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National ID Law Takes Effect In 2014

national ID real ID actState drivers’ licenses are slowly turning into national ID cards by a little known federal law called the REAL ID Act.

The idea behind the law is to make it easier for law enforcement and security personnel to identify individuals through their driver’s licenses and state-issued identification cards, and the law has even led some states to ban smiling for license pictures, so as not to throw off computer facial recognition software.

Privacy groups, as well as those opposed to a growing federal government, have expressed significant concern.

The REAL ID Act created a set of standards for drivers’ licenses and ID cards that the states must meet by 2014, although currently only 19 states have met the criteria. The states were originally supposed to meet the criteria by 2008 but state governments successfully lobbied to get the deadline extended at least twice.

Under the original plan, drivers’ licenses were to be used as ID for a wide variety of purposes, such as being allowed onto airplanes. But many states are not going along, even though a REAL ID will be required to board an airplane in 2016 – and to enter a federal building by October 2014.

What the Real Act ID does

The practical effect of the REAL ID Act is to create a set of standards that state-issued ID cards and drivers’ licenses must meet. The standards will be enforced by the Department of Homeland Security.

They pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor so that we could be free!

Under the Act a driver’s license or ID Card will have to meet 39 standards, including:

  • Contain the individual’s full legal name.
  • List the individual’s residential address and not a post office box.
  • List the individual’s birth date.
  • List the individual’s gender.
  • Contain the individual’s signature.
  • Contain a photograph that can be used for biometric identification. That means photographs have to be taken with facial recognition software – and that smiling is banned in some states such as New Jersey and Illinois.
  • All drivers’ licenses must contain features such as chips or magnetic stripes like those used in credit cards so they can be read by scanners and facilitate the tracking of citizens.

The law also requires individuals to present the following documents when they apply for a driver’s license:

  • Proof of US citizenship or legal residence in the United States.
  • A valid birth certificate.
  • A Social Security Number.
  • Another kind of valid identification.

States will have to verify a person’s identity and check to see if he or she does not have another driver’s license in his or her name.

Many states have objected to the IDs because of the cost. The state of Oregon would need to spend $16.3 million to comply with the REAL ID Act.

The Concerns about the REAL ID Act

A number of groups, including civil libertarians, immigrants’ rights activists and fiscal conservatives, have voiced strong objections to the REAL ID Act.

The major objections to the REAL Act include:

  • The creation of a national database of driver’s license information maintained by the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Make government tracking of citizens easier. “If fully implemented, the law would facilitate tracking of data on individuals and bring government into the very center of every citizen’s life,” Chris Calabrese a legislative counsel with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) wrote of the REAL ID Act.
  • Put excessive burdens on some groups of people including rural residents who might not have “residential addresses” for their homes. Also, the requirements could burden immigrants and elderly persons who might not possess some of the required documentation.
  • Create a situation in which drivers’ licenses could be used as an ID card for purposes such as buying firearms and ammunition, boarding an airplane or applying for a job.
  • Make it harder and more costly for law-abiding citizens and residents to get driver’s licenses.
  • Cost too much for states to implement.

The following states are in compliance with the REAL ID ACT: Hawaii, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Vermont, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska.

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  1. Just a little bit closer to the Mark of the Beast 666. It can be scary but I know I’ll be with my Lord and Savior if the government comes after me. Why aren’t we able as “We the People” get to vote on this ID I’m more scared of the government who makes us do things we don’t want to, then the terrorist.

    • Are you blind? You already have a social security number which is exactly what your bible depicts as the mark of the beast.

    • In the USSA, United Socialist States of Amerika, we are not allowed to vote on issues which effect us. That is just a vague memory of when we allowed some democracy. It’s been gone a while. It will not return until we take our country back.

      • A revolution is very much needed to break our ties with the central banking cartel. The Rothschild family is worth over 500 trillion! If you read on a dollar bill its considered a note. A note is promise for debt. God isn’t going to save this country, the lemmings are going to do what they’re told and obey this country run of voyeuristic perverts who are dead set on destroying YOUR liberties! Act now and wake up! Or fall like a pawn

    • A “little closer”? This is the first identity document that actually meets all the criteria to be the mark. It includes your facial recognition or fingerprints (head and hand), its international (meets UN ICAO standards for E-Passports), it breaks down your measurements into a unique number of a man, you will not be eligible for employment under the new E-Verify system without one, and even the DHS calls their “gold star” a “mark” in their benchmarks.

      Nothing else in history, including the mentioned SSN meets those criteria.

      This is NOT being done for identification, because you have to identify yourself when getting a Real ID using non-biometric “seed” documents such as your Birth Certificate. The real plan here is to implement an ID that is attached to you seed documents and allows you to be tracked via their new facial recognition systems, such as those the FBI just received $3billion to install. If you’re expecting an implanted chip, don’t bother, no one will ever make such a system. Its too well known, it is old technology that has limited range as opposed to FR that is limited only by camera view, and its too costly to put in readers when they already have the cameras on every corner and store.

