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An Important Day in 2011—And Why it Could Be the End of America as We Know It

As the President and Editor-In-Chief of, I find myself almost daily in conversations about America’s current financial state, and what it means for our future.

A word from Bill Heid about Stansberry & Associates

And the one thing that I come across all the time is otherwise smart people who think nothing bad could really happen here.

It’s mind-boggling…

‘Oh sure,’ they say, ‘We know there are major problems in Greece and Ireland, and likely even bigger problems ahead in places like Spain, Portugal, and Italy–but that type of thing could never happen here.’

Well, my friend, I think most Americans are in for a very rude awakening.

And I want to share something with you today that I think will be a real eye-opener.

You see, I recently came across a video presentation by a colleague in the financial publishing business, named Porter Stansberry.

Porter is a pretty smart guy, who over the past few years, accurately (and well in advance) predicted the collapse of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Bear Sterns, GM, General Growth Properties (America’s biggest mall property owner), and many others.

But now, Porter says there is a single financial event that he believes could happen in 2011, which will change our nation forever.

After this occurs, Porter expects there to be riots in the streets… arrests on an unprecedented scale… and martial law, enforced by the U.S. military.

He thinks that the savings of millions will be wiped out… and that this disaster will change your business and your work. He says it will also dramatically affect your investments and retirement.

If what Porter says is true, it will change basically everything about your normal way of life: where you vacation… where you send you kids or grandkids to school… how and where you shop… the way you protect your family and home.

And as Porter says, if this event takes place as he predicts, most Americans will not know what to do when commodity prices – things like milk, bread and gasoline – soar. They won’t know what to do when banks close… and their credit cards stop working. Or when they’re not allowed to buy gold or foreign currencies. Or when food stamps fail…

In short, Porter believes our way of life in America is about to change. In the presentation I’m encouraging you to watch, he explains exactly what is happening, and why.

Of course, the most important part of this situation is not really what is happening… but rather what you can do about it.
And Porter has found some rather ingenious and simple solutions.

For example, did you know that there is a series of investment assets that you are not legally required to report to the U.S. government? Porter can show you what they are and which of these asset protection strategies he’s taking advantage of personally.

Also, Porter says there is one asset in particular that could not only protect you from this mess, but also make you a heck of a lot of money in the years to come. This has nothing to do with precious metals, stocks, bonds, or anything like that.

I don’t want to say much more about Porter’s recent work, except that I encourage you to take a look for yourself.

One word of warning, however: This work is controversial, and may be offensive to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Click here to watch Porter’s full video presentation for yourself:


Bill Heid
President and Editor-In-Chief

I ponder the collapsing financial system, the catastrophic leap in government controls on all of us, and life in a world of shortages induced by an administration bent on plunging this nation headlong into Marxism.

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  1. Too bad there isn’t a mechanism to “pause” the vid. Had to go to the bathroom so had to miss parts.

  2. It is worth hearing, but Has been Forecasted by Glen Beck, and others. Very long winded, and took to long to get to the Pitch. most of the facts that I Checked were correct. Again too Long winded, for this country boy.

    • Some of the facts are indeed correct. They are just framed in a very deceitful manner to get you to buy (literally) into his insane Beckian theories.


  3. If he is this concerned for everyone, and already very successful, why isn’t he just telling us what investments/instruments are safe and useful. Again, another money making scheme to fleece us while our money is flying out the window by other “fleece-ers”.

  4. I guess I am an idealist but I joined Off the Grid News thinking this might really be a true, unbiased and not for greed organization. I know companies and people have to make money to stay in business but why can’t we be a little more honest and say so. I listen to the presentation and best I can tell we have to subscribe to his newsletter to learn these secrets. Well those of us following Off The Grid are generally conservative type preppers who come to OTG as a source for this kind of information and yet it seems OTG is just a front for other companies. Most of us see what is happening in the world. We are looking for help and advice in being prepared not another level of marketing to go through. I do hope I am wrong about OTG motives and integrity.

    • With most of these financial sites you get the same thing — a long email that only hints at what they can tell you if you subscribe. I’ve found a lot of valuable information from just reading comments on articles from different sites. Sometimes people will give a link to a site that can give you the kind of information you are looking for AT NO CHARGE! Sometimes you can just Google what you are looking for and you will get more information than you can possibly imagine. I used to get the Casey Report and the Sovereign Society for financial news. They have their paid subscribers too, but you still get a lot of good information for free. I used to forward this information on, but I think someone unsubscribed me to the Casey Report because I stopped getting it. I’ll have to find it again and join again, but I haven’t taken the time lately. Anyway, don’t give up because you can find all sorts of information for free if you just look a little harder. Good hunting!

