a Dobermann and I am pleased to have him. He is and wants to be with me EVERYWHERE!

    3) What is the best medium size breed that works together for protection, without fighting between themselves?

  46. for Off grid people I recommend Fila Brasileiro for excellent guard dog that is very loving and faithful to family (but naturally dislikes all strangers). They live to protect (strong defensive drive).

  47. My life to date with dogs evolved from pets to current working, off grid farm dogs. I love many of the breeds mentioned, some I am not personally familiar with.

    The Belgian Malinois is our choice, having 3 at the moment. This is a new foray into the breed for us.

    The hot, humid and rocky mountainous terrain they call home is a pleasure for them. We hike ~10 kilometers daily thru “goat trails” alongside precipices after pheasant and thieves alike. I love dogs, but I love my Mals more; they just don’t quit! The stamina, agility, loyalty, protection, smarts and family love is more than anyone could ask for.

    We could not be happier with our Mals, they fulfill their mission roles 110%! We hope that whatever breed the reader chooses, that he/she gives the dog all the love, care and attention it needs during its on/offgrid lifetime.

  48. How on this earth did the Kuvaz get left off this list?! Because of this, I deduced that this is not a reliable site for useful information.

  49. Every time I reed one of these guard dog articles its dominated by people banging on about how tough or dangerous or friendly pit bulls are. I’m actually quite fanatical about dog breeds, especially large guard type breeds. Its my opinion that pit bulls are very tough and athletic and can make ok guards but they don’t deserve to be on a top guard list and neither do huskies. I rate pit bulls next to breeds like English bull terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers as guard dogs. And I rate huskies slightly above Labradors. If It was a list about fighting breeds then pits would be in my top 3 or 4 breeds and at number 1 spot pound for pound but its not about fighting breeds its about guard dogs.

    Huskies have the size and strength of a German shepherd but lack defensive drive or natural protectiveness. In other words its not in there heads to make a good guard dog.

    In my opinion pit bulls lack the size and partly the temperament. Lets just say a determined criminal tries to break into your garden gate and cannot see what type of dog lies behind it. One gate has a pit bull and the other gate has a great dane. Which bark is going to send them running? Both breeds could kill a man, not all breeds need to?
    On a percentage point of view pit bulls were bread to fight other dogs to the death and be more people friendly. If a pit bull does attack somebody its going to try and kill them. what percentage of pit bulls would actually light up in a situation and try and protect you? Ill put money on a higher percentage of German shepherds or dobermans out there actually stepping up to the mark.

    Pits win dog fights by using unstoppable will and stamina. I don’t condone dog fighting but if you ever witness how a pit manages to win a fight against a larger dog like a German shepherd, The shepherd actually starts off winning and mauling the pit for about fifteen minutes until his stamina starts to fade, Then the pit takes over and wins… It doesn’t take such great stamina for a dog to take out a human and dogs like German shepherds will give the human more instant hurt.

  50. I have a 7 mo old Siberian Husky and was shocked to see them on this list! This is the first website that I have seen say Siberian huskies are good watch dogs. My dog is so friendly that he would invite a stranger in. He loves everyone he meets and will cry and whine until I let him say hello. He is very stubborn but so smart and the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned. I’m looking into getting another dog that is a good guard dog because it is definitely not a husky!

    • I came down here to comment that huskies should definitely not be on this list. They are waaaay too friendly. They might be intimidating from afar for someone who doesn’t know the breed, but if those thieves came up to the house…a husky would just wag his tail and walk the stranger inside. xD

  51. I’ve some experience with GSD’s and Weimaraners. Both make excellent guard/famiily dogs. We don’t “overly socialize” our dogs, so they keep a bit suspicious of not-known-to-them people. GSD’s are disarmed easily by taking a “friendly” in a long handshake or hug when they arrive in the presence of the dog. This is done best in a more neutral turf like outside the home-building. Weims are keen to pick up on the pack-leaders demeanor…if I am relaxed and friendly the weim is similar. If I am alert and suspicious, so is the dog. Beyond that, the caveat of course that any territorial-by-nature (guard) dog needs a good “alpha leader” in the home to maximize their potential as both a family-friendly canine, and as a loyal and fearless protector.

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