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Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

Some time ago I received information from your site about buying bulk dried dinners but I did not purchase any then. Now I am retired and have moved, and I want to purchase meals that are in special containers and will keep for many years. I am concerned that we are headed into a food shortage in this country and want to stock pile an amount of food for the future.

Thank you,



Dear John,

Thank you for your letter. Our parent company, Solutions From Science, has a variety of meal kits available for all budgets. You can go to the specific category at and look at all their options. Be sure to go through all the pages as the choices are listed throughout.

The Editor


Dear Editor,

I’m sure there are a number of subscribers to Off the Grid who are 50 or over and are still unhappily members of AARP and wish they had an alternative.

Well, there is a good one and it is AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens. I was very happy when I found them a few years ago and I recommend them to everyone I can. They have a website at  Check them out and see if it’s something you would recommend to Off the Grid subscribers.

Best wishes,



Dear Robert,

Thank you for your email and I most assuredly can recommend the AMAC for those over 50. They are a conservative organization for those of us who have finally reached the later stage of life. My husband and I are both members. If you’re a conservative and a senior, and don’t want to use your hard-earned money to support an organization like AARP that doesn’t really care about your interests, then go to the Association for Mature American Citizens and check them out.

The Editor


Dear Editor,

I read, and whole heartedly agreed with, your response on Right to Roam laws from Private Landowner. We owned a 200 acre farm in SC and another small 22 acre farm in NC. You know, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t be nice to people most of the time. They will take advantage of your kindness and your sharing nature. We have allowed people, including family members, to hunt on our land and fish in our pond or swamp area. They will bring their friends, fish your ponds dry, throw their drink bottles and cans all over your beautiful wooded area, and just destroy it. Once you tell them it’s OK for them to come, they come everyday, and anytime they want. I have had to end some friendships, including with family members, over the destruction of my property. We have NO TRESPASSING signs up as well. It’s a shame, isn’t it?

Keep up the good work, love the news letter.


Dear JG,

Thank you so much for your letter. I received many like it and I hope that it helps people realize that land owners are not just curmudgeonly old farts who want to hold all their possessions close to them and never share. We have valid and legitimate reasons and concerns for not allowing trespassing on our properties.  And I’m glad you like the newsletter! Thanks!

The Editor


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