    THE REAL COMMIE !! AND THOSE USELESS COMMIE LIBERAL’S!! who really do’nt care about the real american way!!! !AND NOW !!! IT’S TO LATE!! IT’S OVER!! HEY LET’S ALL MOVE TO ISRAEL

    • Jeesuss H Christ man, Turn off the caps lock key and learn how to spell. A little grammar would be good, too.

      Helpful hint: the red line under the words are trying to tell you something.

    • You’re right, except all these problems started under George W. Bush. He sold out his entire country for his own profit not to mention all the Jesus loving retards he had on his payroll. As a whole it is really our entire government that’s at fault. I love morons, such as yourself that actually think that one political party is better than the other. Our entire corrupt system needs an overhaul.

    • @ (Whats your name) you are an IDIOT!!!!!! 1st, learn 2 write our language. 2nd, hand out w/smarter people than what you are hanging out with now. Quit blaming everybody else 4 your stupidity. When Clinton was in office, we (Americans) were a hell of a lot better financially. You are the, “COMMIE” as you put it. Go whatch your cartoons IDIOT!!! @ Zentrails- I’m with you an that jack azz…hahaha….

    • I guess spending 10 billion a month in Irac had nothing to do with the dimiss of the economy, You are and uneducated jerk. Bush and his crtonies put our country in this mess and they are still doing it. Republicans are greedy and they don’t care about our country Wake up.. What country do you live in

      • Sirluther, if your going to argue your points and call someone uneducated the least you can do is sound educated. It’s Iraq not irac

    • Seriously, I envision you screaming this nonsense at the top of your lungs with 2 teeth, a back woods southern accent and chewing tobaco dribbling down your chin. Did I mention, you are wearing a white bedsheet?

  6. ‘What’s your Name’… an IDIOT.


  8. Tell the truth about this guy and his $1.5 million dollar fine for lying in his previous newsletters.


  10. I have not looked at the viedo. If 90% of those who looked at it say’s it’s BULL then it must be true.

  11. I’m just wondering why this guy is charging you all to subscribe to his newsletters, probably a substantial amount too, if money is going to be essentially worthless? Why continue to make money and spend money on advertisements when none of it is going to matter anyway?
    In my eyes this is nothing more then an immoral and ugly scheme, taking advantage of people’s fears and i would say lack of common sense (duh!), we hardly out a recession, if you can even say that. Now is a time to be afraid and rightfully so, but do not let it cloud your judgement. My best advice for the coming months- use common sense: spend wisely, save money, be as happy as possible
    if you are really worried go stockpile a bunch of ammo, nonperishable foods, medicine, water, and guns. Take a couple of survival classes ( if your money is going to be useless you might as well spend it on something that could help you, not some bulshart brochure), build a bunker. Do whatever but do not play into this man’s scam

  12. Just another sales pitch. If you want the real facts together with info about what to do to protect yourself, buy The Coming Crash by Robt. Prechter. It won’t cost an arm and a leg, and no bs.

  13. The best way to double your money is to fold it up and keep it in your pocket.

    • You don’t make money by saving it. And to make it, you generally incur risk. No one but the good Lord above knows the future. We can all offer speculative opinions, and in the sea of humanity there are many. What separates us from the beast is our ability to reason. If you choose to exercise anothers advise, then own up to the choice. But for goodness sake, there’s no reason to slaughter people’s reputations because you don’t agree. Just pass on the opportunity knocking at your door and move on.

  14. I know its the truth

  15. It’s a good time to realize the only true safety and security we have is in our Eternal Father the Creator through Christ Jesus the Way the Truth and the Life. If we would look at the relevance of the Bible to our life in this day and time. And stop getting caught up all the stuff that does not matter. We would discover that it fore warns us of all the events we are experiancing and will experience. How could any man know this those many years ago, least he or she were inspired by the Creator who knows all….. If you are not one already, become a Believer today and experience a eternal peace. One that surpasses all understanding….. :-)

  16. If all this stuff is true, why wouldn’t this person give this information for free so his company can prosper as well as the individual? I have a 401K and I’m not giving all my money to one person.

  17. tahoevalleylines

    Beck being Mormon should know the scripture advises AGAINST putting faith in Gold. In America, we need to rethink transport policy and habits forcing reliance on imported oil. Shame on you, Glenn, and Fox too!

    Replicating US Rail footprint circa pre-WWII is doable and provides guarantor of societal & Commercial Cohesion. See “Official Guide” of the Railways from the 1940’s for details on railway lines and electric interurban companies. For a compendium of US Rail footprint past & present, get copy of US Rail Map Atlas for your locale ( Many dormant branch rail lines still have track in place, and present easy job to return to service. Railway track material in useable status is more useful to your surviving family members than gold. Gold makes you a target for thieves; the Bible say so, along with common sense.

