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Controlling Crawdads

Dear Joel,

How can I get rid of the proliferation of crawdad mounds that keep reappearing in my yard? I have a pond, and many people have told me that that is the reason the mounds keep appearing. I would appreciate your advice on this frustrating problem.


Dear Jessie, 

This sounds like a problem that requires copious amounts of crawdad consumption at scrumptious dinners. Plenty of people in the world would love to have this problem. If you put up a volleyball or badminton net in your yard and use it for exercise, I’m sure the crawdads will get tired of competing for yard space and go elsewhere.

You could drain the pond for year and see if they reappear. That would tell you for certain if there is a connection between the pond and the crawdads. You must have good water if it supports crawdads. Their tails taste like lobster—in fact, it’s the same basic biology. So get cooking and enjoy your problem.


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One comment

  1. I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to have that problem!!!
    what I could not eat on a regular basis, I would freeze.

    The first time I had eaten crawdads, was down in La. working on a shrimp boat.
    Been hooked on them ever since. I’m good for about 3 – 5 pounds at a sitting.
    They are, in my opinion, one of the most delicious foods I have ever tasted.

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