      • Yes, it includes pretty well all the data. However, there’s one more step needed before it will TRULY become the Mark of the Beast: a microchip (e.g., RFID chip) will have to be implanted into either the forehead or the right hand. The Bible tells us as much in Revelation 13:16.

        • The mark of the beast is not just the chip.if you dont get the chip and are still part of the system you will still be consider having the mark of the beast.if you bow take his name or the chip ,…..3 things…

  2. I’m wondering how many in congress will be exempt from this requirement.
    It’s obvious that since the bill passed that congress wants everyone labeled and tracked like animals.
    I wonder how long it will take the american people to decide that they have had enough?
    Remember, evil usually triumphs only when good people stand by and do nothing.

  3. At least he said it correctly. Don’t forget your “Papers” It is already happening. I had to have every marriage certificate plus my birth certificate plus two forms proving where I live and yes I was not allowed to smile or wear my glasses even though I have to wear them to drive. Our Drivers license and state ID cards are definitely our “Papers” If you want to abide by the law then you have to be cataloged and placed. Good luck out there fellow Americans!

  4. I wonder how hard it would be to remove the tracking chip and glue back together? There’s always a way to live off the grid, it’s just getting tougher to stay out from under the damn governments umbrella!! We have no freedoms or rights anymore and when are “We The People” gonna start fighting back? It may already be too late for America!!!

  5. Yet we can’t have a law demanding proof of identity to vote?? WTF total BS

  6. Isn’t that something? All the ruckus about some states requiring an ID card to vote but it’s OK for the FEDS to require us all to have ID cards just to be identified. If it is true that we will all need ID cards soon, then what’s the problem with needing them to vote? No one will be exempted anyway so why not require them for voting too? I bet the mainstream media won’t mention that though. They will still say it’s “racist” to require an ID to vote even though it sounds like the FEDS will require us all to have them anyway. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  7. That is why I no longer have a driver’s license, but still drive anyways. Has worked for the last fifteen years. Vehicles are insured through my company. I got tired of the Nanny State, so I made the choice to quit their game. I no longer fly, and never enter federal buildings, with the exception of my post office. I use an official USPS box address, but I found someone else to sign up for it so I can be in the clear. I will never attempt to collect SS, I got tired of all the extra over-regulating and have not looked back. Using a pre-paid-with-cash credit card with no info needed, and a checking account under a relatives name gets me around a lot of other BS. Paid the house(s) off years ago, all now in trusts, so I don’t have to be bothered with credit. I could go on and on, but many of us can make the choice if we carefully plan it out. Opt out!

  8. Google “Chaim Solomon”, hater of Christ.

  9. Land of the free and home of the brave. Not any longer.
    (With very few exceptions)

  10. I’ve heard that you can deactivate the RFID chip in you drivers license or passport by placing it on a firm surface like an anvil, covering it with a cloth, and whacking it with a hammer a few times.

  11. Pay close attention to what John says in The Book of Revelation. When he tells us the “the number is the number of man, the number is 666.” If you have the ability to spend a little time and research this issue, you’ll find that John wrote down what he had seen concerning the end times. In the oldest and closest to the original text, we find the symbols that lead you to think what he says is a number of 666. However, if he wrote down what he say we need to translate that symbol. Bottom line is that you discover that it is written mostly in Greek but this these symbols are in Arabic. Now, read it in Arabic. I Greek you read the text from left to right but in Arabic you read from right to left. The shocking discovery is that you find that it speaks of the nation of Islam. Not some mark.
    If you are interested and research deeper, you’ll find that the jihadist wears a headband and or wristband that identifies them as a follower of Alah and NOT the true God. You’ll find that their god is the moon god from ancient Babylon.
    If it helps, go to YouTube and look up “666 Chuck Missler.” There are others but that one comes to mind first.
    Good luck.

  12. The ‘breaking news’ feature of your website causes the whole page to oscillate up and down by a line or so. This is extremely annoying. Fire your web master. He is an amateur and makes you look likewise.

  13. We ( USA) are no longer the land of the free, like that or not. Between now and the end of terrorist obama’s term our country will be a Skelton of what it was 10 years ago. You people voted for his crap so shut your freakin mouth. It is over, get used to it…..

  14. Hi,

    Can someone help me out???? I just moved from California to Indiana last summer. My license for Ca expires at the end of August. I was temping yesterday and one of the co-workers told me about the no smile rule at the DMV. I did more research to discover this creepy facial recognition software.

    I need a car, but this sure feels very very creepy to me. I emailed the DMV hoping I could opt out of a photograph.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  15. Interesting the Jews wear a star and had numbers tattooed on them. But this is not true for everyone. A relative of mine who lives in the same area renewed theirs a couple of months before mine. The difference is this person who is much older does not have a star, but I do. This is more than tracking. I thought this site would help, but from the comments, seems a lack of common sense.

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