    See “tahoevalleylines” postings in “”. See the food lines in Japan, would having gold coins in your pocket make you feel better in that picture? Move you to the front of the line? Let you buy more than your share?

    Boone Pickens has said we are already proving ourselves the “Dumbest Bunch That Ever Came Down The Pike” -reference to the massive daily spending of $2Billion -each day- for imported oil and military security overhead to protect flow… NoDuh… Railroad operators of Short Lines “ASLRRA” -are best suited to consult on national program to rebuild dormant rail lines. Reformed Army/Guard Rail Logistics Units: “Railroad Operating & Maintenance Battalions” are appropriate organizational units for assisting with expanded rail capacity & reach for gas rationing era coming this decade.

    One can only hold this branch of the investment community in contempt for their emphasis on monetary hedge, when aiming for robust transport and reliable domestic food distribution is orders of magnitude more sensible and wise. Invest in renewable linked to railway and local economies instead; see Christopher C. Swan’s “ELECTRIC WATER” (New Society Press, 2007). Bill Heid and Porter Stansberry need a primer on EIOER- use Becks Bully Blackboard!

  18. I am very skeptical, even though this is as everyone stated a long commercial, it is clear that we americans need to get out of debt and save more. However, why isn’t he telling us for free how to make more with our precious little money we do have to invest. As he states he is so very wealthy and making so much off of his investments.

    Another way to think is that if everything is going to hell in a handbasket why shouldn’t I go out and borrow as much money as possible and charge up every credit card to the max. If the dollar won’t be worth anything then I won’t need to worry about paying any back to anyone. Won’t the Government absolve me of my sins.

    I would really like to know what the investment is? But am not ready to give away money to find information that has only been presented to me for someone else’s get rich quick scheme??? Very skeptical !!!

  19. Someone must have joined and paid the 49 bucks and acquired the 5 booklets ,so why not enlighten us as to what could be the life saver when in dire straits.

  20. KELLC, I totally agree. And Sherrie wrote “there’s no reason to slaughter people’s reputations”. I would argue with this, however, he has slaughtered his own reputation so horribly that I have to agree. That job is done.
    If people are itching to give their money away, give it to me and my daughter. We will use it to buy a decent home in a good neighborhood. At least it will go for a good cause.

  21. Obviously many have fallen for it! Shame on Fox!

  22. I’m surprised Bill’s not a politician – the way he beats around the bush… quite a windbag, really.

  23. what do you want ??- 15 min. of fame or maybe a major panic

  24. scare tactics = discredited. while what is being said here may have some merit, no info is provided, you’re linked to another website at the end of which, no doubt, requires some monetary contribution to find out anything. pass

  25. Yes..I listened to this on Newsmax. It is SOOOOOO LOOOONG!!..but very interesting to hear the information and history of the financial systems back then…He really knows how to put the “fear into you!”
    However, NO WAY would I invest with this guy!! You don’t get “something for nothing!”
    He does “Flim Flam” well!!

  26. Hm, all this sounds disturbing, MY THOUGHT, never pay for another’s opinion, too many will gladly give it to you for free, just sit in a coffee shop or your local restaurant! Everyone is going through tuff times, but don’t panic, the winds change direction. Live simple, day at a time, listen to your elders, they have been there, done that and are still HERE!

  27. So, if this calamity does not happen in 2011, will he retract his “prophesy” and reimburse the dolts who gave him money?

    Yeah, thought not.

  28. It truly is sad when people like Porter make money off of people’s fears about something that will probably not happen. What he fails to realize is that the power behind the current dog and pony show is much more than the president of this country, therefore, I believe that they, i.e. those who really pull the strings of power, are more than capable of keeping this circus going for quite some time. They are not as stupid as we assume they are. Time will tell whom was correct.

  29. I am a 76’er myself (for those who don’t know what that means it’s 1776) but i gotta say, people who think that Israel is somehow responsible for your suffering are ignorant hillbillies. Sure, their are some BAD people who happen to be Jewish but that’s true of EVERY race. And another thing, you so called “Jesus haters” need to get a clue…..or an education. The FOUNDING fathers of AMERICA and her ORIGINAL INTENT WERE christians who implemented the Judeo-Christian form of government that has given us FREEDOM. It’s the liberal/marxists who have hi-jacked our ONCE great nation and have turned it into a cesspool of evil and corruption. IT WAS JEWS and TRUE CHRISTIANS THAT GAVE BIRTH TO AMERICA. I HATE the state my country is in but i am a red-white-and blue bleeding 1776 PATRIOT.

