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  1. Well, those running the show in DC know how to take care of that.

    People are rightly more concerned about the government violating their privacy than they are about terrorism. Like most other issues, while there is the appearance of protection/safety, the primary emphasis is on control.

  2. Following 2 statements indicate the dangers of loss of privacy; wherein, innocent behaviors can be misconstrued and twisted to indicate that any of us are an ENEMY worthy of being ELIMINATED or LOCKED UP without due justice before a jury of piers. So is the appearance of SAFETY worth the potential loss of LIBERTY???
    “They’re not looking at names and they’re not looking at content, but sifting through this so-called metadata, they may identify potential leads with respect to people that might engage in terrorism.”
    “It’s very important to realize that when an entity collects information about you that includes locations, bank transactions, credit card transactions, travel plans, EZPass on and off tollways; all of that that can be time-lined. To track you day to day to the point where people can get insight into your intentions and what you’re going to do next. It is difficult to get that from content unless you exploit.”

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