    • Founding fathers were deists, not Christians. And ultimately, in god we trust was a fashionable way of saying in our dollar we trust.

  30. 1. FRANK PORTER STANSBERRY was successfully sued by FTC. He had to pay a 1.5 million dollar fine for making misrepresentations and defrauding investors. See:

    2. Stansberry claims a weak dollar is a bad thing that will destroy the US. If that was true why would China and every other country fight to keep their currencies artificially low? A weak dollar would attract tourists from S. America, Europe and Asia, which would bring influx of foreign capital. It would make US products more attractive. It would lead to Americans throwing away less food, and throwing away less money on goods they really don’t need. A weak dollar would revitalize American industry, and improve our trade imbalance. A weak dollar would be good for the American worker. A weak dollar would attract foreign investment in American companies and real estate.

    3. In a kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. The US may be having econonmic problems, but most other countries are in much worst shape.

    4. Printing money and monetizing a debt can lead to inflation, if not hyper-inflation. That part is true. But in a recession or a depression “cash is king,” money goes up in value, commodities and real estate go down in a value. You can print money and monetize a debt during a recession, because recessions are deflationary. Ben Bernacke is a pretty smart guy. He did his PhD on the 1929 depression. The job of the Fed is partly to prevent inflation, and to avoid deflation. In bad economic times, no one has money, and credit is hard to get. There is a liquidity crisis. QE-1 and QE-2 were just what the doctored ordered, because recession-deflation are more a threat now than an overheated economy and inflation. Homees and real estate losing value, and a falling stock market are recessionary-deflationary. Helipcopter Ben has come to our rescue pulling us out of a downward spiraling vortex with his helicopter, with his printing money and easing credit in a time where money is a scarce commodity.

    5. Who are the big losers if the US monetizes its debt? China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Japan. They are the biggest holders of US debt. Will you shed a tear?

    6. When you owe a creditor a lot of money, your creditors have a stake in your success. If the US dollar sinks who loses more than the US? I am thinking of a five-letter word that starts with a captical “C.”

    7. The FED has powerful weapons in its aresonal to curtail inflation. Ben correctly believes the greater danger now is recession-deflation, not inflation. Should inflation really become an issue, he can stop it in a millisecond. Ben follows US inflation closer than any other American. Ben is a sharp guy.

    8. If the US Stock market collapses, that is recessionary-deflationary. The more the US stock market goes down, the more Ben can pump money into the economy without creating inflation.

    9. Ben looks at every part of the US economy for signs of inflation to keep it in check if necessary.

    10. Congress can do many things to raise revenue. The US has one of the lowest tax rates of any country in the world, not one of the highest. My father was in the 90% tax bracket. That did not disincentivize him. He continued to work hard to make money. So did every other entrepreneur. We can lower our military spending. We can close many loopholes, and stop giving so many tax credits. One of the biggest loop-holes is allowing wealthy individuals to use charitable foundations as tax shelters. Charitable foundations do not have to spend much money on charitable causes. Charitable foundations can invest their capital. They can pay huge salaries to their founders, and to friends and family members of their founders. That is why Howard Hughes and Bill Gates created their charitable foundations. They did so to avoid paying taxes, not because they are such caring individuals.

    11. Social Security can easily be fixed by raising the age of retirement, and means-testing those who get benefits. It should be insurance to care for people who are too old to work, who do not have savings to care for themselves to live a decent life. Social Security should be a safety net, it should pay benefits on a sliding scale, giving more to those who need it most. Today, Social Security pays wealthy people money who do not need benefits. Means-testing would save the system a lot of money.

    12. Yes, a small percent of the population pay a large percent of taxes. That is because a small percent of the US population earns and controls most US wealth. Wealthy American have the most disposable income. They can afford to pay more taxes without lowering their standard of living.

    13. The rich do not create wealth. This is a fallacy. Creative people, innovators, entreprenerus and inventors create wealth. Most creative people, innovators, entrepreneurs and inventors are not wealthy. They start their businesses with borrowed money., Google, Microsoft, Apple all started with borrowed money.

    12. Money flows up, trickles down. When the poor and middle class have money they spend it on consumer goods and services that create jobs and wealth for everyone. When wealthy people get more money, they save it, not spend it. They buy frivilous, luxury items like dresses that cost tens of thousands of dollars, diamonds, $20,000 watches, mansions, yachts, jets, homes, and high priced cooks that relatively speaking employ much fewer people. It is the spending of the lower and middle classes that drive the economy of any nation, not the spending of the upper class. Which helps a nation’s economy more. One rich guy doing a huge remodeling job on his home, or 10,000 middle-class home owners remodeling their homes?

    13. Ronald Reagan tripled the national debt, and nearly drove the US into bankruptcy. Ronald Reagan was the greatest deficit spending president of all time. Little wonder the US economy grew in his time. All knowleable parties agree, Ronald Reagan had no effect on the fall of the Soviet Union.

    14. Al Gore never said he invented the internet. Al Gore did create the internet we use today, by sponsoring legislation that allowed the public to use it. Prior to Al Gore, the internet was just a tool of the US military and US universities. By the left-wing, liberal biased-media kept the truth a secret from the US public.

    14. There is no real argument amoung climatologists that global warming is taking place. Out of 20,000+ climatologists, less than 10 claim global warming is not taking place. Less than 50 claim man is not the cause. The evidence for global warming is overwhelming. The evidence man is causing global warming is overwhelming. Man is having a profound effect on his enviroment. There are much fewer fish in the ocean. Fish are becoming smaller, because small fish are able to swim through the nets of trawlers who fish with nets that are miles long. Man has fished many species of ocean fish to verge of extinction. Mankind did create an observable hole in the ozone. Most people who don’t believe in global warming, do not understand the principle of a green house. They don’t understand how green houses trap heat. Glass allows sunlight to pass through it, but blocks infrared heat energy from escaping. Certain gases like CO2 have the same effect as glass. CO2 allows sunlight to pass through, but blocks infrared energy. Venus is an example of a planet suffering from the “green house” effect. It would be hotter than earth even if its orbit was further from the sun because its atomosphere traps the suns energy. Forrests remove CO2 from the air. By deforesting the Earth to make room for civilization, and by burning fossil fuels we create CO2. Before the colonists came the US, the US was almost completely forrested. We destroyed over 80% of forrests on American soil.

  31. It is very strange but most of the intro here by editor-in-chief Bill Heid are word-for-word lines taken from Porter Stansberry hour long Infomercial for his newsletter.

    Yes, what happens in other countries can happen here. Everything is possible, but there are many reasons why the kinds of things Stansberry describes are not very likely. There are many differences between the US today, and Yugoslovia just after the break-up of the Soviet Union. The US is not Greece. The Dow Jones today may look it is mirroring the stock market of the 1930s, but a world war started in the 1930s. If you are not expecting a world war to start very soon, there is no reason to think our market will continue to mirror the market of the 1930s. I predicted 9/11, the crash, the silliness of the Joe Granville scare of 1978 who predicted the DOW would sink below 100. When I perdicted the fall of the Berlin Wall several years before it occurred everyone laughed at me. Everyone said the Berlin Wall would remain another 20-40 years. More than anyone, I know radical changes can happen very fast.

    Before Porter Stansberry, there was Howard Ruff, and his Ruff Times newsletter. Conservatives are survivalists. They are always making preperations for bad times. They usually believe incorretly that apocalyptic times are just around the cornor. They are always preaching doom, gloom, and end-of-world scenerios. They are always bearish. Just like some people are always bullish. Humans see the market through the prism of their temperments. People always tend to see facts confirming their worst fears, if they look for those facts. Everyone has their own bias. If you look hard enough, you will find facts to support any position. Depression era babies always feared another depression. It could happen. Even a stopped clock is right twice-a-day.

    There are a lot of self-correcting, self-righting systems built into the US economy. The US is a resilliant country. The truth is things are not nearly as bad as some people would have you believe. And they are a lot worse than many complacient people make out. I missed the real estate bubble, because I have never been in a fiancial postion strong enough to be a real estate investor. If I had been following the real estate market, I might have seen it coming, or I might have missed it. At this point in time there is no way to really know.

    Personally, I don’t think things will really get bad in the US for twenty years. I forsee almost certain turmoil in fifty to one hundred years. Things could start getting bad in twenty years. But the US has too much going for it to sink into real chaos in the next ten to fifteen years. We have a great deal of accumulated wealth. We are not headed in the right direction. Our primary school educational system is broken. But our universities are the best in the world.

    The US is not a free country. To some degree we are a police state. But not like China. In China every citizen is a spy. Every city block has a communist party organization. I lived in China. China has built empty cities that no one wants to live in. Because China is a dictatorship, they may make the same kind of mistakes Japan made when it was sitting on top of the world. If the USA crashes, China will burn. China will experience political unrest if they can’t sustain their growth by continuing to sell their products here.

    US citizens will become poorer as cheap skilled labor in other countries continue to compete with American labor. I have solutions.

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